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Iconique© jadzia moments

- dropped everything she was doing to sneak a peek at a klingon woman
- crawled through a sewer twice to stop trump’s america
- blew into worf’s ear to get him to shush
- blew on a lizard to get it to leave
- torched a hole in a wall to break her bros out of jail
- dueled worf because she was horny
- told a jem hadar guy that if she had to go 30 or 40 years with no hot babes she’d be angry too
- punched her mother in law in the face
- punched vedek bareil in the face
- made a dad joke to the time cops just because she could
- admitted to sisko that stealing kasidy away from him was a real thought she had
- banged a guy with a transparent head multiple times
- got Real into close contact clay stroking on risa
- open-mouth kissed a girl
- bought julian porn, in public

How to fish in Stormblood

Step 1) Decide you already have fisher at 60 and may as well continue it, its not too bad, maybe a little fun even…
Step 2) The fish gets away…
Step 3) After hours of effort, finally unlock spear fishing and explore the beauty of the ruby sea
Step 4) The fish gets away…
Step 5) Decide that the fish getting away is kinda frustrating on an RNG system and just buy GC turn ins
Step 6) Thats too slow for you, back to fishing it is, a little exp is better than none
Step 7) The fish gets away…
Step 8) Fall into an endless lunacy as all your fish continue to escape your grasp, cherishing the few that you manage to catch and snapping at anyone who tries to take them away from you.
Step 9) The fish gets away…
Step 10) Embrace the darkness that now surrounds you, there is nothing, only the one fish you have caught in the last 2 hours, that fish is your only friend now, he will never leave you like that useless snail before did
Step 11) You did it, you finally made it to 70…You got a friend to help you get a full set of HQ 70 Gear and jewelry and even the fishing pole… No more fishies will be getting away from your grasps
Step 12) Laugh like a maniac on your way to start getting red scrip for your Folklore tome
Step 13) The fish gets away…
Step 14) The fish gets away…
Step 15) The fish gets away…

One thing I wonder about the period when Yami Marik had the Ring is what Zorc thought about it all. Marik won it in a duel and it was safe for him to wear and stuff, but if he’d beaten Yugi everyone he killed/banished would stay gone, he’d get the Puzzle that had Yami Bakura’s soul fragment inside, and unlike Bakura or Yugi he had no interest in collecting the rest of the Items. He still wanted to envelop the world in darkness, but I’m not entirely sure how he planned to do that.

Maybe if he had won he’d fall under Zorc’s thrall as a new host or something, or maybe Zorc would intervene cause the world’s ending his way or not at all XD According to Ishizu in the manga the Rod also had part of Zorc’s evil in it, which opens up possibilities there too. (The Eye and Ring also had darkness, the Necklace, Scales, and Key had light, and the Puzzle had both. Something like that anyway, though I kinda imagine they all had darkness and she didn’t realize it.)

surprise kiss for the best assassin

part 2 of 2 of @dreamsandabyss‘s stuff for the ship prompts! i said to myself i wont shade these, but its a bit hard to resist when you’re in so deep lol

whats very ironic is that i shuffled my music playlist and it started playing the last revolver while im coloring this. very appropriate thank you

Burning Obsession (Part 1)

Yandere Zhin is now my life. A fic by Mod Zhin

Sha Lin was shivering. He wasn’t used to the cold, sure, but he was stuck behind the large wooden shacks of Timber Mill.  His arm was sliced open, blood dripped onto the floor, even with his bandages and him holding tightly onto the wound. He knew he couldn’t stay there long, the blood trail would lead him right to it.

How did it all come to this?

They were in the middle of a match, where he was fighting Tyra one on one. His team mates were up ahead, pushing the payload. He was behind for he was a long-range attacker, so he was behind them a significant distance. She was overpowering him, her weapon being quicker and accurate than his. She was ruthless, for she was the only one left on her team. Tyra was looking hard for him when Sha Lin had miraged and escaped behind a wall. He was thinking of using his knockback arrow to make her hit the wall, then use Planted while she was stunned. It was a perfect plan, but then…

He heard an all too familiar war cry from his team mate, Tyra’s shrill screams reverberating throughout the wooden halls. He knew who it was, and wanted to thank his lover, but…


Sha Lin didn’t know what to do. He never expected him to do such a thing – attempting to kill his friends one by one. He thought he had changed for the better. He thought that coming to Paladins, he would be able to atone for his crimes, just like he said he would try to do. He thought that after all those hours of trying to reconcile, he would finally be with the man that he loved and cared for.

He never expected Zhin to go back to his old roots and kill out of selfish desire.

Sha Lin remembered clearly. He had gone down to the market down with Cassie to get some groceries for the team. He had met this lovely girl who owned the fruit store and she even gave him a playful kiss on the cheek. He knew he was attractive, and he did enjoy that attention he got most of the time.

If only he knew Zhin was there at the market too, and witnessed that event which sealed that poor innocent fate. 

More things happened after that. Ying was almost crushed to death by large logs that were tied up above them, came tumbling down when she and him were taking a stroll in Timber Mill, playing with her illusions. She only survived because she teleported out just in time. When he and Pip visited the alchemist’s home, he almost fell off the edge of BrightMarsh down into the ocean when the stairs unexpectedly gave way. It was strange considering the locals there said the stairs were recently renovated. 

Sha Lin was even more ashamed that he did not notice. He should have, considering the circumstances. These incidents only happened with him. However, when he started to feel insecure and scared, the person he turned to was Zhin.

Ever since that day where Zhin silently declared his love for Sha Lin with that kiss in the room, they were an item… almost. They didn’t tell anyone, for Zhin did not want anyone to know. He still wasn’t trusted by most of the Paladins at the time, but as time passed, more people came talking to Zhin because Sha Lin and the other kinder individuals like Cassie and Ying persuaded them to give him a chance. And they did, most of them saying that he was trying.

Sha Lin was happy, and he knew Zhin was too, at least in the beginning. But then he noticed Zhin was becoming silent again, distant, cold… Weren’t those signs obvious enough? Not that it mattered now.  With this match, Zhin made his intentions clear. 

He was going to have Sha Lin, and no one else would.

Hehe, Yami Marik had a pretty funny fake-out when I unlocked him in Duel Links by pretending his lifelong dream was to be the Duel World King XD Reminds me of Capsule Monster Coliseum where Yami Yugi asked him if he wanted the Capsule Monsters Champion title and he was like “I care nothing for the title! What i want is simple… I want everything! But what I want most is your defeat as you rot in the Shadow Realm!”

Yami Marik: Ha ha ha… Mwahahahaha! I’m free! Free to do whatever I like in this world! And the “other” Marik is deep asleep, unable to stop me! So i can now achieve my lifelong dream of becoming Duel World King! ….Pfft. Hahahahaha! I don’t care about that title! Such nonsense is below me! All I enjoy are the simpler things, like inflicting suffering and destruction! Lava Golem! Its infernal lava and flames will torch your bones into ash! You’ll think an eternity in the Shadow Realm is a more pleasant experience!

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I love ot when you do underswap sans so imature and stupid! Its making me laugh XD

Aw come on he is not that immature at all! He is still a cool dude with his strong will and great confidence, and is able to handle many stuffs as he is really an adult, since considering he is a version of Sans-

The only summary of Battle City you’ll ever need, even if it’s a tad bit inaccurate