the rebel child

It’s not a coincidence that most girls had a tomboy phase or a “I’m not like other girls phase” but eventually all “grow out” of it. It’s easier to reject norms as a kid but when you’re older and start seeing the effects gnc women face, you switch up real quick. You’re no longer the rebel child, you’re just the girl that could be soooo pretty if you just wore a dress and did your hair. You’re no longer a free spirit, you’re the, are you ever gonna get a boyfriend. You’re no longer the tough child that speaks her mind, you’re when is she gonna learn her place, she’ll never marry with that attitude, that shit ain’t cute. Growing up most girls resented the bullshit we had to put up with, we were fed up with the double standard. We wore comfortable clothes we liked, we hated being asked about boys, we questioned what we were fed. But eventually it wears you down, you grow up, insecurity fills you up, you start thinking something really is wrong with you, you suddenly like make up, or dresses, and you just think it was a part of eventually growing up, you don’t think about how much of yourself got stripped away to make room for the new super feminine version.

“I’ve got you.”

The first time Kanan says it it’s quick, almost casual in diction, said hastily as he hangs onto Ezra’s ankle.

“I gotcha!  I gotcha!”

The second time he says it it’s deadly serious, with an undercurrent of despair and frustration as, sightless, he pulls Ezra back from the strong Force Pull of Darth Vader.

“Kanan, it’s him!”

“I know… I’ve got you!“

The third time he shouts it over the wind, reaching into the void and telling his padawan to trust him.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you!”

And in each instance, the symbolism is very deliberate.  (And brilliant, quite frankly.)

Iteration #1:  Ezra is dangling over a precipice, in danger of falling into the abyss, as Inquisitors close in.  Kanan’s secure grip is the one thing preventing his fall, and Ezra calls frantically for him as he’s sent flying over the edge.

Iteration #2: Ezra is the rope in an unholy tug of war, refusing to let go of the Sith holocron even as Vader tries to wrench it out of his grip.  Ezra resists, his feet scrabbling for purchase, shouting rapidfire “No!”s, but the pull is too strong, and not even Kanan can stop him from being slowly dragged towards the Darksider.

Iteration #3: Ezra is falling into a dark, violent storm, clinging to the station as it goes down.  Suddenly, hope against hope, there’s Kanan, bathed in light and reaching out for him, calling him back.  Ezra cries out that he can’t be saved, the distance is too far, he won’t be able to reach, even as he frantically tries to stretch out his hand anyway.  But Kanan tells him to let go instead.  And Ezra does.  He places his trust in his Master, lets go of the falling station, and lets the rushing wind carry him within Kanan’s reach.  And Kanan grabs on tightly and pulls him back inside to safety.

The arc words and how they’re used paint an absolutely beautiful picture of Kanan and Ezra’s relationship.  Kanan is the guardian, the guiding beacon who will always protect Ezra, always pull him from the brink, always come for him no matter how far he falls.  As long as Kanan’s around, Ezra is in no danger of turning out poorly–like Sabine he’s been “raised right”–and he’s still absorbing Kanan’s lessons and influence, leaning about “how to be a good person” every day he’s with Kanan.

The two have such a wonderful father-son bond.  It might be too early to say, but I think–and hope!–that “I’ve got you.” makes one more appearance before the end of the series.

And knowing this show it’ll probably emotionally destroy me even more than the other three times.

anonymous asked:

That drawing you did with sparkly miko... what if in that she has superpowers?

oh haha that would be rad. In my opinion, if i was going to give her any mystical change i’d make her cybertronian because frankly? she’d be a badass wrecker.

I was sold by the idea when she was fighing with bulkhead and wheeljack, it just fits i love it so much

theres a 98.3% chance that ill make a detailed design of miko as a giant space robot rn