the rebel gun


Attention! The Captain has arrived. Submit your weapons for inspection. 

Complete Phasma for Dragoncon 2017, which we will have running around with a medieval Kylo Ren and a team of Sith Lords. Constructed completely from leather, which we hand-tooled, baked to shape, and riveted into place. Combine this with blood, sweat, tears, and no respect for your lungs, you have a full suit of medieval Star Wars armor!


“Pow! Pow! POW!”
Altean Lance is coming to steal yo’ quintessence

anonymous asked:

hi can u pls draw ezra with metal limbs? there was this rp blog I really liked where ezra lost his arm and leg I can’t remember the url besides it was something about a blueberry

Maybe it had to do with that Winter Soldier AU that was really popular a while ago? I was super busy with school at the time so I dont know a lot but I think it was called the Winter Blueberry AU, i dont know the rp blog though..

Also, now that we’re talking metal prosthetics, for your consideration, GUN ARM


Star Wars Ladies from Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide

                  ~*Stanford Pines: The Violet Knight*~