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I get Namjoons being creepy (although we don't know anything yet), but Jimins? Like, if he was recording her in secret , it would be creepy, but he is literally sitting there, she can see him, and obviously knows him. And he is/was recording them/her dance, so it's not out of the blue. So like, why do you think it's creepy?

sooo, i guess im especially referring to the one they released yesterday. he was ashamed he got caught, obviously so yeah. i mean, i wouldn’t like it if someone who is not my gf/bf or best friend just filmed me, it would make me feel uncomfy dskjkd. that’s why i find it.. not so good. like, it gets romantisized that men (or women, but in this case men) follow girls (ok, maybe he wasn’t following her but just so you get my point) or film them without their knowledge (i mean she knew she was filmed in the second one, but she might not know that he is filming ONLY her), which is not a cute nor an okay thing to do in my opinion. anyways, i feel like i repeated myself here lol

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Crucible Announcement

LOCATION: Earth, Exodus Blue



[Cayde-6] Okay, listen up children. Shaxx lost, again, which means that today, I am the Crucible. Here are the rules: first of all, no Warlocks. Just leave. Go on! Yep, that’s right - yes, you. I’m looking right at you. I can see you, and you’re not -

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] Ikora, I….fine. Fine! Fair point. Belay that order. Warlocks can stay. Okay, where was I? Right. First rule, take two: every time you die, you finish your drink.

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] What’s that?

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] What do you mean they don’t have drinks? Sweet mercy, no wonder Shaxx is always grumpy. Okay, let’s start over. First rule, take three: everyone needs a drink to hold.

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] Yes, the entire time.

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] Yes, I know that means you only get one hand for your gun. Ikora, was I not clear that I am the Crucible today? Not you, not Zavala, me. Shaxx and I had a deal, and you are not allowed to ruin this.

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] No, I did not cheat.

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] Will you stop backseat Shaxx-ing me?




[Cayde-6] A-hem. Second rule: you die, you finish your drink. Third rule: if you spill your drink, you have to spin in a circle for thirty seconds and then get a new one. Fourth rule: every time I say ‘Yahtzee!’ everybody everywhere has to finish their whole drink.

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] Huh? No, it doesn’t happen on a timer. I yell ‘Yahtzee’ whenever I feel like it.  And of course they can keep shooting while they’re drinking. Anyway, here’s the deal: You get a kill, you take a sip. You get a headshot, you take two. You knife someone’s face, you finish your drink. The best taunt gets extra points, and, uh…hm.

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] Ikora, that’s a great idea. Yes, Sparrow kills count double. If you get killed by a Sparrow, finish your drink and maybe lie down for a while. Any questions? Didn’t think so. And you, Titan, with the two drinks and no guns: I like your style.

[incoherent mumbling]

[Cayde-6] A send-off? Right you are, Ikora.

[glass clinking]

[Cayde-6] Bottoms up, Guardians.

[Inspired by @thexostranger‘s post]

The idea that the Lions mirror their paladins in significant ways is usually applied to virtues that they have, but it’s something I think is noteworthy to consider that… personality is a mixed bag. If the Lions and paladins are similar, it’s likely that the Lions don’t just seek out someone with corresponding virtues, but also corresponding conflicts as well.

I’ve discussed before that Black and Shiro both appear to be dealing with trauma, to the point that it would seem like Black’s response to Zarkon’s presence is quite likely something like a panic attack.

And then I thought about Red.

People compare Keith and Red in terms of being brash and headstrong but a very major element of Keith’s character is his relationship with isolation and abandonment. Feeling like he’s losing people he cares about.

Red is the only Lion we know of that was captured by the Galra. It’s possible Blue was if I’m right in my theory that Blue carried Keith to Earth, but it’s also possible the Blade found her before the Empire did. Either way, Yellow, Green, and Black were still safe on their respective planets and the Galra had just found Blue on Earth.

Red was already on Sendak’s ship.

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It's interesting that he doesn't want to do that song on tv facing an audience. Because he's performed it twice now and twice he was removed from the crowd. The first time in studio but his back facing them, second time alone on a rooftop. Also he was in a blue suit ❤


I keep thinking about Louis posting a selfie by himself, huge huge smile, grinning from ear to ear, with a relaxed, happy dog. Like, compared to all the sad selfies, months and months and months of sad selfies.

And the “Always.” “You.” from Jamaica when he was supposedly on a happy vacation– before we knew that Harry had recorded and written his album in Jamaica. Now Louis’s “always-you” posts have so much more meaning. It wasn’t just one or two vacations he spent with Harry in Jamaica. It was every single night they were there together (yes, I mean when the album was being written), every single night Harry was there without Louis, FaceTiming him at night.

It’s Louis wearing a cap from the collection “End.” It’s the bee tattoo. It’s the ruby-peace-rose ring sequence on Harry’s right hand. It’s the double rings on his left index finger. Its Louis’s rose T-shirts, and the selfie on “tattoo day” wearing his rose T-shirt and showing his dagger tattoo. It’s the repeated yellow-black clothing colors on both of them. It’s serenading your deepest love, whom everyone knows, whom the host of the show even knows (that fond smile… Jaaaames), from the London night, with a church in the background, in a blue velvet suit. It’s “if I loved someone, I’d write a song for them.”

