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Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P. 5

Warning: swearing, smut (for real this time), and it’s pretty long

Word count: 2524

A/N: Sorry, sorry, sorry for being gone for 500 years. Writers block that’s my excuse but yeah. So this story just keeps getting added to as I go on, so yeah not really a Pan fic yet, but it will be. I just want to tease him a bit first.

Part 4:


He stays with his face so close to mine and I can’t help but look into his eyes, his stare is to intense to look away from. “And I will get you.” He finally says and I push him away from me. “You’re a feisty one aren’t you.” He says with a smirk as he stumbled back. “You’ll be staying here until I set up a tent for you. It should be done by tomorrow night.” He says making his way to the bed and sitting down, he glances up at me then pats the spot on the opposite side. “Come here.” He orders and I carefully make my way over but don’t sit down and cross my arms. “I don’t bite love, unless you’re into that” he says with a smirk and I roll my eyes but sit down with my back facing him. I feel him move but I don’t turn to face him then I feel a warm hand run up my back and twirl a piece of my hair around his finger. I keep my arms folded over my chest and try not to allow him to have an effect on me. “Lay with me love. I promise no funny business.” He says, I take a deep breath and turn to find him on his back giving me a lazy smile with his eyes hooded. This simple sight makes me forget about my dislike for him and my heart melts when I lay next to him and feel his body warmth instantly take me over. I close my eyes and I feel his fingers brushing hair behind my ear, soothing me. “Have a restful sleep love.” He whispers with his lips pressed to the top of my head and it’s the last thing I hear before I slip under.

I jolt awake the next morning and find myself in an unfamiliar room. I look around and it takes me a moment to remember that I’m in Pan’s treehouse. “Morning.” He says and I look up to find him in a chair facing the bed. “Your place looks different in the light.” I say looking around and admiring the beauty of it. “You like it?” He questions and stands walking towards the bed. I nod and he sits next to me as I sit up, “I’m sorry if I frightened you last night.” He says and looks down. I look up at him but he keeps his eyes from mine, “I’m not exactly sure why I… came on as strong as I did. I guess living for an eternity with only guys… I don’t know… I got kind of carried away. A girl is better than twenty boys after all. And you deserve to be treated with respect, I’ll make sure of that.” He says and finally meets my gaze. After a moment I open my mouth to say something but he shakes his head and gets up walking to the door, “Get up and ready, if you are to stay here you must be properly introduced. You start target practice today.” He says and walks out the door. “Wait!” I call out jumping from bed and running to the door. I run out the door and skid to a stop almost falling to the forest floor. I look down and see Pan already jogging to the camp. I jump from the tree and run after him, when I catch up I pull him back by his shoulder. “Why are you letting me stay? I’m the reason most of your troops are dying.” I say slightly out of breath and worry clear in my voice. “You’re clearly strong, and as you said many of my boys are dying. I need someone who can help protect them while they recover.” He says and starts again towards the camp. I stare after him then shake my head and catch up with him. “Then once they recover you’re going to kill me?” I ask raising an eyebrow at him. “Don’t be ridiculous.” He scoffs and I make a face at him. “As long as you can prove loyalty I’ll let you live here forever.” He says. “Who says I want to live here?” I ask stopping right at the edge of the camp and he looks at me from the corner of his eye. “Well I’m sure you’ll learn to love it, this island has its perks.” He says with a wink and greets the boys.

I think this over in my head for a second, live here forever, I couldn’t possibly. But then I look up and find Felix seated at the table smirking at me. I look at my feet, biting my lip and blush, slightly embarrassed of my actions last night. When I look up again his smirk turns into a full blown grin and I can’t help but smile. I walk towards the table, receiving a few stares, with as much confidence as I have and sit next to Felix. At first there is an awkward silence between us as everyone else laughs and jokes until we look at each other. “Sorry.” I blurt out and he chuckles, “about last night I just wanted to get out of that cage it really was boring. I understand if you feel weird around me, I was just hoping we could get past it.” I say as he bites his lip, holding back a smile. “No need to be sorry. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.” He said hitting his shoulder against mine. “So we’re…good?” I ask. “Better than good.” He says then leans in, his lips pressed against my ear. “Meet me by the lake about a mile outside the camp after breakfast.” He whispers sending shivers through my body. I look at him and smile then look across the table to find Pan glaring at us but he turns away quickly when he realizes I’ve noticed. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion but don’t get much time to think it over before Felix wraps an arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. I smile up at him when Pan stands abruptly from his seat catching everyone’s attention. “Boys I’d like to introduce a new member to our little group!” He announces and looks over at me. Everyone looks over and I slouch down behind Felix. “Her name is Mariana and she is going to help protect the others while they recover! There will be no funny business with her! She is not here to take care of your personal needs, but to provide protection!” He shouts and I feel Felix tense up next to me. “If I find out any of you have been even thinking about our little lost girl, you’ll have me to deal with! Do I make myself clear?!” He asks and everyone immediately take their eyes away from me, and Pan sits again smirking. I frown and Felix pulls his arm away from me, I look up at him and he looks over at Pan. When he sees that Pan is no longer looking at us he leans close to my face and whispers, “Looks like we’re going to have to break a few rules.” He smiles and I bite my lip letting out a small laugh. “So the lake is still the plan?” I ask and he nods. “Oh yeah it’s one of my favorite places on this whole island. I definitely what you to see it.”

