the reason i got timeline


iris west week 📰 day seven
iris + au ⚡ a barista by day, iris west teams up with superheroes cynthia reynolds and linda park to fight crime by night. she loves what she does, but she hates keeping it a secret from her best friend stacy conwell.

honestly when i say “dont post eridan hate” in my byf its not like any criticism of his character is counted in that. its more like “stop calling him a facist/a mra/ect”

seriously like. with him im not “uwu did nothing wrong!!!! completely innocent baby!!!” 

its more like “look at this awful fish goblin. i love him.” bc in canon he was definitely Not Good but i just like. hes Good In My Heart, even if he was a major asshole and im not gonna shy away from the fact that he did things that were inexcusable. i just like him, and i dont expect others to like him, but uh. let’s not call him a n*zi please and thank you.