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I have a few copies of Morning Star, so I decided to paint one! I’ve never done something like this before but I’ve always wanted to try it. It was definitely something different for me since I never write in my books or even fold the pages, but I really like how it came out! It’s so sparkly too, the pics don’t do the sparkly-ness justice haha

ch. 3

Bad Habits || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum ft got7 members

Word Count: 1442

Warnings: violence (this chapter goes from 1-100 real quick lmao)

note: hii~ hope everyone is having a good day! for those who don’t know, i’ve finally created a twitter account so you should all follow me haha (the username is the same as my tumblr url) anyways, happy reading and take care! -admin

The weekend was finally over which meant I had to go back to classes and listen to boring lectures. However, I would rather go to my classes than stay at home and think about the events that happened over the weekend. I needed a distraction. Ever since the incident at the bar, I couldn’t take my mind off of Jaebum. It was something about him that seemed intriguing to my eyes. The way his fingers touched the soft skin of my waist made me yearn for more. It was a horrible feeling I wanted to get rid of because I swore to myself I would never get mixed up in any dangerous business. But my heart told me differently.

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Professor Evans

Summary: Professor Evans notices one of his student struggling so he has a meeting with them to find a solution. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Reader 

Warnings: None, except reader feels like her best isn’t that good 

Word Count: 1k 

A/N: Chris Evans’s Esquire magizine photoshoot came out and broke the internet and made every fangirl imagine him as a teacher. So @chrisevansthedoritobastard wanted this and I volunteered, I present to you Professor. And the fic is based on this picture from the photoshoot (from Google) 👇🏻

Y/N argued with herself if she should see Professor Evans during his office hours, she wanted to but at the same time, she didn’t. Professor was a nice person, he wasn’t bitter like the others and he was understanding; if you couldn’t hand in a paper he would listen to why and help you out. Y/N thought she was doing well, always trying her best but after she got her paper back marked she realized that it wasn’t too good. Not only the mark was not expected but also the comment that Professor Evans left at the back;

Please come see me during my office hours

Right when class ended Y/N ran out, pretending not to see Professor Evans trying to catch her attention. The thing is if she didn’t go she would have to face him during the next class and Y/N hated confrontation. So here she was knocking softly on the Professor Evans office door. When Y/N heard a quiet ‘come in’, she took a deep breath and gave herself a mini pep talk and turned the knob. As she entered, she scanned the room looking for the professor; finding him lying on his couch prompted up by his left elbow, wearing his glasses. He was writing something and kept on going back to the red book he was holding in his left hand. There was no doubt that Professor Evans was attractive but she always reminded herself that it could never happen, that Professor would never risk this amazing job because of crushing on a student or even dating one.

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The Lady Professor and The Writer: Or, Still Working Hard

by: mldrgrl
rating: R
summary: Hank goes on a two week book tour and misses Stella

Hank was never very fond of book tours, less so as time passed.  It was the travel, mostly, not the signings or readings.  Those could still be fun.  But, the older he got, the more of a homebody he became.  Living out of hotels for weeks at a time could be fun for a few days, but not for weeks.  Being away from his things, away from his routine, away from Stella, held no appeal.

He fought with Charlie about it, but in the end, agreed to a two week tour around the states, hitting the major cities he was the most popular in.  LA, of course, New York, of course, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Baltimore, St. Louis, Providence, and oddly enough, Omaha.  Not in that order.  One night in each city.  He would be on a plane every day for thirteen days.  

He finished the first week on the west coast and then began heading east.  He was mostly looking forward to the last three days on the journey because it would require the least travel time and energy.  Boston to Providence to New York.  He would spend an extra day in New York to see Becca, and then he would fly home.

By the time he made it to Boston and into the home stretch, he was so anxious to be finished, the Q&As and the signings were becoming one giant blur.  Then again, they were all the same, just the faces changed.  He could handle one in his sleep at this point, and it was a good thing too, because he felt like he was sleepwalking through it.  When he got home he was going to have to ask Charlie to review the offers again on his last book for film rights.  If any of them were decent enough, it could buy him some rest and relaxation for awhile.

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Little Blue Riding Newt

Based off of this gorgeous, adorable piece of art by @mamin-the-troll
and once the little doodles started coming, I just couldn’t resist writing it. So here it is, Little Blue Riding Newt, the smartest whatever-year-old that ever existed because I don’t know how to fucking write children. Please forgive that quirk.

Additionally, this is now evolving into a full story…so I guess more will be coming soon. XD HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HOW DID THIS EVOLVE INTO A CHAPTERED THING, I DO NOT KNOW. 

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Things I know to be True (Kim Yugyeom)

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Word Count: 1,428

Genre: Fluff


Hi, so I was watching a TED talk and this woman was talking about making a list of ten things you know to be true without thinking about and I decided to write about it, also at the request of a friend^^ I’m sorry if this was cheesy but I am a generally cheesy person so I apologize lol  also I’m shit at ending things sorry, I’m also not good at poetry and I wrote the poem at the end. Anywho, hope you enjoy it!

