the really at the end gets me everytime

I’ll Protect You

Word Count: 1823

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Language, some violence, and fluff 

Request: hi i was hoping i could have a Steve x Reader one shot where the reader is Tony’s niece and she lives with the avengers and she is super shy and anxious and tony is really protective of her and this would take place after Tony’s party when Ultron appears he takes an interest in the reader after his speech and tries to take her with him after the fight and steve does anything to protect her? they both secretly really like each other?

Author’s Note: Thanks for the request! It gave me an excuse to watch AOU again and the ending gets me everytime lol. Anyway hope you enjoy :) 


Part 2

Being Tony Stark’s only niece definitely had its perks but it also had its downfalls. Sure you thought Tony was an amazing uncle but his lifestyle was always bigger than what you could handle. The constant presence of the media hounding you and his expensive taste made your head spin.

Since you were related to Tony it was to no one’s surprised that you followed in his footsteps. Graduated high school and college early at the top of your class no one was prouder than your uncle.

Right out of college he offered you a position to work for him but not for his company for the Avengers. According to him, they needed a mind like yours and you couldn’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

At first, you were shy around the team and kept to yourself not wanting to have any embarrassing moments. (Which you were known to have.) Eventually, you warmed up to the team and started to come out of your shell. Or at least you tried until you failed miserably when a certain super soldier came into the room.

You were hopelessly crushing on none other than Captain America himself but could never find enough courage to tell him that. So that left you with many countless awkward conversations between the two of you. One of these encounters was tonight and to make matters worst it was a huge party that your uncle dragged you to.

“Having fun?” Steve asked.

“I-I guess,” You muttered wishing you could be upstairs monitoring the project your uncle, Bruce, and you were working on.

“Then that’s good to hear then. By the way, I think you look great in that dress.”

“So do you,” You said loudly before your eyes widen. “T-Thank you. I-I mean you look great too after fighting Hydra and everything. I-Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?”

Steve laughed. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Laughing sheepishly, you felt your face flush as an arm wrapped around your shoulder. Turning to see who arm it was, you were met with a familiar red head.

“(Y/N) it looks like you need a drink. I’ll take her from your hands Steve,” She said as you sighed in relief.

Saying a quick goodbye, you followed Natasha over to the crowded bar. Grabbing a beer, you took a long sip before sighing once more.

“Thanks for the save Nat.”

“(Y/N) just ask him on a date. I can’t keep swooping in before you can attempt anything,” She said putting her hand on my shoulder. “Besides, I have a bet going with Clint that you’ll ask Steve out first.”

“Nat really? My uncle will kill him you know?” You said as she laughed.

“What can I say I like a good bet and Stark can mind his own damn business. Now lighten up would you?” Natasha smirked. “We’re celebrating and I didn’t lend you one of my dresses for you to stand around all night. Let’s go mingle!”

Before you could protest you were dragged into a crowd of people that were celebrating. Trying to mentally prepare yourself for a huge swarm of people, you saw from a distance Steve giving you a thumbs up.

Blushing again, you followed Natasha into the crowd as the party carried on. When the party came to an end, many of the guests left. You would have joined them but you were roped in to watch whatever your friends were trying to get into.

This time they were trying to lift Thor’s hammer. You had no desire to see if you could lift the hammer and certainly didn’t want to deal with some otherworldly object. You saw what happened in New York and that was enough for your liking.

You were sitting next to Steve when he got up and tried to lift the hammer. Sure he failed but you could only pay attention to the muscles in his arms flexing. He had you wrapped around his finger and he didn’t know it.

“You’re all just not worthy,” Thor said snapping you back to reality.

More protests filled the room until a loud screech rang in the air. Covering your ears, you gave your uncle a confused look.

“Worthy,” A chilling voice said as one of your uncle’s suits walked into view.

Standing up from your seat, your uncle stepped in front of you before typing away on his tablet confused as everyone else.

“No. How could you be worthy? You’re all killers. Or well, not (Y/N) for now at least. You’re a very interesting human,” It said looking at you.

“Stark,” Steve said as he pulled you near him.

“U-Uncle Tony,” You said with fear laced in your voice.

“Jarvis,” Your uncle said tapping his tablet.

“I’m sorry I was asleep. Or I was a dream.”

“Reboot Legionnaire OS. We got a buggy suit,” Your uncle said still trying to reach Jarvis.

