the reason why i ship klaroline

@midnight-wicca: said @cupcakemolotov The point I was trying to make is about Plec being a fan-service writer. She claims to be feminist, but pushes toxic/abusive ships to cater to the largest most intense and unfriendly fandoms. i.e. Delena, Klaroline, etc. My question is, why are KC shippers reading posts tagged anti klaroline? Where’s the logic in that? I’m not arguing ships, I’m stating Plec disgusts me pushing fan service toxic relationships. TO season 5 trailer is proof of the baiting.

Okay so let’s take a moment here and be real. The reason you have people mad at you isn’t because we went trolling in the anti-tag for reasons to get salty. @klarolinedrabbles has way better things to do with her time and so do I. And tbh, one more person who is upset about our ship is hardly going to make anyone pause. The writers have been angry about us, the actors expressed dislike, and other fandoms have done it. For a while, it was the TO writing room theme song. So please, go be salty and angry in the anti tag. That’s why it exists. But let’s not pretend that you were unfairly attacked because you’d never post in the Klaroline tag when a good % of the responses you’ve gotten involve/lead with a strong Get Out of Our Tag discussion. Just because you’ve updated your tags in some weird attempt at gaslighting doesn’t make you right.

Now, that said, if you’d led with your response to me, without railing against a single fandom, you’d have a lot less pushback, even posting it in the Klaroline tag. Do you think you’re the only one utterly frustrated by Julie Plec being Julie Plec? The poor multishippers are struggling something fierce. But don’t try to sell me things that aren’t true.

Particularly when this is your opening line:

You know what I find most disturbing about the fan service forced KLAROLINE ship now polluting The Originals?’

Then *this* gem of compassionate understanding:

That shouldn’t be reward by giving them what they want. All that’s doing is bending over backwards like a spineless coward to give these psychopaths what they want. Being the nastiest, loudest cry babies shouldn’t be rewarded. If anything, people like these for any ship should have their ‘ship’ sank just for their ill behavior.’

You spent a paragraph railing against people you’ve never met and probably never interacted with. You’re not the first or the last who will do this, you’re not even the first to do it from a false moral high ground, but please don’t pretend that this complaint of yours isn’t ship driven and that your rhetoric was only meant to be cast on JP. Particularly when you’re pulling examples from things that have been laid at the feet of the KC Fandom, rightly or wrongly.

Look, I understand the frustration that comes from a television show going off what I consider the deep end and forcing me to watch something I hate, should I wish to keep watching. But unlike you, I also understand that my online interactions, my social media and the television I consume are mine to control. I get to decide what I see on a daily basis, and that’s why people are angry. You brought this into our safe space. Your vitriol was intended to shame, an attempt to make yourself look good and feel better about your bitterness by insulting entire fandoms because you were unhappy with something JP decided months ago.

4 years ago Klaroline stole my heart. Klaus and Caroline are the actual reason why I joined fandom life. 4 years of nothing. 4 years of hurt feelings. 4 years just waiting, never knowing if anything would come from it. And now, 4 years later, it’s Klaroline’s time. I’m so emotional right now. I can’t believe my favorite ship is finally getting their moment to shine. They set our screens on fire 4 years ago and this time will be no different. Bring it, Klaroline!

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Ugh, Anti-Plec

Honestly, I’ve been anti-Plec slowly for a while, but now….full on.

Caroline “He will be the man that I always loved”
This line pisses me off because she didn’t always love him. She had a crush and moved on with Damon (ugh), then Matt. If she truly loved him, she wouldn’t of given up or it would of taken much longer to move on.

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Yep, she really loved Stefan when she was getting Tyler’s D.

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Yeah, she was really thinking about her “love” for Stefan, here.

Julie Plec has not only disrespected Forwood, but also Tyler. He came back for three seconds only to be killed by Damon and NO ONE IS UPSET! She literally excuses killing Tyler. Then she belittles Forwood. Who are probably more loved that Klaroline. A portion of Klaroliners (like me) also like Forwood but we prefer Klaroline.

I know that a lot of Forwood stans hate Klaroline for ruining their ship, but at least we acknowledge it:

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Klaroline don’t dismiss Forwood, we acknowledge it for the greatness it is.

There are a lot of reasons why I can’t buy into Steroline, the main reason is that they are my BrOTP. they had this beautiful emotional chemistry as friends, and fans loved that. I admit I could see them as a couple, but the way it happened just went to shit.

1) They don’t have the physical chemistry or the passion to anchor a show.
2) Stefan was the reason she turned her humanity off (along with Liz’s death). Don’t fight me she said it!
3) They were bad for each other. Ok, on paper, they are fine. But I’m talking character development. Caroline went from an insecure human to an independent vampire, full of snark and sassiness, she showed no fear and managed to attract the Original Hybrid! With Stefan, she cried over a guy, always forgave him too quickly and was insecure again, it never felt like Stefan deserved Caroline. It just felt like Stefan could do what he wanted because he knew Caroline would always be there. If he messed up, like leaving Caroline and travelling and dating Valerie, or sending her to the wrong location of the twins - it was “I’m sorry”, “Forgiven” ½ episodes later. I want to see Stefan grovel and beg. He needs to know that he’s done wrong and how to avoid it, he needs to know that Caroline can’t be treated like that, earn her forgiveness.
4) Stefan also suffered. Now, I don’t know if this is down to Paul Wesley, he loves the epicness of Stelena. But Stefan felt more selfish with Caroline. With Elena, you knew that it was Elena and that he wouldn’t stray and Elena was the priority. With Elena gone, Julie shifted it to the brothers, but this meant that Stefan prioritised Damon over Caroline, but at times it would also be other people, he liked to keep Caroline out of the loop.
5) Caroline’s only storyline for S8 was the June Wedding and Stefan. In S7 it was Stefan, the twins were only involved due to Candice’s pregnancy. Julie just didn’t give her a proper storyline.
6) The quick steps: They got engaged just after moving in, and a couple of months after they reunited. Yeah they known each other for long. 4 years as friends, A few months in S7 as a couple, then 3 years off. - but they haven’t dated long enough on to know if they are a stable couple, what if they broke up. Spoiler alert: They did. Then they get married and it wasn’t about them. It only happened because of Katherine and Damon organised it, with Caroline getting no say, she had a Steferine song and Katherine’s necklace. Not to mention they just got back together the episode before. I’d buy the wedding more if it was fake, but then they eloped or agree to do the real thing after Katherine was dealt with.
7) When Enzo died, she went to Stefan and not Bonnie. I believe in ho’s over bro’s and I think she should of gone to Bonnie first, even if Bonnie rejects her and let Damon handle Stefan. I think that if she did that, Bonnie might not immediately reject her.

The last one isn’t about Steroline, it is about the stans. I’m not going to generalise everyone, but one of my peeves is that they claim that KC are a bullying fandom and make themselves sound perfect when I’ve heard worst. I’m not saying that Klaroline is perfect, there is a lot of ugly in ships, especially these days and in current shows. But I remember when Steroline were split and I saw stans give a lot of hate to Julie and the writers on twitter, also getting in a strop if another ship gets honoured or referenced. Also another peeve is when Steroline stans say that Klaroline stans must hate Caroline. But I’ve seen a lot of Steroline stans who like Damon and Daroline friendship and that is worst. He abused her, made her feel terrible and got away with it. Yeah, there scenes are cute but they forget the S1 context. Damon got away with it and Caroline never got an apology, Plec just address it in S8 as if he was always guilty, and she already forgave him. - The big injust is how they handled that. Prime time to approach that was S1 and S2 but they skimmed over it.

