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tsukishima and hinata in the recent haikyuu chapters

So kageyama’s starting to fully utilize his team’s skills, which is exciting. But I’m also super excited about tsukishima finally utilizing hinata’s skills. It really started off in the shiratorizawa match with tsukishima telling hinata to jump tendou for the block and then telling him to step up his game and get the team a break. And then at the first year camp tsukishima started to take serious note of hinata’s movements and even had hinata spike for him in order to get a better sense of his attacks. And recently during the dateko practice match, tsukishima predicted hinata’s role and impact perfectly. Even kageyama didn’t know what hinata was going for when he jumped right in front of koganegawa but tsukishima knew. Look at that smug little face. He knew exactly what hinata’s movements would do to the blockers, he almost banked on it actually.

Over the course of the series, tsukishima’s been slowly getting used to hinata and his movements. At first, he thought his role was just to support hinata’s craziness from behind. But lately it almost seems as if he’s been trying to corral it and point it in a certain direction. Or even if he’s not doing that, then he’s at least finding a way to maximize hinata’s effects on the court.

And what’s also interesting is that tsukishima seems to be specifically focusing on hinata’s crazier, more unpredictable movements and the presence hinata makes on the court. If tsukushima is indeed looking to control or maximize those aspects of hinata’s playing, then this will mark the first time someone looked at hinata’s whirlwind of movements and thought “we can use this if only he would…” instead of “let him run free and take advantage of the confusion”. And tbh letting hinata run free has been working fine, but I can’t wait to see what happens if someone focuses in on that raw energy and tries to either shape it or make it even wilder.

And here’s the kicker, hinata listens to tsukishima. Some part of hinata just has faith that tsukishima knows what he’s doing and will always find the most efficient way to do things. He jumped tendou, he took tsukishima’s words to heart during the shiratorizawa match and got the team their break, he spiked for tsukishima at the camp and in exactly the way tsukishima asked him to.

Can you imagine the impact this will make? Hinata’s already a huge presence. He’s already a big enough opponent with just his raw, uncontrolled energy. Can you imagine if he starts taking instruction from tsukishima of all people? And imagine tsukishima adding hinata’s unpredictability to his plans.

This basically confirms my feeling that the author are heading more towards soueri and takumegu. I’m so happy after seeing this colorspread, they look like on a double date here. I thought that Takumi and Megumi would never happened and just a crack pair, but I’ve always ship them since the moment they were on the same panel! and now I see takumegu as a huge possibility after the recent chapters, the OVA, the drama CD, and now this cover. I can’t wait to see the battle between them and that sexy lady. I can’t wait to see takumegu bonding oh damn I’m so excited! 

and this vol 21 cover…

All my ships are here!! Ryou besides Aice. Alice and Takumi look like pushing Erina and Souma towards each other lol. It looks as if Takumi wanted Souma’s attention too ,soutaku arise? lol, but may I think that Takumi is basically telling Souma to step aside so he can stand beside Megumi, like a boyfriend he is. Ah I have a lot of feelings because of these. Next week better come sooner.

Learning How to Love Chapter Six, Day Nine Part One: Elusive Acceptance

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Note: As always, MC will be referred to as MC in this story in the third person instead of blanks or Y/N. In addition, this story contains minor spoilers for Jumin’s route.

Someone please just love this poor man…

Chapter Six, Day Nine Part One: Elusive Acceptance

She knew the RFA considered her time with Jumin to be both lethal and unhealthy.

But she never imagined it would be quite so literally true.

Her first reaction was delight. The second? Horror.

“Oh no Jumin, don’t enable me.” She grimaced as soon as the desserts were laid across the table. The chef shot her an amused, knowing grin before he returned to the kitchen to clean up.

Jumin’s immediate response was alarm, his eyes wide. “What’s wrong, MC? Is there something that isn’t to your liking? Are you allergic to anything?”

She managed a half-smile, intimating that her reasons were not at all as serious as he feared. “Quite the contrary. More like I have a dangerous weakness for all things sweet, especially chocolate.” She sighed, anticipating the future chastising she would unleash on herself.

As soon as she explained he relaxed, leaning back into the chair with a huffed chuckle. He appeared absolutely tickled by the way her sheepish gaze lingered on each plate; until she realized what she was doing and forced her eyes back to her folded hands. It appeared that his venture, based on her reaction to the sweetened tea and a number of things that had surfaced during their time in the messenger, paid off. Though part of his motivation was the desire to make amends for his erratic behavior as of late, another part of him was elated to indulge her. He considered her little idiosyncrasy adorable.

“Is that so? Then do feel free to enjoy to your heart’s content, I do not have much of a sweet tooth myself.” All of this was for you, the words went unspoken. And it was clear he meant it, spending most of that time watching her try something on each plate and praise the chef for making such delicacies. Each time her expression would scrunch slightly with curiosity before it gave way to a euphoric grin, her sapphire eyes sparkling with discovery. She was breathtaking to watch, sublime.

MC was in chocolate heaven, surrounded by sweets made with the utmost finesse. She had never eaten anything so smooth and savory in all her life, relishing the variety of new flavors. But as she indulged she was hyperaware of Jumin’s curious gaze on her, making sure to maintain the proper decorum and eat carefully lest she embarrass herself more than she already had for one evening. But he didn’t seem annoyed or patronizing so much as genuinely enthralled, a small smile lingering on his face as he made note of what she liked best.

When MC was finished, the chef was on his way out and they both bid him a grateful farewell, advising him to be safe in the continuing storm outside. Standing up, MC began to gather all the plates and set aside the leftovers for the fridge until Jumin protested.

“It is late, MC, the maids will take care of it.”

“I don’t mind, it will only be minute.” She insisted, gathering the plates and placing them by the sink to be washed. She knew he would be adamant about her sleeping as soon as possible, so she left that single task to the maids in an effort to compromise. She covered the rest of the desserts in protective plastic wrap and moved them to the refrigerator before she returned to the table, satisfied.

“Shall we?” Jumin asked, rising from the chair and gesturing to the bed. She nodded, moving to the closet to retrieve one of her sweater ensembles that were much more comfortable. She excused herself to the bathroom and was relieved to find that her hair had remained intact and her face was free of smeared chocolate, as presentable as she’d hoped. After preparing herself  accordingly, she exited to find him adjusting the covers and placing her phone on the coffee table. The cerulean glow of the surrounding fishtanks illuminated his figure as he turned to face her, a tangible calm emanating from his poised form. She smiled at the sight and thanked him before moving to lie in the bed, the darkness no longer hindering her on the path.

