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Torch of Bellona (Part 4)

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Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2200

Warning: We’re about to kick things up a notch! Bam! (Okay technically there’s nothing too risque, I mean unless you have an aversion to heavy make-out sessions)

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Not being satisfied with the night before, you join the wagon ride back to your fathers kingdom. Ragnar has a few words of wisdom to share with you and you get yourself a proper goodbye from Ivar. But not before letting it slip what you really want from him.

The guards in the courtyard all tensed as you hopped up into the wagon, sitting beside Ivar’s legs. You almost wanted to giggle from causing such a ruckus without saying a single word.

Aethelwulf stepped up from beside his father and wife, both failing to hide delighted grins. “Princess-”

“My time here is almost up anyway.” You waved. “I figured since this wagon is already heading to my Father, might as well make it easy on everyone and hitch a ride.” you smiled at him innocently like you didn’t know you were settled between a legendary savage and his son, the reason you needed a thick scarf around your neck.

Aethelwulf and all his guards glanced back to Ecbert for his approval and the kings smile was quickly stuffed away, locked tight by a few lazy fingers. “You don’t have to go through such lengths Princess. We can have a carriage ready for you by tomorrow-”

“Oh nonsense! To think I can not be so humble! It couldn’t hurt to have someone keep them company outside of spears and dirty looks could it?”

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Who I Am (Bucky x Reader)

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It wasn’t uncommon to be awoken halfway through the night when living in the Avengers Compound, whether it be for an unexpected mission or a spontaneous movie session with the rest of the team. However, tonight you were awoken by the all-too-familiar screams of your newest teammate. You groaned and rubbed your eyes before rolling over on your mattress, pulling your sheets back up over your exposed shoulder. The screaming continued for what felt like years as you lay there in the dark, staring at the silhouette of your furniture in the dim light coming from the window. You rolled back over to your original position in frustration. Hurry up, Steve. 

The deep, bone-chilling screams became less frequent, but had nowhere near stopped. You quieted your breathing, listening intently for the Captain’s heavy footsteps slamming down the hall as they had every other time Bucky had a nightmare in the past two months. Shit. Cap’s on a mission. Since Bucky joined the team, he had always been with Steve on his missions. This time, however, the Captain decided his friend should try to become more comfortable around the team without him. Unfortunately for Bucky, Cap hadn’t considered the whole nightmare situation.

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