the reason im still here

  • Levi: So, what do you want to eat? It's on me this time.
  • Eren: Your dick.
  • Levi: ....
  • Eren: Your pick* stupid autocorrect! Ruins everything.
  • Levi: Eren...?
  • Eren: Yeah?
  • Levi: This is a verbal conversation.
  • Eren:
  • Levi:
  • Eren: *slowly walks away*

so hello everyone! my name is zé and some of you probably know me from some other blog. my other blog legalwifi was terminated by tumblr for no reason and i end up losing almost 90.000 followers. i’m not gonna ask you to follow me and stuff but if you really enjoyed my blog i would love to have you back. i loved my blog and my followers and i wouldn’t do anything do lose it but tumblr decided to end it for no reason. im still here, with low motivation but some friends told me to try again so yeah! :)

- I love you
- i think I’m falling in love with you
- you make me feel like I’m the prettiest girl in the room when you look at me
- I don’t like the way you treat me
- you make me scared to fall in love again
- you broke my heart
- I miss you
- I really fucking want you back
- I’m sorry that I hurt you please understand that I love you
- you are my world
- I think you’re worth the universe
- you’re so beautiful I wouldn’t be surprised if flowers grew out of your ribs and blossomed into your lungs
- you hurt me
- I forgive you. I’ll forgive you every time you hurt me. I love you.
- you’re the reason im still here
- I think you’re fantastic
- your smile lights up the whole room and brightens up my life. please don’t stop smiling I look forward to it everyday.
- your eyes are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
- your laugh makes me feel like my soul is decorated with twinkle lights and every time you smile and your head tilts back I feel myself light up
- you make me feel like I can breathe again
- I don’t ever want to lose you. I’d be lost without you.
- you make this world seem not so bad
- you’re the reason I smile
- you’re the reason I’ve cried for two weeks straight
- you deserve so much better than her please stop fucking putting up with her you deserve all the love in the world stop settling for a star
- I’d love to be Pluto so I could get lost in your orbit even if it’s only for a short amount of time.
- you’re real. you are so real. I love you for this.
- every word you say is a tiny little gift to me. you speak in poetry as if you were at a cafe speaking your poems. I’ll always be front row even when you’re gone. I’ll hold onto your words forever.
- I fucking love you so fucking much my heart explodes with joy every time I see you or hear your voice or see your name pop up on my screen.
- I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you so fucking much
—  things I wish I wasn’t too scared to say // ig writingmyself

taylorswift so im jewish. and our holiday called rosh hashana is coming up. and what that is is basically the jewish new year. so technically its a new year soon. so what i would love to have in the new year is…. a follow from taylorswift , to hug taylorswift​ , to tell taylorswift​ how much i love her and how shes gotten me through so much like making me more confident about being on the outside. that me standing outside of the circle wouldnt last forever and how shes the reason im still here today, and i would tell her how special her concerts are to me and how they are basically a religious experience. and how i love that she gives us all a chance to be ourselves and not be judged for it for one night. and i would also love to have a dance party with taylorswift and maybe just maybe you could teach me how to do the holy ground dance. one time when i was a lil bit tipsy i tried to do it but i just looked like i was jumping in ovals. it just was very off. and maybe just maybe to try one of her holiday cookies. yeah that would definitely be an incredible new year. taylorswift well ill be at the Tampa show so…


For @ancestors-lullaby since you wanted to see the other drawings I did that I didn’t post

stay alive. please. i need you, ok? i need you. you are so strong. you are my damn role models. every time i see you, i remember why i decided not to stop my own breath. you are the very reason im still here. youre the reason why so many people are still here.

when i see you, i see angels who tore themselves out of hell and back to earth. i see warriors who trudged their way through a vast army all alone, and made it back home alive.

i see people. brave, courageous people, that no matter what, stayed alive.

when i see you, i know i can do anything. i can make it through whatever comes my way.

so please, PLEASE. stay alive. we need you here to guide us back to safety.

i love each and every one of you, so damn much.


My happiness
This boy is my reason i breathe his smile his laugh his eyes and his everything puts me in my happy place my only reason im still here

Him Luke, Mikey and Cal are my life but theres something about ash i just cant describe its like hes the only thing that can make me smile on a day no one else can. His laugh sends me on a trance and i cant get enough of it

But theres one thing that kills me…

Being a Ashton girl, a luke girl, cal girl and mikey girl its hard or just part of the fam

Because we have to one day realise we might get to meet them We may not be the one they fall in love with marry or have a future with but theres always that part of our mind that tells us not to give up

But if i do meet them even for a second i will hug each of them and tell them how they saved my life when no one else cared and how much they mean to me and just them being the. Saved my life

Thank you Luke, Ash, Cal, and Mikey
I love you four to death

            ( FUCKIN’ FINALLY. )

lmao just KIDDING its not all about the follower count.

THESE so im gonna jump straight into that paragraph block
summary thing people write at the beginning of these things
thats all super duper sentimental and shit so HERE we go.

i literally cannot thank you guys for sticking with me through
so much. its honestly unbelievable and i am truly stunned still
to this day. i made this blog what, back in may?? yeah may i
think and ive come so far with this brand new muse of mine
that im SO happy to be playing. and im even MORE happy
that you guys are happy with him as well.

trunks has been so so important to me in life ever since i was
such a wee little baby and you have all been so supportive
of him AND me i just cannot even be more grateful. you guys,
my friends, my followers, my kind anons, youre the reason im
 still here. the reason i still roleplay, the reason im still even alive.

coming out about my age was probably one of the most difficult
things ive ever done, and it was something that made me think
horrible things, and i truly dreaded everyones reactions to finding
out i was actually so much younger than i actually was. yet, when
i came clean, i received nothing but acceptance of my apology
and positive support????? like wow i did not expect that. and im
so so thankful for all of you still wanting to be here with me today.
i couldnt ask for better friends. a better family.
- Sam.

uhm, ah, so without further adieu, here all all my lovely babes.
no specific order, just
A through Z !

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