On paper, they should work. I love the friends-to-lovers- trope, but they approached it wrong and they created a couple that can’t anchor as a main couple that goes through angst, I’ve seen more people go off it. Trust me I wasn’t against this from the start. I try to love all the ships that happen, I’m Stelena, but when Delena happened I was okay this is the new thing. But the writers did not create an epic story.

Not to mention the humanity switch. It just surprises me, how much people get away with it, especially if you’re a main character. Damon and Stefan do the worst off it and they come of unscathed by the gang. Stefan has an addiction to blood, that changes someone which equates to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It changes someone, to the point that sometimes they want to switch their humanity off and not care. Vampires can actually do that! It would just be nice for the main characters to go “No! That’s not cool, be guilty for a while” - obviously not for too long, that doesn’t make good TV, but when you compare to when they condemn someone who isn’t in their inner circle it’s shocking.

Now, you may not agree, I expect many not to. But the big fanservice isn’t great. Yes, Klaroline were a little fanserviced - but not completely otherwise they’d be together. But Steroline has been fanserviced all season this year. All you guys are so happy you got your wedding, that it doesn’t even bother you that it wasn’t about them and the only reason they had it was to lure an enemy out. Yeah, they love each other, and probably would have eventually have the wedding but it wasn’t their wedding. The wedding will forever be tainted by that. If the wedding happened with no ulterior motive, I’d be upset, but I’d be fair enough and try to move on. But I can’t be happy for Caroline in the circumstances it happened.

Tyler Lockwood deserved better. Forwood deserved better. Klaroline deserve better (if you don’t intend to have them together, don’t lie and bait us).

A note for Forwood fans, if KC weren’t endgame, I would of been happy with Forwood.

How The Vampire Diaries Ruins Everything They Create

- Compelling lead female role-

Turns her into a selfish, disgraceful person to make it believable she would be in a relationship with Damon. Instead of having Damon work on himself, and redeeming his character. 


Turns from Elena changing Damon into a better person, to Elena a worse one. Doesn’t give Elena realistic time single before moving on to Damon. The sire bond. Damon almost killing Jeremy AGAIN because Elena (Katherine) left him. Damon killing Elena’s friend Aaron. Elena not caring. Saying they are toxic for each other every episode then banging.  Breaking up, then going on a death mission suddenly so in love with each other. Elena forgets her ‘good’ memories of damon, gets together with him within a few episodes. 


Having Elena have sex with Damon the day after (or the day of? I do not even care to remember) her and his brother Stefan break up. Stefan leaving his own home because Elena moves on in with Damon. Elena banging Damon all sumer while Stefan suffered. Elena not caring when Stefan died. 

-Klaus/ The Original Family-

Best thing to happen to TVD. Diverse characters with complicated relationships. Best villain/villains to date. Kills Kol, takes other originals off show. Gives Klaus his own show with a horrible baby plot, Hayley and Camille. Hayley, introduced as a complete idiot who lets her friends be murdered (by Klaus, her furture baby daddy!) just to get a fucking USB drive with jack shit on it. Camille, the most irrelevant carbon copy wannabe Caroline brought in for a love interest. Reduces Klaus’s character to a whiney baby who annoys everyone and cries every episode.  


Interesting new character introduced through flashback. Great back story, accent, and hair. Joins the show with a bad dye job and over gelled hair. Relevance on show goes from Damon’s friend, with a blooming friendship with Caroline, to being obsessed with Stefan, torturing Matt, and pursuing to hurt Sarah Salvatore for no legitimate reason. Goes from having a boner for Stefan and Damon, to having an even bigger one for their mother Lily Salvatore. I’m not surprised. 


See above.


One of the most popular ships TVD has ever created. Ends up having the characters on different shows. But do not fear, Julie Plague is here! She gave you a one night stand in the forest as respect to the ship. 


Has Caroline sleep with Klaus not because she fell in love with him, but because why not. Klaus, who killed Tylers mother. Although I never shipped forwood, there is no argument that this did not ruin the ship for anyone who did. 


Cute romance starts up. Cuddling in a car. Being there for each other. Damon dies, Stefan gets a different girlfriend. They fight.  Caroline cries. They make up. Caroline’s mom begins her battle with cancer. Suddenly now Stefan falls for Caroline after dwelling for too long. Caroline decides she can not fall for him because she needs control. But you already fell for him??? At your moms funeral you were down to date Stefan but then he did not express his feelings so you turned off your emotions??? So what is the difference???? Why did it take so long for Stefan to realize Caroline is a million times better than Elena??? Why did the writers ruin steroline for me??? 

-Kai Parker-

Best villain since Klaus. Played by an amazing actor. Chemistry with the characters on the show. Redemption arc begins. Complete 180. Kai stabs his pregnant sister to death. Gets killed by Damon with little to no effort. I thought these witch vampire hybrids were supposed to be strong??? 


Amazing character. Saddest death scene. Brought back to life. Complete twat the whole season. Kills his bride and babies in front of him. Rather he stayed dead. 


Heres to waiting for season 7 to see how they can ruin it like they ruin everything. :)

Characters I loved who died or left the show 








Characters who are completely useless but continue to live





-Sarah Salvatore

-April Young


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hey i saw how you ship klaus and caroline and i wanted to ask you as a klaroline shipper myself, how do you respond to the antis who say that klaroline is unhealthy and toxic? Thanks

I’ve been thinking about the reason why kc could be toxic/unhealthy in someone’s mind and the only scenes that come to my mind is stabbing scene and klaus killing tyler’s mom. Nothing else comes to my mind so I guess I will focus on that, if you have something else they’re accusing kc of just hit me up.

I will focus more on why I don’t see this relationship as toxic & not how I respond to them. Because one: t100 fandom tought me to not fight anymore because it’s tiring, if i see some dumb people on twitter I’d usually make a joke about their anti kc tweets. two: after 4 years i legit don’t give af what they think since I know we’re getting our endgame.

Now I know it’s dumb to say but I always look at who are antis shipping instead. If it’s Stero.line or DE, it’s obv they don’t look at the whole story of characters/ship but only at one scene. SC or DE has lots of scenes which are done well, romantic light, music etc and if i haven’t seen the whole show, I’d say “yeah they make a cute couple”. But (sorry if you’re DE fan i’m just using them because it’s the easiest for me) if you watched the whole show and you see the whole story you see how fucked up the couple is. Example: SC might have kiss with some good music and good light and all that stuff but doesn’t change the fact that Caroline literally had to tell Stefan that she deserves the same respect he gave Elena;doesn’t change the fact that to Stefan Elena and Damon will always come first; doesn’t change the fact that whole Caroline’s story during all seasons was that she wanted… she deserved to be someone’s first. And Stefan (or any other character beside Klaus) couldn’t give it to her. (I did love Tyler though with my whole heart and I do think For.wood was amazing). To ship sth I always need a good story, not only chemistry. This is what KC has. This story is about Klaus who thought he wasn’t capable of love until he met her and Caroline who thought noone will ever put her first.
(I won’t bring up whole Caroline’s mother dying to prop up Stero.line, her dying to make Stefan realize he has some feelings for Car… I won’t talk about it but the point is that no matter how amazing music, light, dress etc they’re going to have in their scene - their story is still terrible).