“Alright boys let’s head out!” Pan says after handing me a bow for target practice. I start to walk with the rest of the group but am soon pulled by the arm in the opposite direction. “Trying to skip out on our plans?” Felix asks as he moves to lace his fingers with mine. He pulls me through the camp and I set my bow and arrows on the table. “The water probably feels great it’s been warmer recently.” He says and I stop walking. “Wait we’re going swimming? Mind if we stop at Pan’s treehouse for a second?” I ask and he shrugs. When we get there I climb up quickly as he waits for me. I run to the other side of the room and frantically dig through my bag to find my bra. I pull my tank top from my corset and struggle to loosen the ties in the back. When I finally get them undone I throw on my bra and top and run back outside. I jump down to the forest floor and that’s when I remember that my tank top is cropped because I ripped it. “Damn it.” I say looking down at my self and hearing Felix chuckle. “Not a bad outfit. You have a nice body.” He says his eyes raking up and down my body making me self-consciously wrap my arms around my exposed stomach. He shook his head at me and reached for my hand again leading me to the lake.

Once we reached the lake I was sweating from the walking and hot sun beating down, I could feel my hair stinking to the back of my neck. I looked at my wrist and found a hair tie, thank goodness, I thought tying my hair up into a high ponytail. “Well here we are.” Felix said reaching up and pulling his shirt over his head. I couldn’t help but stare at his long lean body, he then reached down zipping open his pants and bending over to pull them down. I watched in awe as his back muscles moved while he folded his clothes and put them on a rock. He walked back a bit then ran, jumping into the lake. He resurfaced with a shout of relief, “Whoo! I haven’t been here in so long. Come on it feels nice!” He shouts up to me and I just look down at him shaking my head. “You’re crazy!” I shouted back zipping open my jeans and pulling them down I then reached up and pulled my top over my head. I folded my clothes and set them next to his on the rock and followed his example of backing up to get a running start. I can do this it’s just water it’s not that bad, I thought with closed eyes. When I opened them I felt my feet carry me to the edge of the lake and my body fly over, down into the water. I was engulfed by the refreshing water and soon resurfaced to find Felix floating on his back. I follow his example and push my arms through the water so I move next to him. We laying quietly and peacefully and I close my eyes allowing my mind to clear, forgetting about how bad this whole situation is.

Just as I am fully relaxed I feel hands under my back and I’m soon back under water with no warning. I quickly swim back up to the surface taking in a gasp of breath before charging towards Felix. I use all my strength to try and push his head under water but he doesn’t budge, and only laughs and I laugh too while struggling. He grabs hold of both my hands in one of his, then pulls me through the water bringing me face to face with him. We stare at each other for a moment just enjoying being in each other’s presence, when he leans in slowly and connects our lips. I immediately kiss back and I feel him gently place his hands on my hips. The kiss is soft as if he’s afraid we’ll get caught, so I push my fingers through his hair trying to relax him. He moans against my mouth and I feel his grip on my hips tighten, he deepens the kiss and his fingers are digging into my hip bone. I let out a low groan as he moves his lips from mine and attach them to the base of my neck. I wrap my legs around his and feel his hands move to my thighs pulling them up to his waist. Without thinking about it my hips start to grind against him while he leaves sloppy kisses up and down my neck. My fingers tangle deeper into his hair and he moans then connects our lips once again.

“Felix.” I moan against his mouth causing him to wrap his arms around and under my thighs supporting my butt. He carries us out of the water and lays me on my back in the grass. He spreads my legs with his knee and lays between them holding his body weight with his elbows on either side of my head. He connects our lips again and grinds down on me and I can feel him against my pantie covered core. He pulls away breathing heavy and looks me in the eyes. “Are we going to do this?” He asks and I look up at him also panting. “Why not” I say and he smirk pulling off my underwear in one swift motion. He crawls down and I feel his hot breath on my exposed skin. He looks up at me one more time before pressing his warm tongue flat against my center. My hands instantly went to his hair and he moans causing a pleasant vibration against me as he licks a quick swipe. My back arches off of the ground and his lips attach to my clit sucking softly. Pleasure washes over my entire body and my head is swimming in pure bliss. Then he stopes all movement and pulls away from me quickly, before I can protest I hear footsteps approaching and I get up frustrated and reach for my clothes. I managed to get my jeans on when Pan emerges from the trees. When his eyes fall on us and our state his jaw tightens and he glares at Felix. “Back to the camp.” he growls through clenched teeth. Felix and I exchange a quick glance before walking towards the woods with our heads low. “Not you.” Pan says wrapping his hand around my arm, his fingers slightly digging into my skin but I don’t protest. Felix looks back at me with worry before Pan shoots him a death stare.

“My rules were very clear. I forbid you to befriend any of the other lost boys.” He commands in a stern voice. “What!?” I shout yanking my arm from his grasp. “And! You are not to converse with Felix unless otherwise told by me. You are to train with me, eat every meal with me, you will not leave my side. You will be staying in my tree house and will sleep in my bed.” He says taking hold of both of my arms and pulling me close to him. “Is that understood?” He says his breath fanning over my face his piercing green eyes staring into mine. “Yes Pan.” I say my voice shaking. He let’s go of one of my arms and drags me back to the camp by the other, “It’s Peter to you.”

Picking and Choosing Pt.1 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2

BTS; Jimin (ft. Namjoon/Rap Monster)

Genre: Angst | Smut | Roommate/Bestfriend AU

Word count: ~11k

Warnings: Violence, blood mentions, graphic smut

Description: When you and your best friend and roommate, Jimin, make a huge mistake, how will the consequences affect your relationship?

A/N: I was having a craving to write something for Jimin :’) rip guys I hope you all like it! We haven’t even really gotten into the angst yet so just anticipate part two, it should be out soon.

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anonymous asked:

I've seen that a lot of JC fans said that JB fans only cares about Brienne. Do you think it's true?

I’m not totally sure what you mean, anon, there’s so much shit out there that may have traumatized you, so I’m going to riff on a few of the things I’ve seen.