“There was this terrible noise. And I was tangled in-” It said stopping to lift some of the wires coming out of its body. “In strings. Had to kill the other guy. He was a good guy.”

“You killed someone?” You asked.

“Wouldn’t have been my first call. But, down in the real world, we’re faced with ugly choices. Isn’t that right (Y/N)?”

“Who sent you?” Thor demanded as everyone in the room began to become tense.

The suit turned its head to the side as a recording of a conversation between you and your uncle played.

“I see a suit of armor around the world,” Your uncle said.

“With the right calculations, we may just be able to do more than just that,” You added.

“Ultron,” Bruce said as the recording stopped.

Feeling your blood run cold, you watched as the suit follow your every movement. Grabbing Steve’s arm you hid behind him trying not panic.

“In the flesh. Or no, not yet. Not this chrysalis. That’s something (Y/N) can help me with. I’m very familiar with your work before you joined this team of killers,” Ultron said as you gripped Steve’s arm harder.

“She’s not helping you and you bet your ass she’s not going anywhere with you,” Your uncle stated.  

“But I’m ready and I’m on a mission.”

“What mission?” Natasha asked in a cold tone.

“Peace in our time.”

Then out of nowhere, more of your uncle’s suits came flying into the room leaving glass everywhere. As the glass flew at you, Steve kicked the coffee table up to protect you two from the debris. Falling to the floor you watch Steve run off to attack a suit as you ran for cover.

“Uncle Tony!” You yelled.

“We are here to help,” The suits repeated.

“One sec. One sec, I got this,” You uncle responded trying to take down a suit.

Glass was shattering everywhere as you tried to find something to protect yourself with. Finding a gun in the debris, you aimed it at a suit with only half of its body but as you were about to fire the gun jammed.

Panicking you picked up some glass and threw it at the suit, cutting your hand in the process. Only knocking the suit back a bit, it raised its hand as its blaster charged up. Backing up through the glass your eyes widened in fear.

“Thor!” Steve yelled as he grabbed the suit and threw it at the god.

Before you could react, Steve grabbed you and pulled away to a better hiding spot as Clint threw him his shield. Throwing his shield he took out the last suit as everyone turned their attention to Ultron.

“That was dramatic,” He laughed. “I’m sorry I know you mean well. You just didn’t think it through. (Y/N) I have no idea how you ended up with these people. It’s a waste of your talents.”

“I-I,” You stuttered.

“You want to protect the world but you don’t want to see it change. How is humanity saved if it’s not allowed to evolve? And you evolve with what? These puppets.” Ultron said picking one of the heads of a destroyed suit. “There’s only one path to peace. The Avengers extinction and you understand that more than anyone (Y/N).”

Standing there in shock, you watched as Thor hammer destroyed Ultron in one blow to the head.

“I had strings, but now I’m free,” Ultron echoed through the room.

Trying to process everything, you began to feel yourself start to panic again as Thor flew out the window searching for something. Leaning against the wall you tried to calm yourself down as the room was filled with silence.

“(Y/N) you’re bleeding let me patch you up. We’ll meet everyone in the lab when we’re done,” Steve said realizing that you’re panicking.

Walking to the infirmary your whole body started to shake with fear. Inside Steve sat you on the counter before wrapping your hand up.

“S-Steve what d-did I do?” You asked in a small voice. “H-He kept looking at me a-and it was like he had this whole plan for me.”

“(Y/N),” Steve said.

“U-Ultron was never supposed to be evil.”


“Oh my God, he’s going to come back for me. He’s going to take me and-’ You said before Steve’s lips crashed onto yours.

You leaned back in surprise before you leaned into the kiss. Putting your shaking hands on his clean-shaven face you deepen the kiss with a small smile on your face. Never in a million years would you have ever thought you would be kissing Steve. Breaking the kiss, you stared at Steve as he laughed to himself.

“Wow, that was-”

“Late,” You blurted without thinking.

“I was going to say bad timing but yeah you can say that too. I’m assuming that helped you calm down?” He asked.

“I-It did but Steve he’s going to come back.”

“And I’ll protect you no matter what. Ultron is not going to lay one finger that pretty face of yours.”

You smiled. “We should go back to the others. I want to talk about us and everything but they’re are more pressing matters to attend to.”

“You’re right we should head back,” Steve answered before helping you down from the counter.