Next thing is that tvd is supernatural show. You can’t compare KC to some ship from non-supernatural show and say “yeah they’re healthy and KC is toxic” because in tvd/to they’re all vampires, they have to kill people to live, and in other shows the worst thing they can do is well idn steal(?). Also people comparing KC to any other ship in TVD and saying they’re “healthy” and “kc is toxic”, please love yourself. Julie fucked up every ship possible in tvd and on every couple I’d find sth to say they’re destroyed. (I’m both SE and KC fan and I do think SE was fucked up so many times and KC sex scene made no sense and it was only a “goodbye” to our fandom). I was talking with people from HTGAWM fandom about KC one time, they were all Wau.rel shippers (like me, tagging it only like this so it won’t end up in their tag) and they all hated KC. They asked me how can i ship this “toxic” ship and “pure, healthy” wau.rel ship at the same time. The thing is - show is different, the “world” in both shows is different and you could never compare this two ships together. Once again - TVD deals with vampires who live for 1000-100 years and during their whole life they had to do some terrible things to survive & they lost their humanity along the way etc etc etc.

Now defending KC. I’m gonna start with the fact that Klaus is like 1000 years old and for his whole life he has been fighting about what he wanted, always getting what he wanted, and everyone was supposed to fear him and be at his command. The only ones he cared about for his whole life (which is 1000 year!) was his family (in his twisted way because he did “kill them” -put them to sleep lmao but u know what I mean). He lived like that for his whole life. Then Salvatores/Tyler started challenging him and he was lashing out. That’s when he killed Tyler’s mother or when he stabbed Caroline. Now if someone doesn’t want to ship KC because of that then ok, I understand. But u gotta understand the story. Klaus for 1000 years cared only about his family. TVD gang killed Kol (his brother), locked up Klaus in a room and left dead body in front of him for hours to just.. watch but not being able to even touch him. THEY LITERALLY KILLED HIS BROTHER IN FRONT OF HIM AND HE COULDN’T HELP HIM. (I’m honestly still dissapointed and surprised and everything that he didn’t burn the whole Mystic Falls down after this.) So that’s on stabbing scene, I think he just lost it because of what they have done to his brother and for me it’s understable when you think about the fact that noone ever did something like this to him for 1000 years - kill a member of his family. (once again it’s a supernatural show and searching for pure ship who meets falls in love and gets married is just not a supernatural show) Similar situation was with Tyler’s mother - Tyler was responsible for taking Klaus’s whole army, his “new family”, so he lashed out to show who is in power. How Klaus paid for that? With Kol’s live. Plus: Klaus killing somebody is on Klaus not on Caroline.

The core of toxic/abusive relationships is when the person1 just accepts what the person2 is doing to them. They fear them or they even defend their actions (like “he has been drinking, it normally wouldn’t have happened”). It’s when the abuse is justified/excused by them or some other people (which obv is wrong). Once again sorry if you’re DE but for me it’s just perfect example. When D killed Aaron, Elena’s friend (because “Elena” broke up with him, legit that’s his whole reason) - IN THE SAME EP - Elena defends him and says it wasn’t his fault. D screams “look at us we’re in toxic relationship i just killed your friend and you found someone else to blame” - Elena was blaming herself (Katherine in her body) for this. That NEVER happened with Klaroline.

Caroline never defended Klaus’s actions. Klaus knew, feared that Caroline would never ever accept him for who he is, that she would never forgive him or forget things he has done (not only to her friends but for his whole life - the monster he was for 1000 years). Legit IN EVERY FUCKIN SCENE Caroline calls him out on all things he has done. She not even once justified his behaviour. Lemme show you examples I remember because I haven’t seen s3/s4 in like 4 years.

Klaus: I saved your life. Twice.
Caroline: Because you put it in danger. Twice.

Klaus: Don’t turn your back on me.
Caroline: I should turn my back on you ages ago.

There’re a lot of scenes like that, Klaus tries to have the “power” over the situation, screams, Caroline doesn’t give a fuck and calls him out on what he has done.

Caroline: Don’t you have a dying girl who you want to punish for all of her sings.
Klaus: I do but I won’t for you.

Klaus for almost whole Katherine’s live was trying to catch her, kill her, use her etc. Even when Elijah begged him to stop because he was in love with her, he didn’t agree. Caroline didn’t even have to ask and Klaus changed his mind thanks to her, for her. It’s all for her.

Caroline was trying for so long to not admitt her feelings, her attraction for Klaus. In 4x13 he asks her is she could forget everything what he has done but he knows she can’t but she believes he can be saved.

Klaus: Don’t understimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are driven to it. (…)
Klaus: So you never felt the attraction that comes from someone who is capable of terrible things cares only about you
Car: I did once when I thought it was worth it.

Caroline: There’s a part of you that is human.
Klaus: How could you think that?
Caroline: Because I’ve seen it. Because I caught myself wishing I could forget all the terrible things you have done.
Klaus: But you cant can you?
Caroline: I know that you’re in love with me. And anyone who is capable of love is capable of being saved.

This was 4x13. In 5x11 everything has changed. She admitted what she felt to him what she wanted.

Klaus: I’m going to walk away and I’m never coming back. You’ll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility or revulsion. And you’ll never have to loathe the darkest parts of yourself that care for me, in spite of all I’ve done. i will be gone and you will be free. I just want you to be honest with me.
Caroline: Yes, I do cover our connection with hostility.. because yes, I hate myself for the truth. So if you promise to walk away… like you said, and never come back. Then yes.. I will be honest with you. I will be honest with you about what I want.

Okay where am I going with this. Caroline never justified Klaus’s action. She saw the good part of him but was never okay with what he was doing to other people. She challenges him, she calls him out, she doesn’t take his shit. In “toxic relationship” she would be the one who would defend him, his actions and would forgive him everything he has done. But it’s not her. The story of her admitting that she feels something to him goes through 3 seasons. She admitts that she saw the good in Klaus in 5x12(I think?) but she still doesn’t defend his actions and everyone is making her feel bad about her sleeping with Klaus. Stefan is the only one who says that they all have done terrible things and Klaus isn’t the only person like that. Only after that she accepts her “connection” with Klaus (her sleeping with Klaus) but she still don’t give him a free pass to all things he has done and she doesn’t want to be with him. And Klaus gives her the time she needs, he says however long it takes and leaves her and waits until she is ready and she will show up at his door. (in toxic/abusive relationship he would just take what he wanted)

god this is so long I should end this but I feel like I still didn’t say everything I wanted… eh, I will just end it like this ok? Like I said hit me up if you have some doubts about anything.

It's Time to Abandon Ship: Why I moved on from Stelena & Klaroline and jumped aboard Steroline

I just wanted to put this out there in anticipation of Steroline getting together, and to help drown out all the Steroline hate that’s been thrown around lately. Besides, I know I’m not the only ex-Stelena and ex-Klaroline shipper out there who came to see the light. 