Okay, gotta say first, in case this question is literal: Jaime x Brienne fans are a damned diverse bunch. We like a broad range of characters. Sure you get the more predictable Stark sister fans, Margaery fans, Oberyn lovers, Asha fans, Arianne fans. But we go all over the place from there. We’ve got stans for Roose, Sandor, Cersei, Stannis, Theon, Tywin, Dany, and hey we’ve got an incredible base of Qycelle shippers. So in the broader terms of asoiaf, no, we don’t care only about Brienne, we care about lots of shit.

Now, I will say, I think people who ship something tend to fan one half of their ship slightly more than the other half. And with JB fans, this tends to fall Brienne’s way more often than it doesn’t, so yes Brienne may get slightly (and it’s only slightly) more love from JB shippers than Jaime. Poor Jaime, in both of his major ships, the fans tend to love the other half of his ship more. Personally, as much as I fight it, I think I’m a Jaime fan first. I identify really deeply with that asshole. Brienne’s right in there, it’s close, but me? Yeah, Jaime probably wins by a hair. (But try talking shit about Brienne of Tarth to me, motherfucker, just try it!)

And…yeah, I’ll say it, a small percentage of Jaime x Brienne fans don’t really get Jaime. I don’t know why, or what happens, but I do see a few severely headscratching interpretations of his character in my fandom, and…oh, wait, no it’s not just my fandom. It’s asoiaf/got fandom in general. There are people who don’t get Jaime Lannister, but talk about him like they do. What the fuck is up with that?

Finally, I have to wonder if this anon is about the shit people say about JB fans over identifying with Brienne. That’s a shadow criticism I see floating around. It most often crops up in the form of: “But, you’re so pretty…why do you ship Jaime x Brienne?” There’s this idea that JB fans themselves are so pathetically awkward and (hey, we’ve seen it) ugly that they desperately need to see the ugliest girl (Brienne) lock down the hottest guy (Jaime) to validate their own pathetic existence. So:

  • Fuck them, and their concern about aesthetics. What the hell difference does it make what anyone looks like?!
  • I can say with absolute authority that my fellow JB fans actually happen to be the hottest, most adorable group of people you’ll ever see. (NOT THAT IT MATTERS! BECAUSE I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!)
  • JB shippers identify with Brienne for many, many reasons, but the thing I personally see most often is that JB shippers identify with Brienne’s awkward outsiderness. Brienne doesn’t fit a mold, and she’s given hell for it, and that strikes a chord with many of us.
  • (I love myself so much, you guys. So much. *cries*)

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Yoongi Scenario: Until There Was You.

Request: Hi, can I get a scenario when Yoongi and the OC are in a relationship but they don’t have to much skinship, but then he saw pictures and videos of his girlfriend with her ex and they were so close, so he try to be like him but he’s nervous? Sorry about my english, lot of love from Perú!

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

“With the arise of the social media and internet resources it is a common trend for lovers to take a step ahead and find information about their partners without actually speaking to them”

-Are they serious?- Yoongi asked himself, turning the volume up a little bit.

“It appears that social media is one of the biggest sources to gather information about someone, the activities they do, the people they meet, the past relationships and even their food taste!”

Yoongi snorted at the TV show he was caught up watching, he thought they were going to give him useful information but instead all they talked was rubbish. He reflected about the conversation held on TV, about going on internet and the different social networks to find out things about his girlfriend, it was ridiculous, if he wanted to know anything about his girl he would just ask her, no need to go around the bush, going through social media. He stretched a little, he was lying in bed with all lights off, only the TV lighted the room. 

Why would someone do that? He knew his relationship wasn’t perfect but he was happy the way he was, seeing what you had on your social networks wouldn’t make a difference, he knew you pretty well too. Yoongi bit his lip, he was happy, or wasn’t he? and he knew you enough, or didn’t he? Shaking his head he changed channels, that stupid show had placed retarded thoughts on his head, it was best if he just saw other shows to distract himself, a documental about some war or ridiculousness, either would do.

But then another thought crossed his mind and this time he couldn’t shake off that easily. But he could never do that, he wasn’t the boyfriend going around and about finding anything out about his girl, or about anyone for that account, but still; the thought had crossed his mind and now he couldn’t get rid of it.

 What if he checked your Facebook out? Would he find out something new about you? would he find funny pictures? The perspective of seeing ugly pictures of you made him smile, he could blackmail you for those later, he could imagine a thing or two to ask you for them, all of them involving you and very little clothing. 

But as he smiled devilishly thinking of that, another thought came to him, what if he found something about your past he hadn’t seen? That would be normal, he didn’t know absolutely everything about you but… He shook his head again, it was best to rest still and keep with his plan of doing nothing for the day, he definitely wasn’t going to look for anything, he was tired as hell and all he wanted was sleep.
But then… a little peek wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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Spontaneous Combustion

[I had this all planned out in my head yesterday, but this morning it has gone in so many directions, so I hope it’s okay. Since people liked the description of Spencer with Asperger’s I wanted to do one where the reader has some of the traits as well as anxiety issues. This takes place as mostly a swapout in 7x11 – True Genius. And I am still working on the requests please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. It just takes me a little while to let it sink in and for something to come out.]


“Spontaneous insanity is the real bliss! It’s sad that we are honored for playing sane, serious, safe, miserable and controlling in this poor world.” 
― Saurabh Sharma

You huffed as you gathered your things from security, you were already cursing yourself from being late, but you couldn’t really be mad since you had decided to come on a whim. Still, you were going to enter the room, and people were going to turn and look due to the interruption.

Doesn’t matter.