Grabbing your injured hand, he kissed it before leading you to the lab where everyone was waiting. Giving his hand a squeeze you let go of his hand as you walked into the lab. Walking over to your worried uncle, he gave you a hug before Bruce spoke up.

“All our work is gone. Ultron cleared out. He used the internet as an escape hatch.”

Looking around at everyone’s tired faces; you felt a pang of guilt wash over you. Making eye contact with Steve you knew only one thing. This was going to be a long battle and they’re going to be dire consequences.  

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Noora’s abuse

Something that really got to me in Skam was when the 2nd season took a darker turn. I hadn’t felt that bad or cried so much just by watching something in a while. 

I kept putting myself in Noora’s shoes the whole time she was thinking that she had been raped. When she couldn’t get out of bed, when her boyfriend finally found out and even though he knew that the person who did it had a history of being an asshole, he blamed her and didn’t believe her at first, and then in the end she had to basically beg him to stay with her. It’s fucked up. Honestly, the only person who seemed really the most concerned about her was Eskild, and that made me love him even more.

Anyway, it’s just something that I feel like I don’t see people talking about, because everytime I see a Noora/Noora&William post it’s just about how pretty she is, or how cute they are together, and I think we need to talk about this darker (yet very real) side of season 2 more often.

*yELLS* soft and gentle ushiten !!

  • tendou blushing anytime ushi looks at him, ushi just looks at him all confused like “why are you blushing?” and tendou is sO FLUSTERED
  • ushi giving tendou soft lil forehead kisses
  • tendou taking every opportunity possible to hold ushi’s hand or have at least some kind of physical contact, even if it’s brief or small (like through the course of the match when he kept putting his hand on ushi’s shoulder…. slay me….)
  • tendou freezing up like “holy shit holy shit holy shit wakatoshi is so attractive” and getting really nervous anytime he’s around ushi
  • but ushi is so gentle with him !! bc he cares about him so much !!
  • and secretly ushi is just as overwhelmed bc tendou is so precious
  • tendou really likes rubbin noses (are they called eskimo kisses??) and everytime they do he giggles and its tHE CUTEST 
  • ushi doesn’t know why he’s giggling but he loves tendou’s laugh so he ends up smiling and feeling all warm inside
  • he also likes booping ushi’s nose…
  • ushi being so blunt, telling tendou he likes his freckles and counting them sometimes, telling him he loves his eyes bc they’re so expressive, bright, and warm… .,,.
  • ushiten… . ..

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ffxv asks: 1, 2 and 4 ^^

Thank you :D


1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you personally rate the game?

9,5 :D haha I really love that game. The characters are really well written. They are relatable, and I connect with them very much. Noctis is my favorite FF protagonist, and clearly one of my favorite FF character ever. I also love the relationship between the boys. Finally, a true bromance, with men who are not afraid to show their feelings. Their friendship is gold. And the romance between Noct and Luna is wonderful too. Even if they don’t meet as adults until the afterlife, we see how much they love each other. We don’t need physical contacts to understand. That’s beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time ♥ The story is also very interesting and addictive. The ending really gets me everytime. That game really left a trace on me. And Ardyn is an incredible vilain. Finally an antagonist who is closer to Kefka :3 

So yeah, I absolutely love the game. It’s not just an game; it’s an experience. We LIVE with the boys. The only reason why I didn’t put 10/10 is because I would have loved the story to be longer, and maybe a little less sidequests ;P

2.  Favorite aspects of the game? Least favorite? Give us The Reviews™

Oops. I did it in the last one. My favorite aspects are the characters, the relationships between the bros and between Noctis and Luna, the story and Ardyn as a vilain. My least favorite ones are some of the sidequests (not all, some are really good, like the dungeons, but Dave and Sania have to many sidequests to give xD).

