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Hey guys! Welcome to my Tumblr Answer Time!! I’ve dedicated my time and energy to helping others in the mental health advocacy world. My son, Sylvester, was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 19. We as a family navigated through the crisis. Things got very dark and scary and we almost lost him. We persevered as a strong family unit and we all played an important role in his and our recovery. As we navigated those treacherous waters, we didn’t have a clue where to find help. And it made me realize we have a huge global lack of resources, knowledge and support. Our health system has been depleted by ridiculous politics. And it has left families abandoned by the system. This in turn feeds the stigma monster. When you’re made to feel “less than” just because of a physical illness, it creates shame, which makes you want to bury it under the rug. Well, I’m here to throw back that f*cking rug! Let’s clean up the mess underneath. Empower people to embrace their diagnosis and find the treatment that they deserve as a human right. If you are working a program there is no reason that you should suffer. It takes a village and we all need a community of support. Let’s start by sharing our stories…

(**pictured here: Our beautiful family of 4 during a holiday excursion. My son, Sylvester and I leaving an NPR discussion on mental illness depicted in the arts. My daughter, Mina and I raising funds for our amazing organization Bring Change 2 Mind. Sylvester and I at a NAMI luncheon. And lastly, I invite you to watch a PSA that my son and I filmed sharing our personal story: )

Rewriting the Past - seven

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Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 2.5k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

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This scene goes by in the blink of an eye, so I just wanted to point out:

He’s sitting in the room where she brought him back to life, staring at the bed they shared for less than a week. (And he was asleep for the first three days of that.)

(Some things aren’t worth the price you have to pay to get them.)

I constantly see people going on and on about how Clarke and Bellamy are basically the be-all and end-all of the hundred/Sky People, how they are the reason any of the hundred has survived, and how they are responsible for getting the hundred through every obstacle they’ve faced, and so on.

And I’m always sitting here like okay, they’re important and great, yes, but um …


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Joining the anon love bandwagon, you're honestly the best Crowley I've seen besides Mark himself. Thank you for helping me deal with the budget "cuts".

Omg, hi. Thank you so much! Like, omg, I’m dying this is so nice. I’m so sad we all have to suffer bc of a dumb reason like that, but I’m glad I’m helping you deal. I’m trying. Well, I’m dealing with it with my writing myself. XD  Thank you so much. Thank you for being here. 

There’s a reason for it.

There’s a reason you’re struggling with pornography.

There’s a reason you’re having a hard time putting the bottle down.

There’s a reason you can’t look at yourself in the mirror.

There’s a reason you can’t stand that family member for what they did.

There’s a reason you’re kept awake at night by regrets you can’t erase. 

There’s a reason you have suffered.

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

If I’ve gained nothing else from my short time on this blog I can say with confidence that this verse has a real meaning to me now. I knew it was true because the Word is always true. There’s an indescribable feeling when someone bears their heart to you and reveals their pain that makes you realize, That suffering meant something. 

I’m not saying pain needs to spiritualized but I am saying that we don’t serve a wasteful God, He does work every little gritty detail of our lives into a tapestry of love and grace. God has used every horrendous and miserable part of my life for something amazing, where days, months, or years down the road you come into contact with someone who is exactly where you were. 

Then God says: Go on. Tell them what I told you. 

Maybe you won’t see it now. Maybe you won’t see it at all. But God sees it. He sees where the people in your life needed to watch you overcome and give praise anyway. How great is it that even our bad days or bad season mean something to God? They’re just as important as the great moments. And that He loves us endlessly no matter which period we’re in. 

Praise God.

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I feel like I'm losing my faith. Get me back to hell that is bethyl. Please

Dear sweet anon, let me be the one to remind you why Bethyl is not only pretty much cannon but why Beth is alive. And let me start by quoting the queen herself, “Wouldn’t kill you to have a little faith.

