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i took my sister to see wonder woman and she’s tickled to death that diana was emailing batman, reportedly because “batman’s so funny though, i call him the dork knight” 


Doodles from waiting at the bus stop, using only my sweet keychains as ref


also what he meant by “you wouldnt wanna upset the kid” is exactly that. dont do it. hes a nice kid why would you wanna do that you horrible people 

an extension of this comic so I can draw reigen being a good human being. also an actual doodle comic this time. that reminds me of why I dont do actual doodle comics often (hint: because I cant without rolling in my grave over how sketchy it looks)

-I tried my best , my pc still hating me xD-

Here is my part of a Art Trade with @archangel470 and he oc : Ben Walker , the White Knight ( i called it v: ) Based in a Halo Reach Fan art that i dont remember the name or the link xD


Still doing cameos if you want something oh and the _surprise Gift_ too xD Dont Hold Back

Def: natural born.

-able to do something well immediately or from the very first time. He’s a natural-born artist/leader.

                                       As told by Evie

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         [  A semi-private independent Teen Titans roleplay blog for Robin from the animated series show with low activity. Please read all links before following!


★  Tamveer

Sheena is the First to her clan who later then becomes the Keeper. She’s very talented in her magic, especially fire, and would often play pranks on her fellow Clansmen even when she became the responsible Keeper. Not many enjoy her trickster ways, but her only and true friend Vaheer does; and that’s enough for her to keep on doing it. She also likes to collect and make clothes on the side.

Vaheer, though a mage himself, prefers the life of a Hunter. Practicing on perfecting his aim with a bow and arrow while prowling the forested lands of The Emerald Graves in the form of a brown Wolf. Not many of the Clan enjoy his company as his interests delved heavily to what would be considered outlandish and dangerous behaviour yet also reminiscent behaviours of the Dread Wolf. He also loves to make puns.

They’re still alive, and waiting for the forest to give them back their little Tammy.

Hello everyone!
We here at Studio Wackart!  are currently looking to recruit people to help us chew through our comic project. We are already a good handful of people working on the visuals of this grand tale, but we would love to welcome new artists into our midst so that we may continue to expand the project further.

The project requires an intermediate level of artistic integrity and adept skill-level in at least one of the three above mentioned disciplines. You will be welcomed aboard on an independent art -team, provided with software that you will be required to use for the visuals ( cs2, however newer versions as well as all software compatible with the .psd format are allowed )

The team currently consists of a bunch of artists spanning many levels of discipline. On board we also have a composer who will produce an epic soundtrack for the adventure, as well as a fully voiced cast of characters, extras and writer’s and editors who quality ensures the script and storyline. We are therefore in good hands in terms of structure and plot.

The participation is voluntary, however you will be able to request chief Artist, Wackart for favors such as graphic or illustrative endeavours. We wan’t to give back to our team members the best we can, even if we are not able to hand out cool cash.

The comic follows a duo of characters as they embark on an epic journey, and a race against time to find four divine tablets, before a terrible tyrant gets to uncover the secrets of them, and risk unleashing hell upon the world.
The comic will feature progressive subjects and talk about current subjects such as faith, fanatism and anti-religion.  All set in a unique fantasy world, with a breath of new ideas, concepts and twists.  

If you want to give it a shot, and try out the project-experience, please do not hesitate to either send me a note or message at this website or send me an email at  If you have just the slightest doubt that you’d have the capability, contact us as well and let us assess your situation together. You might be able to contribute more than what you think.

We hope to hear from you soon.
If you possibly can, please share this around
to anyone on your social media or vicinity, so that we may stock our
ranks with awesome people, and together bring forth the best production
we possibly can.

- Studio Wackart!

I know it hasn’t been officially confirmed that the Archie Sonic comics are cancelled, but just in case, anyone who wants it to continue, please sign this petition and share it! I know it seems unlikely that Archie or Sega would listen to a petition but you never know. If this has to do with Archie not caring or thinking that there’s not enough interest, we could try to prove them wrong!