It didn’t matter, it was a common occurrence and you would deal with it. You had been stuck in your cave of an office for far too long, and now, looking back, it was sad, you had remained hidden for far too long and it was time to stop. So starting today you declared you were going to be more daring, spontaneous, which was why you were here at a book signing luncheon instead of your usual food truck. Yeah, it didn’t sound too adventurous, but the guest speakers beside the author were actual FBI agents. That was pretty freakin’ wild in itself. Taking a deep breath, you jammed a hand in your pocket, ready to count the items within, in case the attention made you anxious. Opening the door as quietly as you could you had no worries, whoever was at the podium had everyone’s eyes on them. And from the stuttering and microphone blare you understood why.

“H-hi, I a-am here today to talk to you about different paraphilia and how they relate to violent crimes. Can anyone tell me what dendrophilia is?”

Gif by criminalmindsmanic

Where a guy wants to screw a trees and shrubs.

“T-that’s right…a fetish for trees.”

You smiled, you liked him, the way he stuttered. He was a mess up there, but he was real. He wasn’t bad to look at either, though you didn’t know how he’s viewpoint on you would be. But you were here to do something different, and what was the worst that could happen? You’d try to talk to him and he’d say no? The thought of the rejection caused your heart to speed up, yeah, you liked solitude and yeah, you were awkward in speaking, but no one liked the brush off. But you had to say the hell with it, you’d count everything in your pocket and bag but you were tired of living in a shell.

Watching the man stumble and nearly face plant off the step, losing his papers in the process, you went to wait outside, you could at least say hello, and that you enjoyed his lecture. You could, you would, you’d scream later. And you’d cry if you wussed out so you were doing it. Trying to rev yourself up you went to get some water and sit on the bench in the lobby.

Your leg wouldn’t stop jittering, it was like it had a mind of its own right now. You closed your eyes and tried to take in the smells. Some places could overwhelm you, the overuse of perfume, hints of makeup and aftershave, leftover foods and the smell of gas from the cars outside, a lot could turn up your nose. But in here, there a subtlety to the smells, it was clean, with the scent of new clothing and pine needles, the actual kind of pine needles not artificial spray that would have you sneezing, and there was the unmistakable whiff of vanilla and you knew there had to be cupcakes or something nearby.

The banging of the double doors brought you back with a jump, and you were startled to see the reason for your lingering coming through them. Making your wobbly legs lift you up, you counted the coins in your pocket before heading in his direction.

“Um, Dr. R-reid?”

The man turned to look at you in surprise, obviously in his own world as well. You blushed now that his eyes were turned on you, taking note that they were a very nice shade of brown, matching the cropped hair, and jacket. Okay, stop.

“I wanted to say you were very good up there.”

His mouth quirked. “Thanks, it’s not very true, I was a disaster, but it’s very much appreciated.”

“You were a disaster because you were a human being up there?”

Oh, shit. Your mouth filter had broken for a second, and you saw his brows lift, oh, God, Y/N, you have to follow it up now.

“I mean that it’s natural to fumble a little bit, I…I would’ve been terrified up there, probably would’ve gotten sick on everyone.”

Like now, the acid in your stomach was bubbling rapidly, and you wanted to cover your mouth with your shirt.

“Thanks but I think you could probably handle it better than you think.”

“Thank you, uh, I liked the paraphilia, I may have a new list to go over now.”

“You like lists?”

“Yeah, I’m kind of weird that way.”

“It’s not weird at all!”

His jubilant tone had your eyes widen and you took a step back, though a smile came across your face.

“Sorry, I’m a tad weird too. Overly so, if you ask my friends.”

“I’m glad…I mean, I wouldn’t have had the courage to talk to you if you weren’t a little odd.”

He cocked his head. “Why not?”

“Come on, I told you I’m weird, it’ll be kind of obvious if you stand with me long enough. Not to mention the fact you’re in the FBI, us small town folk can’t compete.”

You meant it as a joke but from his change in expression you knew he didn’t take it like that.

“I would’ve talked to you regardless.”

“I’m sorry, I meant it to be –“

“I know, damn, I’m sorry I cut you off. I do that too much too.”

“It’s okay, so do I.”

“May I ask what it is you do, Miss Small Town?”

You face became even more red. “I’m a developer on the main floor plans at CyberKinetics.”

His brows rose to his hairline. “CyberKinetics? Aren’t you guys making smart sensors for artificial limbs?”

“It’s in the middle stages, yeah, we, um, with 3D printing and everything on the rise, we’re hoping we’ll be able to come out with prototypes by next fall.”

You could tell he was excited. “Weren’t you able to make a prototype of a hand for a veteran? It said in the article you were able to link it with the nerve endings and they could control it and feel it just as effectively as their actual limb.”

Yep, shirt collar over face now. You were having to hold your hands down, all the attention was becoming too much. “Yeah, but the chip inside went out in less than a month, we want something to last, not something that will need charging or a new chip implanted in it.”

“I understand, you want it to be as natural as possible.”

“Yeah, I’m saying that a lot sorry. I’m also not as big in the project as you’re thinking, I’m just an outliner, I stay in my office most days and everyone else actually tries to use and demonstrate the findings.”

“It’s a bigger job than you think; you’re going to change the world.”

You were tugging your collar with a hand. “A small footprint in the sand, what about you? You get to change the world all the time.”

“I guess my footprints are small too, it takes many feet to make a difference…that sounded cheesy didn’t it?”

You shrugged. “Probably, but I love cheese so…”

You tittered on your feet before your eyes darted back to his. “Look, I don’t do this, I’m not one for this but, uh, I know you probably need to be somewhere soon, but –“

You rummaged in your pocket before your fingers hit the edge of your card. “Um, if you ever wanted to go over lists, I’m more into phobias now, but we could always compare that to the different philias if you wanted. I just –“

“I’d love to, um, I mean, we could go now if you wanted.”

