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Why Eren didn’t kiss Mikasa

So, as I believe all of you know, Season 2 of Snk end a couple of days ago. and ever since I’ve seen a lot of people saying (unederstand screaming) wtf, eren is such a dumb ass idiot why he didn’t  kiss Mikasa ! They were talking about this scene

As an ereri shipper I would just answer, because he loves Levi, but that’s the yaoi fangirl answer, my real opinion is different.

So here we go, let’s explain this scene !

To me there is three main reason one is linked to their relationship and the other to the situation

How did Eren see Mikasa ?

When we (the fan) think about Mikasa, we think about the badass soldier with a red scarf and an obsession for Eren. But we have to remember that Eren and Mikasa know each other since childhood. Also the way you meet someone is something really important about your future relationship, and especially for Eren and Mikasa.

On this day Eren see an orphan girl and deciede to offer her the one thing she was deeply missing a family. I think it’s the key of their relationship, she’s like a member of his family to him.  He wanted to protect her, that’s the kinda of things a brother will do. He often refered to her like his sister or a member of his family. Also Eren didn’t see Mikasa as a woman for the moment. This isn’t my point of view here but what Isayama said. Eren is still young and didn’t have the time to think’s about girl, because AOT is a cruel world were you didn’t have the time to think about your love interest, that’s my second point.

There is no place in Eren’s life for a romance

Lets’ imagine your Eren. You’re a teenager, who saw his mother being ate by a titan and who swore to destroy them. Then you became a soldier, see many of your comrades die, discover your a titan shifter and some of your friend aswell. Would you have the time to think about love ? Definitly not, your caught in a war, and your world is changing evryday, you just doesn’t have the time for a romance. At this time of the story Eren only thinks about destroying the titan and get his revenge, he isn’t ready for loving someone in this way. 

The situation

They are surounded by titans, Hannes just died, they are about to die, everyone is about to die. Thats’ why Mikasa confess to Eren beacause she realizes it’s her last chance to do it.

Eren know that as well, he understood what Mikasa doing. But he can’t let that happen. He can’t just kiss her. Because if he do it, he know it will be because it’s the end, it wil mean he gave up. But that’s impossible for Eren he can’t accept to die, especially not when he can finaly get his revenge over the titan that kill his mother.

That’s why he stand up and fight, becauqe even if there is less than 1% of chance for them to survie, Eren want to fight till the end, he refuse to gave up and say goodbye to life.

To sum up here are the main reason :

  1. Eren see here like a sister
  2. He’s too immature and doesn’t have a place for love in his life
  3. kissing her will mean he accept to die, so he refuse and fight instead

That’s my analytic, your free to agree or not, hope you  find it interesting ^^

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hi, could you please explain the exchange dan had with that guy on twitter yesterday because i didn't get it at all. i didn't understand the tween comment this guy made and i wasn't sure whether that was due to me not being a native speaker of English or just not understanding some reference / inside joke. it did seem mean and offensive to me but ??? also the watermelon gif?

 Can you elaborate on the music reviewer twitter thing

what happened with the music reviewer?

Can you plz explain Dan’s whole twitter thing about ARCA cause I didn’t really understand theneedledr*p’s response thanks:)

why are you making such a big deal of the Anthony/theneedledr*p exchange??? it was just a joke. and like i get it humor is subjective you’re allowed to criticize free speech and all that but it’s kind of a silly thing to get mad over don’t you think?

sure. dan likes an artist called arca, a venezuelan producer who makes incredible music tbh and who pushes the envelope a lot w innovative electronic production and who’s also openly queer and incorporates queer themes into his music. he works a lot w fka twigs and has gained a strong following through those collaborations. arca has recently put out a few tracks from his upcoming solo album. dan liked one of those songs, called reverie, and tweeted anthony (theneedledr*p) to include that song in his weekly roundup of best songs of the week (and that if anthony didn’t, he, dan, would unsubscribe). ha ha ha all in good fun, just some nerdy bants between two pretentious music fans. cool. anthony responded, however, by saying that dan should show how much he actually likes arca and his music by getting “all the tween girls” that watch him to go listen to reverie and watch the music video. in that statement he makes many frankly insulting assumptions: first, that all of dan’s viewers are tween girls. second, that dan can’t talk about his actual interests with tween girls and that he represents himself disingenuously to his audience. third, that tween girls wouldn’t be into or understand arca’s new song/mv. it’s just a lovely reiteration of the oldest fucking stereotype in the book which is that young girls are stupid and shallow and, crucially, monolithic–they can’t have diverse or complex interests. they are all the same. they only fangirl over simple entertainment, and their opinions, as a result, are less valid and deserve less respect. pretty fucked all-around. then dan responded with a gif of the watermelon which even i don’t entirely understand but generally anthony is called ‘melon’ by his followers and i suppose the gif suggests that dan is fighting back in some way by showing a watermelon being sliced up. it’s a bit vague. 