Just One Word June Book Photo Challenge || Day 24: Bright

“Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.”

Kiwi: Part Three

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two

“Where are yeh taking me?”

Harry’s voice called out to her as Cal led him uphill through the forest, the humidity of the Jamaican air causing the material of her shirt to cling to her back. She turned around to look at Harry as he scaled up behind her, his blue muscle shirt showing off the inked skin of his arms. She flashed a grin, reaching a hand out to him as she spoke.

“It’s a secret, Kiwi. That means I can’t tell ya,” she laughed a little, and he reached out to take her hand in his. She gave him a tug and pulled him up to her level, smiling at his dimpled grin. She released his hand and turned to continue walking uphill, grabbing onto the straps of her bag. “It’s one of my favorite places here. Found it a little after I moved to this side of the island, and I usually come here on my free days.”

“How long’ve yeh been here fo’?” He asked, running a hand through his unruly locks that had yet to be tamed by the heat.

“About a month and a half now,” she answered. She waited for him to catch up and take the few steps he needed to before she started to walk again. “How about you? What’s a superstar like you doing here?”

“Been here for about a week now working on the next album,” he explained.

“What made you want to come here?” She asked.

“It’s a peaceful place,” he answered, reaching to brush a stray lock of hair out of his face. “The past few albums I’ve made with the boys have mostly been recorded on the go—in hotel rooms or between a handful of different cities. I loved it an’ I wouldn’t give the memories away for the world, but I wanted something different this time ‘round.”

“Makes sense,” Calliope said, glancing at him over her shoulder with a smile on her face. “Almost there.”

Harry followed her to the edge of what looked like a small cliff. He took a few steps towards the edge and looked over at the pool of water at the bottom of what could have easily been a hundred foot drop. He then watched as she set her backpack down on the ground and began removing her t-shirt, revealing the white bikini top underneath.

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Prince Emancipation Era, 1996

Assist Me

Summary: With little to no experience and no approval, you are secretly trained to be an Avenger. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem! reader

Word count: 1082

Warnings: none

A/N: This will have multiple parts. Hope you like it!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Originally posted by luvinchris

Bucky had an interest in you ever since the moment you walked in the tower. With you having the job of being an assistant, Bucky took advantage of the circumstance. He would frequently need ‘assistance’ for miniscule things, such as helping him with his room. Bucky was rather amiable. It was a delight to be around him, but despite his good looks and sweet personality, you valued your job. The last thing you wanted to occur was falling in love a superhero. It was unprofessional and the end result would probably leave you disappointed.

As months passed in work, you had seen much impressive physical activity from the Avengers. You wanted to do something yourself. It made you insecure to see active and skillful people around you. Their talents inspired you to do acquire some of their abilities. Originally, your intention of working in the tower was to solely have a job and meet unique people. Yet after being around them, you have seen impressive dexterities that made you dream of becoming a part of their team. They considered you family, the only thing that you were missing was all the training and skill that made them the Avengers.

Eventually you asked Steve and Tony, the two who seemed to make most of the decisions and lead everyone, if you could take part in missions. They both declined your request instantly. Feeling that it was too dangerous, they preferred that you remained an assistant.

Sam knew your dreams and how much this meant to you. He told you that he would help train you. It was a secret though.

So every night, Sam would train with you. You were thankful for it. Sometimes Bucky would be working out as well and you did not like it. It was already embarrassing enough to work out in front of Sam because the training was arduous and that was the basics. Having Bucky there, who was an extremely fit man, did not help you feel secure at all. Sam was fit as well, but you were so close with him, you did not fear of being judged. Plus your attraction to Bucky made you intimidated by him.

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Advice for New Voice Actors: A Guide from Codot

I’ve been getting quite a few messages asking for advice in the Voice Acting field, so I’ve written a bit of a guide! I hope it’s helpful.

First off, I would have never considered myself to be an expert on something like this, but then I realised I’ve been doing it for about twenty years now, so I guess I have SOME advice I can pass along.


Nothing pulls a listener out of the world you’re trying to create like those pesky pops in your recordings (Tuhs, Kuhs, and Puhs), or those sharp “Ssssss” noises that slice through the mic. Luckily, they’re fairly easy to prevent. BUT HOW?!? I’M TELLING YOU HOW! SIT DOWN! The best advice? Get yourself a pop filter. They’re relatively cheap and very effective (however, if you are BROKE AF like I was when I started recording, get an embroidery hoop and some dollar-store panty hose and you are SET. No joke – that was my first pop filter. I held it between me and the mic and it WORKED). Now sometimes a filter isn’t enough – if you’re really yelling it out, a filter will not save you. In these cases, you wanna make sure you know where your plosives are, and tilt your head accordingly. You only have to move a few degrees to avoid it – just put your hand in front of your mouth when you rehearse and you can feel where your air is coming from. Just don’t do the whole performance pointed away from the mic – it will hollow your sound out.


You do NOT need top of the line gear to sound good; your performance is what makes or breaks you. That said, you can’t use a headset microphone and expect studio quality. For the best quality (without breaking the bank), I recommend microphones from the Blue line – Snowballs and Yetis specifically. They’re both designed for podcasting, plug DIRECTLY into your computer, and sound incredible! I still use my Yeti every once in a while – it’s a great piece of tech!