The hope in his eyes and the way his own hands fidgeted made your breath catch. “Now? Y-you don’t have to help sign books or something?”

He shook his head smiling. “Nope, I have to tell my colleague where I’m going so she won’t worry, but then I’m all yours.”

All mine?

He seemed to catch his words too, the tips of his ears beginning to scald.

“Do you like coffee? I, um, I like books and coffee and the library close to hear has a great selection of both if you want to that is.”

He grinned. “I adore both those things, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened. “I didn’t give you my name did I?”

He flashed the card. “It’s okay. I haven’t given you mine either. I prefer Spencer to Dr. Reid.”

You nodded, a smile playing on your lips. “Okay, Spencer I’ll be right here.”

“I won’t be far she’s talking to some people over there.”

You watched him sprint with his bag bobbing to the woman that was seated on stage with him. She was beautiful, were all FBI agents good looking? Was that a criteria? Being stuck in the office with a computer all the time your friends and colleagues were used to finding you with no make-up and unkempt clothes and hair. On more than one occasion staying all night and hitting a breakthrough into the afternoon with just your pajamas on. As Spencer came back towards you, you noticed the woman was looking at you now. Your shoulders squeezed, but lessened when she smiled, giving you a small wave. You waved back.


You nodded, gathering your wits and bag as he steered you out the door. You both decided on a cab, and you regretted it as soon as you sat. The close proximity was too much and you finally buried your nose in your shirt, as your hand went to your pocket.

“You cold?”

You looked to him in your peripheral vision, and shook your head.

“I’m s-sorry. I should’ve said, but I was afraid you’d say no to coming, I get nervous easily, and I –“

“It’s okay I understand, i-it’s taken me a very long time to get to this point but I still have a lot of lapses and get anxious as well. And I interrupted you again, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’ll tally them up so I know how many times I can interject you.”

He grinned, but then his face turned serious. “Would it be okay if –?”

His hand came slowly towards your face, him trying to gently tug the fabric under your lips.

“I understand if you’re too nervous too, but you do have a very lovely face.”

He was going to have to stop or your eyes would pop out.

“Thank you, so do you.”

He grinned, and as you approached the stop he got out and came to open your door.

“A s-sweet talker and a gentleman.”

He shrugged timid. “I try.”

“So coffee or books first?”

“Either sounds good.”

You usually didn’t do it, but the staff had known you for so long they wouldn’t mind you browsing the stacks with some coffee. Settling on a dark roast you put some Splenda in as he began dumping sugar into his.

“Sweet tooth?”

“Oh, yeah, you could say that, I don’t care for the bitterness so I overcompensate with sugar.”

You chanced a laugh and seeing him smile you continued. “You could always get one of those dessert coffees.”

“No, thank you, I like them sweet, not diabetic coma sweet.”

Motioning for him to follow, you both began to get lost in the labyrinth of books.

“You must be a big shot here; I’ve never been able to go around a library with a drink in my hand.”

You shrugged it off. “I used to volunteer all the time here when I was younger. They know me well enough that I’ll be careful as well as anyone I bring in. You seem like someone who respects books.”

“I do.”

“What about e-books?”

“Oh, God.”

Exasperation was in his tone and you laughed again. “Good. I love my job but I’d much rather have a physical book in my hand than a tablet.”

“I’m so glad for that, we’re becoming a rarity.”

“We are, antiques.”

You both grinned at one another, before the stare became too intense and you looked away.

“So where are we exactly?”

“In one of my favorite sections.”

Holding out a book you pointed to the label, his brow arching.

“YA? You like young adult books?”

You placed a hand on your hip in mock anger. “Oh, so because I’m past the age I cannot enjoy them?”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that –“

“Have you ever read Neal Shusterman?”


“Here you go then. And that’s one interjection to me now.”

He scanned the book you had given him, pursing his bottom lip before going to a chair. You watched as he flipped the book open and with his index finger guiding him began to turn the pages at an alarming speed.

“Oh, you’re one of those, are you?”

“One of those?”

“A speed demon, I’ve only met a few, but they always made me look bad during the summer programs here. Like three hundred books to my seventy-five bad.”

He grinned his eyes returning to the page. “That’s still impressive.”

“Thank you. I’ll let you revel in the awesomeness in peace.”

He watched you a moment, hoping you weren’t leaving, his eyes returning to the book when you settled with one of your own opposite him. You had only gotten a few chapters into a Lemony Snicket when he closed the book.


“That was very interesting, it was sci-fi, but also a lot of current events.”

“So is interesting good or –“

“I really liked it, there’s more too, isn’t there?”

“Yep, they’re over there, I’m sure you could knock them out before we finish our coffee, then we can get more and debate.”

He grinned. “That sounds like a plan.”

As he went to collect the remaining books his phone started to beep, and you had to force down the reprimand of having it on in a library. You knew with his kind of job it had to be on, but the habit was there. His tone was slightly annoyed and he sighed as he hung up.

“I have to go.”


“I really don’t want to.”

“I understand. Do you…are you going to take the books with you, at least?”

“Yeah, yes, that’d be good, then we can debate when we go out again.”

“Again, I haven’t scared you away?”

He laughed. “Not in the slightest. We’re rarities, remember, we have to stick together.”

“I suppose we do, um, I guess –“


“Before I lose my nerve I guess I should –“

Standing on tiptoes, you brushed your lips along his cheek, taking in the smooth, warm texture.

Blushing, you covered your mouth again. He stared at you a long moment.

