the really lost pizza delivery guy

Dean orders a pizza online and puts, “Send your cutest delivery boy” in the special directions.
And it’s more like a joke, he doesn’t actually expect them to do it. But then the pizza comes and when he opens the door Dean is greeted by a lovely blue-eyed, tousle-haired boy holding a pizza and looking very confused. 

“Uh, sorry i’m late.” The boy mumbles to Dean, who hadn’t even noticed. “I- i don’t usually do delivery. I don’t know what was going on, they said Chuck couldn’t do it. I got a little lost. I’m sorry, i’m just a cook I-”

“It’s okay, man!” Dean interrupts, even though when he looks at the clock now, he realizes that the pizza is, in fact, about a half hour late. “It’s no big deal, really. You did a great job.”

The boy goes pink in the cheeks and looks away, but he says, “Oh, thanks. Um. Yeah, thanks.”

Dean spends way too long just looking at the guy, and then tips him more than is really decent.

Next time he orders a pizza he doesn’t put anything in the special directions, because he doesn’t want to creep the guy out, but when the pizza comes it’s that guy again anyway.

The guy’s face lights up and he gives a little wave. “Hi! Uh, Chuck is… sick.” He’s a terrible liar. “They- uh, they wanted me to, um. Well. Here.” He hands Dean the pizza. “My, um, my name is Castiel, by the way. You know, in case you want to call my work and complain about me or… anything.”

“I’m Dean. And i’m not gonna call and complain about you.”

“Oh. Um, good.”

Dean tips him too much again, but the boy doesn’t even look at it. And then when he goes to leave, Dean reaches out toward him.

“Hey,” He says. “I don’t want to be a creep, and you feel free to say no, but can I… have your number?”

Castiel smiles and nods, and they exchange numbers.

Now when Castiel comes over he always brings the pizza, and Dean gets the cutest pizza delivery boy all the time.

Mikey's Girl (may make this a series, idk though!)

“Hey everybody I want to introduce you to y/n. Y/n these are the guys.” The blonde haired boys best friend said.

“Woa.” Luke thought to himself when he seen her. Mikey sure had scored himself a winner. She was beautiful and the way she laughed made everyone in the room smile.

“Hi I’m Luke. Nice to meet you.” He said shaking her hand.

She smiled at him and he couldn’t help but noticing a blush form on his cheeks. He hoped his friend didn’t notice.

“Michael’s told me a lot about you.” She said smiling.

“Don’t believe a word he says. I’m much cooler I promise you.” He said smiling at the girl.

She giggled and Mikey put his arm around her, holding her close. She shut her eyes and smiled as he put his cheek to her head and smiled. He looked so happy. Luke couldn’t help but to feel a little ting of jealousy.

“Y/n we ordered pizza, I hope that’s okay with you.” Ashton chimed in, knocking Luke out of his trance.

“That’s more than fine, I love pizza.” She said happily.

“My girl.” Mikey said proudly as he kissed her cheek. She smiled and Eskimo kissed him. Luke felt like he could be sick.

“So y/n tell us a little bit about you.” Calum said, sitting down on the couch and cracking open a beer.

“I’m boring, there’s nothing to tell really.” She said shyly as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Well, at least tell us how you met.” Calum said, not being the most friendly of hosts - which really didn’t surprise Luke in the slightest seeing as Calum was protective of all of them.

“Well, I was searching through the old cd rack at Target. I was trying so hard to find my favorite Good Charlotte cd from when I was younger, but I couldn’t find it for the life of me.”

“You like Good Charlotte?” Luke interrupted.

“Love them.” She said with a smile.

“Me too. What’s your favorite album?” Luke asked, intrigued as he bit on his lip ring.

“The young and the hopeless.” She said smiling.

“Mine too.” He said smiling at her.

“Okay go on..” Calum said interrupting them and giving Luke a glare.

She blushed.

“And so I’m searching way to the bottom and this very tall, very handsome boy comes up behind me laughing and asks if I need help.” She continued.

“Well to be fair babe you were practically dangling from the bin.” Mikey said giggling.