to the last anon: i’m not sure how i made a “big deal” about this. i wrote about my distaste for this exchange in a tag on a post i reblogged. my critique was like less than 10 words. but you’ve sort of inspired me to make a bigger deal out of it than i did then bc to be frank, this whole shitty attitude that men have towards young girls and their interests DESERVE to be called out, DESERVE to be described for what they are. they’re prejudiced and reductive and misogynistic. and they place pressure on insecure dudes like dan to cater his content to a mythical (partially imagined) audience of straight boys whose opinions he inadvertently values more because of the fact he hears this shit from other straight men around him–people whom he respects and considers peers. he hears people demonizing the stereotype of a “fangirl” and looks at his audience and takes those fangirls less seriously as a result. i mean, i think dan does a good job NOT invalidating fangirls or lumping them all together and stereotyping them actively, for the most part, but he himself has talked about these straight male viewers who expect certain quality from his dinof content and that that is the reason he couldn’t upload a vid of pastel edits onto dinof or a video of him and phil painting each others’ nails. he feels that straight male gaze even if he doesn’t directly talk shit about fangirls on the flip side, and he allows the pressure of their expectations to dictate the videos he makes–i don’t think it’s reaching to guess that those expectations are even a large part of why it takes him so long to make videos. he says in his diss track himself that he procrastinates videos because he’s afraid of being judged. but he knows “fangirls” love him, so who is he afraid of being judged by? the edgy straight guys. i’m angry bc all of this latent sexism is dumb and harmful as fuck and to reiterate:

  1. not all of dan’s audience is female 
  2. not all of dan’s audience is young 
  3. not all of dan’s young, female audience blindly loves him and everything he makes 
  4. there are for sure young females who like “good” “artistic” musicians like arca
  5. even the ones who don’t like arca don’t deserve to be made fun of and stereotyped for liking what they like 
  6. or to be the target of assumptions that they are less intelligent and less interesting/complex bc theY DONT LIKE WEIRD ALT ELECTRO MUSIC

i can’t deal. that shit is fucked up and not funny at all, i don’t see how it’s grounds for a “joke” so like ya. i’m mad. idgaf 

My last narusasu rant. Please read this!

No one in Naruto is gay. Sasuke is a 16 years old teenager whoselife has been ruined by his own brother, he has other things in mind than getting laid.

But I’m not surprised that the majority of people don’t realise that. After all most of them are a bunch of closed minded yanks who believe that if a guy doesn’t drrol all over a random pussy  near him he must be gay. Society today is disgusting. Your mentality is disgusting.

We live in world where two males that are friends HAVE TO bully, harras and humiliate each other on a daily basis OR ELSE they “must be gay”. Serius talks, friendship bonds, hugs, long conversations, spending time together, caring for one another, helping one another, apparently if twi males do any of those in todays’s society they must be gay.

Fuck whoever thinks like that.

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The first reason we love shonens is about the best brotps out there and no amount of obsessed fangirl will chnge that. I’m not telling you to not ship them,(since I’m literally no one to do so ) I’m telling you to not play the fucking gay moralist when you are not.


I’m tagging this naruhina since even tho I dislike the fandom and the ship in general sometimes the hate they get is too much even for me

Being an Avenger and Dating Jemma Simmons Would Include...

Requested by anon: Can you do being a Avenger and dating Jemma Simmons would involve please

  • Meeting Jemma at the SHIELD base and having her fangirl over you
  • You didn’t think you were a big deal but Jemma thought otherwise
  • Ranting on about how much she admired you and went on about the missions you were responsible for
  • For some reason (her accent and cuteness) you liked listening to her talk so you decided to hang out a little longer
  • Always making up excuses to see her
  • Natasha seeing you two give puppy eyes to each other when the other isn’t looking and finally decided to set the two of you up
  • Both of you going on dates as “friends” until Natasha yelled “Just kiss her you idiot!”
  • Finally admitting that you two had feelings for each other
  • You don’t see her nearly as often as you’d like because you always have to go on a mission
  • Cherishing the time you do get to spend with her
  • Going on all the cheesy dates
  • Always getting her something if you’re going to a new country
  • Telling her how much she means to you before you go on another mission
“Meta” Masterpost

All right, it’s mostly fangirling. There’s a reason why most of my meta is filed under the tags “i.e. me rambling” or “trulycertain talks bollocks”. But in case anyone’s interested, here’s a list. Mostly things on here are just me putting in my two pence, rather than me being the OP, so not all of it will be that interesting/useful.