“Well, before I lose my nerve…”

He tugged the material down, swooping quickly and planting a chaste kiss on your lips.

You both stared at each other, and you wondered if he’d kiss you again, hell, you were about to go in yourself. But his phone started beeping again.

“Son of a bitch!”

You giggled, causing him to smile at you. “I’ll call you as soon as I can okay?”

“Okay. Be careful. Protect those books.”

“With my life. I’ll see you soon, Y/N.”

And with one last look behind him, he was out of view. Letting you take the opportunity to collapse back in a chair before you fainted.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back  [Klance one-shot]

a couple days ago i asked the lovely @klanced for a few klance prompts, and one of them was “Lance straight up dying over Keith in a ponytail”.  So here we are.  My first Klance fic, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!

A03 link [warning for cussing]

The day Lance hit the wall was the day he stopped hating Keith’s mullet.

Honestly, what direction but downhill was there to go when a goddamn mullet - the 7th deadly sin - slowly but surely squeaked its way out of the rotation of focal points of Keith Insults?

Or, for that matter, when it became another addition to (terrifyingly) fast-growing pile of Keith assets, right next to those ridiculously tight pants?

Because, shit, those things did not leave much to the imagination. And that wasn’t to say the imagination didn’t work with what it had.

But Lance digressed. Back to the mullet, and corresponding shift of opinion that had been happening these days. To Lance’s utmost chagrin, he almost, almost - damn, it was hard to admit even in thought - almost enjoyed hanging out with the Red Paladin.

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Thanks, Princess - Theo Raeken Imagine

Thanks, Princess – TW Imagine

Prompt: Theo, the biggest flirt at Beacon Hills High approaches you and asks you to pretend to be your girlfriend for a bet. A quick, boring imagine!

A/N: Here’s a quick crappy and short imagine! I don’t know, just a random filler I guess. I’ve got exams tomorrow so I can’t upload for the next couple days, at least I don’t think I can. Hope this made sense and yeah, enjoy! :)

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Word Count: 1408

Originally posted by lets-be-a-queen

Your POV

I was outside on one of the benches, alone, reading a book I bought yesterday. Again, I was alone. Nice and peaceful from all the gossiping and chattering inside the school halls. Unlike most students, I liked to spend my lunches reading alone in silence.

That was when Theo Raeken, Beacon Hills ‘bad boy hottie’ approached me. “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.” He sat down next to me, panting. I didn’t flinch or look up. This boy was trouble, and I knew it. I continued my book and turned the page over, completely ignoring Theo’s presence.

“Please, Princess?” He begged. I sighed and closed my book, making sure to leave my bookmark on the page I was on. “How many times have I told you not to call me that, Raeken?” I said annoyed. I’ve known Theo since we were little, since him and my family were close friends. I wasn’t shy around him, and I definitely wasn’t drooling around him. I’m not like the other girls where they like to daydream and suck up to him, and he knows that. That’s why he knows calling me ‘Princess’ annoys me. I wasn’t going to deny, he was pretty good looking. Just shitty personality. Well, I don’t know.

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“No, but he definitely noticed you,” Hannah drank her tea, made a face, (it was cold,) and said, “I mean, who wouldn’t notice a weirdo gawking at you through the window multiple times a day?”

“Stop making it sound like I’m stalking him!” Castiel accused. “I’m not—I’m just… I’m a creep aren’t I?“

“You could always ask him yourself,” Hannah suggested.

Castiel laughed. “Like hell.”

(Or in which Dean moves into Castiel’s neighborhood, has really big windows he never covers up, and Castiel likes to stare at him when he goes running.)

[on AO3]

               Castiel had lived in Pontiac, Illinois for almost his entire life, and he knew everyone who lived in the neighborhood. There was Uriel, a grumpy man that weirdly had a good sense of humor who lived across the street from him. There was also Zachariah, (who was actually a pain in the ass and always tried to get Castiel to join his law firm despite Castiel insisting his law degree was just for pleasure and he was quite content with his gardens and bee farm, thank you very much,) that lived around the block. There was Michael and Raphael and Gabriel, (oh don’t get Castiel started on Gabriel,) and Hannah, (sweet girl, really,) and Hael and Anna—Oh, no. Anna moved last week.

               Which brings Castiel to his current problem: the man that moved into Anna’s old house.

               The house was exactly two-and-three-quarters blocks from Castiel’s house, on the route that Castiel jogged every morning at 7:00. It was the one with the broken mailbox, (Anna had always complained about it when she caught him in the grocery store, and Castiel hadn’t noticed a change,) and with the flickering lamp by the front door. That, too, had yet to be fixed.

               Castiel honestly hadn’t noticed the two large windows that opened up into the kitchen of the house. He had no reason to, Castiel supposed, but now he definitely did because his new neighbor was—excuse his language—hot as fuck. He seemed to like to cook a lot, too. So whenever Castiel jogged by one morning as he always did, he slowed (albeit not noticeably,) and stared.

               The man had freckles up and down his cheekbones and the length of his nose, and strong arms. His hair was dirty-blond and spiked, his shirt was rumpled and used; he held a cup of coffee to his lips as he took a frying pan out and set it on the stove. The man’s back was towards Castiel, so it isn’t as if Castiel could be caught. No shame in looking, right?

               Anyway, that’s how it started.

               And Castiel may or may not have adjusted his jogging times to when he noticed Dean liked to cook breakfast.

               Or lunch.

               Or dinner.

               (Castiel had a bit of a crush.)

               But none of that’s important.

               Castiel was getting more fit, probably training to do another marathon, (because why not?), but the truth of the matter was that running gave him excuse to see Dean through the large windows. The window were always clean. Castiel had yet to find a smudge yet.