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The Chronological Superman 1964:

The sole new Legionnaire of 1964 (at least the sole actual recruit) appears in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.327 – Brin Londo, a.k.a. Lone Wolf (later “Timber Wolf”). Believing himself to be an android created by the man who is actually his biological father, Lone Wolf rejects Legion membership at first, and only accepts when it’s proven conclusively that he’s actually human and the man who adopted his identity was actually the android. 30th Century problems, am I right?

Although Light Lass unilaterally inducts Lone Wolf into the Legion, he isn’t seen in the comics for a few more years. The massive roster of the Legion may have precluded any new members in the short term.

Also, if the brooding, handsome Brin Londo wasn’t inspired by young Marlon Brando, I’ll eat my cool biker hat.

Recruits : Setting Up Camp (Barry Allen Imagine)

**part 1**

“Once again the Scarlet Speeder saves the day. Today it was a fire set at the new apartment complex built just a couple blocks down from Central City Park. No one was harmed and the building only suffered minor damage thanks to the Flash. More for news like this keep.”

You tap out of the news app and pull up the directions in your email again. “This is it? The glitziest building in town? What happened to inconspicuous Dad?” You grumble to yourself as you enter the lobby.

You saunter over to the check in desk but the man behind it doesn’t even look at you. “Hello?” You offer after standing there for a bit.

“We aren’t hiring. Unless you happen to have a reservation, you aren’t permitted in here.” He states coldly. The complete indifference in his voice ticks you off in addition to the fact he still hasn’t even so much as looked you.

Two can play that game. “It so happens I do, under Wayne. Possible (y/n) Wayne but mostly Bruce.” You inform him, slapping your ID down with some attitude to accompany your cheeky tone.

This sure gets the man’s attention as his eyes flicker rapidly between you and the screen as he starts to type away. “Oh Miss Wayne! Forgive me, just one moment. Yes, yes. Your father has booked the penthouse until… further notice.” Gulp.

He slides opens a drawer and digs through its contents. “Javier!” He calls out as he continues his search. He pops up and presents a little envelope to you. “Your key cards. There are two here, in case you happen to misplace one.” He says, wearing a rather nervous smile.

You take it and he comes round to the front of the desk and young man shows up as well. “This is Javier miss. He will show you to your room, bring up your things and anything else you might need. Sorry again about the hold up. Please enjoy your stay.” And with that, the man scurries away.

You turn your focus to the young man before you, who looked almost equally as anxious as his boss. He holds his hand out. “Can I take your bag Miss?”  

You shake your head and give his a warm smile. “No thank you Javier. I got it. If you could show me to my room though, that would be lovely.”

“Yes of course! This way.” He turns and moves towards the elevator. After you enter he hits the button for the top floor.

He stands there rigidly as you lean back against the wall. “You can relax you know. Despite what you saw down there, I’m not all that cold. Your boss was just being a dick so I played the snobby rich girl card.” You see the tense practically melt off the guy as he takes a deep breath. “I promise I won’t treat you like I did him. You seem like a chill guy, I don’t get why you would want to work in a stuffy place like this. In Gotham it would make sense for safety but here it seems really nice.”

“It is a little bit for the safety but mostly for the money if I’m being honest. I have four younger siblings and mi madre only works part time. My mom sorry.”

“No it’s fine. You have nothing to apology for. I’m sorry actually. It must suck to be around rude rich assholes all the time; when you’re short on money.” He nods solemnly.

With a ding the doors slide open and he exits the elevator. You follow him into the tiny hallway to stop in front of another lift. “This is your personal one. Just slide your card here and it will take you up to the penthouse. Like he said, if you need anything just call.”

He turns back and reenters the first elevator. “Wait a sec.” You call out as you spin around. “Sorry for pointing out your problems back there. If there is anyway I can help can you let me know?”


“I don’t know how long I’ll be here in Central City but as long as I’m here I’d like to help. So if you need anything you let me know instead; okay?” He still looks completely perplexed but manages a nod anyway. “Good! See you around.” With that he close the door and begins his way down.   

“Ahh. That shower is amazing, Dad really needs to remodel the house.” You sigh as you wrap a towel around you and weave your way through the penthouse. “Dang this place is huge, what was he thinking.”