WARNING: These microphones, although amazing, rest on your table. That means you will have to pay attention to a few things – not touching the table while recording, not moving around in your chair while recording, and (most importantly) watching your computer placement! If you’re using a laptop, it will undoubtedly be sitting beside your mic and your mic will HATE IT. You may not hear the fan on your computer, but your microphone will. Vibrations will ruin your recordings, BUT there’s a solution! Well, two actually: You can fold a towel up, place it on the table, stack a few books on top of the towel and sit your mic on top of that, OR you can move your computer to another surface. It really depends on your space set up. Just make sure you have a USB long enough to reach the mic to the computer and you’re set.

Now, there’s the issue of reverb in your chosen room of recording. Almost every room will have an echo in it, and you will pick it up. You can prevent this a few different ways - you can spend hundreds on soundproof foam (took me a while to save up for that, totes worth it), you can record inside a closet (brilliant idea, enclosed, clothes absorb echo), or you can drape a blanket over you and your mic (gets warm fast, but it works!). Whichever way you choose, you will notice a boost in quality - the less ambient noise you have going on behind you, the better. All ambient noise in my recordings is put in AFTER I’ve finished editing my clips. It’s the same for any production - if you rely on your actual background noise for ambience, you will not be able to edit yourself properly as the cuts become too noticeable, ESPECIALLY if you’re recording a dialogue.

A quick note about SOFTWARE: I always use Adobe Audition – I enjoy the look and feel of it, and have never really used anything different. However, it’s not free! If you want a great, FREE program for audio recording, I wholly recommend Audacity! It’s a brilliant, powerful, and free program that will give you great results!


There has always been one thing I love about Voice Acting over Acting – No one has to LOOK AT ME. I’m not insulting myself here, I’m just saying sometimes you have to make some STUPID faces to get a voice you want. Voice Acting is incredibly freeing in this regard – you can be ANYONE or ANYTHING, and that is very exciting!

I can’t make this point enough times – in most cases, you’re doing this solo, so DON’T BE MODEST. It will hold up your performance – if you hold back in any way when voicing, you’re only hurting yourself. Sure you may feel silly doing certain things, but no one listening will think that. Some voices give me fifty chins, some cross my eyes, but if I didn’t do it, every character would sound the same.

Now let’s talk about PACING! My Friend and Mentor (may she fight well in Valhalla) gave me the best advice in this regard; she said, “If it feels like you’re going too slow, go slower.” Too often we feel we’re keeping a proper pace when recording, but the truth is we are rushing it. In an actual conversation, you haven’t rehearsed – you rarely know EXACTLY what you’re going to say to someone else, so your dialogue should be no different. Your character needs time to think, to react. If you ever want a moment of high tension, you CANNOT rush it. You need the pauses and the breaths, or else it just becomes unrealistic.



Having clean audio has become a relatively new addition to my work – I used to simply use the Noise Reduction effect on my recording and call it a day, but it doesn’t get rid of the new bane of my existence: MOUTH NOISE.

We do it. Everyone does it. I did it five minutes ago and I’m gonna do it again. We smack our lips, we flick our tongue, we click our teeth, we make stupid noises when we’re not talking, and the MIC WILL HEAR IT. My best advice is, after reducing the noise in your audio (all programs have a basic preset to kill the dead air noises in your recordings – google it to find how to your respective noise reduction), highlight the sections between your audio and reduce the volume to ZERO. Just kill the noise between your speech (the whole sentence, not silencing between every word, that would be crazy) – you can leave the sound of your inhales in if you want, but even they can be taken away for a cleaner sound. Just make sure you don’t chop your words off – especially the ends of your words.

Make sure you clean your audio BEFORE you add ANY form of reverb or echo! Otherwise cleaning is impossible.


Voice Acting isn’t easy. Nothing infuriates me more than actors talking about how they like Voice Acting because it’s “EASY”. If it’s easy, you’re not trying hard enough. You have to convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas ALL WITH JUST YOUR VOICE. Anyone who says it’s easy is a fool.

Always try your best to create something you feel proud of. You take as many takes as you need, but never compromise your quality for the sake of just getting it done.

If you can’t get a voice down right today? Do it tomorrow.

Above all else: HAVE FUN WITH IT

I hope this has been helpful to you – if you have any questions about specific things/things I may have missed, shoot me a message!

Codot xx

My submission for today’s @lapidot-anniversary-week prompt, “barn mates”!

I quickly put his together bc a sudden rush of inspiration™ hit me.

Due to limited time, I opted for a simpler and more symbolic drawing: The tape recorder in its current state. I find it interesting that it was turned into a morp after, well, the consequences of Lapis and Peridot’s rocky start in the episode “Barn Mates”.

According to Peridot herself, “Wow, thanks” expresses the struggles of their communication and how they’re bonded now, represented by the blue ribbon - the same that she used to wrap the gift box by then.

I find it very interesting that at some point she stopped to analyse their interactions and made a meep morp out of a broken thing that hints back to their conflict. Peridot made the recorder into something new and even if it still reminded her of these prior happenings, she’s happy to have given it a new meaning, as she mentions in “Beta”.