“I turned around to see who was laughing at me and there he was. Standing there 10 ft tall. So he asked me what I was looking for and I told him and low and behold, he found it for me!” She said happily as he squeezed her hand.

“Then we started talking about our favorite bands and I told him that I was wanting to get into electric guitar. I was using my friends really old one and he told me he could help me find one so he helped me and then we got a bite to eat and it kind of escalated from there.” She said shrugging at Calum.

“Yep. I’m a regular knight in shining skinny jeans.” Mikey said proudly causing everyone to laugh.

“Wait. So you play electric guitar?” Luke asked amazed.

“Umhm. I’m not very good, but I’m learning.” She said shyly.

“Wow. Thats..awesome.” Luke said smiling.

She smiled back and then the doorbell rang.

Ashton answered it and paid the delivery man. He sat the huge pizza box on the table and then sat down on the couch.

“You remember the deal man. You lost the bet so you’ve got to get us all plates and drinks.” Ashton said to Luke.

“Fuck. I forgot.” Luke said groaning.

“Go on bitch boy.” Mikey said taunting him.

“Guys I can’t carry all that by myself.” Luke said complaining.

“Man you know the rules, we can’t help you.” Ashton said shrugging.

“I’ll help.” The girl said.

“Really?” Luke asked surprised.

“Yeah, it’s no problem.” She said smiling at him.

“Nah babe, it’s his punishment. You don’t have to help him.” Mikey said.

“No, I don’t want you to have to do it alone. I’ll help.” She said again, smiling at Luke.

Luke gulped. “Okay. Thank you y/n.” He said nervously knowing that he was about to be alone with her.

They got up and walked into the kitchen together.

“Really thank you for this.” He said biting at his lip.

“It’s no problem. Where do you keep the plates?” She asked as she looked around confused.

“There.” He said nodding toward the cabinet.

“So what bet did you lose?” She asked with a giggle.

Luke felt his cheeks flush red.

“They bet me that I couldn’t chug an entire fishbowl of Yager in 30 seconds.” Luke said.

“Well duh, no one can.” She said laughing.

“Well, drunk Luke thought he could.” Luke said with a small laugh.

“At least you had confidence.” She said as she helped him grab beers from the fridge.

“Too much. I lost.” He said shaking his head with a smile.

“Well, maybe next time you’ll win.” She said giving him a wink.

His cheeks flushed red, he could feel it.

They handed everyone their drinks and everyone ate their pizza as stories were told and laughter was exchanged. At the end of the night they all said their goodbyes.

“It was so nice to meet you all.” She said as she gave everyone hugs.

“It was nice to meet you y/n. Hopefully you’ll come see us again soon.” Luke said nervously.

She smiled at him. “Definitely.”

Luke bit his lip and stared at her longingly.

Mikey gave her a kiss and closed the door.

“Luke wishes he had Mikey’s girl” Ashton started singing to the tune of “Jessie’s Girl” as he started giggling.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Luke asked confused, trying to play it off.

“You stared at her all night!” Ashton said bluntly.

“Yeah ya did mate.” Calum said shrugging.

“Yeah you did. I know she’s a catch, but listen here, she’s mine. Got it Lukey?” Mikey said smiling to Luke, but he knew there was some tension there.

Luke just looked at him and Mikey laughed.

“She’d never go for you anyway.” He said- and in Luke’s mind it sounded almost like a challenge.

“You guys are idiots.” Luke said as he turned away as the sound of the other boys laughter filled the room. He went into his bedroom and closed the door. As he thought about the way she looked at him a smile crept onto his face.

“Yeah it’s fine laugh it up. We’ll see who she ends up with. Game on.”

Big Girls Cry

Pairing: Dean x Reader (female)  
Prompt : Imagine Dean breaking up with you so you could have a ‘normal life’, Imagine him coming back to your home town just to find out that you changed.
Half based on Big Girls Cry by Sia.
Part 1!
Word count: 2,710
Warnings: Angst, smut, language?, Dean being a softy, I think you’ll hate me (that’s a warning to me, from me)

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