He watched as she settled in and curled up on her side, mollified beyond measure at the sight of her serene countenance; she was now as comfortable as he was in the penthouse. She had settled herself into his home and his heart long before he had ever realized it, as if she belonged there. But then, perhaps it was foolish to be surprised; she had been the one to give those words meaning in the first place. “Sleep well, MC. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Jumin. Good night.” She murmured back as she watched him nod and stride down the hall to his own room, hoping he would get some sleep despite the day’s events.

Not that she had much room to speak, she didn’t feel all that sleepy herself. She closed her eyes in a futile attempt to coax slumber to her, but her mind was so overrun by thoughts and her stomach was so full of food that the endeavor seemed near impossible. That, and soon after emerald light was emanating from her phone, bathing her eyelids when she turned on her side. Yoosung?

She opened the messenger to find him lost in the mountains with Seven and panicking. Concerned, but confident Seven was both capable and well-intentioned, she advised Yoosung with positive cheer to relax and try his best to help along the winding path. Before he could categorize every possible threat that petrified him, Jaehee entered the chat looking for MC; marginally pacified to find her there safe and sound. As soon as they caught Jaehee up to speed regarding Yoosung’s situation, MC was shocked to witness her tease Yoosung; insinuating that Seven had brought him along as a potential hostage. It was clear Jaehee had reached the limits of her patience, extremely exhausted and overworked. Such mischief was at complete odds with her usual demeanor, despite her immediate attempts to assuage Yoosung and convince him that she was only being facetious.

Yoosung then went on to ask MC where she was and how she was doing, surprised to hear that she was still with Jumin and that Jaehee had been rejected at the door. Despite Yoosung’s disapproval and Jaehee’s caustic frustration, MC remained steadfast in her belief that Jumin simply needed time and patience from the rest of the RFA. Perhaps they couldn’t understand, but that didn’t make his fears and anxieties any less potent or real. She also reassured them, as she had multiple times already, that she was just fine. She was more than happy to be by his side and bring him a little solace, even if they couldn’t wrap their heads around that notion either.

As for the party, MC informed them that she was doing as much as she could there, reluctant to return to Rika’s sketchy apartment regardless of the fact that she would have to at some point; both for Jumin’s well-being and to prepare the finishing touches for the party. Her claims were met with ample skepticism while Jaehee went on to describe the current discord between the two Han men, detailing the danger of covering for Jumin’s recent inactivity. Though MC reassured that she would never let anything happen to her, both Jaehee and Yoosung went on to wonder why Jumin was behaving the way he was as of late.

Their conclusions were all erroneous as far as MC understood; it had nothing to do with making indiscriminate mistakes or being in his first relationship or being apathetic in regards to his responsibilities. It was upsetting to see how little they thought of a faithful member of the RFA, no matter how different he was from the rest of them. They all underestimated the impact of a life full of emptiness and materialism, or how the loss of everybody important to a person could shatter their ability to function. She didn’t think it was fair that they were judging by the standards of their own lives, unwilling to recognize that there was more behind his actions than they were choosing to acknowledge.

Yoosung, ever the optimist, tried to cheer Jaehee up by claiming that if they all prayed for Jumin’s quick recovery, he would return to work soon. Though MC wasn’t one to believe in such things, she thought it was a sweet sentiment and joined in; anything to give Jaehee a little hope. MC was certain Jumin would return despite Jaehee’s dubious regard, but also understood that Jaehee was exhausted and struggling. A few uplifting words were more than worth assuaging her overwhelming stress.

Jaehee then took her leave, too busy to remain any longer. Yoosung, perceptive in his own way, picked up on Jaehee’s impatience and expressed acute shock at MC’s enduring concern for Jumin’s condition. He, on the other hand, was disappointed with what he considered to be Jumin’s recent maliciousness. Again, MC was astounded by how inaccurate the RFA’s interpretations of Jumin’s actions were. MC didn’t think he was being spiteful so much as silent for the sake of his own sanity. Some people needed more time to process and come to terms with certain changes in their lives, especially ones that affected their mental stability or emotional disposition. It was upsetting to see such a simple difference met with so much suspicion and irritation, rather than the sensitivity and support he deserved.

However she did appreciate Yoosung’s guest suggestion and desire to communicate with Jumin to further understand the situation, detailing the solidarity of the RFA. He may have interpreted the situation incorrectly, but at least he was more than willing to listen to other perspectives and modify his beliefs. That was more than most of the RFA members bothered to extend to Jumin in the face of his recent adversity.

At that point Yoosung and Seven encountered a new path, a promising sign that they were nearing the target location. Excited, Yoosung bid MC farewell, wishing all the best as she congratulated their progress and encouraged them forward.

No sooner had she closed the messenger had a despondent Zen appeared in the chat ten minutes later, demanding if she was okay. A bit exasperated, MC promised that she was fine, certain he had some other reason for reaching out so late. He went on to detail his irritation with Jumin and Elizabeth the Third’s pervasive presence in current media. It was clear he was rather put out with the lack of attention on his recent acting accomplishments. Though that was somewhat shallow considering Jumin’s current suffering, she knew he must have his own reasons for being crushed by the public’s uncharacteristic indifference due to a separate preoccupation.

But the formation of ludicrous rumors and incessant public debate made her worry about something else entirely. Would her presence at his side affect his reputation? She wasn’t a corporate heiress or wealthy by birth like Sarah, she was just the descendant of humble, well-meaning immigrants. Though Zen assured her there was no way to tell at this point, the concern lingered. She didn’t want to make Jumin’s life any harder than it already was. She made a mental note to discuss it with him later.

Zen was visibly discouraged, but MC advised him to wait it out like Jaehee, certain everything would return to normal as soon as Jumin resolved both his inner turmoil and his father’s demands to marry. Zen’s acting would receive the recognition it deserved in due time. Though there was always gossip about the wealthy, she doubted Jumin would be at the forefront of the news forever.

Zen was a little heartened by her certainty, but subsequently asked MC to demand that Jumin return to his senses. A little outraged by his insensitivity, MC bristled as she maintained her even-handed consideration for his perspective. She reminded him that Jumin didn’t want to be negligent and incapable of communicating with everyone else, that Jumin was trying to grow and heal at his own pace. She had to wonder why that was never good enough for the rest of the RFA, especially Zen. Why was it so impossible to believe that his emotions and anxiety were overwhelming him like they would anyone in the same situation? Why was it so hard to believe that Jumin wasn’t the robot they had all proclaimed him to be without bothering to notice every sign indicating that clearly wasn’t the case? Something told her Zen wouldn’t fare much better under similar duress, and that there was more to his indiscriminate dislike for Jumin than met the eye. She hoped she could find a way to help them resolve that misunderstanding one day.