I think that it somehow reflects the beginning of their relationship. Lapis still had many negative feelings towardsPeridot, but she tried to earn herself a new meaning for Lapis, to show that she changed through the entirety of “Barn Mates” and in the end, even though Peridot still reminded Lapis of the bad things that happened to her, she allowed herself to give it all a new meaning, to restart over by accepting to live with peridot in the barn.

Oh and do I even have to mention how things turned out afterwards?

Originally posted by queenofkarotflowers

Just look how much they grew close to eachother between Barn Mates and Beta. That’s character development, beautiful, pure and healthy character development. I just LOVE the tiny hints this show gives… 


anonymous asked:

How do you think Frances/Vincent acted with each other? Their relationship? I really love to see more of the previous Phantomhives because we're given so few glimpses of them lmao

Hello! What an interesting question :) At this point, I think I can admit that I, too, wouldn’t mind a whole spineoff about either Vincent or Claudia (or both) as the Watchdog because I live for how complex these characters appear to be. Too bad we don’t see them often, as you said.

Anyway, short answer, this little story by @tothelasthoursofmylife​ is 100% how I see their interactions and relationship: total respect and praise of each other’s abilities, as well as a certain protectiveness towards one another, Frances definitely helping her brother when it was just the two of them after Claudia’s death.  

Long answer, the relationship between the siblings is of the utmost interest to me, because of how peculiar their mother must have been and how she raised them as a result: Frances is a total badass and also raised her own daughter to be as such…

And Vincent respects these facts, because he was used to his own mother behaving that way. 

I personally don’t think that the betrothal between one of Vincent’s sons and Lizzie was completely random. Maybe it was to keep the secret of who the Watchdog was within the family, but maybe it also was because Vincent knew that Frances would raise her own daughter the way Claudia raised her.

A strong wife can only help the Watchdog after all, because she would be able to take care of herself and maybe take care of him too. The fact that Frances accepted to marry Lizzie into the P family, despite knowing how dangerous it is, is also quite telling of how she wanted to be of help to her brother and his family.

Also seeing how often Lizzie pops up in the flashbacks before Vincent and Rachel’s murder, it seems the Phantomhives and the Midfords always were quite close and I think that can only be if Vincent and Frances were close themselves. It’s also understandable that they would be close in the first place, since Vincent was no older than 15 when Claudia died and so Frances was probably 13 years or old or less, so they only had each other to count on for a long time. 

Finally, I don’t doubt that, just like with siblings in general, they probably had a few personality traits that made the other roll their eyes. I mean, Vincent was probably too laid back sometimes for Frances, while Frances probably might have been a bit too serious for her mischevious brother who liked to laugh so much. For example, just look at the “blue miracles” and Frances’ reaction to them:

For the record, here’s what I think might have happened for Vincent’s “miracle”, but this example is all to say that Frances knows very well how nasty her brother could act; it probably comes with the family name. xD

So I really think that they were as close as they could be, because Claudia probably raised them to be able to support each other and I like to think that it went on until Frances married out of the family and had her own children. After that, Frances probably wasn’t really involved with the Watchdog duty anymore, but she trained her children and even Vincent’s sons instead.

That’s how I see it. :) I hope it answers your question, have a nice day Anon!

I know I sound like a broken record but listen……..listen I will never forgive the SU fandom for the mean things they said about Topaz. You can say mean things about Aquamarine she’s a Bitch and she deserves it but Topaz is just a soft-hearted butch who wants nothing more than to be gay with her fusion gf and in theory y’all would’ve talked up a storm about how great that is but no. y’all turned on her. you preferred Bitch Blue Navi instead

yellow submarine explained
  • yellow submarine: poor military strategy
  • only a northern song: george pretends to be a nihilist for like 3 minutes 24 seconds but he doesn't play any wrong chords on his blue jay way i mean organ no matter what he tells you
  • all together now: cute children's song about counting, abc's, sailing, deforestation, jump rope, narcissism, communism, colors, and sex
  • hey bulldog: john and paul's doggy style recording session but they only have 10 children
  • it's all too much: are the beatles going oof over and over at the beginning wtf is that
  • all you need is love: do they have to pay france personally every time they put this on an album
  • pepperland: i wonder if a beatle played that guitar during
  • that specific doo doo doo dooo, dooo dooo dooo dooo part
  • sea of time: trippy.............i guess
  • sea of holes: the albert hall,
  • sea of monsters: bye bye ringo >:)
  • march of the meanies: horns, horns horns hooorns, hoorns, horns horns hoooorns
  • pepperland laid waste: *paul mccartney voice* ZAP, ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP
  • yellow submarine in pepperland: do u rly like the yellow submarine melody, my friend, my pal, my friend, my
random assorted trb notes

tdt part 1 | tdt part 2

just some things from my trb reread i’d like to share with the class (not in any particular order, including linear bc time is fake). this is long and obnoxious but i forgot how much i loved this book so, who cares

  • gansey and ronan order half sausage and half avocado pizza all the time and it might be the only thing they eat
  • ronan and adam fight a lot but they make up within the day
    • adam and gansey on the other hand have had at least one fight that lasted two weeks (i think) and they barely spoke. it ended when ronan said something offensive
  • i’m only gonna say this once but ashley was playing declan and smarter than she looked and got zero respect from any of the boys, including gansey and adam, and i hope she’s in the dreamer trilogy and spits in their eyes
  • adam’s pov is so dramatic and funny. examples:
    • ronan walked out of his room and “a cloud like there would never be sun again crossed declan’s face.” (direct quote)
    • refers to ronan’s “lizard smile”
    • “adam was, all at once, fatigued with ronan and his uselessness”

(a lot) more under the cut

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“Love Like You”

Sorry for the lateness! I couldn’t write it the way I wanted it to come out!! 
Also, I mixed two requests together because they were a little similar. Hope thats ok!