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Stfu and stop writing an essay on how u can't let people live if Daniel wants to hate klaroline then that's okay but that's not a reason u should be hateful towards him because klaroline is a fucking fictional ship and u need to mature if u think it's more important than a real life person

So you come into my ask box and call me and the rest of my fandom bitches but you want me to shut the fuck up?? Like I said DG has the right to hate KC if he wants, I just pointed out that his hate is unfounded and childish that’ll all. I’ve no idea why you’re so pressed we have a difference of opinion pls feel free to unfollow/block me if you don’t like mine. Nobody’s being hateful towards him anon?? I’m not in his twitter mentions sending rude comments or death threats I made a post on my own private blog. Again, when did I say Klaroline was more important than a real life person?? I’m allowed to have an opinion on DG that will literally no affect him in anyway shape or form. It’s sooo interesting to me that your coming for me for treating your precious DG so inhumanely when he’s the same one who went after a teenager on Twitter for liking Klaroline. You need to mature and stop making arguments where there isn’t one

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which shows and ships do you post?

shows: the vampire diaries, the originals, teen wolf, pretty little liars, riverdale, 13 reasons why
ocassionally: house md, lost, austin & ally, reign, h2o just add water, skins br>
ships: stelena (i still have around 500 liked gifsets of them that are to be reblogged, i love going through people’s archives :D), kolvina, bughead, stydia, scallison, clannah, spoby, bonenzo, bamon , klamille, forwood ( i don’t include friendships because there’s so many of them)
ocassionally: frary, auslly
i used to post but i got over them: haleb, stalia, klaroline
Sometimes i post anti delena and anti ezria stuff. Hope I didn’t forget about anyone ;p

It's not the ship that makes the fandom. It's the fans that make the fandom. :)

I’m not really a positive person. Most of the time I’m rather pessimistic, or as I’d like to call it, realistic. In Thranduil’s words, I don’t like giving myself hope where there is none.

But KLAROLINE - this is the one thing that I will always have hope in. They are the first ship I ever felt this strongly for, the first pairing that inspired me enough to write / make graphics for, the first couple that I loved unconditionally regardless of the many arguments against them. I can’t give up on them just like that, no matter what Julie Plec says.

There’s a reason why a fandom is called a fandom and not a shipdom. As long as we stay true to our KC family, there will always be Klaroline, regardless what happens in TVD and in TO. 

So guys, let’s ship on. :) Let’s laugh, cry, vent and comfort each other. Let’s fight for this if we must. But let’s always have faith, let’s always believe in someday. However long it takes.

As long as we have our family, we have Klaroline. :)

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Lately I've seen the argument that Camille is the only one who treated Klaus well and Caroline always treated him bad and that's why Cami/Klami is better, so can you write a meta telling us why Camille's role isn't any better from Caroline's

Well I actually think this is a hilariously inaccurate characterization of both relationships for a few reasons. Not only do I not feel like this doesn’t appropriately describe Klaus’ relationship with Cami or with Caroline, but I really don’t understand why Cami being nice to Klaus would be a positive attribute to their relationship while Caroline being mean to Klaus would be a negative, especially considering Klaus’ behavior towards these two women. And unsurprisingly, I think this is a huge oversimplification of what is actually going on in both situations, and more importantly completely ignores the subtext of why Klamille is problematic in a way that Klaroline is not. 

What really strikes me as funny about this notion right off the bat is the idea that Cami is better for Klaus because she’s nice to him. Their quasi-romantic relationship aside, Cami has been repeatedly sold by the writers as Klaus’ therapist, no? So… in what world is the purpose of a therapist to just be nice to you? What is the psychiatric benefit of someone telling you everything you want to hear? Putting Cami’s “love” for Klaus aside, what sane person, let alone person with a doctorate in psychology, would think that blind positive reinforcement for a literal serial murderer would somehow be psychologically beneficial? It’s really a perfect demonstration of how meaningless Cami’s characterization is outside of Klaus, because it makes zero logical sense and is behavior solely meant to prop up Klaus. 

But on a more personal level, again, Cami may be giving Klaus what he thinks he wants, but she’s certainly not giving him what he needs. Not to mention, she’s already giving him the kind of constant reinforcement that made him into the train wreck that he is, and it’s the reinforcement that he’s already gotten from many different people over his lifetime anyway. Accepting Klaus as he is has done nothing to make him a better, saner, or even happier person. And more importantly, one of my biggest issues with Klamille and Klaus’ behavior on TO in general is that Klaus would never trust or love someone who believed that he’s a good person deep down, because he does not believe that. Klaus would see Cami’s behavior towards him as yet another person being fooled by his carefully crafted facade, and he would never be interested in the thoughts or opinions of someone that he knew didn’t see through him, that he couldn’t see as his equal. 

Which is a huge reason why I think Klaus was so intensely drawn to Caroline. Because Caroline does see Klaus for who he really is. And she not only sees that, she understands that it’s something Klaus has crafted himself. What I think is far too simple about Cami’s perspective on Klaus (and on pretty much everything seeing as she’s supposed to be this genius psych expert) is that she sees Klaus’ goodness as something fundamental about his being. Like no matter what he says or does, or how far her pushes himself, he will always have that goodness and light in him. And what I really hate about that is that it alleviates a ton of Klaus’ personal responsibility for his choices, and what’s worse is that Klaus already does that himself constantly. He always attributes what he does to what he is, like it’s just a fundamental element of his structure or something. I think what makes his relationship with Caroline more interesting than any of his other relationships is that Caroline refuses to allow him to do that. She acknowledges when he’s being terrible, she acknowledges when he’s being good, but she always forces him to recognize that it’s always his choice to do that. He can choose to be good as easily as he can choose to be bad, but he has to own the responsibility for those decisions. 

And finally, Caroline doesn’t even treat Klaus badly. She simply treats Klaus the way Klaus treats other people. She uses him for her own ends, she manipulates him, she sees him for what he is, and she sometimes sees more in him than she wants to but she never loses track of the person he really is. And I’m sorry, but why the hell should she? Are we all going to really sit here and pretend that Klaroline would be MORE shippable of Caroline just took Klaus’ shit with a smile and a pat on the back? Is Cami a more suitable partner for Klaus because she endures his abuse for the hope of some basic goodness in him that he never shares with her? Is Klamille a better relationship because Cami completely disregards her own needs TO THE POINT OF LITERAL DEATH for the sake of someone who treats her horribly? I don’t know about you, but a huge reason that I ship Klaroline is BECAUSE Caroline doesn’t treat Klaus well. Klaus hasn’t earned her good treatment! Why should Caroline sacrifice her own safety and happiness for the sake of a violent, self absorbed lunatic? Sure, Cami treats Klaus like the pathetic woobie he has become. But I am NOT interested in watching any relationship where a woman’s entire worth is measured in her ability to wank off a wanker, and I think it’s laughable for anyone to argue that Caroline failing to dissolve into Klaus is a negative aspect of Klaroline as a relationship. 

anonymous asked:

i guess i should be happy for the klaroline phone call but i didn't like it. i'm glad they interacted but those babies really ruined it for me. i wish they were gone. what is it with julie plec and babies?! god, she ruins everything.

Yeah I understand where you are coming from and this is why I was more excited -and still am- about the fandom reactions instead of that particular scene itself. I have not bothered watching the scene because of the babies  (ew) because I do not like the trickery of JP of using a popular item to push and force the most rejected one and then take pride over how she actually gave what people asked for. No. It does not work that way. And how much more when you do not put the actors in the same room so you lack the chemistry by default and you burden the ship with shitty writing. The phonecall works only through allusions and a personal point of view over the context of it and the underlined messages one can decipher.

However after seeing all the related gifs from the crossover episode of TVD (which is the only one I care about and I do not really expect anything from the TO part) I have to say that my heart indeed did melt but not because of the phonecall. I am erasing that one (or most parts of it) from memory. But I saw the Klefan scenes and those were more Klaroline scenes than the Klaroline scene itself.