               He shook his head. Castiel was thirty-two. This was ridiculous.

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perriepezzapez  asked:

Hello! I was just wondering what the reasons are for people to think that zerrie is fake. I'm asking not to attack you or anything, I genuinely want to know! I think their relationship seems so cute, so I just want to know how you see it. What has happened that makes you think they aren't really together?

Hello dear. First, props to you for owning your opinion. Much respect. Sorry for the delay in responding. But, I was contemplating how to respond. I thought about a big ol’ post with links and gifs but I changed my mind. My Zerrie is so very…shady tag is a good place to check for all my anti-Zerrie thoughts as well as the thoughts of some other awesome bloggers. In the meantime, I’ll give you a general rundown:

  • Planted questions about Little Mix/Perrie during 1D interviews designed to force Zayn to acknowledge her as a love interest. When Zayn resisted, his bandmates answered for him. Please note, no interview questions are allowed without management approval. So why would questions be asked that he was clearly uncomfortable with? 
  • Staged photos—over and over again. Photos are the way to go with Zerrie because neither of them are very good at selling it in their own words. Which brings me to my next point…
  • When asked about each other, Zayn and Perrie’s responses make me smh. Perrie never speaks knowledgeably about Zayn. It’s always a hodge podge of randomness—even awkwardly spilling over into mocking him. Why did she think he was Indian? She never sounds like a woman in a long term relationship. In fact, she sounds like a woman who’s never had a long term relationship. Zayn has never, ever been able to demonstrate any enthusiasm for Perrie or his “engagement” in video interviews. Contrast that with print interviews where he raves about her. Something doesn’t add up.
  • Liam, Liam, Liam. Zayn has been thirsty for Liam since they met in McDonald’s and he managed to get those digits. Contrast the way Zayn speaks about Liam with the way he speaks about Perrie. When Zayn talks about Liam, he’s light. He’s happy. He’s so complimentary. He laughs. He smiles. He professes his love for Liam repeatedly and publicly. He can’t keep his eyes or hands off Liam. He pops boners for Liam. Zayn is shy, private and reserved is the excuse many Zerrie shippers use to cover his lack of enthusiasm for Perrie. How come none of that applies with Liam?
  • The engagement debacle. Again, we have so in love and newly engaged Zayn acting like a deflated balloon at what was supposed to be the happiest time in his life. Meanwhile, his bandmates find the engagement so awkward that they change the subject when it’s mentioned in interviews. Did Niall have the baby yet, LOL? Not to mention Liam was salty as hell and let it show. And Zayn’s reaction to that was to comfort Liam. Why?
  • Liam and Zayn can’t stop dropping hints that what we’re being sold is not the real deal. Check their tweets. Check the 2014 Brits interview. 
  • Why does Liam’s girlfriend headline articles? Why does she have her own tag on gossip blogs? Why are there solo pix of her with Liam cropped out on said blogs? When did she become a celebrity? Why is she getting the Eleanor treatment? Why do Sophiam friendly update accounts always get exclusive pix of them? Why isn’t their relationship allowed to be private?
  • Why are Perrie’s interactions with Zayn’s family mostly in the form of…you guessed it…staged photos (shopping trip anyone)? Where was Zayn’s fam during her birthday party last week? Every single one of them was busy? Meanwhile, Zayn’s fam posted a bunch of pix where they were all over Liam at Zayn’s birthday party.

I could on and on, but I’ll let you check out my tag for more. Please feel free to come back. We can talk about it.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm really confused about this SouMako ship >w< Please don't hate on me for this because I'm just confused, I love them both but I really don't know why people ship it. They don't have a lot of interactions with each other but then... I'm slowly shipping them but I'm at the point questioning the ship. I sorta ship it but the only thing that is making me question this ship is the lack of interaction they have, care to explain so I can ship it? PLEASE HELP MEEE I REALLY WANNA SHIP ITTT :D

Aright i’m kinda feverish right now but i’ll answer this to best of my abilities

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What Harry Does

It’s understandable, but frustrating to me, that we talk about Louis and Harry in relation to everything going on, but rarely about the other three. They ARE involved.  They have all played a roll and I made a list of what I’ve noticed at least. However, you can’t count Louis and Harry out by any means, for any reason. This one’s for Harry.

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The Prince and the Peasant - Part 2

Part 1

Also at ao3.

I hope those photos we got from the set today inspire a lot more fic. I am so excited to find out what it all means! strawwolf I told you it wouldn’t be long. ;)

“There’s a man here,” Henry said, staring out the front window.

Emma looked up from stirring her soup. “A man? Which man?”

“I’ve never seen him before. But he looks fancy.”

Emma’s heartbeat sped up. “Fancy?” she asked in a strangled voice, thinking of a day last week.

“Yeah, you know. Like the types that live in the castle on the hill.”

“Oh,” was all Emma could think to say. She hadn’t told her son about her meeting with the prince. She’d half suspected the whole encounter had been a dream. Now, she wished she’d prepared him. And herself.

A knock sounded at the door. Emma smoothed her hair as best she could as she went to answer it. Not that he’d care what she looked like, of course. But she did have her pride.

It was him. Prince Killian. This time she was prepared, and immediately went into a deep curtsey.

“Your Majesty,” she managed in a dignified voice.

“I never did get your name the other day.” His voice was low and gruff, and it sent shivers down her spine. He managed to look both sinful and regal at the same time, which is not something any other man she had seen could ever have pulled off.

“Emma. Emma Swan.” She looked up and he was watching her expectantly. “Would you…would you like to come in?”


She stepped aside and he entered. Over his shoulder, Emma saw Henry staring at him with his mouth wide open.