When they were left alone together after the prison, there was no more hiding anymore. The prison was their sanctuary but at the same time, those safe walls kept them from dealing with their issues. Daryl’s childhood, losing Merle, his inability to connect with others. For Beth it was the loss of her family, especially Hershel, on top of being ripped away from her only living family member, Maggie. They are both incredibly perceptive people. Daryl uses it as a way to survive and build up walls to keep others out. For Beth it’s a way to cope with the world around her and to reach out to whomever she’s able. As she began to chip away at his rough exterior, Beth saw Daryl for who he really was with no judgment. She wanted to prove to him that there was good left in the world, even if it was only her who felt that way. Everything about Beth represents light. The yellow shirt, her beautiful blonde hair. Her soft demeanor, her quickness to accept others, to reduce suffering at any cost. That “rich bitch” walker is a great representation of that. Daryl understood, placing the blanket over her head. Even in death, Beth wouldn’t let someone be hung out to dry, made to be a mockery of the person they once were.

We see Daryl slowly start to soften after “Still”. After their heart to heart, after they’ve burned down the moonshine shack, it’s all behind them. They are new, reborn. Together. I don’t mean to go off in a side tangent here but I was blown away with Norman’s acting in these two episodes. His body language gives everything away. The longing glances, the awkward silences. We can see the gears working in his mind, he has feelings for her. The way he carries himself is not totally different from before just more so. To me it felt as if he’s planning and anticipating every moment. Holding his breath. He’s waiting to see what she will say next. How she will react. Either because he has no idea what to do or because he’s totally enamored with the energy that she gives off. Their whole group, their entire family could be dead and gone for all they know and Beth is telling him to let it all go, burn it all. Although she’s still hopeful that they’re alive, she’s ready to leave their past. As much as people go on about Beth Greene being a naive teenager, she has shown more wisdom than any real life 18 year old. A big part of that is from being Hershel’s daughter. All her life she’s heard his wise words. Beth had to grow up fast in a similar way that Daryl did, just under different circumstances.

(I’ve reblogged a few things about the song played in “Still”. Check out the info on that, it’s a whole different story in and of itself and I think I’ve done enough damage for today. It’s called “Up the Wolves” and it’s by The Mountain Goats. Ironic title, no?)

After that first hug, the physical barrier is broken. He is quick to console her when we have rarely seen him initiate touch with other people. The piggyback ride was a huge indication of that for me. Followed by the bridal-style carry into the kitchen. He is not afraid anymore because he trusts her. He knows that she accepts him for who he is, without question. They are at ease with each other for the first time since leaving the prison. It’s even safe to say they feel comfortable, as far fetched as that sounds in the ZA. We see Daryl start to soften a little more. His icy disposition is slowly starting to melt under her optimistic rays. She assures him that there are good people left in this world. She’s shown him that and he starts to believe it. The tension between them is so thick, so tangible that you could cut it into slices. She asks him what changed his mind. He’s reluctant to answer her and you can see him struggle not to say you. He doesn’t have to. His eyes tell it all. Beth has gotten more out of him in this time they’ve had together than we’ve seen in his entire time on the show.

I think Beth had an inkling, if not a hope that he had developed something for her but now that his feelings were so prevalent and right in front of her and before either of them can even act it’s all over. A big part of me really hates to admit that their feelings for each other caused them to let down their guard. Knowing that there was only one exit, why did he just assume that it was the dog again? That split second after she responds, we see the haze of this beautiful, pure infatuation in Beth’s eyes. It’s unspoken but obviously mutual. That’s the thing that I love the most about Bethyl. Those small moments, the light touches, the languishing glances, they don’t need any words because it’s obvious that they both feel it.

Losing Beth so quickly before he had even fulling embraced his feelings is absolutely soul crushing, as we see throughout the rest of S5. Before he can do anything to save her, she’s taken from him again. Beth acted impulsively and did something stupid. Straight up. She let her hate and anger and resentment get the better of her and they felt a little OOC to me but, ain’t shit that can be done about that. Like I said, look up the info on the song and you will see what I mean. It’s all about the regret that you realize in the heat of revenge. 