Klaroline was never only about getting Klaus and Caroline in the same room. It was never about following the easy or conventional way. It was about the level and depth of their relationship and how that mirrored (and STILL DOES) not only in their interactions but in their personal attitude and in their interactions with others. The insight I got from the gifs of the Klefan scenes (which I admit sooner or later I will cave and probably search for them in youtube) was what I have missed the most about Klaroline. It was the need and the burning emotions that lie between the lines and just underneath the surface. It was the things that were not said that matter more than the things that were said. I had my expectations set on the lowest of lows and I got something that can even be compared (As much as it can with the current writing that is) with very fond memories I have from this ship. This kind of excitement ignites all over again my need and my passion for this ship.

Do you remember some very important scenes we got for Klaroline when Caroline was not in the same room?

Klaus has always been reacting instinctively only in the sound of Caroline’s name.

Caroline will be there”

Caroline is in there, don’t you have a thing for her?”

“Bonnie doesn’t give a damn about us. The only reason she is helping is to save Caroline and Tyler”

“Why? What happened to…Caroline?”

“I think this has something to do with a certain blonde vampire

“I think you’re worried Caroline’s never gonna forgive you"

We got that in the Klefan scenes. And we even got even more. Do know from season 4 which episode I did not like when it came to a Klaroline scene? It was 4x19. The scene where Caroline asks Klaus for a prom dress (I guess now this scene is not the worst ever since we have the baby crap that take the prize) and back then even though there was some comedic element in the scene I was like…just no. But then it was the rest of the episode concerning Klaroline that had won my heart over.

It was not Klaus and Caroline but it was Klaus and Tyler that made my heart melt and what happened with Stefan in the crossover episode is a great parallel of that. And this is why it does not matter if I will wait for this ship for a year or two or ten. I will be there for every moment of it because …was it worth it?…hell yeah it was and it still is and it will forever be worth it.

Stefan in the prom episode while dancing with Caroline had told her that she has wrapped Klaus around her small finger. And this was true and it was the one and only thing that saved Tyler’s life. Klaus the master of revenge and of the absolute ultimatums always takes a step back in the most selfless ways (as much as his character can be described with such words) when it comes to what Caroline needs. Caroline’s happiness comes first. If it is Caroline that is asking something then he will do it. Hell he will do it without her even asking. Klaus wants the best for Caroline and he is willing to walk the distance and to move heaven and earth for her even if she is not with him and even there is no promise of them being together. He does not even want her gratitude. All he wants is her well being. That kind of connection runs deep and changes him to the core because he would not do that for any other person. It is not just Klaus’ actions towards Caroline that show the depth of his feelings for her. It is how Klaus reacts as a person towards others and the only motivation for that change is not being with Caroline or controlling Caroline or proving to Caroline he is the best choice for her. Caroline is not a trophy. Caroline is not the balm for his pain. She is the one that comes first above all. The motivation is her well being even when she will never learn about what Klaus does for her and even if he has to let her go. Because sometimes caring for someone and falling in love with someone is not about the epic declarations and the roar (which we have also got in the history of this ship) but it is about the silence and the sound that silence produces that sets the world a different spin for an immortal that otherwise has been unrelenting, unmoving, uncaring, unchanging. This kind of promise is the one that makes the however long it takes still stand. We are just riding the middle waves here. The last love is not here yet. We are just waiting in the between. It is a long wait but …was it…is worth it?….yes because nothing that is actually worth it comes easy. It wouldn’t be worth it if it did.

In the prom episode of S4 Klaus was happy to provide Caroline with a dress in order to make her dreams come true even though he was not there to see her enjoying the dress and dance and laugh and smile in it. He was not there to take pride over his actions. But then he stood there and watched the object of his desire dancing with his nemesis and the man he had swore to kill on sight and hunt to the ends of the earth (something he had done for every other as he did for Katherine in England centuries ago and for the centuries that followed). He stood there and watched in silence as Caroline professed her love and happiness for another. He stood there and watched her in the dress he had given her be happy for being in the hands of the man that in his mind had destroyed dreams he had (for creating his hybrids) for a thousand years.

And when Tyler steps out of Caroline’s house Klaus confronts him but he doesn’t hurt him. He doesn’t touch a single hair from his head. He lets him go. His wrath is there, his rage pulsates but what matters the most is Caroline’s happiness. And Klaus takes a step back from his own ego and pride and revenge plans and from the ways he has set for himself for a thousand years.

Because as he has said before. “Because of you Caroline. It was all for you.”

So he stands and watches Tyler run away once more unscathed but only after he asked him:

“Was it worth it to see her smile to make her dream night come true?…”

And Klaus knows that it was worth it. Because he does the same for her. All the time. Everytime. And that won’t change. That won’t change in a year or two or five or a thousand. It does not matter if the reason behind Caroline’s smile is something trivial or something earth shuttering. It makes no difference for him. As long as Caroline gets her happy ending that is what matters for Klaus. And he won’t reveal to Caroline his actions. It is the secret he keeps deep inside. That weakness that is the strength he needs in order to overcome the worst parts of himself even for one tiny moment of humanity that will still highlight his true personality. He is the villain. He is the monster. But he is still the man that once he cares he will take himself out of the spotlight and will do what the heroes do not. Which is everything and anything for the person he cares for without asking nothing in return. Not with Caroline. Never with Caroline. Never for the girl that even the sound of her name is enough to turn his world upside down in one second stat. And all that while he will still respect her choices. He will respect her choice to live or die, to be with him or another. He will respect the way she chooses to live away from him. She is free and she is in control and with him she will never have to fear otherwise. And this is why when push comes to shove Caroline will know that when things turn dangerous Klaus will always be her safe haven and a shelter for her. Because Caroline is loyal for those she loves and is ready to sacrifice everything for them but when it comes to for her to be treated in that way by others? There is only one person in the whole wide world that is ready to treat her that way asking nothing in return. His name is Klaus Mikaelson. Because for him she is the unforgettable one and he will always be there for her. No questions asked. While asking nothing in return and without shaming her for it or making feel insecure about it. Without taking away her agency.

This is the kind of care and emotion that someone can take for granted because it is a fact of life for certain people and certain relationships no matter the reasons or the time or the obstacles.

And that in its core is one of the reasons why Klaroline works in the way it does and why people won’t let go.

So maybe the phonecall did not work in the way many would expect but everything else? Klaus once more does not care if the world around him burns. He does not care what the consequences will be. He does not care that this goes against everything he is and declares he is. He will help Stefan. Despite his bitterness and his rage and the danger. He will be the selfless one. He will be the savior. He will shed his skin and will become what Caroline needs in order to be happy. And once more he will put Caroline first and will try to make the world a better place for her as long as her desires get fulfilled. She does not even need to know about it. She does not even need to know what is at stake and what this means for him. As long as she is happy that is enough. He does not even need to answer if he loves her not. Actions speak louder than words.

So was it worth it?

Hell yeah.

I just saw someone who said they weren’t going to watch season 7. When asked for the reason why she replied “I’m not a Steroline shipper.” So people are seriously so butt hurt over Steroline they’re going to miss out on a potentially amazing storyline with the Heretics, the Salvatore brothers getting along and trying to work through their mommy issues, and this new villain they’re planning to bring in. Not to mention the twists they’ve been teasing all summer. Seriously people. Stelena is dead. Klaroline is dead. Don’t bail on the show because your ship sunk 2 seasons ago.

