the reason why i wake up with a smile

“If one day you wake up and you no longer care about me,” she says, “say so over our morning coffee and I will let you leave.”

“I will not ask you why. I will not ask you to stay one more night. I will give you a small smile to say that it is okay and that people lose feelings for all sorts of reasons and that I will survive.”

“So if it comes to it,” she says, “just say so. You should stay because you want to. You should leave if you need.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #131
How do you begin to explain to someone the light they bring into your life? The warmth they put in your heart? The grin they put on your face?
 Together or apart, this is my sunshine. 
It is what helps me wake up in the morning. 
It keeps me from feeling down. 
Moments like these, laughing for no reason at all. 
This is why she is my sunshine. 
She has no clue how beautiful her soul really is. 
Just seeing a photo of her makes me smile. 
She is beautiful. 
She is the definition of sunshine. 
My sunshine. 
Without her I feel cold & lifeless 
I need her to function, just as we need the sun to stay alive. 
My sunshine she will forever be. ☀️
Since we started talking everyday,
it’s always you.
It’s you that I remember whenever my favorite songs are playing.
You are the reason why I can’t sleep at night, because I keep thinking about what we are and what we will continue to become.
It’s you;
You are the reason I randomly wake up at 2am and smile uncontrollably.
It’s you when I’m breathing, or eating, or studying.
You are everywhere to me, no matter how far away we are from each other.
I see you in random places in my head.
You are everywhere and you are my everything.
It’s you, it’s always been you.
It will never be anyone else.
Only you.

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Request: Divergent imagine please? Reader is a badass leader/helps train initiates. Eric and reader have this mutual respect and are constantly flirting/sassing each other (shocks initiates after meeting eric first) and they finally get together? Love ur work

Warning: Mentions of sex.

A/N: Bruh, Eric. You’re the reason why I watched the movies ♥

It was the first official day of trainining the newcomers and you were, as always, a little bit late. It wasn’t your fault, no, it was Eric’s fault. He didn’t wake you up.

You entered the area and looked over to the initiates, everyone already warming up for a long day. 

“What a nice surprise, [Y/N].” Eric’s voice was deep and amused, and you spared him an annoyed glance before putting on a sweet fake-smile.

“Aw, can’t I visit my favourite leader to help him out with the dauntless wannabes?” 

He chuckled. “You came because it’s your job.”

“I came for that ass.” You slapped his ass and grinned when the initiates gasped and murmured among themselves. “It’s a fine ass. But I actually came to help you to train the initiates.” 

“You’re late.” He grinned, this teeth clearly showing. That Bastard, you thought.

“Oh, I wonder why… Ah right, had an okay-night with someone. Didn’t wake me up- what an ass.” 

“Hm, heard he was more than okay.” Eric stepped towards you and placed his hand on your hip to pull you to him, a naughty smirk graced his lips. “At least, your screams told me that otherwise.”

“Okay, it had been a good night, a hell of a ride, but you know what.” You slipped out of his grasp and turned to the initiates. “Next time I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Be my girl.” Eric demanded suddenly, in mid of a training session, and you frowned.  

“I’m no one’s girl, Eric. Especially not yours.” 

“You’re right, you’re not to be owned by someone. Buy, maybe, just maybe, you’d like to go out with me? On a real date? Maybe, I can change your mind and make you mine.” He said, his facial expression soft, and he took your hand into his, a gesture that never happened before in public. 

“That would mean you’d be mine, too.” Something, a strange fluttering feeling in your stomach told you Eric meant what he’d said. 

“Oh, you already have me in your hands.”

You shook your head in disbelieve but smiled. “Is that so?” 


He leaned towards you and pressed his lips against yours, tenderly and then fiercely to give the newcomers a good show.

Exo reactions when they see you wearing only their shirt for pyjamas

*I don’t own these gifs*

Sehun: *sees you sleeping in his shirt with just your underwear underneath*

“What a wonderful sight to wake up to.”

Kai: *he comes back home early and sees you snuggled up in bed wearing his oversized shirt, only his shirt ;)*

“I know you missed me, but this is too good.”

Tao: *you were half asleep when he came home and forgot what you were wearing*

Y/N: “Why are you smiling?”
Tao: “Oh, no reason…”

D.O.: *just adores how you look in his shirt*

Chanyeol: *walks in to see you wearing his shirt and your underwear*

“I can get used to this.”

Chen: *he wakes up to see you next to him wearing his shirt for pyjamas*

“Today’s gonna be a good day.”

Baekhyun: *forgetting what you were wearing, you walked out of your room to get breakfast*

Y/N: “What?”