Regardless, she thanked Zen for his misplaced concern, knowing he meant well as he expressed remorse that he couldn’t do more for her before he went to sleep. MC knew she should do the same as she put her phone face down against the coffee table and turned away from the device, closing her eyes. Sure enough, the light pitter-patter of the ebbing storm eventually lulled her to sleep.

She succeeded, but only for about three hours before she woke up again. Blinking open bleary eyes and stretching a bit, she let out a long sigh as her drowsiness ebbed before she could reclaim it. She rubbed her eyes with her closed fists in defeat, sitting up slowly and jumping when a quiet voice sliced through the stillness of the night.

“You’re still awake? Is something wrong? It’s not nearly morning yet.” Came his silken murmur, saturated with concern. “Is the bed uncomfortable?”

She looked to her left to find Jumin seated in a chair beside the bed, his shadowed shape shifting as he leaned forward to turn on a nearby lamp. Soft, golden light revealed him in the outfit he had worn to dinner with a single modification as he leaned back again. He was no longer wearing his tie, his collar open and his shirt unbuttoned a few inches further down, a sliver of his pale chest exposed.

“What are you doing up?” She managed to ask in a low voice, willing the warmth away from her cheeks. She had had a feeling he would have trouble falling asleep tonight with so much on his mind; she wished there was more she could do to help. But she knew there were some things that a person needed to resolve for themselves.

“I was observing you sleep.” He answered, a tentative hand reaching out to twirl her hair between his fingers as he explained himself, aware of her confusion. “You can’t know how wonderful it is to hear you breathe when you’re sleeping. When the moonlight hits your hair, all that anxiety that’s been torturing me throughout the day magically disappears. And for a short while, tranquil and beautiful peace persists.” If his voluntary uncovering earlier wasn’t enough to stun her, his subsequent expression landed a second proverbial sucker punch, leaving her breathless. She had never seen him look so content; directing a small, serene smile at her before it fell as soon as it appeared, and he relinquished his hold on her hair.

“But once the sun comes up and you start your day, I’ll be anxious again. Anxious thoughts of you leaving… of someone making you leave…” He trailed off, falling silent as she watched that familiar fear creep back into his features. His eyes grew dull, his brows creasing and fingers twitching towards his opposing hand, as if they were itching to adjust his cufflinks.

Time for a productive misdirection. “Did you feel that way towards Elizabeth?” She asked softly, trying to help him understand his feelings before he drowned in them beyond all salvaging, one step at a time. It wasn’t an accusation so much as a prompt; encouraging him to actively think about it. She knew Jumin never had the opportunity to do that with a safe confidant until now, so he would never consider it a viable option with anyone, including her.

He considered for a moment before responding, his eyes wandering to the ceiling. “Not this much…but feebly yes. And I realized something after losing her.” He admitted as his gaze returned to MC, sobering with every second as the line of his mouth grew grave. “If there’s someone I want to protect, I have to be by her side all the time. And the person I want to protect right now is you, MC. So I don’t want you to go anywhere.”

Then he sighed, shaking his head ruefully. He knew he was being unreasonable, but there was no denying the terror that seized him every minute she wasn’t in his sight. Perhaps he didn’t know how to handle it now, but he was determined to figure it out and grow to do right by MC. “I know that I am not rational. But when I realize how special you are…I want to be overprotective.” He looked to her in fond supplication as he subconsciously leaned forward, fierce resolve animating his silver eyes until they flickered and shone in the low light. “But I know myself. Once this anxiety goes away, I will be rational again…so please, just bear with me.”

She nodded to convey her belief in him, nonplussed as she continued in a gentle voice. “Was Rika special to you?” MC wanted him to feel comfortable about working out his emotions, even ones that had nothing to do with her.

He paused, looking to her with a brow raised. “Rika…?” He wondered why Rika was the sudden subject matter of their conversation, but he was no less determined to give MC the earnest answers she sought. “Rika was a special person too. Although I could never have her.”

Unrequited love strikes again. MC resisted the urge to wince; it was always hard to love someone that would never feel the same. Though the need to hide his feelings likely crushed him years ago, he didn’t appear upset so much as acquiescent as he discussed it now; he would accept any anguish if it meant preserving his friends’ happiness.

“On the outside, she was so kind and generous, but on the inside she was amazingly charismatic.” Something about Rika’s evident perfection from all the stories MC heard unsettled her, but she didn’t know enough to verify the feeling. She thought it was splendid and endlessly magnanimous that this woman held such enormous fundraisers for those in need, but there was something about it all that didn’t match up. If Rika was doing the right thing, why all the need for confidentiality as intimated by her off-the-grid apartment? Why would she commit suicide with such a promising future ahead of her, with a loving fiance and the entire RFA there to support her? MC didn’t like being suspicious, but the inconsistency and secrecy warranted her skepticism; after all she was the one being targeted by the hacker.

“Until I met Rika, all the women around me just liked to flatter me…So I thought highly of a woman who spent her life truly devoted to helping others…” His features remained neutral as he reminisced, matter-of-fact as he described how he felt.

“The fact that I didn’t have anything she wanted made me feel free, comfortable, safe. Do you understand what I’m saying?” MC nodded. It wasn’t hard to understand that he felt comfortable with her because she was the first woman that had never objectified him. After a lifetime of being used, especially by women, it must have been a welcome change. “She deserved all the love V gave her.” He said without any hint of vitriol or envy, his expression thoughtful.

MC couldn’t help the beginnings of a smile at the sight of his selfless heart. He was unbelievably sweet. “That’s very sweet of you to say Jumin, despite everything. Were you close to her?”

He blinked at her, floored. “Sweet…? I’m not sure about that, but thank you MC.” He looked away as he went on, but she could still see the faintest of blushes coloring his ears. “I think we were. As friends. Until I joined the RFA, V and Rika were the only ones I opened up to.” Though MC was unsurprised to hear that he had so few friends in his life, the fact was no less tragic. She knew how hard it could be to approach people and welcome them into your life when all others had ever done was hurt and use you.

“I liked spending time with her.” He shrugged, as if that was more than enough for him to establish friendship since it was such a rare occurrence. “I still remember how she always looked at me curiously as if she was analyzing me.” He noted, his eyes falling to the tiled floor as his voice grew progressively quieter. “Whenever she looked at me like that…I felt like she saw everything inside of me, even my ugly side.” He froze, looking to MC with trepidation.

He only resumed when he saw her placid patience, no hint of revulsion twisting her features as he took a shaky breath. “It is quite strange that I imagined she saw everything inside me. But it made me feel better when I imagined that. Because it felt as if she was seeing the real me.” He admitted, knowing he must have sounded deluded.