You snatch your bag off the chair you tossed it on and find the bedroom. Huh? You find a suitcase at the base of the bed. You cautiously pop it open and see a note laying on top of the clothes inside. - I assumed you would only grab a couple days worth of clothes so I decided to whip this up for you. Some formal as well as some casual.- “Alfreeeed. This isn’t a vacation, it’s a mission.” You flip it over. - I know this trip is for business not pleasure but if you ask me you could use some time off. We both know your father can work himself silly and I would hate for you to do that as well. Try to enjoy yourself. Love Alfred -

“The old sweetie. Where would I be without him?” You slip into the hoodie and jeans he had packed, grab your backpack and head back down to the living room.

You pull your laptop out of your bag and flop onto the enormous couch. “So he always seems to rush head first into danger and sure doesn’t take long to find it. That means he has intel on crimes or at the very least hacked into the CCPD. He will always get there first though due to speed of his. What to do, what to do?”

**part 3**

Recruits : Hello??? (Barry Allen Imagine)

**Part 3** <<<

You scan the entryway for some sort of buzzer to inform anyone inside of your arrival. As you approach the entrance the doors slide open. They don’t lock up? Wow this sure isn’t Gotham.

You cautiously work your way through the lobby, waiting for the inevitable alarm to go off. You almost jump out of your flats as your phone buzzes in your clutch. You step into the elevator and push the most worn button; the bottom floor.

You snap open the little bag and take a look.

I do your laundry when you don’t beat me to it. So I know your wardrobe and what articles you like best. As for this assignment, don’t rush dear. Your father seems to have everything under control so you just enjoy making some new friends.

You roll your eyes and toss the phone back in, not having time for the ‘sorry I’m not Dick with all kinds of superhero friends’ conversation again. You would think they would be appreciative that I didn’t ditch Dad to join the Teen Titans when I was given the  offer back in the day.

The lift comes to a halt and you pop your head out after the doors slowly open. Still nobody. There is no way he uses such a huge place as a personal hideout. I refuse to believe. “Dude they seemed to have spilt up to hit two banks at once. After you’re done you need to race across town.”

“Got it Cisco.” That’s gotta be him.

You continue towards the voices and happen across a guy about your age; typing away at a big desk. You just stand in the doorway, not exactly sure what to do next.

Before you manage a sentence, a young woman walks in. “Cisco I think we should… hello?”

Cisco glances over his shoulder. When his eyes fall on you he tosses his hands up in extreme exasperation. “Seriously?! How do we still not have a security system in this place!”  

“I was wondering the same thing.” You state as you move over to his side. You offer your hand, “(Y/n) Wayne. Please to meet you.” He stops mid motion once Wayne hits his ears. Since he seems to be a little in shock you just give his hand a quick shake and hop over to the young woman. “(Y/n), lovely to meet you.”

“Likewise.” She replies softly. “Why might I ask is someone like you here?”

“Let’s just say I’m an ambassador of sorts.”

The guy from the desk pops up at your left. “After what happened with the particle accelerator, why would Wayne Enterprises want to work with us?”

“They don’t, not in that sense that least. I’m here for a colleague.”

You hear the sound of wheels behind you. “And who might that colleague be Miss Wayne?”

“Dr.Wells, pleasure.” You grin as you spin around. He just raises a brow and you chuckle. “He would be Batman, sir.”

The young guy lets out an audible gasp. Normally it would have gotten a laugh out of you. However, you were getting an odd vibe from Wells so you keep going with the nonchalant stare. “And what may I ask, does the Dark Knight want with the Flash?”

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anonymous asked:

Do you know any books involving two boys simply falling in love?? just some recommendations!

Of course :) The books marked with ** are books I’ve read personally and recommend. “Two boys simply falling in love” implies you’re after YA, teenage stuff so I’ll try to stick to those books in this rec list. 

Don’t forget to check the notes every now and again in case others add recs.

Boy meets Boy by David Levithan. 

**The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd oh my god I love this book and I think it’s perfect for what you’re looking for.

**The Wicked Lovely series has two characters, Irial and Niall, who were in a relationship previously and fall back in love from Ink Exchange onwards (pay special attention to the two ebooks Stopping Time and Old Habits), they aren’t main characters in every book but their relationship is really well written.