“Henry, this is Prince Killian. Your Majesty, my son, Henry.”

Prince Killian did something rather unexpected. He bowed.

“Henry, it is an honour to meet you.” He held out his hand for Henry to take, which he did, still apparently in shock.

Henry managed a nod, and then an awkward silence descended on the room.

“I was just making some soup. I don’t suppose you would like to stay for dinner?”

The prince looked over at her, and she could see something lonely in the depths of his eyes. Something that looked an awful lot like longing.

“Will your husband mind?” he asked.

“He passed away a number of years ago.”

His eyes cleared and then warmed. “Ah. In that case, I would love to stay. But I brought you a gift.”

He stepped out of the cottage and returned quickly, this time carrying a covered basket.

“What’s this?” she asked suspiciously as he held it out for her.

“Just open it.”

She did. The basket was full of root vegetables.

She looked up at him, smiling. “What a practical gift!”

“I thought you’d prefer that to flowers. As an apology. I did destroy your crops, after all.”

Her smile deepened. “That you did. Thank you.”

He nodded awkwardly. Emma set her gift on the bench and returned to the stove. “Have a seat. This should be ready in a moment.”

The prince walked to the table and sat down without hesitation. She had expected him to turn his nose up at her humble kitchen, but he just made himself right at home.

“Are you really a prince?” Emma heard her son ask. She turned to watch the man’s reaction to her son’s questions, ready to step in if Henry offended him. But the prince just smiled.

“Indeed I am.”

“So you live in a castle? And fight with swords? And ride horses?”


“Wow, that must be the best.” Henry was staring at him in awe. Emma was once again reminded that her son didn’t have many men to talk to in his life, a fact that saddened her greatly.

“Those parts of it are certainly excellent fun. But there is much more to it than that. I visit my tenants, go on diplomatic missions, and I have to do a lot of paperwork.”

Henry made a face. “Paperwork? A prince?”

“Yep. I have to do reports, and sums in our treasury, write letters. It is very tiresome.”

“That doesn’t sound like much fun at all.”

“It isn’t meant to be fun. It is meant to be work.”

Henry sighed. “So, even if I was a prince, I’d still have to do work?”

Emma laughed. “Sorry, kid. You can’t get out of your chores simply by becoming a prince.”

Henry rolled his eyes at her. “At least I could learn to ride and fight if I was.”

“That’s true. Though, I’m already teaching you archery,” she reminded him as she placed the soup down on the table. She served the bowls and handed them around.

“Your mother has an excellent hand with a bow. I can attest to that first hand.” The prince smiled up at Emma, and their eyes caught, revelling in the secret of their meeting.

“I want to fight with a sword.” Henry was dangerous close to pouting, Emma knew, from having been through variations on this conversation a number of times.

“Dinner is ready,” she interrupted and sat down.

Emma watched carefully as the prince tasted his meal, waiting for his reaction to their simple fare.

His eyes brightened. “This is delicious. Thank you.” Their eyes met, and Emma felt herself warm at the intensity of his look.

She nodded, pleased but a little embarrassed, and started to eat her own food.

The dinner went by without any disasters. The prince regaled them both with stories from the palace, but also asked them intelligent questions about their own lives. He seemed particularly interested in Emma’s childhood, of which she knew very little about. Her lack of answers seemed to frustrate him, though he hid it well.

Through it all, Emma couldn’t help but wonder why. Why he came, and why he stayed. What would he want with a peasant widow and her son? It didn’t make any sense.

She also knew that much more time with him would cause her to fall head over heels in love with him. Any sensible woman would. He was handsome, and charming and kind. And Emma had been alone for so long. She was susceptible to any attention a man like that showed her.

Once the meal was done, Prince Killian stood up to take his leave.

“Thank you once again for sharing your repast with me, Emma Swan.”

“You’re welcome, Your Majesty.” She curtsied again.

“Emma,” he began, then hesitated. “Ms. Swan, I would like to see you again, if you are at all amenable to that. But I don’t want to feel that you have to.”

“I…why?” she asked, so confused as to his possible motives.

“Because I like you,” he said simply.

“Yes, but you are a prince,” she reminded him. “And I am but a humble peasant.”

“Oh, Emma Swan. You are so much more than that.”

“I won’t be your mistress,” she blurted out.

The prince blinked, clearly taken aback.

“I wouldn’t dream of suggesting such a thing.” A deep flush rose to his cheeks.

“Please, just…can you be honest about your motives? I’d prefer it.”

He sighed. “Yes, you deserve that. My reasons are twofold. The first one is that I like you, a lot. And the entire kingdom has been waiting for that for most of my life. The second is…well, you look awfully like a little girl in the portrait gallery in the castle. It was the last portrait ever taken of the royal family from our neighbouring kingdom. I’m sure you’ve heard the tragic story of what happened 25 years ago.”

“They all died.”

“Yes, except the little girl. She disappeared. There were rumours that she was smuggled here, into our kingdom. And here I find you, precisely the right age, with exactly the right look, and I can’t help but wonder…” he trailed off and shrugged.

Emma’s heart was fluttering in her chest and her hands were growing clammy. There was no way…but as he was speaking memories began to drift in from some dark corner of her mind. A palace; a dress with diamonds sewn on it; her mother and father’s face. But, surely, it couldn’t be true.

“What are you saying?” she whispered, afraid she already knew.

“I’m saying that I believe you are a long lost princess, and heir to a very large kingdom.”

Emma fainted dead away.


Author’s note: Clearly I am making a mess of a lot of Fairytale movies. It is fun mixing them all up! I was tempted to stay with the ‘Ever After’ theme, but thought this route would better suit. Plus, it has been way too long since I saw the film and don’t remember it well enough.