Baekhyun: “Nothing…”

Lay: *when you wake up, you see him laying next to you*

“Are you warm enough like that? I can help out if you’re not.”

Suho: *thinks you look adorable*

Kris: *walks in to the bedroom and sees you*

“Damn, you’re sexy.”

Luhan: *once he sees what you’re wearing, he tries to ignore it*

Xiumin: *when you wake up, you leave your room to get some morning coffee*

Y/N: “What should we do today?”
Xiumin: “Oh, I can think of a few things.”

Aqours DIARY: Everyone’s Diary (January 2017) 
Kurosawa Dia

Caption: Good morning, Uranohoshi Girls’ High School— Let’s spend today smiling with the radiance of lily flowers too—

Waking up early in the morning— Being the first to arrive in the student council room before everyone arrives at school is part of my daily routine.
The morning school broadcast is the duty of the student council president— That’s the reason why.
Though that sounds like a good enough reason—.
The truth is I don’t feel like I’m only directing the work at all.
I mean— School broadcasts are normally the work of the broadcast committee in other schools, right?
It’s because Ura Girls has few students, but even so, how did it become the duty of the student council—.
But well, it can’t be helped.
I can do nothing but accept the fate that has befallen me—.
After all, just like how humans cannot choose the parents they were born to, they also cannot choose the land they were born in. No matter where they end up—.
Just like how flowers must bloom where they are placed, people who can’t make the best of what they have— will not be able to find what is truly important to them.
Though when it comes to that— Of course, my sister might rebutt angrily that I’m too much of a perfect student, and that not everyone can be like me— hehe♡

But, oh well.
Surprisingly— I like this duty of making the school broadcast♡
Putting in an effort to speak in a calm voice— and reading off a manuscript is to my liking too.
Being of use to the members of the school before me directly like this, that doesn’t feel bad at all.
Fufu— Maybe rather than being an idol, I should aim to become an announcer instead?

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine January 2017 issue

“I don’t think it’ll ever be “over” between us,“ she explains,

"It’s like, the fire in my heart will never die for him, every time I see him it’s like the first time. Cliche right?” She laughs.
“They say that every person has that one person they’ll always love, I guess you could say he’s that person for me. The one who will remain the reason why I can’t look at the ocean without picturing his deep blue eyes. The only one who could take me a million miles away but still make me feel at home as long as I was with him. And perhaps in 5 years time he isn’t the one who I wake up to in the mornings, but my god I will never forget his smile and the way his messy hair framed his face at 8am.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

“Why do you still stick by me?” I asked, swollen eyes and messy hair as he held me in his arms.

“Because, you’re the reason I smile, the reason I actually want to wake up to this horrible world, the reason I don’t hide in a corner crying every second of the day, the reason my heart is beating again.”

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #968
10 Reasons why Tamaki Suoh is the best friend you could ever have


1.) SO MANY ADVENTURES! Like one day you could just wake up and Tama would be at your door like “HEY WE SHOULD FLY TO ROME I REALLY WANT GOOD SPAGHETTI RIGHT NOW” and you’d just be like “…ummm…YES PLEASE!!!”

2.) Tamaki literally just wants everyone to be happy so don’t worry about not having someone to comfort you during hard times because Tamaki would be there for you 24/7 no matter what trying to make you smile.

3.) He’d make feel comfortable even when your outside of your comfort zone. He would probably force you to do some stupid stuff that he finds super interesting, but in doing so with him, instead of feeling super awkward dressed as a hoola dancer, he’d make you laugh and you’d end up really enjoying making a fool of yourselves

4.) He’s bilingual and would definitely have so much fun teaching you French if you wanted.

5.) Tama is Super, super, SUPER generous and would basically give up his house for you if you needed it.

6.) He’s impossible to push away. Have trouble letting people get close? Sorry my friend, but when Tamaki starts getting close to you, there’s no stopping him from becoming your confidant and your favorite person to confide in about everything.

7.) He would be super fun to do really stupid stuff with. Like, if you wanted to just color/draw all day while watching some obscure movie I feel like he’d be all over it. Also he’d probably try to take it to the next level by bringing some trophy for whoever colored the most pictures or something like that.

8.) He loves animals. Especially dogs. He’d be all for going to the dog park or a pet store and just staying there all day, fawning over all the adorable/fluffy animals.

9.) He 100% would take care of you if you got sick. Honesty, he’d probably become your temporary man-servant, constantly bringing you throat drops, tea, toast, soup, anything you wanted.

