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Sign: capricorn

Height: 165cm/5′5′’

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Why did I choose my url: deep, philosophical reasons that the world is not yet ready to be revealed to

Gender: female

Favorite color: blue. black

Favorite food: sushi. カレーライス!

Average hours of sleep: 6-7

Favorite characters: Edward Elric! Lelouch Lamperouge ♥

Dream job: 2D illustrator

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“it’s non canon” is about the least valid argument in a show like Dr Who

Spoken like someone who has only been a fan since the Moffat years. Doctor Who has always had a rich canon and universe, and the whole reason why ‘thirteenth regeneration’ (that moffat ruined) was a big deal was because the canon was always pretty reliable. Were there retcons over the years? Sure. But the absolute flagrant disregard for established canon only came around during Moffat’s tenure, due to his inability to read or watch anything he hadn’t personally written. And there are minor and major kinds of retcons. ignoring an old book companion, sure, that happens. Ignoring that it’s been established that the only time a Time Lord changes gender is by deliberate mistake is totally different. Suddenly pretending that ‘lol it’s not like there were genders on Gallifrey’ when for fifty years there have been is also absurd.

It’s noncanon. That matters. Even if Moffat doesn’t think so.

Daily Touhou #96: Rei’sen/Reisen II

I am definitely not on a DKC binge and I most certainly did not watch the TV show episode “Klump’s Lumps” while drawing this. No sirree.

For some arbitrary reason I have this empty can of cream filled wafers next to me on the computer desk. I have no idea why I haven’t thrown it out yet. I’ve also got a harmonica that I’ve only used once or twice when I first got it. Actually, I think I mentioned that harmonica in an earlier Daily.


What’s something cheesy?

Writers: *kills all minorities*

Writers: *keeps all white and straight characters alive even when their storyline is dead*

Writers: it’s just the way the story took us



tag yourself im lance

well tbh this is what im trying to scream at keith after s4 so technically lance is i

this is after lance finds out about the end of the last ep (somehow)

can’t believe Netflix is renewing a show that glorifies suicide, had graphic scenes that were trigger, had a mostly white cast, and an obvious fucking end but fucking cancels the show about black and latinx teens trying to get out of the Bronx thru music and their family. not to mention it had a plus music and even lgbt representation. but no go ahead please chase a dead plot (pun only kind of intended)

Voltron Theory: She’s NOT the MOTHER, she’s the SISTER

okay Voltron theory time. So I know a lot of people thought that Acxa was Keith’s mother but after watching this season it seems like she is too close in age and her interactions with him don’t seem motherly at all. But I have a few reasons why she could be his sister.

First off,  we know from this scene in from Season 2 that she is pretty important to the story since she was introduced before all the other Galra ladies. We can assume that she is significant to Keith’s character since she met him, not the other paladins. 

The show even goes out of its way to make Keith have a flashback of this scene in s3 ep6 while Keith and Acxa battle. Both literally pointing out that she was the Galra soldier he met, and making it clear to the audience that their discovery of each other’s identity will be important.

It is also significant to note that Acxa hasn’t killed Keith yet, even though she is a Galra soldier. She lets him get away in their first encounter and their fight in s3 

I don’t know about you, but letting them get away felt very fishy to me.

But this is where the sibling part really comes in, Thace stated in s3 ep1 that all Lotor’s main people aren’t full Galra 

And out off all of Lotor’s Galra ladies, Acxa is the only one who looks human. 

So far the only alien races that resemble humans are literal humans and Alteans (and we know Acxa is not an Altean). And since she is not full galra the only other option is half human-half galra

And we all know who the other half human-half galra character is

plus as people have pointed out, they do look alike. And who knows? They could even be twins, their paths seem to be mirroring each others after all


“..that they will also understand that there is life after whatever they’re feeling, there is life after high school, there is life after that exam, there is life after that party, or that photo, or you know…that boy. There is– there’s always gonna be more.”

- Katherine Langford on 13 Reasons Why  (x)

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I just… really love this movie

Five reasons to watch Netflix's new Anne of Green Gables adaption, Anne With An "E"...

So I didn’t think I would need to make a post like this but negative reviews that don’t do the show justice (particularly that horrible vanity fair article) have apparently left me no choice….
Overall, Netflix’s Anne With An “E” or simply Anne The Series as it was called when it originally aired on the CBC in Canada, is wonderful. 

here are five reasons why you should watch Anne With An “E” on Netflix:

1. Anne herself, Amybeth McNulty. 

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Amybeth completely captures Anne’s spirit. I swear it’s like someone shook the book and Amybeth fell out of it. She plays Anne with all the dreaminess, quirkiness, and charm that we know and love, as well as adding more depth to her than we’ve seen in previous adaptions. This brings me to my next point…

2. Anne is portrayed as an abuse and trauma survivor, as she should be! 

Sure, we all love the lighthearted humor of Anne’s many misadventures in the original stories, and that’s still there in Anne With An “E”, but Anne was also the victim of a lot of mental and physical neglect and abuse in her past life before being adopted by the Cuthberts. In the show, she suffers from symptoms of PTSD and the effects of her past trauma are evident. The result of adding more details of Anne’s past do make the show darker at times, but the dark times only make the light times shine brighter, and we know there are more light times to come in Anne’s story!

