the reason why we watch anime

Daily #1,625! This is why I generally don’t watch TV. Once you start, you can’t stop!

(And since I know someone will ask, I watched Adam Ruins Everything and we finished Castlevania.) 

To all anime lovers

So I know that many people already know this, but if you are new to anime, or if you have been living under a rock, then let me introduce you to this magical LEGAL site called

I have seen waaaaay too many people watching anime on illegal sites like kisscartoon but when I tell them about this site, they always make the excuse that they don’t have an account. 

first of all




Show support for your favorite anime by watching it on crunchyroll. The reason why so many animes don’t get second seasons or have to end early is because they don’t get enough of an audience and they don’t receive any profit. How can we fix this? WATCH IT LEGALLY!!!

here are some animes that you can stream RIGHT NOW on crunchyroll:

these are only some of the HUNDREDS of anime that you can watch FOR FREE

Wanna watch it in DUB? THEY HAVE THAT TOO!!!! 

Here’s some of the anime that you can watch in both sub and dub:

this has been a p.s.a

side note: I was not paid/endorsed/etc by anyone to do this. I just did this to show support to anime and to make people stop living under rocks

edit: So I know there’s adds, and that can be a pain but lets face it, without adds, how the hell are they gonna pay animators? How are they going to continue to produce the content that we love so much? Would you rather have to sit through an add or have an anime cancelled due to lack of budget?

Funny Boruto Complaints

1.OMG NARUTO is god why didn’t he destroy the nue and Kakashi is a former Hokage wtf! BUT THEY FOUGHT MADARA!!(drooling)

-Me: 13 episodes in and you idiots still don’t get that this show is called BORUTO. There’s a whole opening sequence with little kids and a big ass title that reads BORUTO. I know Naruto and the others are in the show and thats just dandy but they can’t god mode every situation so, maybe you should go back to watching Shippuden? Or watch one punch, fights that are easy seem to get people happy. 

2. OMG SUMIRE said she wants revenge! Omg she’s copying Sasuke!

-Me: I never knew revenge was reserved for one character or one person. I didn’t know that daughters couldn’t try to avenge their fathers. That’s a total Sasuke thing to do and nobody else deserves to feel like they have a need for revenge. -_- stfu please. You’re just complaining for fun. 

3. OMG why didn’t Boruto let Mitsuki kill Sumire. 

-Me: Hey guys not only does Boruto sound like Naruto. IF you were a fan of Naruto you would know they have similar personalities. I’m pretty sure neither protagonist would allow their friends to die. Yeah we get you’re just itching for a darker turn of events but maybe you’ve just been watching the wrong Anime. Go watch Akame-ga-kill. 


-Me: How about you go crack open some Gaiden and read up on that and watch the war episodes in Shipuden. 

The comparisons and the insults are so stupid, you’re just looking for a reason to badmouth the show and guess what there are 13 episodes and another one on Wednesday so just sit back and keep complaining.  We loving the shade and the salt. 


This some manga & anime that I read and watch.

-“You can’t pick up water once it’s spilled. So handle it carefully.” -HaruYoshida

-“Insulting someone might make you feel like you’re better than them…but you’re absolutely wrong!” - FutabaYoshioka

-“Love, passion, why do we get caught up by such troublesome feelings? The mind couldn’t ever get things straight, and you lose control to know what is sensible. Deep down it’s all so vexing.” - Usui Takumi 

-“No we aren’t dating, but she does belong to me. It gets me mad when you hurt her for no reason.”- Kyouya Sata 

-“I like you. I want to become the most important person to you, calling you without a reason, texting you, sharing a cake, and me ending up eating a lot, but you just laughing about it and forgiving me… holding hands without needing to say anything, like it’s the most natural thing in the world, that’s how I want us to be.”- Ninako Kinoshita


-“The thing you wished for the most, is something you’ll never get”- Taiga 

-“Memory can be created with patience.” - Shuusei 

-“I wanted to tell you that… Wherever you may end up in this world, I will be searching for you.” - Taki Tachibana 

-“You don’t have to think of anything else. You don’t have to be in pain.”-Kosuke Hiromitsu

-“Like, you may hate someone today, but you might come to love that person tomorrow.” - Irie Naoki 

Seraph Sorey is still possible

So, I was also upset at the fact that Sorey came back as a human. Not gonna lie, it really dampened the seemingly beautiful Sormik ending we got.