Dear Carina MacKenzie,

Your lack of self-awareness, accountability, and childish resentment is breathtaking. No one cat burgled your offices and stole the scripts. Someone on YOUR side sent spoilers to a Tumblr user unsolicited. I’m glad to see that my initial instincts about your maturity level have borne out. Lashing out at a fandom that literally hasn’t given a fuck about you in months but who, surprise!, still mostly watch your show is the kind of self-destructive, self-centered behavior that I’ve come to expect from you, but had hoped you’d gotten out of your system with age and a gradual increase in self awareness.

Thanks for ruining the viewing experience for an awful lot of Klaroline fans who still watched TO (and weren’t actually hating on you at all) with your snide theatrics on that podcast today. This behavior right here, is why many fans don’t take your show seriously and don’t interact in large numbers with you or your colleagues on social media anymore.

I like how you give lip service to sticking up for teen girls and the things they’re into, but you turn around and are cruel to many of them because they’re associated with a ship that you blame for causing you personal problems for whatever reason that I will never understand.

Watching a show is fun. Shipping is fun. Even being critical of something you enjoy (or used to enjoy, as is the case with many of the people I suspect you have an issue with) is fun. What’s not fun is being belittled, snarled at, and being blamed for your issues.

I don’t count myself among that number because I’m a shit talker. I think being critical of things is fun, especially when it’s something completely ridiculous (like your show) that has been put out there for public consumption. It was never personal with me, nor with a lot of others. But hey, we are just haters, so who cares, right? Right.

I wish you the best of luck in pilot season next year and I truly mean that.

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Why do you think that there has not been the same kind of reaction to Klamille that there has been to Klaroline?

ooooh, now this is a question I’ve been waiting for haha. I’m going to break this down into categories.
Initial Presentation/Initial Reaction: Now it needs to be said that the second we met Camille everyone immediately went ‘well she looks a hell of a lot like Caroline’ and that shouldn’t happen. We’re not supposed to in seconds be able to take down a characters worth because the creators of said character were trying too hard to make that person look like someone else. So when we met Camille for the 1st time in the bar she seemed nice, respectable, no red flags really popped up for me. Then we see the scene where she analyzes a painting and Klaus starts like sobbing. Which wasn’t really a reflection on her character, she was just providing what she thought. However, it was obvious from here exactly the type of character she was going to be. And let me tell you, I didn’t like it one bit.

Who the character of Camille is supposed to be/Represent: Kay so Camille is supposed to be a Psychology grad student (should of been undergrad in my opinion) and she’s got this like ‘ability to really understand people’ based on this level of intelligence that they’ve given her. Which what this really means is that she’s meant to be as the only person who can understand and decipher Klaus. That’s why she’s a Psychology student, not because that’s what they wanted to make her study but because it’ll make the Klamille more believable. The issue lies when she’s literally been mentally abused by Klaus and she knows very damn well what’s going on in New Orleans YET, SHE WON’T FUCKING LEAVE. If Camille were really as smart as these writers make her out to be, she would have left THE SECOND she found out what was going on. She’d realize that there’s no place for her in this war (BECAUSE THERE ISN’T) and she’d be like ‘deuces’ and go on to live a normal life somewhere else. She’s continuously subjecting herself to these creatures and people who don’t really apply morals and then she wants to go pointing fingers at what’s morally wrong. Girl, that is not how it works. Nobody made you the judge here in NOLA, these people and these events and the way those events transpire aren’t going to change just because you want them to. There’s going to be a lottt of more blood that gets spilled before this is all over so, she better sit tight and seat her judgmental ass in a no-splashing zone cause things are only going to get worse. What she told Genevieve about ‘having served her purpose’ was amazing (cause it was 100% true and she was the only one with the guts to say it) and it’s my Camille MVP moment. However, I’m still not fond of her character due to the need to replicate her into Caroline which I’ll get into in the next section.

The attempted replication of Klaroline: Can we not? I mean honestly, where is the originality? My main issue with Klamille as well as my main issue with all other Klaus ships past Klaroline is that it just isn’t believable. You need to understand that Klaus hasn’t been in love with someone for over 1000 years. Elijah’s been in love twice, Rebekah countless times, Finn was in love once and I’d like to believe that Kol was in love with someone as well throughout the millennium. But Klaus, Klaus in 1000 years has been in love with no one. Not a single person was important enough for him to fall in love with. Then he met Caroline and it all changed. This is why I just can’t accept another Klaus ship—I just can’t do it. This reason is why all of Klaus’s ships just don’t catch a following, because another relationship doesn’t make any sense. This is the main reason why Klamille hasn’t been received well enough. But then they tacked on all the Klaroline qualities to the relationship and people just weren’t buying it. Klamille is Klaroline only it’s a half-assed version of it. We’ve been on a yacht and we’re going to change it in for a row boat? There’s no logic in that. The reasons Caroline is able to understand Klaus and get through to him are so special and above all—believable.There very natural in a tandem and it’s difficult to picture it with others. The only way to make Camille understand Klaus (and I genuinely believe she doesn’t and never will) was to give her the qualifications to be able to do it. There’s nothing natural about that because it was all handed to her. They try so hard to make Camille represent what Caroline represents not only to Klaus but to the storyline’s but the writers aren’t willing to make the character work for it. Caroline wasn’t always the voice of reason/moral compass/light to the plot and characters, she had to work for it. Caroline had to become that person first.

Differences: There’s a lot that Klaus and Caroline’s characters do for each other. Klaus for Caroline is a future, a future she deserves, a life she should have. Caroline to Klaus is literally his reason, and his light. Klaus is a dark man but with Caroline that isn’t even remotely the case. They don’t take away from each other, only add. As opposed to Klaus and Camille. Klaus does not listen to her. I don’t give a shit what you say, he doesn’t. He cares about her well-being but he doesn’t care what she thinks. When Klaus killed Carol Lockwood he was so nervous about what Caroline would think that he asked Damon, for advice. That’s not something you do for just anybody. If Klaus and Camille were to be together she wouldn’t stop till there wasn’t an ounce of who he used to be left. She’d make him fit what she wants and if he were in love with her (which they’d have to make him be) he’d agree to it and that’s not how it works. Caroline understands the need for sacrifice, she doesn’t like it but she understands it. They’re qualities would allow them to coexist. Camille would take away who Klaus is—who he’s supposed to be. And Klaus would take away from the type of person Camille is depicted as. All they would do is take and take from each other until they’re unrecognizable. Klaus and Caroline would add to each other what’s needed to become the best versions of themselves and that my dear, is why Klamille didn’t get the same reaction ;).

10 Reasons why Steroline will never work for me

1. Caroline ships Stelena

2. Stefan ships Klaroline

3. Stefan will always put Elena first

4. Caroline deserves more

5. Klaus will wait for Caroline however long it takes

6. Stefan will never look at anyone like this

7. Caroline will never be looked at like this

8.  Caroline and Klaus have connection

9. Stefan will always love Elena

10. Despite Julie’s twisted logic, a boy and a girl can be great friends

So if they go ahead with Steroline as a ship, I am not going to hate my favorite characters, Stefan and Caroline. I would just ignore the canon as I have been doing a lot with this show and cherish the best moments.

But if you think, I would just give up Klaroline and Stelena for a romantic Steroline, then you are

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you think elena is an awful human being bc she didn't broke down when she found out about bonnie? they didn't even showed any reaction of the group to bonnie's death except jeremys. girl she didn't just lost damon, she lost the love of her life. she couldn't imagine a future with matt and neither with stefan. the only one she could admitt having a future with and growing old with was damon so please don't tell me she's an awful person for losing the man she loved more than anyone ever before.