MC, however, was unperturbed. She knew he only imagined it so because of his desperation to be accepted for who he was above all else, and Rika had simply been the first to see beyond his wealth. There was nothing pathetic or deranged about needing somebody to care about more than the name brand of his suits. “Did you have feelings for Rika?”

“I didn’t even think about my emotions towards her. Since she was never going to be mine.” He shrugged, as if shutting down the only affection he had ever felt for a person other than V in nearly two decades was as simple as flipping a switch. And she was sure it both was and wasn’t.

It was because Jumin never wavered, when he decided on the right course of action he would act accordingly henceforth. He didn’t want to interfere and ruin their mutual happiness, so he would never reveal his feelings or act on them. At the same time, however, it was clear the suppression of those feelings had done him little good; manifesting instead in Elizabeth the Third as he spoiled her and showered her with the affection he was never able to express directly to Rika. Perhaps he had managed to hide his feelings, but that didn’t mean he had reconciled them in a healthy way. Instead they had festered without closure, every minute making him feel more lonely and desolate than before. Until he had reached this point, in which suppression was no longer an option, suffocating under the weight of a lifetime of unresolved emotions.

“But…aside from that I did think she was the only woman to truly understand me. Before Rika…” He paused now and then as he struggled to articulate everything he felt, running a hand through his ebony hair in agitation. “I couldn’t find anyone who’d make me feel comfortable. My father’s girlfriends, his new wife, women who liked my wealth, businessmen, wealthy people, employees, and all…” He trailed off, distracted as he remembered. “I couldn’t share my feelings with anyone around me. The more they approached me, the more I shut down and became used to saying only what was necessary.”

“To be honest, the real me…knew it.” Woeful mortification overtook his expression as his gaze fell to the floor, too ashamed to look MC in the eyes. “Knew that I am not the man the world wants, that I am a mutant.” He grimaced, his brows furrowing.

“On the outside, I may seem like an eloquent gentleman with good manners, but on the inside, I’m just a weak person who has to fight away twisted thoughts,” His voice was raw and hoarse with every second of his admission, as if the words were being ripped out of him one by one. “Thoughts of locking you inside my world and never letting you go…” A hand rose to cover his eyes, his thumb and forefinger clinging to his temples for a moment before it lowered to rub over his jaw in consternation.

“It’s the first time I’ve mentioned this to anyone…It’s making me nervous. Won’t you think me strange after knowing all this?” His eyes began to wander around the room, as if he didn’t know where they, or he, would belong anymore if she said yes. He fiddled with his cufflinks and adjusted them once, twice, before his hands paused.

His head rose to lance her in place with eyes so full of brittle hope that it felt as if her own heart would be the one to shatter at the slightest impact. “Can you…” He hesitated, as if he thought it was too much to ask but yearned to regardless, the words spilling out of him. “Accept me for who I am?”

She leaned forward and reached for his hand, taking it in her own and intertwining their fingers bashfully as he watched in stunned silence. Squeezing it with the lightest pressure, she beamed at him. “Of course I can.” She murmured easily; she had long since accepted him and liked him for who he was, even if it had taken him until now to realize and believe it. That, and she was elated that he felt so comfortable beside her, that he trusted her to believe and listen to him. She knew it was no easy to feat after everything he had been through.

He looked to her with no shortage of wonder, breathless as his hand squeezed hers back. But unlike her previous effort to reassure him, his tensing fingers were seeking verify that she was real, tangible. He took her in for a long moment; as if he was trying to commit her likeness to memory, to keep her with him just in case she disappeared before him. “…I feel like this is a dream. Did you know that?”

“Every time I realize how precious you are to me, I have to fight. So many thoughts of you roam around inside my head. The anxiety, happiness, fear, pleasure, anger, and love… all related to you. It’s as if my emotional pipeline just burst open at once…I don’t feel like I have perfect control of myself so I keep fighting.” His eyes closed as he fought to make sense of his tumultuous thoughts, his forehead creasing. “If you try to leave me…I will use every means possible to restrain you. I’m so afraid that I’ll become like that. So I have to keep fighting.” His expression was full of dismay, pleading with her not to exacerbate his fear to the point where he could no longer recognize himself, to help him in this already arduous endeavor.

At the sight of her unwavering support, sapphire eyes steady and clear like the eye of the storm; his expression shed its uncertainty as he willed it away, replaced with implacable resolve tempered with tenderness. “Two desires are clashing inside of me…but soon I want the desire to love you to remain.”

She nodded, moving closer so that she could reach out and place a hand against his cheek, coaxing him to face her. “I understand how you feel. I’ll wait until you figure things out, take as much time as you need.”

He leaned into her touch, melting into the warmth that was both foreign and familiar. “Yes…Please, wait just a bit more. Because I’m also very afraid of hurting you…” He exhaled heavily and sagged forward, a veritable Atlas that had had the sky removed from his shoulders. “Now I feel much more comfortable. Thank you.”

He looked to their intertwined hands curiously, still puzzled that something like this could ever be possible for him. “I really had no idea that someone like you would pop into my life without any notice. You reach out your hand without expecting anything in return, you listen to me and nod….and you’ve accepted things about me that others refused.” His other hand lifted to cover the one resting against his face, cradling it as he reveled in the sight of her. She flushed under his gaze, radiant and enraptured as if he had been graced by the sight of a rare ethereal being. “Words become meaningful once they reach you.” He murmured, still awestruck by her very existence.

After a short moment he let her hand go, as if he was suddenly aware that he had overstepped his careful rules as she retrieved it. “I can’t control myself very well because I get excited too easily…” He acknowledged, solemn as he addressed his current vulnerability and impressionability. “But when the current of my emotions calms down…I want us to be a couple…like normal people.” He explained tentatively, as if he was expecting immediate reluctance or rejection before he could even finish his proposition.

But she just let her thumb stroke the length of the hand intertwined with hers, and he looked up to find her smiling in agreement. “I’d like that too.”

“I hope that day comes soon…” He sighed blissfully, as if the mere thought of such a future filled him with unprecedented peace. “You smell so good. I hope you never leave me. Even if you can’t say that you’ll stay with me forever, if you mean it…I wish you’d tell me that you’ll stay…for now…” He implored, working to be rational and fair despite the lingering fear of abandonment.

“I will stay by your side for now…But everyone has to say goodbye at some point. There are things that I can only accomplish for the party in Rika’s apartment…” She reminded, feeling terrible but equally unwilling to lie to him. It was a truth neither of them could escape, much as she abhorred that eerie, empty place.

“That’s true as well…” He conceded, downcast. He knew MC was only being honest, but he was unable to hide how much the thought of her leaving hurt him. “But it saddens me to hear you say that right now. I…won’t expect any answers right now.”