But then I went back and watched the episode again.


Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but to me, those lines were put there for a reason. Sorey may not be a seraph right now, but that does not mean he cannot become one at some later point in time.

Sorey becoming a seraph is so, so, so important to the happy ending we all want (and the happy ending that he and Mikleo deserve). So while this isn’t necessary a 100% confirmation, I’ll take it.

(Yes, I know that at this point the anime is basically a canon-divergent AU of its own, but why not let them have their happily-forever-after in this adaptation as well?)

What, another book review already?  Yes, because there were actually two new Yuri!!! on Ice books that came out this week!  This time, I’m reviewing Yuri!!! on ICE Koushiki Guidebook Yuri!!! on Life (Yuri!!! on ICE Official Guidebook Yuri!!! on Life), published by Fusosha.  This book focuses on the figure skating aspect of the show, and there’s some stuff about real skaters as well.  So if you’re a fan of the anime and also a skating enthusiast, this one’s for you! (If you’re looking for the other book instead, you can read my review of Yuri!!! on ICE Official Fanbook GO YURI GO!!! in my previous post.)

This book is not available in English or French, but there are plenty of pictures (mostly full color, and there are a few black-and-white sketches as well).  The dust jacket is also removable, and the alternate cover art hidden underneath is similar to the image on the jacket, except it’s zoomed out and the three characters are spaced a bit farther apart so you can see their individual poses better.  As for skaters other than the three main characters, don’t worry, they’re in this book as well, so you can enjoy their style… JJ Style!  And Emil style, and Michele style, and so on:

Keep reading for the rest of the book review, plus a few more pictures! 

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Why Mika is still my favorite in these past chapters of OnS

Some people say bad things about Mika and question many fans about why we kept ‘praising’ him or something in the recent chapters of OnS. Many think we like him and hate Guren simply because we’re ‘Mika fangirls/boys’ and he only thinks about Yuu yadda yadda.

But that’s exactly my reason.

Look, Mika hates vampires for killing his family and turning him into one of them without consent. He hates humans because they’ve experimented on him and the other orphans and seems they still does so to Yuu when he was with them after the escape 4 years ago. And to those who had only watched the anime, they didn’t animate the flashback wherein Mika had been on a mission to one of the experimenting facilities and saw another kid whose part seraph. The kid even asked Mika to kill them. He saw something like that so why do you think he’s worried about Yuu? He also hates himself for being a ‘monster’.

All he cares about now is Yuu’s happiness and safety.

So if he only cares about Yuu and is losing his humanity, won’t that mean he should be the 1st one to agree with Yuu on the whole ‘Revive the kids and risk another apocalypse’ plan?

I mean if it fails and what happens 8 years ago happens again, the ones who will die are adults - many of which might be from the JIDA who did the experiments. Plus since Mika apparently only cares about Yuu, the kids being alive again would make Yuu happy and they’d get their family back - the only ones that are supposed to matter.

But no. Mika, in a group filled with mostly humans is the only one who thinks it’s a bad idea and it might kill off what’s left of humanity.

Yeah, the one who said it is the same guy who claims to hate everything (even himself) except Yuu and wouldn’t care about others. He, against the idea of humans he’s with. The humans who should care a lot more about the fate of the rest of humanity.

You know, I would’ve liked to support Yuu and the whole revival thing, believe me but the way it happened made me say ‘no’. If they had clues or a plan (no matter how crazy) to how they’re gonna do the ritual again, I might have thought there’s hope. Sadly, after hearing the story from Ferid and thinking about it a little they just thought of doing it again. Without an alternate plan and just thinking ‘Hey, it might be different this time!’ like playing russian roulette with people’s future. (I know about the books in the basement but them planning it happened before they saw those things). Yuu even said something along the lines of being willing to risk it for what he cares about. Far cry from the kind Yuu we were introduced to at the beginning of the series. And don’t say something like, Yuu is now part demon and stuff. He might have an excuse, his friends don’t.