When they enter Alexandria, Daryl is even more withdrawn. We’ve seen him go off with any excuse to be alone because his current existence is even more painful than ever. He’s seen the beauty and the light in the world only to have it ripped from his fingertips in an instant. The scene with the cigarette is honestly hard to watch. Everything is displayed so clearly on his face. He is mourning the loss of his love and because those feelings were never fully exposed, it’s like salt on his wound. The people around him see him hurting, they understand without him explaining in full. Rick knows that he’s lost her in a different way than the others, Carol too. 

The scene with Aaron and Buttons is another huge indication of his grief. “You used to be somebody’s, now you’re just yours.” Even Aaron can see so clearly that Daryl has lost someone he cared about very deeply. For even just a short time, he was Beth’s. He had given her his heart, his secrets, his everything and now she was gone. He was back to feeling like he amounted to nothing. She put him on top of the world and now he was back in the dirt where he felt he had emerged. 

You do not go through all that pain and suffering for no reason. We know that because Daryl’s entire life has been an endless abyss of pain and suffering. I truly, honestly believe that Beth will be back. We all know about the various theories out there and I have no idea how things will end up but I know that in one way or another there will be a reunion. Beth’s body was no where to be seen, we are missing 17 days. There are plenty of unanswered questions but as far as I know, they loved each other and in most instances love does truly conquer all.

Sorry for the novel over here. I just got way to into it but I hope something I’ve said has helped to renew your faith in Beth and Daryl. 

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I have two patients who sit next to each other and like to have multi-hour, very loud discussions about how the reason the world is going to hell and the reason we have all these problems is that kids don’t suffer enough anymore.  Nobody spanks their kids, kids get participation trophies, kids get to express non-normative identities without being locked in the basement forever, that kind of thing.  It’s tooth-gritting just to be in their rant radius.

But the thing I really want to ask them is, what problems?  What emergency, exactly, are we scrambling to fix?  What awful trend is worth sacrificing our children’s happiness to save our country?

If this is the world we get by not hurting kids as much, um, win-win?

Regarding The Fourth Chapter of Naruto Gaiden

Let’s look at this panel once again:

As we can see, Sarada calls Sasuke “papa” right in front of him, so there is no chance that he hasn’t heard it. 

Still, after he has a hesitation (marked by the ellipsis), he completely ignores this and asks whether she is allied with Shin:

Don’t you think that this is just too odd? 

I mean, just hypothetically speaking, if he hadn’t known how his daughter looks like or, worse, if he hadn’t known that he actually has a daughter (don’t worry, of course I know that both of these situations are impossible), wouldn’t he have reacted differently? Wouldn’t he have seemed, at least, a bit shocked after hearing her calling him that way? 

Still, as I’ve mentioned, after the hesitation, he just decides to completely ignore what she has said. 

Why? Maybe Sasuke can see something with his Sharingan that we haven’t been able to notice yet?

In order to sustain this, here are only some of the powers of the Sharingan, stated by Narutopedia:

“The first one of the Sharingan’s powers is being able to see chakra flow. The Sharingan itself gives colour to chakra, allowing the wielder to differentiate them. They are also able to tell if a person is under a genjutsu because the person’s chakra flow would be irregular. Sharingan can see chakra through solid surfaces such as cave pillars. The Sharingan’s second-most prominent ability grants the user an incredible clarity of perception, allowing them to easily recognise genjutsu and different forms of chakra. It also allows the user to pick up on subtle details, enabling them to read lip movements or mimic something like pencil movements.”

Even the Sharingan with only one tomoe in each eye offers the ability to observe and differentiate the flow of chakra, predict and mimic movements and techniques and see through illusions.

Sasuke’s Sharingan is extremely powerful and I believe it could see through a Transformation Technique, although there is also a chance that he couldn’t (I developed this subject further at the very end of this post).

