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Magic: the Gathering - Amonkhet Invocations

As you may know, the Amonkhet Invocations is a promotional Magic set of 54 foil cards that are randomly inserted in boosters of the Amonkhet block. The set is part of the Masterpiece Series. 

Wrath of God -
• Original art by Kev Walker
• Amonkhet Invocation illustrated by Titus Lunter

What do you think of the Invocation card border ?

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In the Familiar!Au (which is amazing by the way!), how often does Bill try to taunt Ford with basically "I banged your great grand nephew and stole his V-card and still banging him"? And how often does Dipper have to stop Bill before he could say that?

Like Dipper doesn’t keep a very close eye on Bill and Ford whenever they’re in the same county, much less the same house.

Bill would love to taunt Ford with that fact.  It’d be amazing! Ford would be furious! Helpless against the fact that it’s happened, it keeps happening, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

But Bill also knows if Dipper ever hears Bill using that particular tactic - His human’s shown he’s entirely willing to knee Bill in the groin. 

So the answer is: Not Yet. Bill’d do it, given the opportunity, but he’d sacrifice any non-kneeing groin interactions for the foreseeable future. Bill’s leaving it for either when he has a chance to get away with it, or when it’s for a joke he just can’t resist, despite the consequences.


I was debating whether to post this to my art blog, but honestly, let’s just post it here for now.  Taken from an episode of Brooklyn 99, Season 4 Ep. 8

Realm of the Elderlings

I have a list of drawings for doing of RotE (well, I mean, of Fitz and Fool, or Fool) xD (and yes, I have a list, It’s true XD)

But… What do you want to see? scene of RotE? special character that I never drew?

This is not an Art-trade, but I like that you give me ideas, and if I like it I could draw it ^____^

PS: Remember, No spoilers.. pff… this is nonsense XD I know many things that happen in the next books =_=UU




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Fernando and Mal'damba headcanons? I'm asking because one of Mal'damba's lines to Fernando is "your smile always cheers me up!" And he seems to be one of the few champions who canonly likes him

- They really have nothing to argue about, ever. As differing as their views are, they’re both mutually respectful of each other’s choices and belief.

- Mal'Damba finds Fernando very entertaining. Mal'Damba has never really met anyone so flamboyant before and finds it quite amusing.

- Fernando admires Mal'Damba for his natural talent in music. Mal'Damba doesn’t know it but Fernando has eavesdropped on his little wooden flute solos.

- You like height differences? There’s a height difference. Fernando is usually the first person Mal'Damba goes to when he needs something off an unnecessarily tall shelf. It’s not that Mal'Damba is short, it’s that some shelves are built so tall they’re ridiculous.