So who else to believe in right now but Mika? Sadly, Kagami is making the poor boy suffer… again.

Play On || 6

So, you agreed to date Jungkook as a consequence for losing a bet with Jimin. It’s just for a week, anyway. It’s nothing serious… right?

 Word Count: 4.9k

Main Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: fluff ; fake dating au ; college au

A/N: Aghh sorry this took a while! Term break is ending oml save me. The ending might make you guys hate me a lot more lol, I’ll write the next part asap hahaha, but hope u guys enjoy whatever this is 😂

“Why did you suddenly ask if we wanted to go to the amusement park when we’d just gone there last term break?” You asked Yanna, who was sitting on the passenger seat of Taehyung’s car.

“Bruh, we were watching anime and she got bored of it somehow. I didn’t even realise she used my phone to message you guys.” Taehyung replied for Yanna. She was shaking her head at his answer, her long hair swinging around her in disagreement.

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I just realized something. The reason why I feel that I’ll probably be able to handle the generally angry and very hot headed blond, or what you guys probably know well as Kacchan.

He’s literally my brother minus the swear words

Like, all the explosive tendencies and anger and just. The general demeanor?? He just reminds me of him?? How can I not realize like he’s my closest sibling and we watch anime together all the time including bnha???

And then this idea struck me. Whoop.

Warning for swear words because Kacchan’s foul, foul mouth.

The boys as a brother to their sister

Izuku is the best older brother who’s attentive to your needs, and he’s probably going to spoil you rotten because you and your mom are his only family and he treasures the two of you so much.

“[f/name]-chan, I bought your favorite snacks! Oh, and I saw these on sale today, I remember you saying you wanted them, see this?”

As a younger brother, Izuku looks up to you and you’re literally the second after All Might in his top hero list whether you’re a hero or not, and this admiration means that he will mostly consult you about his problems because he usually will feel better afterwards.

“Nee-san, are you asleep? Can I come in? Um, you see… Lately at school…..”

Katsuki is the worst older brother in a sense that he isn’t doting or even showing that he cares about you in the slightest, but when he sees you crying he’s going to find the fucker who made you cry and make them cry blood. 

“Oy, [f/name]! Where the fuck’s my shirt?!! I know you’re wearing them again, god damn it, learn to wear your own shirt, you shitface!”
(Naturally, his mother smacks him after hearing this because that’s no way to speak to your younger sister)

As your little brother who has tendencies to try and one-up you, Katsuki could be a lot to handle, and it’s as if he’s so intent to make everything a competition; from sparring matches to who can brush teeth faster, there’s gotta be a winner and a loser in the end.

“What the fuck, Aneki!? That’s MY pudding! Hah?! Why the hell should I put my name on it, this ain’t some shitty dorm! Damn it, you bitch, you wont get away with this!!”

I feel like Shouto is going to turn up as a rather protective older brother (especially if your quirk turns out to be similar to him), he tries to minimise contact between you and his dad, takes it upon himself to teach you to fight, and basically mothers you over your wellbeing. 

“I told you to dry your hair properly before getting to bed, [f/name]. I told you…. *sigh* …. Stay on your bed, I’ll call in sick for you.”

Having Shouto as a younger brother is going to make you want to spoil him because he’s been through too much and no one deserves that as a child, and you become his second mother figure he can depend and trust on.

“[f/name] nee-san, you’re pampering me again…. Huh? …. It’s not like I don’t enjoy it – okay, now you’re choking me, seriously – stop.”


Fumikage as your older brother: “Don’t be afraid to be different, [f/name]. We’re unique, and it’s not a bad thing.”

Fumikage as your younger brother: “Nee-san, I need your honest opinion on this. Which color suits the curtain better, charcoal or outer space?”