So, what if this is actually some other creepy guy who is actually allied with Shin or even Shin himself and who decided to transform into Sarada just in order to get as close to Sasuke as he can and be able to attack him while he is totally unprepared?

Let’s look at Sasuke’s reaction when he first sees Sarada:

He isn’t even looking at her while he is getting up. Was he thinking something like: “Those guys have gone too far! They’ve even transformed into my daughter, believing that I would fall for that this easily.”

Maybe this is also the reason because of which he has the hesitation in the next panel. After hearing Sarada calling him “papa”, I think he suffers for some moments, probably trying to remind himself that this isn’t his real daughter. And maybe this is why he is just trying his best to ignore the fact that he basically has his own daughter in front of his very own eyes, as it might not be the real her. 

Maybe those guys, as it seems that they are able to easily spy on Sarada, noticed that she was finally alone and away from Naruto, so they decided to use the Jikukan Ninjutsu (as we’ve convinced ourselves that at least Shin is able to perform it), thus immediately teleporting themselves to Sarada, kidnapping her and then one of them transforming into her and heading to the Ridge Tower instead of her. He would probably want to go to there, as the villains were clearly able to hear the conversation between Naruto and Sarada, while spying them of course, and most likely heard the part when Naruto mentioned that they needed to arrive at that Tower and that they might meet Sasuke there, too (at least that’s what he said to Sarada; we, on the other hand, know that they were absolutely going to meet up with Sasuke and that it wasn’t just a possibility). And after ariving there and seeing Sasuke, the guy transformed into Sarada would probably wait until he finds a moment when Sasuke lets down his guard and would try to attack him. If this didin’t work, he would probably transfrom back into his real self, would tell Sasuke that his daughter has been kidnapped and would ask for an enormous price in exchange for her safety. 

On the other hand, Sarada’s facial expressions during these moments are so deep and she looks so amazed after she’s seen Sasuke, thus making me believe that she’s actually her real self. 

Still, even if this were the real Sarada, Sasuke would still have the right to doubt it. 

The Narutopedia page of the Transformation Technique mentions that “the transformation of a skilled shinobi will be exactly like the genuine article, so it will be impossible to tell the two apart”. 

As all of us have seen, Shin is certainly very skilled, as even Naruto realized that he couldn’t go easy on him. And I’m sure his allies are powerful, too. So, they may be able to perform a perfect transformation, thus even Sasuke being unable to recognize whether Sarada is her true self or if it was just another creepy guy transformed into his own daughter in order to make him suffer at her sight and to attack him when he’s not prepared. 

In addition to this, Sasuke couldn’t immediately think that she was the real Sarada, as:

- Sarada was supposed to be safe in Konoha;

-  Sarada probably wasn’t supposed to find out about the Ridge Tower; still, Naruto had no choice but to tell the her and Chōchō that they had to arrive at that Tower, as he needed to meet Sasuke as soon as possible and had no time to lose, thus being unable to return to Konoha with the girls => Sasuke doesn’t know that Sarada has been informed about this Tower and she finding it on her own is just too suspicious;

- Why would Sarada suddenly start travelling on her own in the forest?

- Why would Sakura ever let their daughter go on such a dangerous trip?

- Why would Sarada have the Sharingan activated all the time, just like Shin? And although it was stated earlier that Sarada activated her Sharingan at an earlier age due to some unknown reasons at the moment, she seems to have truly activated it only now (Maybe something happened to Sarada when she was much younger and she was thought to never be able to awaken the Sharingan again?);

- Sasuke and Sarada haven’t met in a while (although I strongly believe that the amount of time while they haven’t been able to see each other is not that long as it’s considered at the momet), thus Sarada suddenly appearing alone in front of Sasuke, in a hidden place in the middle of the forest, although she was supposed to be safe with her mother in Konoha is EXTREMELY suspicious.   

Now I’d like to remember all of you that Sasuke would NEVER point his katana as his own daughter without a really GOOD reason. We all know how much he suffered in the past only because the extremely powerful love he had for his lost family. 

