the reason why i still watch gossip girl

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I usually hate when my OTP's parents get together (I get major Gossip Girl - Lily & Rufus and Dan & Serena vibes with Archie, Ronnie, Hermione and Fred and honestly it creeps me out) but I would be SO on board with FP being the real love of Alice's life. In fact, I need it to be canon.

I get what you are saying! That was my problem too when I was watching Gossip Girl; I hated it that the parents and the kids were all involved romantically and together they were always creating a big mess of break ups and ploys and deceit. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of Lily and Rufus nor Dan and Serena for that matter. For some weird reason I always liked Lily more with Bart (even though he was the biggest asshole and an unfair, giant prick to Chuck) and then Dan and Serena, I guess they never really spiked my interest? I was a Chair shipper so everything around them was just an insignificant background for me lol! Plus, Blair was the goddess of all goddesses and Serena was just bitching and moaning all the time so I was never really interested in her or her storyline. The only time I liked Serena was when she was with Tripp (even though he was married and even though he turned out to be an asshole too) and as for Dan, he was boring TO DEATH, I’m sorry, and he only had a somehow valid and decent storyline when he had that small-lived fling with Blair. So yeah, when Rufus and Lily and Dan and Serena were making up and breaking up and getting involved into this giant web of lies where the parents were acting worse than the teenagers, it was really tiring and disburbing for me to watch. 

But that was the mentality of that show. I mean it was called Gossip Girl for a reason; it was supposed to be raunchy and scandalous and unrealistic in that sense. We were tuning up to watch because it was a guilty pleasure, because parents and teenagers were acting irresponsibly and were destroying each other under the security blanket of their precious names and immense fortune. That’s the difference between Gossip Girl and Riverdale and that’s the reason why I (and possibly you) am ok with FP and Alice being an item in the past. Because if they had a fling or something more than that, I don’t see them rekindling that fire or acting on past feelings that may be there between them still. Because they understand that they are grown ups now, they take their role seriously and they are not acting like reckless high schoolers, like Lily and Rufus did. FP is not a role model of a father, Alice is not a role model of a mother but I do believe that they wouldn’t put themselves first in the love department and make Betty and Jughead feel uncomfortable. That being said, if they were indeed involved in a relationship in the past, which may justify Alice’s approval of Jughead, I think that maybe they will have one or two nostalgic scenes or some subtle references of their joined past when they get on screen together but, other than that or even some flashbacks, I don’t believe that they are going to get involved with each other again. Which is absolutely fine by me because people grow up and they make mistakes or change their minds or, simple as that, things don’t work out and the realistic thing to do is to move on and not jump back into past affections like, for example, Fred and Hermione. 

However, I do ship them (I can even say that they possibly are my second favorite couple on the show) and I would be SO on board with them having some history, because their dynamic looks spledid to me and it will also tie up nicely with Betty and Jughead. I really hope they become canon too, dear anon! Can’t wait for episode 10!! <3  

I have made a list of every TV show I have ever watched and oh boy.... I have A LOT of free time and also a big issue about commitment??

Gossip Girl (s6)
Pretty Little Liars (s7)
Community (s6)
My Mad Fat Diary (s3)
Political Animals (s1)
✓Still Watching:
Sherlock (s3)
Game of Thrones (s5)
Parks and Recreation (s6)
✓Waiting for New Season:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (s5)
Riverdale (s2)
Stranger Things  (s2)
3% (s2)
Legion (s2)
Black Mirror (s4)
Modern Family (s9)
13 reasons why (s2)
✓Not Watching Anymore:
How I Met Your Mother (s5)
Supergirl (s1)
Teen Wolf (s5)
Shadowhunters (s1)
The Flash (s3)
Arrow (s5)
Daredevil (s1)
Glee (s3)
Friends (s2)
Peaky Blinders (s2)
Shameless (s5/6)
The Walking Dead (s6)
Grey’s Anatomy (s2)
The Big Bang Theory (s9)

Skam (s3) American Horror Story (s4) Once Upon A Time (s4) Lucifer (s1)