Stefan reacted when his best friend died. All the writers had to put in to solidify Elena and Bonnie’s friendship was Elena saying ” how are you feeling Bonnie” “are you okay” or something.

Fair enough Elena lost “the love of her life”, Bon has lost her Dad and her Grams all over again, the chance at a normal life and her boyfriend again, just this season. Bon wasn’t going around being a lifeless drone to everyone. No Bonnie was getting shit done and she was fucking attempting to save your precious Dicklena. 

I can’t even believe that you don’t understand why Elena is a terrible person. For example I ship Klaroline but I can accept Caroline isn’t perfect & Klaus is so far away from being good person. I’m not blind to their flaws. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE ELENA AS A AWFUL PERSON? JUST LOOK AT HOW SHE ACTED IN THE FINALE.

I’ll spell it out for you. Elena is a terrible human being/vampire for these reasons:

  • Bonnie would sacrifice her life for Elena, we all know that. Would Elena sacrifice her life for Bonnie? HELL NO. 
  • Elena drove right into that explosion, leaving Jeremy an orphan without any of her family, if she didn’t get back over.
  • She lets Jeremy live with the person who killed him.
  • She doesn’t shed a tear over her ex-boyfriend, arguably one of her best friends and what you state “the love of her lifes” brother when she discovered he was dead. This is the same girl who said “the best choice I ever made”, who cried when Stefan was going to wipe his memory of her and when they envisioned a happy future with where they had children and a happy life, she wished it was real.
  • So no anon I don’t think even off screen she would have cared if Bon was dead. She’d be focused on Damon because she is Damon’s little bitch.
  • Elena was totally fine with somebody triggering that explosion but when she found out it was Damon, she suddenly cared. I don’t think she would have cared if it was Caroline or Bonnie or Stefan driving into that explosion.
  • Elena driving into that explosion caused more pain for Bonnie and Liv. It was just one more person to cross over. So one more step to Bonnie’s death. 

Nope I don’t believe that Damon is the love of Elena’s life. Because that girl who we see in the finale wasn’t the sweet Elena we once knew, the sweet and kind Elena in season 1-2/3 was gone. That Elena, had her morality, cared about her friends and did everything in her power to save Stefan. That Elena cared. When she was with Stefan at least she wasn’t blind to what was going on outside her of relationship. If season 1 Elena met S4/5 Elena, she’d be disgusted with herself. With Damon, she lives in this bubble that everything should be about the two of them. The love between Damon and her, literally has consumed her. I don’t understand what foundation Delena is built on - the sirebond, sex and two selfish people together. While Stelena was built on trust, friendship and understanding. When Damon saw Elena for the first time all he saw was Katherine, so Damon got his wish he turned Elena into Katherine. A less fabulous version though. Delena’s future may be real, atleast Stelena’s future had true love in with the kids and family. If Elena had the choice of the future where she can have children with Stefan, she’d go for it.

I don’t even know why I bothered writing this essay xD Delena stans please keep out of my ask box.

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So Klaroline had abusive scenes (the lamp, he bit her), Klayley had abusive scenes (he choked her, terrorized her), Klamille had also abusive themes with Klaus compelling her so what makes Klaroline any better?

I am not watching TO so I can’t speak for the other two ships so I will refrain from doing that and I will speak for Klaroline solely vs another ship that would portray abusive themes but in a different way.

So we have Klaroline that had abusive scenes. Keep in mind that we are still speaking about TVD and about supernatural vampires so the morality here is not the same you would apply in everyday life since every ship in TVD one way or another is abusive. But putting that aside.

The reason I personally kept shipping Klaroline after the abusive scenes was simple. It was because inside the narrative they didn’t push it under the rag. Caroline kept her agency and didn’t cut any slack to Klaus. If anything she brought him down and danced on his ashes afterwards.

Klaus abused Caroline. What did we see next? We saw Caroline using his emotional turmoil and general insecurities in order to manipulate him. She held power over him. He could hurt her physically where she could control him psychologically and emotionally. He yielded the superficial power (which eventually Caroline managed to even take that away from him) and she yielded the substantial power. Klaus is 1000 years old, she is 18 years old. Klaus can abuse her body, she can abuse his mind. It is a power play that gives to Klaus the illusion of power where Caroline actually does own all the power just by being herself and not cutting him any slack.

And by saying that she is not cutting him any slack I am coming to the very main reason of what is important here.

Klaus abused Caroline. Yes. How did Caroline react? She used his manpain in order to manipulate him while at the same moment she didn’t try to sooth it. Inside the narrative it was from the first moment to the very last explained via words and actions that what Klaus did had NO EXCUSE whatsoever. It was wrong. It was abuse and it was not even understandable even with us knowing his inner state of grief and psychosis.

After that Caroline called him on that. Terrible people do terrible things. She didn’t try to connect with him through the abuse he inflicted to her. The only moment she did it was when she was trying to save her own life and even then she did not give in to him. She didn’t exchange her life by handing him forgiveness or by muting herself and acting as if what he did didn’t happen or didn’t have any gravity. In the aftermath he basically brushed him off and told him to fuck off. When the opportunity came she held the scissors and twisted them harder in the wound so to bring him to his knees (metaphorically and literally). She had him pleading for his life and not having herself agonizing after his pain and feeling sorry for him. He tried to turn it around and to point that he had saved her twice and she didn’t have any of that and pointed the true facts which were that he was responsible for her being in danger in the first place. Not only that but he had caused her pain and caused pain to the people she also loved.

Caroline got to know Klaus. She saw the humanity in him. She saw the worst in him. She saw the moments where he could be the man and the moments where he was the villain. In none of those times however did she try to look at him through rose colored glasses; and she was always painfully honest with him. She didn’t falter, she didn’t try to psychoanalyze his bullshit. She basically didn’t take his crap and she didn’t try to buy off his respect, admiration by caressing his ego and this is why in the end Klaus truly got to admire and respect her. She was an infatuation that never became one of his trophies and then she became true emotion because she was true to her beliefs which none of those included sugarcoating anything for Klaus. Because she was the only one that dared stand against him and point out that his actions had consequences and were not to be romanticized. She was not a prize and she was not going to avert her eyes and claim that he was the romantic persona of her fairytale. He hurt her and she would hurt him back. He hurt her and she would call him upon it. He hurt her and she made clear that this was not acceptable or something to be forgiven. Everything when it came to Caroline had to be earned. And not with false actions or shady words. But with honesty.

Now you can have that ship or you can have another ship with Klaus that basically goes that way.

Klaus, one, truth to be told, of the most misogynistic characters, hurts the woman and then woman goes around and goes: oh poor baby…what a painful childhood did you have…you are lashing out because you are hurting…you have a troubled soul…it is okay…I am here to be compassionate and understand you pain. What you feel is above all. Let me show you that you are already a better person that feels pain and I am here to sooth that pain and hug you and see your tears and be there for you no matter what. I will comfort you because you are above all. Me included. Choke me, compel me, manhandle me! I am here for you! I understand you soul. Now let us share some longing looks and let me make you some soup for your tortured soul. See? We deeply connect don’t we? Or…I had a bad childhood too so I understand you. It is okay. All are forgiven. Just because you are you and deep down you are a great guy. Or…look at you being all badass and saving me here and there…well that makes all the past go away. I mean you can abuse me but you are not allowing anyone else to do so isn’t that romantic?

External image

Yeah sorry …that is not a ship for me. I do not know if this is the way they are handling Klayley or Klamille but I have seen metas and gifs and I had seen a lot from TVD to know that not every ship is handled the same way and the writers have tried to romanticize abuse in their flagships constantly.