Do you really think that he would EVER do something to make his own daughter feel just like he once felt? Of course not. In fact, he would do anything he can just in order to prevent something like this from actually happening.

Do you really think that the redemption journey didn’t mean anything to him? Do you believe that he didn’t learn how to love again and how to appreciate the feeling of love?

While Sarada has activated her Sharingan out of love for her father, Sasuke also certainly loves his daughter extremely much.  

And, yeah, it’s a fact that no other clan treasured love as much as Uchiha. And Sasuke is no exception.

Kara’s Friendsgiving Invites

I’m in love with Supercorp and Sanvers but…

1. Lena and Kara aren’t that close yet???

They’ve only talked a handful of times. It’s not out of character for Kara to not invite her to friendsgiving… 

Yes, Lena doesn’t have many friends in National City, but it’s actually usually a family holiday. Kara made it Friendsgiving in response to Winn not having family. Lena is probably spending it with her villain mom. 

That said, if Lena actually expressed that she had no one to spend Thanksgiving with, we all know Kara would offer in a heartbeat. 

2. Alex and Maggie are friends, but it’s likely a little shaky right now. And as strong as their connection has been, they haven’t actually known each other that long. (Come on guys, imagine inviting your crush that you met a couple weeks ago, who rejected you, then refriended you, to Thanksgiving. It’s just a bit much.)

Not to mention, Alex’s plan was to come out, which just complicates things more. At this stage, I think Alex’s coming out story is moving away from being about a person Alex likes, and more about Alex’s identity. Something she needs to do on her own, you know?

Also, Lena and Maggie don’t know Kara’s secret, and I feel like it’s not a comfortable Thanksgiving if you have to hide a part of yourself. (Anyone who isn’t out to all of their family knows that it is tiring. That sometimes, if you could choose, you’d prefer to only have the people that know around you.) 

Like 90% of the conversation topics would be out the window if Lena and Maggie came. No Supergirl saves, no DEO, no “there’s this cute girl I met”.

As for the boys, Winn and James are rather close friends with Kara, and Mon-El has no one else. So they’re just all gonna be there. Obviously.

The real question is, “where is J’onn?”

Sasuke loves Sakura.

Sasuke loves Sarada.

Sasuke married Sakura because he loves her.

Sarada is not Karin’s daughter. 

There is a reason, and we still don’t know it but still is pretty shitty Sarada hasn’t met him in 12 years.

Sakura still believes in Sasuke, she wouldn’t be wearing the Uchiha crest and he wouldn’t let her have the crest either if he didn’t love her.

Sakura is not delusional she obviously knows whats going on she’s hiding the truth from Sarada.

Although whatever the truth is it doesn’t change the parting must be hard for all of them including Sasuke who loves his family. The reason must be pretty messed up or Sasuke wouldn’t leave. 

We can’t change those 12 years, and there must be a reason, all 3 of them suffer and we do too, but there is a happy place at the end for them and for us.

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Today on Howard Stern's radio talk show he was talking with Lady Gaga about the time she was raped as a teen by a 30-something guy she wouldn't name. She said when you're too paralyzed at first you can't say it,then when time passes no one believes you. When Stern seemed almost confused as to why she wouldn't name him she said she was afraid he'd get killed. I think it's safe to say no woman is afraid of their rapist being killed, we just know we'd be liable, especially if it was never reported.

It seems like that question is the one that comes up every time someone reveals that they were raped. Or some variation of it.

I think the best answer would be “well look around”.  But to understand that answer would require an awareness of rape culture that few are willing to admit.  Especially those, like Stern, who profit from it so often.  

I don’t doubt that she does believe he would be killed.  I would wager she’s probably not the only one.  If the rapist is someone close to you or someone you care about, it might feel necessary to protect them even if it means you have to suffer in silence. We all have our reasons for how, when and even if we choose to speak up.  They are all valid.