Fic Request:

-Would you mind writing an Ethan x Reader Oneshot where the reader can play the ukulele and joins Ethan in a stream to play and sing? Cheers from Sydney! 

-Reader x Ethan where reader has a crush on the blue boy and they sing “Love Like You”

If you want to listen to the song before reading this (which I recommend) here is the link to a video I listened while writing

Originally posted by crankyethans

You scolded yourself for being nervous. You’ve been on Ethan’s channel before. His audience knew you. From what he told you, they adore you. 
It was true you’ve never been in the same room with Ethan while you two were recording. And also this was a stream, not a recording. Meaning if you fucked up, they would be no editing to save your ass. 
No! Stop being anxious and smile dammit! 
You took a sip of water as Ethan fiddled with the computer and camera. 
“Ahh there we go! Hi everyone!” Ethan greeted the stream. 
You almost spilled water on yourself as you hurriedly put the bottle down. 
“I was taking a sip!” You scolded Ethan, playfully. “You can’t start the stream when I have water in my mouth.” 
“Well I just did.” Ethan replied with a laugh. “How’s everyone doing?” 
You waved at the stream, giggly “Hello!” 
“Yes, (Y/N) is joining me on the stream today!” Ethan exclaimed happily, swinging a arm over your shoulder. You hoped that the stream didn’t catch the blush that crept over your cheeks.
“We don’t have anything planned though.” 
“We only got as far as setting up the camera and starting the stream.” You agreed with a smile. 
“I have an idea, lets get you guys decide what we’re doing,” Ethan said, looking at the comments. “Come everyone. What do you want us to do? Play a game? Answer questions?” 
“Take a fucking sip,” You mumbled bringing the water to your lips again. Ethan chuckled and lent against the desk, holding his head in the palm of his hand as he read the comments. 
“A lot of people are asking us to sing,” Ethan said. “I can’t sing though.” 
You nudged his side, “You can sing. Don’t deny it. I’m the one with a banshee for a voice.” 
Ethan chuckled, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sing.” 
“Good!” You said with a smile. You looked down at the racing comments, catching ukulele a few times. “Oh! Thanks a good idea. I’ve been practicing the ukulele.”
“Really? You play the ukulele?” Ethan asked and you nodded.
“On and off, really. I picked it back up a few months back.” You peered over his computer to look at his room. “Do you have ukulele lying around?”
“Probably,” Ethan said with a laugh. “It’s probably hiding under the mess.”
You stepped out of the camera, “I’m gonna go on an adventure to look for the golden ukulele!”
“Come back alive!” Ethan said dramatically and you saluted him as you ventured away. 

You came back a few minutes later with the ukulele and smiled at the stream.
“My quest was a success!” You exclaimed triumphantly.
“But it’s not golden,” Ethan pouted, disappointed. 
“I said my quest was a success,” You glared playfully. “Don’t take my victory away from me.” 
Ethan chuckled and turned to the stream, “Alright. We have a instrument, but what are we singing?” 
“I’m not singing.” You said and Ethan rolled his eyes. 
“If I’m singing, you’re singing.” Ethan replied. “No backing down.” 
“I’ll hum.” 
“Bash my head to the beat.” 
“Sing.” Ethan said with a teasing angry tone. “Or else I’ll destroy that ukulele.” 
“But it’s your ukulele.” You pointed out and he looked at the object in your hands. 
“You’re singing.” He finally said and you sighed, defeated. 
You both fell silent as you read the requests. Many came up with the same song and you shrugged your shoulders.
“That’s the song I’ve been practicing for a while now.” You told the stream. “I think I recorded myself playing it too.”
“I don’t think I know it,” Ethan frowned. “Can you play it and I’ll see if it rings any bells.”
You nodded and lifted the ukulele into your arms, positioning your fingers on the strings and beginning to stroke the instrument.
Despite yourself, you started to hum along with the tune. Then your voice took flight without you even realizing it. 

If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love

Ethan watched your fingers glide over the strings. Your voice captivating him as the song washed over him. 
It was familiar, but he was too busy watching you to fully bring the memory to the surface. 
The stream was going nuts. Praising you as you played and sung the song almost perfectly. 

When I see the way you act 
Wondering when I’m coming back 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love 
Like you 

You looked up when Ethan started singing. His body swaying slightly to the music, and his eyes watching you with a gaze that sent butterflies through your stomach. 
Your nerves rocketed and you stumbled a little with the strings. But you managed to get them under control, looking away from Ethan and concentrating on the ukulele. 