Kirkwall and the DA2 crew

The rebuilding of Kirkwall - Essentially: “I wish I’d seen Cullen and Aveline hanging out together and generally being stubborn Fereldans post-DA2. Would’ve been fun.”

Anders and Cullen: more in common than they’d think - A bit about how their arcs mirror and counterpoint each other, particularly in DA2.

Templars and the Chantry system in general

Why I love the Magi Origin - Why? Mainly the fact that it’s full of foreshadowing for the entire series. Reblog rambling.

People ask, “Pro-mage or pro-templar?” I say, “It’s a little more complicated than that for me.” - A conversation with thethousandnaturalshocks about how the Chantry system harms both mages and templars. With a little Cullen, Alistair, Samson and Amell/Surana thrown in.

Circle mages and compromised immune systems -  Some thoughts on becausedragonage and meridok’s meta.


“love not-at-first-sight Cullen is more romantic anyway” - holdbeast said that. I respond with some stuff about his friendship and romance arcs that boils down to, “Yes, I agree completely.”

Why I love prickly!Cullen - Another response to holdbeast. Rambling on vulnerability, northernness and good voice acting.

Some reasons I like starting his romance late in the game - Reblogging holdbeast again. What it says on the tin, plus some stuff about how the romance arc’s written.

Cullen’s makeover in Inquisition as character development - Why I reckon he tamed his hair himself. Taking control over his life through his appearance, etc.

Why Cullen/mage!Inquisitor can be a healthy, positive thing, and what it says about mages and templars in general - Why the ‘ship offers hope for the fate of mages and templars. There’s also some stuff in there about how Cullen’s arc mirrors and counterpoints Anders’. A reblog of siawrites’ post.

Why all Cullen’s Trespasser epilogues make sense - a reblog of tarysande’s post. Why he needs purpose and faith.

Cullen would totally get on with Dorian; here’s why - At least, that’s my theory.

More general thoughts on his romance - A conversation with alistairthebaewarden.


Why I like Warden Alistair - A reblog from merilsell with some thoughts about this. The basic answer: I have to do some frowning at canon to make it work, but I think there are positive messages and good storytelling in the Warden ending too. Also me saying that he is quite a BAMF, and I do wish canon would acknowledge this more.

The reason he isn’t fond of Morrigan - A reblog of some meta/headcanon stuff by siawrites about his upbringing. I don’t add much, but the point about Morrigan might be of interest.

Alistair, dumb? Nah. - Pretty much “Reasons Why Alistair Is Actually Quite Bright, Thank You Very Much” Volume 23.

Here Lies the Abyss, the Nightmare and insecurity - Or: crikey, the man’s grown up a lot. A response to rederiswrites.

Headcanons - I suppose some of it’s just meta and not just drabbling? Mostly based on me overthinking parts of his banter.


Why I find Anora fascinating - Just that, really.

The Inquisitor

Some daft headcanon stuff about Cullen and Cassandra attempting to carry Adaar to get medical attention after Haven. A reblog of lavellanthedragonslayer’s post. I just really love Adaar, essentially. I should write more Adaar.

Unpopular opinion: I like the Halamshiral outfit - The benefits of unity, political game-playing and women in uniform. Response to friend-of-red-jenny.

Headcanon-ish: would it be possible for a mage Inquisitor to summon a magical prosthetic post-Trespasser, as with the Knight Enchanter blade?


Why I love Dorian’s banter - What it says about his character and who he is.

Why he’s “an incredible ass at accepting gifts” - Dorian, the amulet, and agency. All wrapped up in some pointless rambling about my playthrough, but the meta’s in there. Somewhere. Maybe.

Dorian, Cullen and different expressions of intelligence - Could equally go in the Cullen list, but this list was shorter. Me chipping in on rederiswrites’ post and essentially being annoyed that people were calling Cullen stupid in comparison to Dorian.

Thoughts on the moustache

On hubris and Dorian’s talents - All that boasting has another purpose. Rambling on a gifset.

On Felix, his parents, and “amatus” - More reblog rambling on a much better post,

That nook in the library - Look, it’s just me rambling all over becausedragonage’s post about how much I love Dorian Pavus. What did you expect?

“A better man, clearly; not nearly as handsome.” - Dorian and self-esteem.

Dorian is not skinny or weak without magic - “Cerebral, not ineffectual.” Or “Dorian Pavus is a hot-headed, hard-drinking, strong as hell tough bastard who could probably take you in a bar fight but would much prefer to talk his way out of it instead.”