Denki as your older brother: “Oh man, that was some amazing action, don’t you think? Where do you think we should go n– HOLY SHIT [F/NAME] OUR FAVORITE BAND IS PERFORMING WE GOT TO SEE THIS OPEN UP YOUR SAVINGS”

Denki as your younger brother: “[f/name], my dearest, most beautiful, patient and forgiving sister of mine, I, uh, I… ate your cake by accident. Please forgive me with that kind heart of yoOOOOWCH THAT HURTS NEE-SAMA I’M SO SORRY I WAS WRONG”

Eijirou as your older brother: “Come on, [f/name], if he makes you cry, he doesn’t deserve it! I can introduce you to my friends, they’re manly men and they’ll make you happy for sure, not like that jerk… What’s his name and address again by the way?”

Eijirou as your younger brother: ”[f/name] holy shit you’re not gonna believe how amazing All Might looks like in person– I could barely breathe– there’s so much amazing people in the class– we got pro heroes teaching us– Oh man, this is gonna be long, let me fetch some snacks!“

2017 Spring Anime

Alice to Zoroku - “Finally after saving the world, Snake lives out his final days as a florist but suddenly, a loli with magical powers appears before him! Will Snake be able to complete one final mission? Become the caretaker of this magical loli while an evil organization seeks for them?! (OK I’m only making this joke because Zoroku and Snake share the same voice actor)”

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni - “Watch as Saitama in this show is no longer known as the “One Punch Man” but the “One Thrust Man” (aside from that meme, this is a short Hentai series meant for chicks)”

Frame Arms Girls - “All the panty shots in this show are totally unnecessary (like seriously, black striped panties? ugh…)”

iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS Theater - “We can now know the reason why Miura is on hiatus again. (Million Live! Anime when?)”

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records - “Simply known as another “Magic School Anime” to many but this new “Magic School Anime” has the greatest school outfits I have ever seen in Anime (even though they kinda look like stripper outfits but hey, EXPOSED BELLIES!)”

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - “This is another fujobait Anime isn’t it? Well, goddamn the princes in this show are beautiful (no homo, well a bit)”

Sakura Quest - “Watch as P.A. Works attempt to create a spiritual successor to their highly acclaimed Anime, Shirobako! (With Yoshino I’m pretty sure they’re going to achieve that.)’

Sagrada Reset - “The same studio who brought you Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in it’s highly acclaimed animated form, bring you a slow as heck original series with a deadpan MC.”

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism - “The “trashy harem Anime” of this season, but this time with decent looking girls wielding weapons and men forced to become drag queens.”

Saekano S2 - “Watch as many Utaha fanboys cry when they witness who Aki picks in the end *cough cough* it’s Best Girl *cough cough*”

Tsuki ga Kirei - “Be prepared to witness a romance Anime that’s even more cheesy than a Sonic song. Basically two middle school kids falling in love.”

Tsugumomo - “I think this series would have gotten better reception if it aired back in 2006, goddammit I can’t stop remembering Satania when hearing Kiriha.”

Renai Boukun - “Watch as a bunch of high school kids and a cupid create many obscene romances by making others kiss with the “Kiss Note.” (Oh damn, don’t tell me the Kiss Note was the cause of the infamous kiss from Sonic 06)”

Clockwork Planet - “Hot robot sucks the finger of a shouta who has a fetish for clocks.”

Hinako Note - “Witness the most moe Anime to come out ever since Gochiusa, also including many “Oh! What a great view!” camera angels “

Twin Angel Break - “Sonic’s a freaking cute magical hedgehog voiced by Rie Kugimiya in this show. (No one is going to watch this eh? RIP)”

Re:Creators - “The most over-hyped Anime of the season, with a staff that can make any Anime fan jizz their pants.”

Eromanga Sensei - “Oreimo dude finally makes a series where I can finally like the little sister but can go to jail for liking.”