……..He’d probably end up getting sick too though so you’d have to take care of him next!

10.) He would ALWAYS be exited to see you. ALWAYS. There is no way this man would ever look at you, his friend, and frown or think “ugh…I just want some time apart.” No. He’d see you and be like “OMG IT’S *NAME*!!! *NAME* HI, HI, HI! LOOK IT’S ME, TAMAKI! DO YOU SEE ME? IT’S TOTALLY FATE THAT WE RAN INTO EACH OTHER! WE SHOULD HANG OUT AND DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!”

He’d just be the most fun friend to have!!!!

Dean Winchester Smut- To Want Someone Else

Prompt- You and Sam were the only ones up this early. He was doing research and you couldnt sleep, so you have a long conversation. About Dean. Then, you crawl back into bed with Dean, the next morning talking to him about some of what Sam said. 

A/N- I love jealous dean, dominant dean and just dean in general , so this idea was originally going to be a jealous dean, but i decided to make it more that that and changed it. Anywho, credit to gif owner and requests are open. Love you all :) 

     Tossing and turning made it feel like you had been up for hours. At this point, Dean was completely out, and you knew there was no reason to wake him up just because you couldn’t sleep. Groggily walking down the hall half awake in your pj’s, you joined Sam in the library. 

“I knew you’d be in here.” You said, smiling tiredly . “Why are you up?” Sam frowned at you from the book he was looking at, in a more worried manner than annoyed. “I couldn’t sleep.” You rubbed your eyes and sat down across from him. “Dean asleep?” Sam asked, pushing the book away from him and sending a beer across the table to you. Taking a sip, you crossed your legs and replied. “Yeah, I didn’t see a point in waking him up.” You shook your head and half smiled at the table.

     Sam was contently watching you, studying your features. He smiled back at you, though you weren’t really looking. “What’s up with you two?” Sam asked, looking at you. He knew something was up because your smile didn’t glow like it normally did. “We’re just off lately I guess.” you spun your beer around in the bottle, listening to the liquid. 

“Off?” Sam asked, leaning back in his chair looking at you. Leaning to the side, you threw your feet on top of the table, “Yeah, off. It’s like he always looks at other girls, not in a wanting way, but observing. Lately it feels different though. Like maybe he’s thinking about them.” You scoffed at yourself, taking a long drink from the beer. “He doesn’t want them..” Sam started, explaining certain things to you. 


    “I’m going to go wake up Dean as of the fact that it is 8 am.” You pushed yourself off the chair. Sam was still wide awake, and you were tired, but knew there was no getting back to sleep. When you opened the door to Dean’s room, he was laying there, the sheets hung low on his hips as he stared at the ceiling. “Baby.” you said, closing the door and walking towards the bed. 

    When you got there, you climbed onto the bed, straddling him. “Hey…” you said, worry edging your voice. You ran your hands up and down his toned abdomen, feeling the muscles that were there. “Do you really think I want someone else?” Dean’s face was tight, more angry than it seemed to be upset. “How did you hear-” Dean looked you straight in the eyes. “It was completely quiet, I heard it all.” Dean moved his hands from behind his head to rest upon your thighs . Moving them up and down from your knee to where it met your torso, Dean began to talk. “See, here’s the thing…” his hand was running up  the inside of your thigh  agonizingly slow.

     “I don’t want another girl. I don’t want to feel another girl wrapped around my cock, I don’t want another girl to moan my name. I don’t want another girl to feel me buried inside her.” Dean left his hand placed on the inside of your thigh, barely brushing against your core. 

     “Dean” you moaned, as he squeezed your thigh. “Y/N, I don’t want another girl. I want you. I want to be buried deep inside your warm, “ Dean sat up, kissing your neck, “tight” he bit your shoulder, moving down to your collar bones “pussy.” Dean played with the hem of your shirt, pulling it over your head.  “I want to fill you, thrusting deep inside of you, feel you cum” Dean kissed down the valley of your breasts, kissing and sucking on them. Your head went back, your arms wrapping around his neck to tug on his hair. 

    “You’re the only girl.” Dean said, sucking on your nipple, pinching the other one. “I don’t want to cum inside any other girl” Dean spoke slow, his kissing going down your body, igniting a fire in your core. Your body was erupting in a frozen fire. “Dean, please.” you spoke , pushing him into you. “What do you want, baby girl?” He asked, looking up at you, his hand paying with the waist band of your shorts. 