I always thought I might be bad 
Now I’m sure that its true 
‘cause I think you’re so good 
And I’m nothing like you. 

The smile that had stretched over Ethan’s face warmed the chests of the stream. The chat was going nuts that Ethan had moved closer to you while you strummed the cords, your voices mixing together and commenting on how your cheeks flared red. 

Look at you go 
I just adore you 
I wish that I knew 
What makes you think I’m so special 

Your fingers were beginning to cramp, becoming sweaty as you noticed Ethan standing closer. But you concentrated on the ukulele. Trying to keep your voice even. 
You were singing in front of thousands of people, not to mention you could feel the heat in your cheeks. No doubt everyone could see your emotions now. 

If I could begin to do 
Something that does right by you 
I would do about anything 
I would even learn how to love 

Your nerves took a hold of your voice and you began to hum the last verse. But Ethan’s voice carried on, strengthening as the song came to a close and you played the last few cords.

When I see the way you look 
Shaken by how long it took 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love like you.

You lowered the ukulele with a shy smile. “See, banshee voice.” 
Ethan chuckled, ruffling his hair and suddenly realizing how close he was to you. 
A blush dusted his cheeks and he stepped back, turning his attention to the stream with a smile. 
“There! Are you guys happy now?” 
You looked down at the chat and laughed at the comments.

-That was adorable! 
-Sing it again! 
-Can you two date already? 
-Wait, I thought they were dating! 
-Ethan ask them out already, you dummy!

Who knows who better?? (Kian Lawley)

(Y/N pov)
Currently I’m laying in my boyfriend Kian’s bed watching a movie, its Saturday and he’s pre-filming videos for Kian and Jc with Jc of course. Him and Jc live in a house with 4 other friends, Harrison, Bobby, Franny and Corey. It can get pretty hectic but at the end of the day it’s all fun and games. Suddenly Kian comes in the room, “hey baby whatcha watchin’?” He asks sliding into bed next to me “The Grinch” I say fluffing his hair a bit “oooo reaaally?” He asks rhetorically. We sit there for a minute just enjoying each others company watching the movie since Jim Carrey is Kian’s favorite actor until Kian speaks up “sooo baby, could you please do me a huge favor?” “And that would be?” I ask “can you help me and Jc film a Wednesday video for next week? It won’t be too hectic beca-” I cut him off and finish “because it’s a Wednesday video.” He nodds his head and says “and because its 10am the only people awake are me you and Jc so it won’t be loud or anything” “of course I’ll help my love, no worries” I say kissing him on the cheek as we both get up from the bed. “Meet me downstairs when you’re ready baby” Kian says leaving the room. I’m only wearing one of Kian’s shirts and my underwear so I decide to change, I change into a pair of ripped black jeans and a burgundy crop top with my white vans (bringing back them DAMNNNN DANIELS ;)).