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul - “I never watched the 1st series, I only needed to watch this because Morohoshi Sumire is voicing a thirsty AF dragon who we can finally lewd,”

Seikaisuru Kado - “Random CGI alien dude intervenes in Japan’s internal affairs. (why not Canada’s? God dammit.) “

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho - “Skyrim: The Animation” (Seriously, I never thought the Japanese knew about the “arrow to the knee” meme.)”

Sukasuka - “The title of this series is so long also “All the Lolis Shall Die: The Anime”

Fukemaki Noise - “What the heck? All the kids in this show thought Saori Hayami’s Punk/Hardcore vocals were cool? Now of days kids would ask if she was even singing.”

ID.0 - “Honestly I only picked this up cause Hironobu Kageyama sings the ED theme.”

Danmachi: Sword Oratoria - “Witness Danmachi again, this time with more Fatalpulse Amazon girls and Yuri vibes.”

Sin Nanatsu no Taizai - “Too many people mistook this show for a new Nanatsu no Taizai Anime, that’s until they witnessed boobs, butts, lesbians. and hot Anime girl versions of Lucifer and the 7 deadly sins.”

PriPri Chii-chan - “Why am I watching this? Damn, that alien thing and the main girl are cute though.”

Shingeki no Kyojin S2 - “Nope. I told you I’m not watching this even if making gifs for the most over-hyped Anime of all time can give me a 1000+ notes.”

Boruto - Naruto Next Generations - “You expect me to watch a show about Naruto’s son, Burrito, when I never even finished watching his series?”

Idol Time: Pripara - “Is it just me or do many other idols seem to love rice more than Hanayo?”

anonymous asked:

I dated this really cool girl for 2 years and she avoided me for a month by saying she was busy with "school" or just watching anime. She dumped me by saying "Let's break up, I think I like this other girl more than you." After a week she messages me if we could get back together, but I don't know what to do.

Don’t take her back, immediately at least :0c you deserve better than that. I mean 1 week after telling you thats the reason why you broke up ?? Clear your heads first give some time to talk and think about it no rush ✌️

Football Haru is so cool

Just watched Keppeki danshi! Aoyama-kun episode 1 and there are just so many things about it that makes it so cool!
- Football Haru for one
- Kaoru’s personality, which is a mix of Kagami Taiga and Matsuoka Rin’s (tho his appearance reminds me of Sousuke. Well, we can’t have it all)
- The chibis and the nonsense
- The show off guy from Shiratorizawa (jk)
- The veteran seiyuus omg omg (the main reason why I started watching it in the first place)
- Football Oikawa Tooru (tho idk whether he’s gonna be a relevant character)
- The fem coach who reminds me so much of my muse Aida Riko
- The classic sports anime clichés which are so funny
- Did I mention football Haru?

Pif: Wait, that pro-life asshole you were making fun of the other day is called Pro-Life Gakusei?

Me: Right??

Pif: Why does he care, I’ve never even SEEN a pregnant anime character!

Pif: Wait

Pif: No, that’s not true, I have seen one pregnant anime character, but it was in a hentai video

Me: Was she actually pregnant or was it weird inflation porn?

Pif: She laid an egg.

Me: That doesn’t count!

Pif: Yes it does! It hatched into the antichrist!

Me: Wait, so, in this hentai video you watched for some reason - which, by the way, don’t think we’re not going to talk about THAT later - a woman gives birth to an egg which hatches the antichrist? What kind of porn even is that?

Pif: I don’t know, the whole clip started with her giving birth to the egg and ended with the antichrist hatching from the egg and saying something in Japanese that I didn’t understand.

Pif: Anyway, now I have to go call my grandmother, using the same mouth I just used to have this conversation.

Me: I’d feel worse about that if your grandmother wasn’t a terrible person. 

Pif: That’s fair.

anonymous asked:

I'll watch the dub just to see how it goes, but afterwords I probably won't watch it again. The only time I can truly appreciate English dubs are where I had to watch an anime in English because of whatever reason. Like, Thursday I watched "kiss him not me" in English because I was with my younger sister who has dyslexia. (So she wouldn't be able to read English subs in time so we just try to English together.)