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Pray To Me

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Word count: 1,142
Warnings: Masturbation. Smut. Unprotected sex. Oral Sex. Cussing. Prayer during sex.
Request: ( @nicolesyneah25  ) Hi could you do a gabriel x reader fluff / smut and could you put panic at the disco hallelujah or victorious in there somewhere please

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I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

kinda based on this thing here

If there was a world’s biggest douchebag award you’d be winning the motherfucking shit out of it. But you can’t stop staring at John’s boobs.

It’s awful. You’re awful.

Hate it, that you’re not better than this, that after a fucking decade of John being John your love twizzler still goes hello ladies at the sight of John’s chest and he’s not, they’re not, it’s just him, John, your best friend and your best bro and complete full package deal asshole and god damn it, he has the cutest frickin’ boobs. You’re scum, you’re horrible and you deserve so many pinecones up your fucking ass you can out-fart a Febreze.

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On Jiang Wen’s Performances

More Jiang Wen goodness! The pioneering woman film auteur Xu Jinglei chose to cast Jiang Wen in her first two art house films: first in a secondary role in My Father and I (2003) and then as the male lead (opposite her own starring role) in Letter from an Unknown Woman (2004), shown below. 

While I was reading about Xu Jinglei, I came across this very positive (and, IMHO based on my viewings of the films mentioned, very apt) description of Jiang Wen. I had to share!

… Xu Jinglei also includes erotic elements into the film narratives through the performance of actors. Jiang Wen, who plays the role of the man with whom the girl is deeply and stealthily in love in Letter from an Unknown Woman, is himself a gifted and attained actor-director in contemporary China’s film circle. In his classic roles, such as “my grandpa” in the internationally awarded Chinese Fifth Generation director Zhang Yimou’s Red Sorghum (1988) and “crazy Qin” in the Fourth Generation film melodrama master Xie Jin’s Hibiscus Town (1986), Jiang Wen provides the full range of erotic desire and passion. Through his vivid, poignant and passionate acting, these film characters become rich emblems of emancipated individuality, personal freedom and liberated sexuality, which all had been curbed and muted during feudal and socialistic revolutionary times. Later, in his self-directed films In the Heat of the Sun (1995) and The Sun Also Rises (2007), Jiang Wen’s proclivity to evoke and exaggerate erogenous aspiration, in particular to merge it with revolutionary fervor, becomes more distinctive and unique. Because of his mastery of displaying the sensual yearnings in his performance, Jiang Wen fully stretches his role in Letter from an Unknown Woman, which, together with Xu Jinglei’s superb acting, leave an impressive “sexy” mark on the film.  

- from Contemporary Chinese Films and Celebrity Directors by Shenshen Cai

All Systems Red has a depressed, socially anxious self-proclaimed ‘murderbot’ protagonist who loves streaming future soap operas nearly 24/7 because he’s bored by his job, uses his helmet mask thing to avoid eye contact at all costs, feels deeply stressed and uncomfortable when the humans around him realize he’s NOT an emotionless robot, slowly starts to care about his awkward human people, and then leaves at the end to figure himself out as a person, while sharing his immense collection of soap opera footage with a cargo ship AI

it’s a nice, short read, and I liked it a lot

Light VS Dark

Hinata Shouyou was loved by everyone in the school, except the jocks. The captain of the soccer team, Kageyama Tobio seemed to hold a grudge against Hinata.

See, Hinata loved to wear pastel colors, paint his nails, wear colorful hairclips, if it were pastels, Hinata would wear them. Kageyama on the other hand always wore dark colors, had a few tattoo’s on his arm and a tongue piercing. 

Hinata never knew why Kageyama would always glare at him when they passed eachother in the hallways or make comments about his appearance. The comments didn’t bother Hinata but he wanted to know what he did for Kageyama to hate him.

So when they were paired up for a history project, they weren’t exactly happy with it.

“You can walk as fast as you want Kageyama, but we will have to do this wether you want to or not!” Hinata walked after Kageyama when the latter almost ran out of the classroom.

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"Make me"

Hermione Granger x Pansy Parkinson

“Make me. Make me do it, Granger,” Pansy threatens, as she holds one of Hermione’s books dangerously over the toilet bowl, pinched between two of her fingers.

“Pansy,” Hermione retorts, clenching her fist against the bathroom’s doorframe and staring at her book. “Don’t.”

Pansy responds by standing up straighter, a slight grin curving at the corner of her lips. “Then apologize.”

A deep sigh escapes Hermione’s mouth, as she realizes this is another one of Pansy’s ruthless efforts to get what she wants. “I’m sorry.”

Pansy tilts her head to the right. “For?” The hardcover book sways back and forth between her fingers.

Hermione shoots her girlfriend a sarcastic smile. “For calling you aggressive.”

A triumphant smile lays across Pansy’s dark red-painted lips. “Thank you.” She reels the book back into the crook of her arm and quickly walks over to Hermione, who still stands in the doorway. “Now was that so hard?” she asks, handing the book back to Hermione, who snatches it dramatically from Pansy’s fingers.

“This whole situation is a bit ironic, don’t you think?” Hermione replies, smile growing across her face.

“Oh, shut up,” Pansy says, leaning forward and planting a firm kiss on Hermione’s cheek - which definitely leaves a vibrant red stain.

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