“Don’t worry, there are also the other RFA members including Jaehee. Everybody’s worried about you. You’re not alone.” MC reminded, remembering Yoosung’s wish that Jumin would simply talk to them about what was happening and how he felt.

“Yes, you’re right.” He agreed, aware that he had been rather reticent with the RFA as of late despite their efforts to help him and understand the situation. It might behoove him to rely on them a little more, as Assistant Kang had proven more than trustworthy and reliable. “Perhaps I should be more open towards them now.”

He sighed as he noticed the sky changing color outside, no longer violet but azure and steadily lightening with each passing minute. “I’ll go see my father in the morning. I’ll make it so that our relationship returns to the way it was, and make sure that that woman is no longer a potential threat. Family is important…” He explained, letting MC know his plans. “Please wish me luck.”

“Good luck, Jumin. I’m sure everything will work out.” Her confidence in their decision to do the right thing, despite what everybody else said or decided, quelled the tension in his shoulders at the prospect of fighting his father again.

“I’ll make sure of that.” With slow, deliberate movements he lifted their hands to brush velvet lips across her knuckles, his thumb stroking across her fingers before he let go. “For our sake.” He sighed as he rose to prepare for the day’s agenda at the office, standing taller than she had ever seen him.

She offered to help him but he insisted she relax and try to get some more sleep, feeling guilty that he had kept her up for a significant portion of the early morning talking. She watched the golden light of a new dawn rising over the horizon, filling the apartment as he got dressed and gathered his things.

She opened the book draft on her laptop, preparing for a day’s worth of writing when he reemerged from his room, impeccable and poised as ever. Rising from the bed, she followed him to the door despite his disapproval, his lips pursed. It didn’t last long though, as she noticed him concealing a subsequent smile at her insistent presence. She knew he was only worried about her health, but once she woke up it was near impossible to fall asleep again anyway.

Before he reached for the door handle he turned to face her, torn. He didn’t want to leave, but he also knew that they could never move forward if he didn’t address his responsibilities and his father’s demands to marry Sarah. “I am sorry to leave you here all alone, MC. If you need anything at all you can feel free to call Room Service, as they have been instructed to fulfill any request you might conjure. You can call me as well if you need anything, however I may have to call you back due to meetings and a variety of errands I need to take care of today. I promise to respond as promptly as I can. Please stay here and stay safe.”

She nodded. “I will, and don’t worry I’ll be okay. Just do your best and return home safe, Jumin.” She smiled before she took a step forward and gestured for him to lean down.

He raised a brow, but otherwise followed her lead. MC rose on her tiptoes, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him forward, her lips molding to his. She felt him freeze with shock until an arm snaked around her waist and pulled her closer, melting into the kiss. But she retreated before it could grow too heated, intending it to be a chaste motivation.

“For moral support,” She breathed against his lips, taking a step back. “Even if I can’t be there with you today to face your father, I know you’ll be able to resolve your differences peacefully. And if you ever feel uncertain or defeated, remember that I’m behind you every step of the way. I believe in you.” She murmured as she straightened his tie and smoothed his hair. “I’ll be waiting for you to return.”

A light chuckle betrayed his delight with her spontaneous pep talk, elated. His silver eyes shone as they gazed into hers, a grin gracing his lips. “Thank you, MC, but you are making it rather difficult to leave.” She released him from her embrace, laughing when he made no move to do the same.

She nudged him out the door playfully before he could delay further. “Off you go, before traffic becomes horrendous!”

And she watched him go with a last hearty farewell, hoping everything would go well in the office; both for the sake of her safety and Jumin’s happiness.

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Haven’t drawn my love for a while, so here are 2 (not polished) Neinhart portraits >3< 

Recently I haven’t been too excited about FT chapters so I am a bit not inspired to draw FT fanart (but Neinhart is always good). Plus, I am doing a little skin-design entry for a competition ( there’s participation reward yay) so sorry for the lack of art. Might draw more Neinhart because I actually fell in love with the purple hair (the green armor I still need some time to adjust to ugh). I have no clue what his eye color is but I gave it a grayish green. 

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ive been so sick recently that i can barely eat or even move and im more than likely going to the er soon and honestly your fic is the only thing making being awake worth while and im so unbelievably excited for chapter 13!! but don't feel rushed by tumblr to update on sunday i can't imagine how hard it is to write a novel length fic while in med school

I honestly would never give up umfb for the world because I adore it and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done but as a med student who has literally no free time now sometimes I’ll just sit and look at my life, look at my choices, look at the six empty coffee cups in front of me…。゚(TヮT)゚。


i, for one, am extremely excited about all of the first-year interactions that have both happened in the latest chapter and are guaranteed to happen coming up,

kyouhaba fic rec !

this ship has gotten so much attention in the past few weeks and im so excited!!!! so,,, i made a fic rec ( courtesy of the request from @iwaizooms , thank u !!! ) !!! here are my personal favorites out of the ones i’ve read so far !! 

-note: i’ve missed a few of the recent fics, but i’ve read the majority of the fics from prior to the date of the kyouhaba debut in the anime!!! (also… i totally am gonna include my own fics in here because im ridiculous)

-note note: fics are not in any order !!

Deal || kiyala || 1/1 chapter || 1169 words || g+ || kyoutani and yahaba go on a bookstore date!!! i literally just finished reading this but it’s suuuuper cute and i love the dynamic between kyoutani and yahaba here!!! kyoutani is such a big nerd :^)

Kiss me like you mean it || Qitana || 1/1 chapter || 3163 words || t+ || oikawa and yahaba run a kissing booth and kyoutani is dared to kiss yahaba!!!! i laughed really hard at this and…. totally blushed a ton??? its written incredibly well and portrays all of the characters in such a neat yet accurate way!!