4. Did your opinions on any character(s) change? Impressed by a character? Let down?

I never thought I would love Noctis that much. I was afraid he would be more like Cloud or Squall, but he’s more in Tidus range, and I’m more than happy about it. I love when a main character has feelings and is emotional, and doesn’t hide it. I want to hug him at so many moment in the game. His eyes “talk” a lot. I love him very much ♥

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BECKY this morning I woke up around 11 am and OH MY GOD THE KAISOO FEELS HIT ME SO HARD??!!! Am just so glad honestly hahah it was a precious to see nini like that and the nod THE NOD AHHH kaisoo kills me everytime ;; but also can the haters just back off??!! Oh god it annoys me to no end- I can't even talk about it bc I just get so angry....

ikr T____T it was really a gorgeous day, it almost felt like leveling up in some way!! I’m very pleased :’)

Yeah I know what you mean.. But there’s always going to be haters and ppl who aren’t acceptant. And often it’s other shippers, and in some way I guess I get it? Cause they obviously are passionated about smth else, and feels very threatened at the thought of kd! But even then, it’s still unnecessary to be so mean towards us. Even tho we’re used to it, it would be nice to be shown some kind of respect. But I think that as kd shippers, we shouldn’t expect to be respected :///


i was tagged by @relentless-for-jesus to post five positive things about myself and five things i love about God so this is it

five positive things about myself (i’m not really sure what “positive things” are referring to so i’m just gonna say some of my own accomplishments and stuff lol)
•i’m really good at the piano and i’m going to be the first girl to be an offical member of the church band by the end of summer (Godwilling)
•i really enjoy writing and i’ve been getting better at it lately
•i am living proof 🎶grace wins everytime🎶 but also that God can use things that are horrible such as OCD and tinnitus and depression and suicidal thoughts to make something beautiful
•i survived 2016!!!!
•i’m mentally ill and even though its hindered me in the past (and heck i’m sure it will in the present and future) i’m not gonna let it stop me from bettering myself and becoming closer to God

sheesh that was hard lol

five things i love about God:
•He died for me so that i could live
•i could come to Him anytime anywhere and He would give me rest, peace, joy, love, whatever it is that i need
•He always answers my prayers, no matter how small or big my request is, and the answers He makes me wait for will be worth it
•He has literally never given up on me no matter how many times i wanted to give up on Him and on my own self (He’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you…)
•everything He does is for my own good and for the good of others. in other words, He’s proof that we’re all going to be okay in the end.

okay so that’s it

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I cannot go out and socialise with new people without feeling really terrible afterwards. Like somewhat traumatised in a way. Even if I had a nice time and I have reason to be happy and hopeful about new friendships formed, the post-mortem analysis of what happened in those interactions really stresses me out. London folks are always navigating suspicious and hostile vibes between eachother even through the smiles and the glittering eyes. Like I’m not sure how people deal with going out several times a week. So many of these people do though. I also find it really hard to deal with being part of “leftist” circles. I’ve never been able to be part of any group or scene or whatever. I’ve always been on the periphery. Everytime I get too involved it ends up ruining my life in some way. I’m not exaggerating. Even just being on the periphery and occasionally going out is quite hard. Everyone knowing eachother, people frequently bringing up the names of toxic characters just because those ppl have the most “popularity” or “social capital”. Damn I haven’t seen anyone use the term “social capital” in a while maybe I shouldn’t either.

It’s like, I’m still too young to deal with people. Like I just stay at home so often because I’m too young somehow to deal with everyone out there who I don’t already know. Like sex, crushes, feelings, new friendships, new faces. I can deal with political meetings with my lovely feminist organisation who are the best thing in London basically. I can deal with workshops and educational events. Parties and every other social kinda fucks me up. Like I get sea sick even just going on Instagram sometimes. I think I will always struggle to deal with allistic people especially. Or so-called “neurotypical” people. My closest friends are either on the psychosis or the autistic spectrum. My best friends have ADHD and borderline personality disorder. They feel the same way about these circles. I was trying to kid myself for so long, trying to part of the scene. Trying to get used to it or become numb to all the faces eventually. I would invite my friends and they would say “nah, I don’t go to those white ppl parties.” or “you talk about her and her events but you know I don’t rly like her and I don’t think she’s sincere or even a good person to have in ur life.”
Like my friends get me, and they understand themselves, and they are honest with themselves. I was trying to run away from my issues, or trying to pretend I could eventually become someone else.

Things to keep you sane during style wars

Hm, I don’t really use this blog as a platform, but I know a lot of people stress out during Style Wars so I wanted to… give reassurances I guess? This is based on what I remember from when I was a frequent player so. For the sake of personal health. I’m not trying to preach. This is a no judging zone. All of the examples are from mistakes I committed.