    “Make me yours.” you spoke confidently, lifting up enough to  remove your shorts and underwear. The sheets were cold against your burning core. Dean’s hand cupped your core as he used his middle finger to feel your wetness, spreading it across your folds. “You’re dripping.” Dean spoke lowly, kissing your soft lips. “Fuck.. please Dean, I need you.” You said , feeling his finger tease your entrance. “Baby girl, calm down.” Dean smirked at you, letting you feel his finger tap your hole. 

   Teasing you, Dean ran a finger up and down your slit, making you shudder when he touched your clit. “Fuckk” you said, pulling on his hair. “How can you possibly be wetter?” Dean asked, plunging a thick finger into you. Your head went back as he thrust his finger inside you, your walls were hot, tight around his digit. As Dean’s finger fucked you, his thumb ran circles on your clit, letting you clench around his when he did it. Grinding into his hand, you felt the hardness under your core. 

    “You make me so hard princess” Dean sped up his pace, feeling you cum on him. Your orgasm ran through your body as your heart calmed down, Dean pulled the sheets off him. “Come on baby, fuck yourself with my cock.” he spoke cockily, knowing you’d do it. Dean’s dick stood tall, pre cum spilling from the top. “Come on baby” Dean said, laying back, his hands on your hips. Taking the opportunity, you started to grind on him, his hard shaft spreading your folds as your  wetness rubbed on him. Dean let out a low moan, bucking his hips into you. You lifted, letting Dean’s tip touch your hole. Allowing just the tip, Dean grunted, his hands squeezing your hips harshly. Finally sinking down onto his thick girth, you didn’t move. Adjusting to his size, he stretched you wide, his tip hitting your g spot without you even moving. Dean pulled your hips forward, telling you to go. Doing as you were told, you began to rock back and forth. 

       Dean flipped you two over, resting between your legs, he pulled out then slammed back into you, hips hitting hips. “Fuck you’re so tight” Dean moaned into your neck, kissing and sucking. You nails raked down his back, the pleasure overwhelming. The knot in your stomach started to unravel as you clenched around Dean and came. Your back arched and for a second there was nothing but black. Dean was still thrusting before he shot his cum deep inside you. “I love you” Dean mumbled in your ear, holding you close as he rode out his high. “I love you too” you said, holding him tight enough you were weak.

A~Age: 17 turning 18 in August

B~Biggest fear: failing my friends and family

C~Current Time: 3: 12 PM

D~Drink you last had: water

E~Every day starts with: waking up and looking at the time before saying “ten more minutes”

F~Favourite song: idk I have a lot of songs I like

G - Ghosts, are they real?: yes

I~In love with: @drxkula

M~Middle name: Violet

N~Number of siblings: 3, little brother, big sister and a step brother

O~One wish: to be healthier 

P~Person you last called/texted: the pie family

Q~Questions you are always asked: “are you American?” “how did you get a big chest?” “why are you so strong?” “how do you eat so much?”

R~Reasons to smile: friends, guinea pigs, dogs, cats,…….capybaras 

S~Song last sang: IDK

T~Time you woke up: idk

U~Underwear colour: black and white

V~Vacation destination: idk I love it here

W~Worst habit: hitting my head and pulling out my hair when frustrated 

X~X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth (because they want to drill my baby tooth), hand (I broke it while running), hand…again (the gate slammed on it), tummy ( bad tummy aches!), chest (…….bronchitis) 

Y~Your favorite food: IDK! I LOVE MANY FOODS!!! 

Z~Zodiac sign: Leo

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Rules: copy this into a new text post, replace my answers with yours, and tag 10 people. 
A - age: hmm
B - biggest fear: hurting my friends and family
C - current time: 12:16 am
D - drink you last had: vanilla cupcake coffee from dd 
E - every day starts with: waking up in an addled daze
F - favorite song: Idk
G - ghosts: what about them
H - hometown: Queens Village
I - in love with: Ya mama
J - jealous of: all is obtainable through effort playa 
K - killed someone: what are you a fucking cop? 
L - last time you cried: idk
M - middle name: Hunter 
N - number of siblings: 7
O - one wish: ehhh
P - person you last texted: My sister and cousin 
Q- Questions you’re always asked: Are you British? (I don’t know why)
R - reasons to smile: all kinds of things
S - song last sang: Death of a bachelor 
T - time you woke up: like three minutes ago
U - underwear colour: pervert
V - vacation destination: Hawaii
W - worst habit: procrastination 
X - x-rays you’ve ever had: idk my wrist and jaw one time
Y - your favorite food: Pizza burger
Z - tagging yo moms, nah jk @asshatry