Baby steps (or ‘Yahaba’s guide to applying eyeliner on a grumpy puppy’) || fontsizesmol || 1/1 chapter || 1597 words || g+ || kyoutani breaks his arm, and yahaba helps him with his eyeliner!! also i love this because it feels like there’s some sort of exchange between kyouken and yahaba that’s not shown in the story and its GREAT

Kyouhaba Week - Soulmates Universe || MapacheLuna || 7/7 fics || 24,318 words || t+ || a soulmate au series with some dramatic side-oikuro!!! theres a slow build and a ton of tension and i love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT,,, its honestly completely worth reading because the writing style is so nice and because aaa,,,a, theyre both such dorks

Entwined || kiyala || 1/1 chapter || 2254 words || g+ || soulmates universe where you can feel the emotions of your soulmate upon touching !! wow, i love how kyoutani is portrayed SO MUCH (i left like.. an essay about it in the tags tbh) and it’s super chill and wonderful aah

Close to the Chest || darkmagicalgirl || 10/10 chapters || 61,185 words || t+ || taking place in the canon universe, a slow build over a few years. in all honesty, this is one of my favorite fics of all time, and i’ve cried every time i’ve read it. it’s beautiful and yahaba is hilarious and WOW!!!! my breath is taken away!! please read this fic

Safe in Your Hands || shions_heart || 3/3 chapters || 8915 words || t+ || yahaba begins doing kyoutani’s eyeliner for him, and it goes from there. this fic is super great and yahaba becomes really important to kyoutani and it just makes my heart complete holy shoot 

wear your love like it’s made of hate || memorde || 1/1 chapter || 3366 words || t+ || i love fics where yahaba does kyoutani’s eyeliner can u tell,,, bUt this fic is hysterical and the first years are shitholes (in a good way) and aaaaaaaaah i scream

Stray Arrows || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 3801 words || t+ || this fic is very important to me because, a) first kyouhaba fic i ever read and got me into the ship, b) its beautifully written…. wow!!! this fic is super good and kyoutani’s a big dork with a rough home life and yahaba is Too Good™

you can’t trust anyone these days || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 719 words || g+ || seijou. laser tag. do i have to say anything else ??? this fic is pure gold and yahaba kicks ass i love him

destroy the middle (it’s a waste of time) || knightswatch || 1/1 chapter || 9683 words || m+ || this fic absolutely blew me away!!! i loved every bit of it and yahaba’s trying his best okay ,,, its super sweet and AAAAAh,,,, i love

and now we get to my own fics because im ridiculous

maybe || fortyfiveangrycats || 1/1 chapter || 7100 words || t+ || yahaba and kyoutani meet when they’re thirteen, and the fic follows the course of ten years as they fall in love,,, its sickeningly fluffy and i had a lot of fun and support writing this fic!!! it’s definitely the work i’m most proud of and i’m glad to share it with fellow kyouhaba shippers!!

putting the dog to sleep || fortyfiveangrycats || 1/1 chapter || 1756 words || t+ || yahaba and kyoutani regret their decisions of coming to team sleepovers when theyre tossed into a closet together for seven minutes, and decide to tease their teammates a bit!! it gets remotely fluffier tho tbh bUt its very gay and i wrote the plot at 3am so i apologize for this fic being a Complete Train Wreck™

SO YEAH!!!! thats my kyouhaba fic rec i hope u all like these fics because theyre AMAZING and deserve all of the love and attention in the world!! thank u!!!

My copy of Daisy Goodwin’s “Victoria” novel came in the mail today!!! :D So excited to read it as I love the show and being a Vicbourne shipper.  Also, I’m currently working on my first Vicbourne fic and it’s a multi-chapter one!!! :D I’ve written mostly one-shot fics (besides my original self-published novels) recently but I got the idea to do a modern-day teachers AU which will also include some other characters from the show/real life and a couple new ones to fit the story I want to tell. :) So it’s nice writing a multi-chapter fic, which I haven’t done since LOST stopped airing 10 years ago. Should have the first chapter up in the next couple days. :D 

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Yup, the Star Wars one! And I've never even watched Star Wars!! I love love all her fics. She characterises Hollstein so well. The sexual tension is killing me in this new one. The end of the last chapter was 🔥. There's another Space AU that I remember reading that was so good as well. Right now, the only other fic I can't wait for a new chapter is The Reigning Monarch

Me too, and the author writes Hollstein’s banters and flirting so well.  I’m just glad they actually managed to finish one fanfic LMAO (Chasing Ghosts).  I also love The Reigning Monarch XD

If you want, I can recommended the fanfics I’m super excited to read or enjoyed recently d:

Babe and the Ficlets: Youth (Part 1)

Originally posted by poorbeautifuldean

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, Jody, Donna, Charlie

Word Count: 3012

Summary:  Dean Winchester, guitarist, lead singer, and most recently smitten with the new, elusive AV tech.  

Warnings: Mentions of drug use, Swearing

A/N: Hey guys!  I’m so nervous excited to bring you this series.  I’ve been working on it for ages.  I was pretty inspired by the band Daughter, so each chapter will be heavily influenced by a different song.  This chapter’s song is Youth.  There’s a saying: ‘If you’ve met one person with Asperger’s, you’ve met one person with Asperger’s.“  It is after all Autism Spectrum Disorder.  People exist all across the spectrum.  So, while I wrote some of my own experiences into this story, it is by no means a complete or definitive encapsulation of ASD.  And while you might not be able to relate to everything in this story, I still urge you to embrace your own vulnerabilities while reading.

Special thanks to my love @the-winchesters-beta, for kicking my butt and making me post things and for all her awesome words of support.

“God, damn it! Fucking piece of shit thing!” Dean swore, kicking at his amps. He played another riff, then bent to look at the source of his trouble.  This was the last thing he needed right now.  

“The feed is wrong,” came a soft, flat voice from the edge of the stage.  He looked up at the woman standing in front of him.  He fumed.  He was so sick and tired of groupies thinking they knew more than him about his own business.  She pointed to the amp and began explaining the problem.

“Here, let me,” she offered. She pulled the mess of cords she had slung over her shoulder onto the stage, wedging the gaff tape between her teeth.  She swung a leg over the edge of the stage and hauled herself up with small grunt.

Dean suddenly realized she might not be just a groupie.  Without waiting for him, she turned off the power, unplugged the amp, disconnected the input and took off the back panel.  Suddenly there were wires everywhere.

“What are you-,” he protested as she checked the wiring.  

“What did you do to this baby,” she muttered, pulling a Swiss Army knife from her back pocket, switching it open to wire strippers.  Dean was annoyed.

“If you break my equipment,” he warned.

“Break?  You’re lucky you weren’t electrocuted.”  He peered over her shoulder, watching her reconnect a bad wiring.  He suddenly realized she wasn’t challenging him, or testing his knowledge.  She was just fixing his amp.

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This took far too long to write and it isn’t even that exciting of a chapter. However it does introduce some interesting aspects for the story which I’m excited about. Hooray for Hawkeye! Apologies to @meganlpie, @animefreak808, and @doctor13th for taking so long with this. Coursework levels have shot up recently. In the meantime, enjoy!

Prompt:  Part 5 was really good! I was so glad Steve came in when he did.


I can’t believe I just heard about part 5! Loved it, I’m very interesting to see what’s going to happen next. Loki’s in deep shit…

Stolen (Part 6)

Part 5

The Avengers Tower looked like a train wreck. There was construction equipment and scaffolding everywhere. Windows were blown out, things were falling off everywhere, and, every now and then, sparks would fly off of the side.
“You live here?” You asked as Steve helped you clamber off of his motorcycle. You were dressed in what you’d woken up in – sweats and an oversized shirt.