**Wide Awake by David Levithan. The boys are already in a relationship so I’m not sure if it falls into the “falling in love” category but from what I remember it’s a really great book.

**Geography Club by Brent Hartinger is one of the first books I read with non-straight characters and has a special place in my heart.

**My Side of the Story by Will Davis. Again, not sure if this will fit with your parameters since it’s been a while since I read it but from what I remember I enjoyed it. Maybe more of a “coming out” story than a “falling in love” story.

**Hero by Perry Moore is one of my ultimate favorite books (gay superhero main protagonist hell yeah). The main character, Thom, is gay and falls in love with another superhero.

Rise of Heroes by Hayden Thorne is also a superhero book with a gay protagonist (I think he’s gay) and from what I’ve heard is pretty good. There are at least 4 books in the series from what I remember.

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan sounds like it might fit your parameters though I’m not 100% sure.

**The Mortal Instruments series has Alec, a side character, falling in love with Magnus, a bisexual warlock. They are side characters though so not the main focus of the books.

Boyfriends with Girlfriends by Alex Sanchez also sounds like it might fit.

Kings of Ruin by Sam Cameron, has a supernatural element to it involving cars which are possessed apparently.

Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble, I think this deals more with a long distance relationship from the description but it might fit.

The Culling by Steven dos Santos has been described as a Hunger Games type book with a gay main character who falls for another “Recruit.”

If you’re into comic books the Young Avengers is essential, Billy and Teddy are two of the main characters and both are gay. They end up in a pretty well written relationship.

If you have limited funds or really can’t decide I think your best options are probably Hero by Perry Moore or The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd because these are two books that I’m in love with and have been in love with since I read them years ago.

Links to other lists with LGBTQ characters which might catch your interest:

(x) (x) (x) (x) (x


                                         Behind the Scenes of

                                     The Last Doctrine: Vol 1: The Calling

Hello everyone! 
We here from the TLD-team would like to announce that we have a large behind-the-scenes collection on the way. For those who were at our panel and workshops at Jpopcon, you might remember us talking about the methods of producing. Well now the first bit of that pipeline is finally being recorded and compiled, and will be up for you to watch for free. The first collection will go in depth with how we construct and prepare frames for animation. It ‘ll take you through the steps, and shed some light on the numerous techniques and methods we use to bring forward our aesthetics, as well as exclusive sneak peaks into the actual comic visuals. So stick around and join us in our development adventure! 

And remember, we are still recruiting! You can find the full post for such here

Recruits : Off with a Bang (Barry Allen Imagine)

**part 2**

You check your gear. Alright just a couple more minutes. You take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Chill you got this. You were trained by Batman to fight people like the freaking Joker. These chumps are literal clowns compared to him. Not to mention Speedy is going race in in no time to help you out.  

The timer goes off in your headgear and barely a second after you hear a crash from below. You shoot your grasping hook into the side of the adjacent building and swing down, busting through a window. Ah shit. Everyone in the room freezes as you finish your tumble. Unfortunately that ‘everyone’ consisted of about a dozen men rather than the six or so you had heard mentioned when intercepting some criminal’s conversation.

Thankfully their responses are staggered as you take down the first two guys that gather their wits. Not to mention with that alarm, it most likely means Red is halfway here. You dodge a couple punches and send your assailant into the wall; knocking him out. You proceed to dive behind a desk to avoid a spray of bullets. These men seem to know to a thing or two since they keep their distances and keep the barrage bullets in your direction up as well. Think Wayne think!

Luckily for you they all somehow empty their clips at about the same time; leaving you the perfect opportunity to retaliate. You bolt up and toss a rang at the cluster of men. For a couple seconds the room is whirling with wind and yellow lightning.

When it stops a man in red is standing next to pile of unconscious men. He looks over at you, holding your weapon. “We don’t kill here in Central.”

“I wasn’t trying to. That’s a.” Beep. You wince, shutting your eyes. “Flashbang.” As you slowly peek them open you see the speedster rubbing his eyes and swaying a little. “How ironic.”

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