the red edition


Requested by anon: “Guess who just saw that you have no Tim edits?! Can I please request Tim with a best friend type s/o? Kind of like Damian’s with the unofficial s/o but with Tim?”

I HOPE YOU LOVE THIS ANON! I was so excited to get one for Tim finally! ❤️❤️

(Sorry these have been taking me so long and I took a break from them. I will be diving back into my Instagram requests again!)



RED QUEEN MOODBOARD: Favorite Antagonist

Maven Calore: “Maven Calore is not his own self. He told me as much. He is a construct, a creation of his mother’s additions and subtractions. A mechanical, a machine, soulless and lost. What a horror, to know that someone like this holds our fates in the palm of his quivering hand.”