I go down the stairs to find Kian and Jc in the back yard by the pool, “Y/N to the rescue! Yes I like it!” Jc yells as I walk towards him and Kian “Alright whatchu guys need?” I ask. “Well Jc can explain while I set up the camera” Kian says fixing the camera on the tripod so we’re facing the camera but the pool is behind us. “Ok so a while back we did a video with Trevor where it was ‘who knows who better’, like Trevor trivia to see who knew him better. Have you seen that video?” He asks. I nod my head indicating for him to proceed “yeah, so it’s literally that but Kian trivia, where it’s me vs you” he finishes “oooooo that sounds dope” I say. Kian then chimes in “yeah and the consequence will be being covered in random shit and thrown in the pool fully clothed” “of course” I add. “Ok let’s get started” Jc says grabbing three chairs, Kian in the middle and us on either side of him. For the intro we decide for me to jump in. “WASSUP EVERYBODY ITS KIAN AND JC” Kian yells “Yup one two three…” Jc says counting the chairs “wait who’s three..?” He finishes acting confused “Oh is this seat for me?” I say jumping into it “ayyyyy” we all yell hyping everything up. “Welcome Y/N everyone” Kian says “yeah this is our friend Y/N and she-” Jc says but Kian cuts him off “let me rephrase that, this is Y/N my wonderful GIRLFRIEND and everyone else’s FRIEND there we go back to you Jc” we laugh a bit and then Jc continues “ok so we’re doing who knows who better, basically Kian trivia. Jc vs Y/N edition” then Kian chimes in “basically the name of the game is who knows me better my girlfriend or my besssttt-boyfrienddddd.” I laugh at his humor. “That’s a pretty long name of the game” I say “shut up” Kian says playfully “We’ve done this before on our channel with Trevor and you’ll get it as we go along, OK let’s get started” Kian says. He brings out his phone with the questions in his notes. “Ok first quessssion düd” he starts “when is….. my birthday” he quickly finishes “SEPTEMBER 2nd!!” I yell a smidgen before Jc yells “SEPTEMBER 3rd!”, he then realizes I was right and says “fuuuckk”. “Jc! Really?!” Kian says shocked “dude I was off by one day oooooo call the cops ooooo” Jc justifies. “Yeah yeah ok, one point for Y/N. NEXT!” Kian says. “Ok, on which arm- or wrist is my O2L tally mark tattoo on?” Kian states quickly turning his wrists over. “Left, nononono right, yeah right” Jc shouts. “Ok that’s your final answer, Y/N?” Kian says as they both look at me. “Haha its on both bitch!” I say confidently “GOOD FUCKING JOB BABY!” Kian says giving me a high five “DAMNIT! A fucking trick question” Jc says. “You should know your boyfriend better” I say to Jc snobbishly in a joking matter of course. “Ok next question, so we all know that 2014 Kian dyed his hair blonde and then some weird blue shit right after but when did I dye my hair rainbow?” Kian asks “it’s either the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015… shitt” Jc contemplates out loud “ok say your answers together on three, ready 1…2…3” Kian calls off “2015” we both say. “Wow you both got that right, it was April 2015. So that’s 3 Y/N and 1 Jc. We’re going up to 6 by the way” he says talking to the camera towards the end. “Alrighty what is my fourth latest photo on Instagram and its caption?” Kian asks “fucking nope Y/N you got this one” Jc says giving up “OMG OMG ITS THE UMMMMMM the one of you IN THE POOL AND THE CAPTION IS ‘POOL DAY’!!” I yell “wow I can’t believe you actually got that” Kian says amazed “haha I only know that because I was stalking you this morning” I cheekily confess “huh I keep up on my boyfriend” I say to Jc smirking “shut up I’ll have a come back” Jc responds “it’s 4 to 1 you literally can’t win” I say “SHHHHH NEXT QUESTION,” Kian starts “ok who is/was my ultimate best friend like since forever? Hint, it’s not Jc” Kian asks. I sit there for a second just so lost, I say “wait give me a second” until Jc immediately shouts “SAM, Sam Pottorff” “yeah” Kian says. “I would’ve never guessed that, like I was so lost. Every fan probably thinks I’m just so dumb” I say. “You’re still gonna win baby” Kian says “hey that’s biased-” Jc starts but Kian cuts him off “OK LADIES AND GENTLEMAN THIS IS THE LAST AND FINAL QUESTIONN CAN I GET A DRUM ROLLLLLLL” Kian shouts as Jc and I hit our chairs continuously imitating a drum. “What is my favorite color?” Kian asks “BLUE”. “BLUE” Jc and I shout, “THAT WAS ME I GOT IT FIRST!” I yell “NO WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN IT WAS OBVIOUSLY ME, REPLAY THAT SHIT NOPE CUT IT. I will SHOW YOU IT WAS ME” Jc says. “Kian who do you think it was” I ask, Kian smiles and says “I honestly don’t know” “fuck it, we’ll be back in a sec guys” Jc says talking to the camera. “Are you actually?” I ask “yes” Jc responds. He then proceeds to stop recording and replay the footage, he then proceeds to show us in slow motion that he in fact said blue a millisecond before I did.

We then set the camera back up and turn it on “ok so we played back the footage, and the winner prevails” Jc says gloating. “Whatever I still won” I say “OK SO since my baby one and Jc fucking lost were gonna throw shit on him and push him in the pool” Kian says standing up. Kian runs to go get the condiments and such that they already set out earlier. He hands me mustard and mayo while he holds ketchup and jelly. “Ok get over by the pool” Kian says pushing Jc “ok ok I’m going– wait wait I don’t want to get the pool dirty…” Jc says trying to stall “shut up it’ll clean you, now on three Y/N.. 1..2..3!” Kian yells and we start throwing condiments on Jc right away. “THAT DIDN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!” Jc says, Jc tries to cover his face but then realizes there’s no use. Once we cover him almost completely I decide to pull a stunt. “Wait Jc hold on” I say making Kian stop and Jc look up “come here.. what’s that thing righttttttt….” I say dragging the word on as I walk closer to him “THERE!” I yell throwing him in the pool. “HAHHAHAHAHAHAH THAT WAS SO FUCK- THHHAT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY BABE! Gosh I love you” Kian yells laughing hysterically while stuttering, I give Kian a high five and say “I learn from the best, love you too” indicating Kian as the best. “Fuck you Y/N, ahhhaha I didn’t see that coming at all” Jc says once he surfaces. “Ok thank you guys for watching, a big thanks to Y/N for being in the video” Kian says turning his attention from the camera to me “anytime for Kian and Jc” I say smiling. “MAKE SURE TO SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY AND COMMENT IF YOU WANNA SEE Y/N IN OUR VIDEOS MORE OR DON’T WE DON’T REALLY CARE” Jc yells from the pool. We all laugh “Alright,” Kian starts as he grabs my waist “we’ll see you guys on Friday!!” He says before pulling me in for a kiss and covering the camera with his hand then turning it off once we pull away. “That was so cheeessssyyy ugh” Jc says as he gets out of the pool taking his shirt off “shut up” Kian and I say in sync as we push Jc back into the pool, smiling.

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There was a post once with the hc of Jack having a tooth gap before the promotion and have I mentioned that I love it?

But then I started thinking about how Gabe would react when he suddenly lost it. So have this drabble. 

Gabriel exhaled as he stepped off the ship, taking in the view of the new HQ. He hardly recognized it, if he was honest. The size of it had doubled. The trees and flowers outside made it feel more like a resort and less military. In fact he’d almost swore a few of these people were touring the place rather than working there.