Thoughts on Halward Pavus - “Oh, it’s that git.”

Headcanons - I think about Dorian too much. Are you really surprised?


Leliana sees herself in Josephine - Why she’s so protective of her.

Why I love DA:O Leliana - She’s my second favourite character in Origins. Here’s why.

Darkspawn Chronicles Leliana/Alistair is actually… kind of plausible? - At least, for that AU’s version of Leliana.


Morrigan, Flemeth and motherhood - How Kieran expands Morrigan’s character arc and development, and what his and Morrigan’s relationship tells us about Morrigan’s childhood.


Sera and found family - Overanalysis of banters and such. I just really love Sera and the Inquisition crew.


Trickster gods and sexuality - Me chipping in on thethousandnaturalshocks’s post. Why Fen’harel fits with a lot of the traditional “trickster god” mythos.

Dragon Age lore/Thedas in general

How “great mages” can become “gods” - Some theory stuff on the Evanuris and unfathomable power. Response to rederiswrites.

Tru is a history nerd, again - Basically: Orlesians are Normans (ugh, Normans) and Kirkwall might be Weimar? OP by droil.

The nature of the Veil, spirits and mages - Lore speculation/rambling on the Veil.

Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Canadian stereotypes - A response to fanfoolishness and calamity-writes. In which I basically say: Ferelden is a certain kind of Britain, written by Canadians - and that’s awesome. (There’s also a fair bit about Cullen and Kaidan in here.) Silly bonus: a bit more about why I like Ferelden as a Brit.

Theories on why/how the Avvar can peacefully allow possession - Well, the theories belong to withthebreezesblown. I just poke at things a bit.

No, Fenris would not end up launching himself at Dorian in an attempt to murder - Just that. Reblog of a post from mercurialmalcontent.


Mass Effect

Shepard’s real superpower - Why I really, really love the loyalty and upgrade mechanics in ME2 and think they’re character development.

The Quest for Kaidan, part one and part two - Thoughts on his character and romance.


The duality of Tony Stark - Thought on the guy, both in 616 ‘verse and with a little MCU thrown in for flavour

Tony’s actual villains in the comics

Thoughts on Iron Man (2008)

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I really want to get to know more about Oikawa. What kind of person do you think &why does he gives off a different impression?

Hm, well, the first problem we (I) usually encounter with people talking about Oikawa is the assumption that he’s incredibly similar to Kise Ryouta from Kuroko no Basuke. However, I do not think that those two have too many parallels, apart from the fangirls watching them and cheering for them whenever they have a match. And even though it seems like they have a lot of personality traits that are in conformity with each other, both have absolutely different character roots and reasonings why they act the way they do.

Keep reading

so I made a post about Remus Lupin being the biggest Hinny-shipper ever but I don’t feel like I explained my thought enough

-Let’s not forget that Remus first met Harry just a few months after the Chamber of Secrets-incident. If you don’t think Ginny was even more in love with Harry than ever before then you are probably wrong and holy shit Remus noticed. Because Remus Lupin is basically a mindreader and this is canon.

-James would have been damn proud if his son married a red-haired Quidditchplayer.

-I think Ginny reminded everyone who knew Lily a lot of her. (Not just because of the hair). At least, my picture of Lily is a bit like Ginny, even if we do not find out a lot about her. Loyal, bright, brave. Hard-nosed. (Obviously attracted to boys with messy black hair and glasses.)

-When Remus met Harry again for the first time after Sirius’ death, he noticed immediately that something had changed.

-Harry looked at Ginny in the exact way that James looked at Lily.

-Remus had heard about Ginny’s boyfriends (through spending a lot of time at the Burrow, where Fred and George was) and assumed that she was not avaliable. He thought that she looked at him in a special way, too, but tried to convince himself that it was only his imagination.

-So Christmas 1997 and Harry, Ron and Hermione are out to find the horcruxes (well Ron is actually at the Shell Cottage but they do not know that) and just for a moment Ginny and Remus are left alone in the kitchen for some reason and he asks her how she is doing. She trusts Remus so she tells him that she is worried.

‘‘What if I never get to see him again?’‘
‘‘He knows what he is doing, Ginny.’‘
‘‘I know, I know, but still… what if he’s already… what if…’‘
‘‘They are all taking care of each other. I am sure. Ron is smart, and…’‘

She is looking at him confused for a few seconds before she goes; ‘‘Ron?’‘
‘‘Is he not who you were talking about?’‘ Remus asks.
‘‘Oh… yeah… Ron… of course, yes, I’m worried.’‘

Remus realizes the truth immediately and he fangirls eternally on the inside.


so I’ve hit 200 followers and I’ve only had this blog for about 1 month
but I’ve been in the fandom since like 3 months.

any way during this short time I’ve made some really great friends
and you have all made me feel so welcomed and loved.