Fave Namjoon Smiles

His dimpled smile (I’m such a hoe ohmygod i need jesus)

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His shy smile (are you tryna kill me kim namjoon? because its fucking working)

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His I’m sexy and I FRIKKING KNOW IT smile (this SHIT is the reason i wake up every morning)

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His “I’m with Jin” smile (*CLUTCHES CHEST* NAMJIN)

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His embarrassed smile (call 911, no seriously)

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His “idk why i know these freaks” embarrassed smile (same babe, same)

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His aegyo smile (ok COME ON WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW ugh fucking unbelievable)

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and thats it! this underappreciated cutie is my life and his dimples can cure cancer and cause simultaneous mass-pregnancies. :D

Jongyu Ganster AU (Part 3)

Okay so this isn’t any of the two scenes I’m already working on for this AU for the people I talked to about but this happens much much later after the second part I wrote (and the two scenes I haven’t finished yet)
It is also incredibly short and unbetad OTL
Read the first two parts here~ (x) 

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I wanted to be the sun that lights up your day. I wanted to be one of the reasons why you wake up in the morning. I wanted to be the beautiful clouds that make you look up at the sky, and make you wear that blissful smile of yours. I wanted to be your favorite book that you read too many times. I wanted to be the one who holds your hand while walking on the long wide street. I wanted to be the face you’re trying to look for in the sea of strangers. And when you get tired, I wanted to be the one who sings you lullabies to sleep. I wanted to be the blanket that makes you feel warm in the cold lonely night. I wanted to scare all the nightmares that make you wake up in the middle of the night. I wanted to be with you on your happy days, but most of all, I wanted to be the one who kisses those tears away. Because I would be the one who stays when you feel that the whole world already left you behind.

Look how tired he looks. You can literally see it in his face, the amount of time he has spend actually thinking about the life his brother was going to have, had he not died. You can see the sunk melancholy as Hiro remembers even the smallest detail about Tadashi, say how he liked to leave his toothbrush out, and how even the smallest dim memory can lead to another tearful night of nothingness, and obviously, no sleep. 

You can see the hours he’s spent thinking about the ‘was supposed to happen, but things didn’t go as planned’. The thoughts like “he’s gone” and “maybe if i think hard enough, this is all just a dream, and i’ll wake up to a smiling Tadashi.’

You can see just how much his brother’s death effected him. This is a reason why I liked this movie so damn much. Hiro represented what it was like to actually lose something that was a major part of his life. And they did it with grace, to the point where even single frames can show you and tell you what happened and what a character is thinking without them having to speak a whole lot.

August 30, 2015 (Nate)

“You forget that I like you a lot,” he said offhand. Nate’s eyes meet yours and he smirks, pinky finger brushing yours as you walk side by side.

You shrug, diverting eye contact, “I guess it’s because I can’t figure out why you do so much.” Tucking your hand in your pocket, you sigh.

Nate chuckles, and drapes his muscular arm around your shoulders inhaling sharply as his dark eyes dart to meet yours, “you should be figuring out why a person wouldn’t like you…because there is no reason why.” Your perplexed expression causes him to chuckle once more and continue his soliloquy, “Fine,” he gives in, “I suppose I like you because you give me a reason to wake up in the morning, you’re honest, you’re kind, you make me feel complete, when your name pops up on my phone with that stupid monkey emoji I get a rush of endorphins and just your mere smile makes my day…shall I go on? Fill in the blank, Beautiful, I left it at ‘I like you’ for a reason.”

“I like you too,” you whispered.


The only mistake I made by falling in love with her was the part where I forgot to tell her that I’ll love every part of her. Even the parts she hates. She’s not just the sunset but also the sunrise. She’s not just the words I write but every single letter that composes them. She’s not just the playlists I make but every lyric of every song. She’s not just a part of my life but every moment in it. She’s the cold morning air and the warm night breeze. She’s the whole damn ocean and each wave under my surfboard reminds me that she’s bringing me back to her. I fall asleep with her in my arms but she’s waiting for me in my dreams. She’s the cute sleepy smile I wake up to. The agitated groan that signals she’s done arguing. She’s the laugh that reminds me why I work two jobs. She’s the constant voice of reason when I’m trying to drown out my demons. She’s not just the big picture but also the little details. She’s the light I desperately needed in the dark. She’s the chicken noodle soup when I’m sick and the tequila when I’m celebrating. All in all she’s the parts of me I love, she’s the parts of me that remind me I’m beautiful. She’s the parts of me that make me happy when I’m sad. She’s the grumpiness that reminds me to slow down. She’s the love in my heart.