the red background throws this all off

Seriously, Lydia was super hurt and jealous when Jackson flirted with Allison. Mieciu was all the time pissed off, jealous and butt-hurt when Lydia was with Jackson, he was super hurt when Scott – his best friend - made out with her, he was not 100% ok when she dated Aiden but now they are going to do the SAME fucking thing to Malia and pretend everything is fine with unicorns throwing rainbows in the background?

Good to know that their level of empathy equals an old and rusty circular saw.

PSA: Never write about two boys getting it on in public transport

Especially if it’s in your college bus and you actually know people in there

It does make for some rather amusing reactions though

At least 2 more people know I’m a gay fanfiction writer in any case. Yaaaaayyyy

Ok so, here’s the thing I was writing! A White Day fic that’s only two days late! Yaaaaayyyy

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Story shoved under Read More to avoid clutter and edited with minor grammar mistakes removed and now containing 25% more italics. Because everyone loves italics.

Title: The Littlest Things
Pairing: Konoha/Kisaragi Shintaro
Summary: Y’know, screw that thought about Momo sounding like a B-Grade romance novel because Shintaro’s far worse off than her, with all the blushing and doki-doki-ing and acting like a virgin maiden.
Rating: T-M
Timeline: Before Shin gets his red eyes

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The “Adopt, Don’t Shop” mentality and where I stand on the issue:

I feel like sharing my irrelevant opinions tonight, so I’m going to touch on adoption, shelters, “Adopt, Don’t Shop”, and breeding. I’ve seen both sides here on Dogblr go at each other’s throats pretty often and figured, eh, why not throw my own opinions out there into the world?

“Adopt, Don’t Shop” mentality is of course the logic of only ever adopting dogs from shelters and rescues and never, ever buying from a breeder because there are too many homeless dogs as-is. This ideology, as summed up by this particular catchphrase, is actually pretty awful. Mainly because breeders and people who purchase from breeders are then attacked as if they are heartless monsters personally responsible for the millions of animals put down in shelters each year.

I’ve also seen people with purebred dogs attack those who are in favor of adoption and love their mutts, well, not really attack so much as just behave really haughty about it and they almost come off very critical as if every mutt is unpredictable and unhealthy.

I am in full favor of both adoption and breeding and I do not understand why both cannot coexist in the dog community peacefully. Both extreme ends of the spectrum are wrong, neither is helpful, one side attacking the other is insignificant regardless in my book.

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anonymous asked:

Harry went to Kendall's party, another lose for the larries. If they weren't so vile and nasty to innocent people I'd almost feel sorry for them

Anonymous said:richard lawson spoke up against larries fantasies and how unhelthy it all is and now they’re shitting on him! sad.

Anonymous said:LOL Richard Lawson is now a “Houis” Larries are very angry at him!!!!

Damn, the Larries are having a really bad few weeks! 


  • They found evidence that Louis and Cowell are both still on his imprint on Syco’s label and the band they’re working on is very much real and coming together.
  • Harry does in fact have a half a heart tattoo but it’s with Nathan from Kings of Leon and his band mates claim they have a “strange” relationship.
  • Through invasive stalking of Louis’s younger sister they found out that Louis has a new $7 million home in LA. They have to pretend to believe anyone buys $7 million worth of property as “instagram/snap” background stunt homes to throw fans off. Danielle has moved in with him. It’s now clear the $10 million home actually belongs to Liam the way we’ve said all along, and is not a secret Larrie love nest. 
  • Louis and Danielle flew into England together and she attended Lottie’s make up launch and even had their make up done together by the same artist beforehand.
  • Danielle was his date at a major British charity event. The Larries had such a bad night they had to edit Louis and Danielle’s interaction on the red carpet to 1 second in order to claim he hates her.
  • Contrary to Larrie’s claims that she hates her, Lottie shared photos of her being cute with Danielle on snap at an after party, and Louis held both their hands on his way out to the car with them. 
  • Harry has been in LA during this time.
  • Briana’s fam have shared dozens of adorable photos and snaps of little Freddie living his life foot loose and Larrie fantasy free.
  • Cheryl appears to be pregnant with Liam’s baby, forcing Larries to claim that there are now 2 babies potentially being faked by a boyband for reasons nobody knows.
  • After leaving Larries for dead for months, TMZ shared a story about how they think Louis and Freddie look alike.
  • Larrie’s favorite Vanity Fair gossip columnist Richard Lawson disses and dismisses them for good, calling them out for using their fetishized fantasy as a type of gross activism.
  • Harry attends Kendall’s birthday party.
  • Larries have now started to feel more comfortable to voice their doubts and issues about the Larrie fandom and break free from them, leading to Big Larrie bloggers being forced to take Anon off because they can’t handle so many people now coming to them with questions.

How many more L’s can they take, seriously. This cannot be healthy.