SEE this is why dubs are needed! My s/o has a hard time keeping up with subtitles, it’s a completely normal thing, so to see people shit on an english dub after it’s announced kind of irks me. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it!

That’s so great that your sister can enjoy anime with you!!!

anonymous asked:


okay, it’s time for everyone to sit the fuck down because I’m about to rant about something that’s been bothering me for weeks.

So, HAIKYUU!! IS NOT A QUEERBAITING SHOW! and let me tell you why. The whole definition or reasoning of queerbaiting, is the use of implied queer characters or relationships to boost a series popularity. In other words, the series only has these elements for benefit of the producer/author etc. Unfortunately we see this a lot in anime, especially the sports anime genre.

Free! is a PERFECT example of this. Instead of focusing on swimming (the sport the show is supposed to be based upon) they rely heavily on “shipping” and gay relationship elements between the characters for the success of their anime, which, yeah, Free! gained a lot of popularity and fans especially for this reason. Several other anime companies took notice and started using the gay ship formula for their anime, like Prince of Stride. BUT instead of actually having the balls to include queer relationships they only use it as a tool to lure the gay fetishizing (mostly female) fans.

Haikyuu never does this (and it never will). Sure, the haikyuu fandom boasts A LOT of queer ships but here’s the thing. THAT’S THE FANDOM. Unfortunately, i’ve noticed a lot of people in fandom communities having a big issue separating fanon from canon. That’s what problem is. The actual canon series has no instance (and quite honestly I invite anyone to prove otherwise) of queer “flirting” or gay relationship elements only to promptly play a “ no homo” card or “blushies” immediately after. Haikyuu!!’s focus is people playing volleyball and developing as a team as well as individuals, not fanservice flirting that’s all so common with queerbaiting.

Listen, just because you have gay ships does not mean it’s queerbaiting when the producers don’t make your ships canon. LEARN THAT FANON AND CANON ARE TWO DIFFERNT THINGS. For god’s sake if anything it just shows you’re acting entitled to your gay fetishizing headcanons. Stop it. I’ve had enough.

anonymous asked:

Can I get the GOM + Kagami + takao response to their s/o asking them to cosplay a popular couple or ship from a fandom or anime, who would they go as?

I only went with anime/manga I’ve watched/read. -T-chan


Who: Naruto and Hinata from Naruto I’m a huge NaruHina trash

His response: “I didn’t know you like Naruto, [Name]. Perhaps we could cosplay other couples as well?”


Who: Haruhi and Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club kiss kiss fall in love~~

His response: “Cosplay!? You and I are perfect for this role!”


Who:  Misaki and Takumi from Kaicho wa Maid-sama

His response: “Cosplaying is not one of my virtue, but if that is what you like I don’t see a reason why I can’t try.”


Who: Yamato and Mei from Sukitte Ii na yo

His response: “Maybe we really should cosplay as Yamato and Mei, hm?” smug bastard 


Who: Risa and Otani from Lovely Complex

His response: “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? You taller than me? Unless you want me to cosplay as Risa and you Otani.”


Who: Yona and Hak from Akatsuki no Yona yes I ship them so much it hurts

His response: “You can be my Yona if you let me be Hak and protect you.”


Who: Inuyasha and Kagome from Inuyasha

His response: “Why right Inuyasha!? There are so many anime couples and you choose Inuyasha…” such otaku fan himself is2g


Who: Shouta and Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke mybabies

His response: “How did you know I wanted us to cosplay as them for a while!?” very excited to cosplay it

Thoughts About TsubaHono

So during browsing and looking for fanworks for this pairing, I stumbled upon a blog post where someone expressed their dislike about this ship. No hate here, mind you, and the post was rather polite and thoughtful, but it revolved around a single reason: That fans only ship Honoka with Tsubasa because the rest of u’s are paired up with each other already.