The reason why people ship Klaroline so hard is not because it is an abusive ship but because Caroline kept her agency and stood against that abuse with all she’d got.

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I'm just kind of curious. Why are you up for Enzo being a replacement Klaus and being endgame with Caroline, but not really open to Klaus having an endgame with anyone else? Even if they can find him someone who has some similarities to Caroline that would be his type. Plus a new love interest could be someone who doesn't hate Klaus and wouldn't try to kill him or his family the way Caroline has.

Actually I see this kind of question posed to KCers a lot, and it seems to be a bit of a sticking point with people who ship Klaus with either Cami or Hayley in particular because of some perceived double standard (because obviously the overlap of Klaroline and Carenzo shippers seems to be a LOT bigger than the overlap of Klaroline and Klamille or Klayley shippers). However, for me personally there are a lot of reasons why I ship Klaroline and Carenzo and really strongly dislike Klamille and Klayley, and I have a really hard time finding any equivalency between Carenzo and Klayley/Klamille because of that. To actually find any kind of equivalency between Carenzo and Klayley/Klamille you’d have to be looking it on only the most superficial levels possible, because in terms of their relationship structures, developments, and characters they’re obviously very different. That’s really the main reason I find Carenzo really appealing while I find Klayley and Klamille to be downright repulsive. 

But, to answer your question in more logical detail I think we just have to start from square one. You asked why I’m up for Enzo being a replacement Klaus and being endgame with Caroline? Well, that’s easy to answer, because I DON’T see Enzo as a replacement Klaus. He’s really not a replacement Klaus, I mean aside from the accent, moral ambiguity, and interest in Caroline they really have nothing in common. And I mean, his initial story line and character development had absolutely NOTHING to do with Caroline. He had already been established as his own person completely outside of Caroline before he even met her, and their relationship just became another dimension of his characterization instead of what his entire characterization was based off of. Contrast that with something like Klamille. Cami was introduced FROM THE BACKDOOR PILOT as nothing more than a replacement Caroline, her entire purpose from day one has been to be Klaus’ love interest and fulfill the void that Caroline was leaving (which they actually tried to jump start by saying that Cami understands Klaus because of her knowledge of psychology, so not only were they trying to do nothing beyond replacing KC, they were trying to take a lot of cheap shortcuts to do it). With Caroline and Enzo’s relationship it feels like you’re watching a relationship between Caroline and Enzo, whereas with Klaus’ TO relationships it feels like you’re watching a relationship between Klaus and his love interest.

And that kind of leads me into another element of Klaus’ TO ships that I find problematic that isn’t a problem with Carenzo. Klaus’ TO love interests (and this is even true for Hayley, despite the fact that Klayley has never been a part of TO properly) exist within the TO narrative SOLELY because of whatever purpose they serve for Klaus. Hayley is STILL just Klaus’ baby mama (even her forever love Elijah still refers to her as Hope’s mother instead of Hayley), and Cami is STILL just Klaus’ psychologist/nanny. These characters have existed for TWO YEARS for the sole purpose of Klaus’ “development” (how you can develop a character through a one sided relationship is still completely beyond me though), while still never getting any development of their own. I mean, if Klaus ceased to exist within TO’s narrative Cami and Hayley really wouldn’t have any characterization whatsoever. With Carenzo this is obviously not the case. I know who Caroline is outside of her relationship with Enzo, and I know who Enzo is outside of his relationship with Caroline. I’m not much of a shipper in general, so I need the kind of ship where that relationship isn’t a defining aspect of that character. With Hami their relationship with Klaus is the only defining aspect of their character.

And even putting that aside, there’s the simple fact that I love Caroline and Enzo as characters individually. I also love Caroline and Klaus as characters individually. I practically go into a rage stroke every time I have to watch Hayley, Cami occasionally charms me but I frankly think she’s just an abysmal character in general, and TO!Klaus is just a walking flaccid penis only capable of ejaculating manbaby tears. So it’s really incredibly simplistic as to why I’d like Carenzo while disliking Klayley and Klamille. Because I like Caroline and Enzo, therefore I like seeing them together. I dislike Hami and TO!Klaus, therefore I do not like seeing them together. 

Also, there’s just the fact of all of these individual characters and their development over the course of the series. Caroline and Enzo are something that interest me because their stories have a logical flow together that I want to see explored. Caroline’s story arc over the course of TVD has essentially been outgrowing MF and the MF gang, and going off into the world to explore herself and grow. Klaus was really the catalyst for her willingness to explore this side of herself that she hides from, which is why I am ultimately hoping for a Klaroline endgame along those lines. However, Enzo came to the table with his own reasons for wanting to branch out and see the world that were completely separate from Caroline, but that also mesh very well with her overall story line. So I find the possibility of their endgame being together appealing because A. it makes sense for both of their story lines and B. because the writers can’t shut the fuck up about how Hope is Klaus’ ONLY reason for anything ever, so if Caroline can’t become who she wants to be with Klaus then why not do it with the super hot British boy who’s a good friend, who she cares about a lot, and who has the same needs out of life that she does?

And again I feel like that is in complete contrast with ships like Klayley and Klamille. Hayley and Cami are CONSTANTLY shoehorned into aspects of Klaus’ story line and character development where they really don’t fit. Carenzo can be together and continue on with their current logical story arcs (and actually give each other more dimension through that), whereas Hayley and Cami are being jammed into Klaus’ story line in a way that makes no sense and really degrades Klaus as an individual character. I mean, it’s my opinion as well as the opinion as a lot of others that having Hope has completely trashed Klaus as a character, and Hope’s existence is the entire basis for Klayley as a relationship as well as the basis for Hayley remaining in the TO narrative. Another huge problem is the woobification of Klaus, and Cami’s entire existence within the TO narrative is for the sake of propping that woobification up without ever having to explain why that makes sense. Caroline and Enzo have a natural flow together that makes sense and allows their character arcs to continue to grow organically, while TO!Klaus and Cami and Hayley do not have any natural connection together at all and their relationships force all of their characters to stagnate and become completely OOC.

And finally, there’s just the logical development of Klaus and Caroline as individual characters. To me it makes a lot more sense to see Caroline move on and try different things before eventually starting a relationship with Klaus, because she’s really young and her feelings for Klaus simply aren’t as strong as his were for her (at least not yet). Caroline’s romantic story arc doesn’t necessarily have to begin and end with Klaus, and her romantic story arc with Enzo fits in very well with her overall story arc as a character. However, you can’t say the same for Klaus at all. Klaus has had 1000 years to explore the world and explore life, and he directly stated that his feelings for Caroline were an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experience for him. So I can’t ship him with Cami or Hayley because developing romantic feelings for them, especially so soon after meeting Caroline, is in direct conflict with his character development and overall story arc. So I mean, if I were to boil it down to one simple explanation it would be that, that Carenzo’s progression as a relationship makes sense for the story and I like it, whereas Klayley and Klamille make no sense for the story and I dislike them. It has nothing to do with one thing replacing something else (because really, I don’t see Carenzo as a KC replacement AT ALL), it just really comes down to that.

Notice how Paul Wesley always makes fun of TVD but when it comes to Klaroline, it’s like the only logic and reasonable thing on the show to him. Paul seemed so curious and interested as to why there isn’t going to be any crossovers between Caroline and TO. When have we ever seen Paul be fucking interested? PAUL WESLEY SHIPS KLAROLINE. I don’t care.