He chuckled.
“No, I don’t live here but you will. It’s safe here.”
“That’s… but I thought I was going to stay with you.”
“I’ll be around. I told you I was going to help you, didn’t I? I just won’t be the only one.” He smiled and took your hand, leading you inside.

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The Old School Friend Fanfic Part One

~So this is the first Part of my PhilxReader Fanfic. Like the Dan one it starts really innocent to set the Scene. I hope you enjoy it and I see you again for the second Part~

You are awake long before your alarm rings or the sun even creeps through your curtains. You just recently moved to London and this is you first free day. You planned this day weeks ago and are more than excited it finally came. You jump out of bed and take a quick shower, before picking out a cute outfit. You just finished having breakfast, when your phone rings. It is your best friend and colleague. You wanted to spend the day with her at the London Zoo and already bought tickets, but as you pick up your phone you immediately realise it is not going to happen. Her voice sounds extremely husky and you can hear that her nose is clogged. “Y/N? I´m so sorry, I´m afraid I have to cancel our plan for today. My alarm just woke me up and I think I´m actually going to die.” She says dramatically. You try to hide your disappointment. “Oh, honey. It´s ok, just stay in bed and make yourself a hot tea and read a nice book. We can go another time.” You say trying to sound cheerful. “No, no. You should still go. We already bought the tickets and it would be a shame if you didn´t go. Have a nice day and make a lot of photos. Or even better…videos! You can record yourself and tell all of your weird animal facts and when I´m better we can watch the video together. Please go.”

Two hours later you´re walking through London Zoo. Amazed you walk around, almost forgetting you promised your friend to film. As it is a weekday and still pretty cold, the Zoo is empty and quiet, which you enjoy. You enter the reptiles and amphibians house and film yourself pointing at different snakes while giving questionable facts about them. You are completely alone in there and get quiet playful while filming. You end up in front of a glass and read the sign next to it. “Ok, so this is the world famous skink.” You giggle holding the camera to film the small lizard behind the glass. “Aaaand…well…oh god, I think I´m out of weird animal facts.” You admit.

“Well, skinks can shed their tails if they are attacked by a predator.” You jump, surprised by the sudden voice next to you. You turn around to find a tall pale boy standing next to you. He gives you an insecure smile, that you find really cute and you are caught by his bright blue eyes. You take a few moments before you recognize him. “Phil?” You ask even more surprised than before. “It´s me, Y/N.” you add after you see his confused look. A smile brightens his face as he recognizes you too. “Oh my god, Y/N, that´s crazy. It´s been years! How are you?” he replies sounding really happy. You give him a tight hug and tell him, that your fine and you recently moved to London. You never imagined you would meet Phil here today. You went to school together but lost contact after graduating and now he completely unexpected appears inside the reptile house. You can´t help but regocnize how handsome he looks. You end your little small talk and Phil unsure what to do next stands in front of you, looking slightly uncertain and putting his thumbs inside the pocket of his jeans while twisting his hands. You recognize the gesture, it´s an old habit he already used to do in school. You always liked Phil, maybe even more than you´d like to admit and are really happy to see him again, so you spontaneously decide to spend the rest of the day with him. You take a few steps backwards not breaking eye contact with him until you reach the next animal. “Well, Phil” you say smiling “what interesting fact can you give me about the…” you take a quick look at the sign, before looking back into his beautiful blue eyes “about the fire salamander?” He gives you another cute smile and immediately catches your hint. He walks over to you to look at the small salamander behind the glass. “Well, Y/N, they are actually half made of fire.” He says trying to sound serious. You start laughing brightly. “That´s not true.” You manage to press out in-between your laughs. He joins your laughter and you find yourself thinking that it is the sweetest thing you ever heard.

In unspoken agreement you continue your day at the Zoo together, telling each other weird and false animal facts, joking around and catching up on each other’s life. You really enjoy his company. Talking with him is easy as you seem to naturally click. You are really impressed by all the things he achieved in his life and you can clearly see how happy he is, but can´t help and wonder why he came to the Zoo alone.

“Phil, I don´t want to offend you, but why are you here alone today? What about that Dan guy you are living with?” you ask after a few moments of silence between the two of you.

“I actually enjoy coming here by myself. I just love looking at the animals. It helps me relax and forget the real world for a bit.” He explains. “But what about you? Why didn´t your boyfriend come with you?” You let out a little giggle. Did he actually just smoothly asked you if you have a boyfriend? “Well, if I had a boyfriend, he surely would have joined me, but no. I wanted to go with my best friend, but she got really sick overnight and since we already had the tickets I went alone.” You say still smiling about his smooth move.

“I´m sorry about that, but, hey, on the bright side, we met again after all those years, which I think is really cool.” He admits, sounding quiet cheerful. He gives you a cute little side smirk and you involuntarily smile back. You go and look at the tigers and the gorillas and decide to watch the Bird Show together. It is really impressive seeing all these huge birds flying around, but as one of the eagles flies right over your head, you jump and squeak frightened. Phil protectively puts an arm around you, asking if you are ok. You nod and realize that you definitely don´t mind Phil holding you close to him. You try to focus on the rest of the show, but the feel of Phil´s hand lying on your back, slightly pulling you close to him, makes it kind of heart. You can feel your heart start racing and your skin gets really warm. You try to calm down to avoid starting to blush. Faster than you want, the show comes to an end and Phil removes his arm from your side. You continue your way through the Zoo, trying to avoid the inevitable end of your day together, but in the end you find yourself back at the entrance. You awkwardly walk through the exit and stand on the street to say goodbye. Phil puts his thumbs in his pockets again and he quickly mumble something that you can´t understand.

 “Sorry, I didn´t quite catch that.” You apologetically say and smile at him to encourage him.