This reasoning saddens me a bit. I am a TsubaHono fan, had been one since that short scene in Season 2 Ep. 3. I fell in deep for the pairing (or rather, the potential of the pairing) in Ep. 10. Why? To be honest, I find it hard to pin down why I like them so much. There’s magnetism there and there is definitely respect between the two characters, but I liked them together not because the rest of u’s are supposedly paired up already (at the time, I’m still copping around for a ship I actually like) but because I feel like they share something special, something that Honoka doesn’t necessarily have with her group.

Tsubasa and Honoka are both leaders of their respective groups. They are the driving forces behind A-RISE and u’s respectively, the face of the team, and the spokespersons. Because of this, I imagine that they are both placed on a certain pedestal by their members. u’s claims that it does not have a leader, but they all clearly look to Honoka for decisions and ideas. Eli, for example, asked Honoka many times what must be done. I bet A-RISE is the same, especially now that we know that Tsubasa may also be responsible for song composition. Because of their positions, I feel like these two characters share a bond that they do not have with their teammates. There are things that only a leader knows and understands, and I think this is one of the reasons why Tsubasa sought Honoka out in Ep. 10, aside from asking her what drives u’s to be as good as they are. She hoped that Honoka would understand where she was coming from when they were talking and that there would be no offense taken. Though Honoka was confused and perhaps even overwhelmed, deep down she knew where the questions came from, hence she called Umi later that night for guidance.

After going back and watching the episodes many times, I always smile whenever we are shown instances in which Honoka and Tsubasa watch each other as idols. And here lies yet another reason why this pair is endearing to me. In the anime, Honoka got the idea of forming an idol group because of she saw A-RISE perform. Later on, Tsubasa keeps an eye on u’s, because they are potential rivals. Gradually, they become each other’s idols and end up driving each other forward. A-RISE is already popular, they have all the glamour of being celebrities, and they won the first Love Live! like so many fans thought they would. Yet, in the second event, u’s was there to keep them on their toes. There is a new challenge since u’s is back and better than ever, and A-RISE must somehow try to keep the crown. But instead of being a bad sport, Tsubasa found herself admiring Honoka. It was never stated verbally in the anime, but the looks she gave, the sheer awe in it, spoke volumes. Of course, this could only be because she was impressed by u’s Yume no Tobira performance, but we see that look a few times in other instances, like after they talked by the lake and after Tsubasa saw what Honoka came up with as a catchphrase for u’s. The fondness in her expression for Honoka’s honesty and achievements always makes me smile.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I haven’t seen their interaction there. I heard that Tsubasa had quite the role in the latter half of the movie. I really like how they did that. And I think they did so because Honoka needed someone, another mentor, outside of her group. Umi might have taught her discipline, Eli might taught her how to better herself and overcome adversities, but no one from u’s knows how to deal with the bigger picture. Tsubasa is there to teach and guide Honoka into being more than a School Idol, into being popular. And I’m certain Honoka appreciates this, perhaps she’s even grateful. It’s not everyday that the person you admired for so long would openly support you, especially after you have surpassed her.

I won’t jump the gun here and prattle about romance, because it’s difficult to assume that with characters who have so little screen time together. However, I still find it hard to understand why some people cannot see their potential and simply wave the pairing off as a solution to Honoka being a leftover. I believe that Honoka and Tsubasa see each other as equals, true equals. They’re not each other’s leader, and they are no longer each other’s rival. They have become two people who have gone through the same process of rising from the very bottom and climbing to the very top with their friends in tow. And they did this through sheer will and determination. Romance may blossom, or it may not (though I’m certain Tsubasa is already quite smitten of Honoka’s sunny charm), but they have more chemistry with each other than many of the other possible ships in LL.

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Sorry, but why American want to push Kallura so much even though in the Japanese version they just stay friends? I doubt little American kids that watched the show care about romance and stuff.

I really don’t know if there was an actual reason behind making Kallura canon besides the people behind the company responsible for dubbing the anime shipped it themselves lol. Maybe having a couple sells? Apparently 4kids did the same with Ash and Misty but that’s what a friend told me.

Then again, they had a lot of leeway in adapting the anime into the American version that we’re familiar with, so it was probably a writer who decided to flex their own shipping stuff in those 20 commissioned episodes.