the red dragons


Favourite Scenes - Hannibal Season 3

“The Great Red Dragon is freedom to him, shedding his skin, the sound of his voice, his own reflection. The building of a new body and the othering of himself, the splitting of his personality, all seem active and deliberate. He craves change. He wants to change you, too. Don’t you crave change, Will?”


Anyways here’s a mermaid au that no one asked for

Bakugou’s color scheme is really different bc i picked the fish based off of characteristics instead of colors

Bakugou is a sea dragon (mythical, obviously) and kirishima is a red dragon betta fish

Josephine: While you’re at the Winter Palace, you must conduct yourself with consideration and civility. Everyone’s eyes will be on you. They will look and judge every mistake, every flaw, and every misstep. I cannot possibly stress the importance of how normal you must act. 

Inquisitor: Okay.


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