The most glaring difference, however, had to be the statue.

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anonymous asked:

Wait this is important,Vincent eyes are hazel doesn't it?But Yana's draw Vincent's eyes are blue like Ciel.And also Ciel has his eyes from mother(Madam Red cinamatic record) Yana did a mistake?

In the anime, Vincent has brown (or hazel) eyes, yes. But when Yana draws him she usually gives him blue eyes (though I didn’t really found many colored pictures of Vincent which are drawn by Yana). 

Rachel had blue eyes, too. But that doesn’t mean that Vincent can’t have blue eyes. ;)

There had been 397 off world marriages so far among the Atlantis expedition by its seventh year.  Generally speaking the less problematic ones were between Atlantis expeditions members.  It had taken Elizabeth Weir three whole days of negotiations to win Cadman an annulment after she accepted an apple-like fruit from an older man with a scattering of teeth on PX5-297.  Isolated cultures like PX5-297 seemed rife with these kinds of mishaps and if you were lucky, the inhabitants didn’t require an immediate and bizarre marriage ritual. Who could forget the time Lorne and Parish had to howl at M39-297′s two moons all night?  Thankfully M39-297′s nights were only eight hours long, but still the pair were hoarse for a week.

Fortunately less isolated worlds were more open to understand a mishap, more willing to explain what you might have accidentally broadcast a proposal, more willing to laugh it off.  

However, it was also common to seal trade agreements with a marriage to symbolize the joining of your two people.  Sometimes the locals’ provided the couple, sometimes Atlantis was required to do so.  Teyla and Ronon’s marriage on PX9-184 brought iron and other raw metals to Atlantis.  John and Elizabeth’s marriage on P27-594 kept the cafeteria stocked with those blue tubers that Rodney liked so much.  One time AR-1 joined together in a four way marriage that led to a biannual shipment of these tasty little cakes that only lasted a week.

No, AR-1 was not stranger to off-world weddings but lately Colonel Sheppard and Dr. McKay were setting a record.

“What do you mean they’re won’t seal the deal until Rodney and I get married?” John asked once Teyla rejoined the group.  “Isn’t it your turn?”

Teyla gave a slight shrug.  “They understand I have a spouse already and they have selected you and Rodney specifically.”

Teyla was playing it as chance, but Rodney wasn’t buying it.  Not only had he and John married six times since he and Jennifer broke up nine months ago, but Ronon had the biggest shit eating grin he had ever seen.

Brian isn’t usually one to let things slip. He carefully measures his words and deeds, typically holds things close to his chest until the time is right. But there’s something about Ross that flusters Brian. There’s something about being around him that eliminates the carefully constructed filter between Brian’s brain and mouth. It’s both freeing and frightening and it makes recording with Ross more difficult than it has any right to be. Luckily Ross laughs off every dumb thing that Brian says, every overtly-sexual comment and every silly compliment and they slide into a teasing, flirtatious dynamic and it works. Right up until it doesn’t anymore. Right up until they’re recording a special, one-off episode and what Brian intends as a joke-y compliment comes out sounding a little too sincere.

“I’d date you.”

Ross actually tears his eyes away from the game to turn and look at Brian. From the corner of his eye, Brian can see Ross’ grip on the controller tighten. “You… Would you? Really?” he asks, tone flat. Deliberately unreadable.

Brian keeps his gaze stubbornly trained on the TV. He takes the opportunity to steal first place while Ross is distracted. “Absolutely,” he says, and flounders for a way to regain his footing, to turn it all back into a joke. In the end he fails, and what comes out of his traitorous mouth is, “You’re cute, funny, talented- what’s not to like?”

Ross finally remembers to hit pause on the game. The abrupt silence is overwhelming.

“Brian,” Ross says. Just that.

Brian slowly relaxes. He sets the controller gently down on the arm of the couch. There are nervous butterflies in his stomach that he’s intent on ignoring. “Are we scrapping the episode?” he asks innocently, and finally turns to look at Ross. He’s greeted by a searching, hopeful expression. It’s warm bordering on hot in the recording room and Ross’ cheeks are pink as a result. His hair is pushed to one side because he’s been putting off a haircut and it’s so long it goes into his eyes now. His shirt matches the blue of his eyes which, quite frankly, is a detail Brian wishes he didn’t notice.

“We can…” Ross gestures. “Edit.”

They’re sitting very close on the couch. Brian doesn’t remember meaning to sit so close. “Okay,” he says, simply. “So…?”

“So…” Ross leans closer still. He bites his lip, releases it. “I just wanna say, if you’re joking… Cool. If you’re not joking…” A very small smile curls at the corners of Ross’ lips. Brian’s eyes dart down and back up and Ross’ smile widens. “Then back atcha,” he finishes with a cheeky wink.

He picks up his controller, hits play, and loudly declares that he’s going to take first place back. Brian blinks, blinks again, and only snaps out of it when he hears the triumphant sound of Ross crossing the finish line.

“No fair!” Brian complains, reaching for his own controller. “Cheater.”

“Hypocrite,” Ross fires back, but he’s grinning. “Rematch?” he sweetly suggests, but there’s mischief in his eyes. “This time, loser takes the winner out to dinner.”

Brian smirks. “You’re on.”