Things to keep you sane during style wars:

- remember: it’s not worth to a) lose sleep or b) let your grades up because you don’t do homework. This is only one style wars. It sucks if you don’t win first place or get the rank you want, but trust me. Everytime you wake up well-rested during a style wars is something you’ll appreciate later on

- you will get desensitized of the stage/prizes eventually. I know right now it looks really shiny, but as soon as the event ends and everyone has it you will start getting sick of looking at the items. Likely, you’ll move on to the next shiny prize. Don’t spend more money than you should, don’t spend money you don’t want to. Don’t stay up trying to maintain your rank. Win or lose, you will feel bitter looking at those items and you won’t be able to enjoy it.

- if you get a headache from staring at your phone/feel stressed/feel sick, please put it down. Please take a break. It is not worth the fatigue. It is only a game. Your health and happiness > Cocopa rank. I took too long to figure it out. Don’t be me. (And for that anon on the confession blog, ccp is not worth putting off the ER visit!)

- candy snacks and soda may be bad for you, but they make great comfort food

-sometimes you need a break from the monotony of clicking on buttons, it’s a good idea to have a tv show playing in the background, though not something you particularly care about since there’s no such thing as multitasking (only switching attention really fast).

- if you’re not happy with the way your club performed, that’s okay, but think on how you yourself performed. Did you make up for everyone else’s slack or did you expect everyone to work hard while you reaped in the rewards? If it’s the latter, you don’t have any right to judge. If it’s the former, read the next bullatin.

-you don’t have to stay in the same club. You may feel guilty about switching, but ultimately—my personal opinions aside—this is a game and it’s meant to be for fun. If they’re really your friends who care about you as a person, they will say “sorry to see you go, it’s sad, but good luck.” If they don’t, then you need to get better cocoppa friends. Trust me, so many nice people on there, you’ll find them. However, don’t be a jerk and just look for clubs behind their back. Be straightforward with your intentions. Otherwise the onus is on you.

Marsi (aka the idiot who spent too much on cocoppa)

Happy early Birthday, Dyl.  

It’s still seven hours to go MDT till you’re officially 34 in human years at 9:11 a.m. but, of course, none of that stuff really matters as you’ve transcended age and time. Here on earth, you’ll never look a day over seventeen yet you’re an old soul far beyond your earthly 34th b-day. :)

So, I’ll just close out the night here on E-C with a song that resonates of you so deeply for me that I can sense that vibe of yours every time and it makes me smile and get those head tingles (reasons are under the cut at the end of this post).  

The sentiment in the lyrics are simple and pure, no intricacy needed for unconditional love. Consider it a repetitive mantra even.  It’s what we all would’ve told you then..and it’s what all of us, as a collective consciousness, are saying/thinking to you now on your birthday – to stay with us today and receive the love.  It’s what we all need to tell one another because of you.  That’s why your life existence ultimately matters beyond your failing, your misdeed. 


Stay with us my darling
Tomorrow is a brighter day
Stay with us my darling
There are so many things to love

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone

Heaven The Halcyons is a place I cannot see
When I’m beside you it’s so close to me
These are the reasons you should stay
There is so much that you can give

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

You’re a diamond I can’t buy
You’re a sin I can forgive
And when you sink into the dark
Know that I am there with you

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

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Inktober day 4.
Oh how I suffered. I was angsty as hell and couldn’t draw to save my life. I tried it twice, and it was really bad, sometimes it’s like I simply unlearned how to draw. But I wouldn’t surrender. I thought, why not push it to the edge and bring more pain to my soul. Decided to do some dotwork. Well it wasn’t so bad in the end, and finally I did something worthy.

I wish making art wasn’t so much suffering for me, haha. It’s often an epic emotional battle with my very unstable muses… It gets very existencial everytime I draw. Though I know it doesn’t seem a lot, I need to practice and learn so much more…

I will probably get shit from posting this but I’m gonna say it anyway.

I don’t really ship Will and Riley. I mean, I know they’re probably going to end up together but it did not give me enough fire to become really emotionally invested in them. When they kissed, my reaction was just “eh. Okay.”

Unlike Kala and Wolfgang. The moment they saw each other, I KNEW there was something. There was a spark, a fire, and boy, did it spread like wildfire. I became invested in them immediately. Maybe because of their differences that got me, or maybe because there was a build-up, a tension that really suspended me.

If anyone is going ask me, I’d just say that I will prefer shipping Kala and Wolfgang anytime over Will and Riley.