I am extremely happy for all the 200 of you and I hope
to meet a lot more of you awesome peeps.
and this is my 200 followers follow forever

so let’s start with a few people that made my experience the best 
and gave me an awesome start, people I love and cherish, people
I love to talk to and fangirl with

my two adoption mamas, Ana ( chesnutcastiel ) who very
quickly wanted to adopt me, a long with Saph ( chesnutsammy )
I love you both a lot and I am honored and very happy to be your
adopted child. the funny thing though is that i’m older than both of them.
haha. thanks for giving me a home here on tumblr and in this fandom <3

Josie ( angelsandcas ) you were one of the first people I started talking
to. you are the sweetest and I’m happy to call you a friend :) <3

Mel ( cursedornotremember ) you are my cuddle/netflix buddy 
and we are stuck with each other for all eternity
and that is an amazing thing.
I love you a lot!!!! let’s hug forever <3

Paula ( castiels-playdoll ) you are just the most amazing human being.
I always laugh my ass off when we talk. you are hilarious and we are
so much alike sometimes.. especially with our infatuation with misha.
you will forever be my fangirl/misha feels buddy. I love how naughty
we can be about misha and how much we go bananas in our tags.
yes your tags was the reason I started following you and it was the
best decision ever. I love you, A LOT! <3

Ursula ( chulatardis2113 ) I always smile really big when I see that
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Tiffy ( mishas-angelic-nipple ) you might just have the best fucking url on
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to you a lot. keep being awesome! lots of love to you

Rossella ( paiolomagico ) my beautiful Italian friend. you are great! 
I enjoy talking to you very much. you are so cute and nice.

Thea ( sshdean ) no matter what you say, I think that you are insanely
gorgeous, you’re the best sweetie!! ok. I love you!

Zuzanna ( how-to-get-away-with-destiel ) what can I say,
you kill me every time with your amazing Misha gifs spams
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any way you were also one of the first ones I started talking to
and I love you!

Sarah ( caughtinthisstate ) I’ve followed you for quite some time,
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you are amazing and I love talking to you. <3 

Sofi ( castiiel ) yes she’s my “sort of” url twin, because
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Introducing my little brother to Supernatural was the best thing I did in my entire life.

Now he is a Cas!boy (and probably also a future Destiel shipper) and I have finally someone who I can endlessly fangirl with; we literally just spent 2 hours sending each other SPN reaction gifs and basically having a decent conversation through said gifs. We also discuss every episode, analyze it, find symbolism and talk about legends and beliefs all over the world. It’s super important to me because our sibling bond weakened since I moved from my parent’s house 3 years ago; now I’m 22 and he’s almost 18, so it’s much more difficult to find something in common than when we were kids. 

Another reason to love this show. 

nightwing1536  asked:

Can you imagine how disappointed/crushed/betrayed Adrein/Chat is going to be when he finds out he's been talking to Marienit about his love for ladybug this whole time?

(About this post).


Okay, okay. I’m fine.

First of all, I think the reveal will be voluntary. I’d feel really bad for LB/Mari if she’s exposed in the middle of a fight or something.

With that said, I think in this case Marinette would know that she’s in a pretty complicated position and would try to make it more… bearable for Chat/Adrien.

Actually, I think she would apologize before she even detransforms xD. And he would be so confused until she detransforms and “… oh”.

But… the thing about a Marichat friendship is that they both would share personal things, their crushes included. In my mind, it started, like, really vaguely. Just talking about “He” and “She”. But then, someday Chat would say “Ladybug” and, when Mari asks, he’d answer as it were the most obvious thing, “Huh? I thought it was pretty evident, princess. Who else would I be talking about?” while he blushes. And a couple of days, maybe weeks later, she would mention Adrien and totally fangirl over him. She’d tell since when she has a crush on him, why, how. And Chat would be so surprised, “Marinette has a crush on me?? What?”. And her shyness in front of Adrien would have a new meaning, would make more sense now.

Anyway, my point is that both would have reasons to feel “betrayed”. But they wouldn’t, I think. They’d understand.

The reveal day/night (Idk, I prefer night) would be long. A lot of talking, maybe some awkward silences too. It just would be too much information to process in so little time. But… they’re friends. They respect each other. They trust each other. And now, they know they love each other.

(And now, I can’t with my feels, thank you very much xD).