“I was just wondering, if…you know…so there is this really good café not far from here and I was wondering if you wanted to grab a coffee. Only you want and have time.” He stutters, fiddling his black hair. Your smile gets brighter with every word and you agree, happy that he seemingly enjoys spending time with you. He smiles back at you obviously relieved you quickly agreed to his idea. Still a little insecure he points in the direction you need to go and you follow his lead. You silently walk next to each other, both smiling about the kind of weird situation. When you reach the café Phil holds the door open for you shyly smiling at you and you both chose a seat in the back of the café. The time runs and the sun slowly fads as you sit for hours talking, joking around and relieving old school memories. You don´t want to leave, but just stay and keep on talking to Phil and watch him laugh about your jokes and stories. You´ve never seen something as beautiful as his blue eyes when they light up while he is laughing or his cute dorky smile. But it is getting quite late and you have no other choice. Phil offers to walk you to the station and you gladly take it, feeling a lot safer walking through the dark with him by your side. As you walk past a group of seemingly tipsy guys, he grabs your hand and pulls you closer to him. You can feel your heart racing again and your cheeks start to feel hot. You know that you probably blushed and are grateful for the darkness to cover it. He continues walking not letting go of your hand and you are not going to complain. His hand is warm and soft and you can feel his fingers unobtrusively trying to caress the palm of your hand. You feel a wave of disappointment when he lets go of your hand as you reach the station. You say your goodbyes, protracting the moment, when Phil takes a step forward and kisses you. It´s a sweet, short and innocent kiss, leaving you yearning for more. He takes a step back and looks at you. His cute insecure smile from this morning is back and you again find yourself getting caught in his blue eyes, which are glowing in the light of a street lamp. You smile back at him, take his and whisper “I would really like to see you again.”

He lets your fingers slide between his. “I would like that too.” He whispers even quieter than you, now smiling more confident. You stand a few seconds in silence, enjoying the feeling of your intertwined fingers and the sweet feeling his lips left on yours.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo star Lee Joon Gi receives surprise gift from fans

South Korean actor Lee Joon Gi, who is popularly known for his role as Prince Wang Soo a.k.a Gwangjong in SBS historical drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, recently received a surprise gift from his fans across the globe.

Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo star Lee Joon-gi to hold fan meeting: When and where to meet Wang So 

More from IBTimes India: Jack Wilshere’s future in doubt as Bournemouth unlikely to buy him and Arsenal not guaranteeing first team football

The followers of the My Girl star were really excited about his Hollywood debut through Milla Jovovich starrer science fiction film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. They decided to congratulate him in a special way.

The admirers of the 34-year-old actor took out an entire page of the popular entertainment magazine The Hollywood Reporter and posted an advertisement that appeared in 18 editions of the publication, including Italy, Brazil, Australia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, USA, Philippines and Romania. 

More from IBTimes India: India vs Bangladesh highlights: Watch all the sixes and fours as Kohli and Vijay strike wonderful centuries

The full page advertisement, which is titled Commanding Evil In A Special Appearance Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, read: “Congratulations on all your success this far and we hope your first American movie role will take your career even further. We are proud to be your fans.”

Lee Joon Gi fans even reserved a private screening room to support the actor. According to one of his Singaporean admirers named Goh, the idea to publish a full page advertisement congratulating the actor came up from another Singaporean follower.

“We are so excited for Lee Jun Ki, but also want to let this AD be a shining moment for him,” Goh added, according to Korean media outlet Soompi.

Meanwhile, the followers of the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo star are also looking forward to his role in the Korean adaption of popular American crime thriller series Criminal Minds. He is currently in talks with the creators of the television drama and his agency Namoo Actors revealed the actor is looking forward to the project. 

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anonymous asked:

I like your chapter status, so that people don't need to ask you every now and then bout your summary release. it actually makes me more excited just by looking at the percentage countdown lol! btw, is it okay to share your summaries on fb, I mean via direct link?

I’m glad you like this new feature ^^ I was late in thinking about it, especially since it’s something I was already doing on my main scanlation website. I guess it only clicked recently that this tumblr has become some sort of scanlation site as well.
I’ll try to keep the indicators updated regularly. Can’t promise I won’t forget from time to time though ^^;

As for the summaries/translations, yes you’re welcome to link to them from other social networks ;-) It’s reposting contents without giving the source that I’d rather avoid.

athenasdragon replied to your post “I’ve been reading hsg since I found it and it was on chapter 5 and…”

!! !!!!!!! !!! this is literally the best thing?? ace representation in my FAVORITE fic??????? oh my god if it’s who I think it is I will CRY


honestly up until recently I was going to do something really obvious then I decided to throw a curveball so yEAH IDK BUT I’M GLAD YOU’RE EXCITED

In case you missed all my writing drama from the past week, I was stuck and then I got unstuck and not to get anyone hyped prematurely but…


so basically the story had two major locations, and I was happy with the first few chapters but didn’t have a good direction for the middle. Then I thought “what if I just smush the two cities into one big city?” and immediately all the little story bits started connecting together and the middle of my story appeared (or at least way more than there was before).

So yeah! woo

I also wanted to mention that I recently discovered that the nickname Protea (the nickname I chose at random based on a picture of a flower that happened to be on my desktop at the time) has almost…eerie parallels to my story. I had no idea Proteus was a sea god!

“Proteus is the god of “elusive sea change”, which suggests the constantly changing nature of the sea or the liquid quality of water in general.”

I’ve gotten kinda used to calling my story Protea, so I’m thinking of figuring out a way to integrate it into the final comic title. hmmm

Ok, I promise I’ll post more art soon

Urie Kuki and Strength

in chapter 37, we found out that Urie has been pushing his body to extreme lengths so that he can gain more power

and just recently we saw that he’s still at it

In the volume 6 character bios, we see that Urie has evidently reached the level he was hoping to attain.

(My body is now complete/accomplished…) –translated by @makyun (x)

I have no idea what it’s going to be like, but both in the calendar and in the newest omake we’ve seen Urie go into a sort of “Hulk” mode

I’m definitely excited/worried to see Urie use his new strength!

When I was in Japan, I was chatting (well, as much as I can speak Japanese and as much as she could speak English, which was all limited) with my host’s friend about anime and manga, and I was ecstatic to hear that she reads Kuroshitsuji too. When I brought up the subject, her eyes lit up and she said, “Oh, Tanaka-san, Tanaka-san is very good now!”

It took me a minute to figure out why she was so excited about Tanaka-san, but I finally realized that the most recent chapter she had read was chapter 100, in which Tanaka-san has his epic katana moment. At the time I figured that was the only thing that made her excited about Tanaka-san (because let’s face it, he’s not the most exciting character in the series), but since then I’ve had another idea:

I wonder if Japanese readers are even more into Tanaka-san than English-speaking readers, because he’s the only Japanese character in the story?

I admit I’ve never felt any particular connection to Bard, the only American in the story, but maybe other Americans do. Maybe Chinese readers feel a particular connection to Mey Rin? Maybe including servants from the three huge manga-consuming countries is intentional, just for that reason?

I have some exciting news to share with you @taylorswift… I recently started the next chapter in my professional career as the Assistant Vice President of Admissions & Financial Aid at a top ranked college!

I’m so excited to share this news with you, you’ve always been so supportive of my career and an inspiration to chase my dreams, thank you! I’ll make you proud…