3. Besides Amybeth, the rest of the cast is superb as well! 

All around, the casting is spot on and the acting is spectacular! I don’t even know what else to say here, but everyone is just so wonderful!!!

And don’t think I’d forget… you can count on me to give a special shout-out to everyone’s favorite slate smack recipient, Gilbert Blythe.  

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Lucas Jade Zumann is PERFECT as Gilbert. He brings a slyness and playfulness to Gilbert that was there in the books but glossed over in other adaptions. And by the way, his chemistry with Amybeth McNulty is everything you could ever ask for and more…

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(side note: I would also like to throw out a special mention to Aunt Josephine Barry, no spoilers but she’s more lovable than she’s ever been)

4. The show tackles timeless and contemporary themes of identity, feminism, bullying, and prejudice.

Anne’s life, realistically, doesn't become all sunshine and rainbows as soon as she comes to Avonlea. She struggles to fit in and faces bullying at school. The show also addresses issues of sexism and classism and does a great job at it while accurately (for the most part) staying within the time period it is portraying. 

5. Everything about the show is high quality.    

From the aforementioned acting to the cinematography, music, costume design, sets, editing, and the GORGEOUS opening title sequence, everything is the highest quality and you can tell how much thought, time, effort, and passion went into the making of this show. 

Please give it a chance and check it out on Netflix, given the opportunity the show could grow and get even better if it is renewed for future seasons!

ladies gentlemen and others, I have come to introduce you to the avengers youtube channel

tony created the whole thing and and the bio reads: robin hood, uncle sam, ginger snaps, goldilocks, jolly green and the tin man’s chill room

there are videos of natasha teaching self defense moves for women, using the boys as props. her showing tips to learn other languages and “five things you didn’t know you could turn into a weapon”. her filming twenty minute long videos answering questions and giving advice to young girls about everything, from safety, mental health, recognizing abusive behavior in men, self confidence, and how to safely get out of risky situations

thor has a series of videos that go from “things of midgard I (Thor) do not understand” and “thor tries things” of his tasting foods from all over the globe because he is deeply fascinated and respectful of other cultures

bruce does a video series of him teaching yoga and meditation, and every once in a while he asks another member of the team to participate, and by far the most viewed one is of him trying to teach tony to stay still and not say anything and tony does try, but fails miserably while bruce sighs. bruce showing recipes from all the places he’s been. “how to create a stress free environment” videos

tony being the science dad™ making videos of “cool shit you can do with useless eletronics you haven’t used since the 90s but haven’t thrown out yet”. he has short videos of “easier ways to physics” and “math for things you will actually use on your day to day life”. he makes thirty minute long videos of him showing pop culture to steve and thor. so. many. storytime. videos. “that time we tried to lift thor’s hammer”, “steve and the 21st century”, “I watched natasha castrate a man with a plastic spoon”, “clint making the mistakes again”, “reasons why I love bruce banner”. “how to handle anxiety like a boss” videos

steve does the whole thing, from homemade remedies for sick kids that he learned when times were rough and sarah couldn’t afford the real ones. workout tips. and of course, educational yet ranting videos of basic human decency things that should’ve changed in 70 years but haven’t. “it’s ok to ask for help, it doesn’t make you weak” videos

clint being that bitch, trolling everyone in everyway imaginable. changing thor’s shampoo bottle for pink hair dye? check. coloring all of steve’s clothes red blue and white? check. changing the sugar of bruce’s tea for salt? check. making jarvis play everyone a different theme song for when they walk into the room? check. and of course, tony. there are several hour long compilation videos of him scaring the shit out of tony

all of them reading fanfiction about each other. stony, clintasha, ironhawk, ironwidow, romanogers, thor/everyone, loving all the combinations they can find. yes to poliamory and everyone loving each other

jarvis livestreams a night of them drinking asgardian ale and playing mario kart and singing high school musical songs on karaoke. it breaks youtube viewing records

Me: Okay I think I’m already in enough fandoms, I’m not entering any new one. Nope, I’m not ruining my life anymore. DO NOT ENTER. Also me: *watches a new tv show, film, book, music band or whatever*

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