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DADS REACTING TO DADSONA RISKING HIS LIFE FOR THEIR KID (Like pulling Carmensita out of the way of a car and getting hit himself etc etc...), plus the kids reactions and how they comfort their father?

I chose to go with car accident, as you suggested. The accident itself isn’t described in detail, nor the injuries, but there is ‘talk’ of broken bones and blood, so proceed with caution. - Mod Mare

It all happens so quickly and yet, time seems to stand still as you see a car turn the corner with screeching tires, heading straight for [kid(s)]. Before your brain can even register the situation, you’re on the road and push them aside, bringing yourself in the path of the car. You barely have the time to wonder why the driver ignored the red light when they hit you and send you flying through the air. Mercifully, you black out before you land again and before the pain can reach your brain.

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Monika’s Pen, or: how DDLC turned the fourth wall into a Shakespearean tragedy.

You remember the ending to ‘What’s Opera Doc?’ 

The short itself is a classic and  considered by critics to be the best of the looney tunes short. But the ending features Elmer Fudd coming across the body of Bugs, as carries him away in tears he sadly says to himself: ‘What have I done? I killed the wabbit.’ while the music swells, Bugs comes to, turns to the audience, and for the first time in the short, speaks without a tune: ‘Well what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?’ 

Now if you went up to me and asked what that was, I’d tell you that it’s just a fourth wall break. 

Since most everyone knows what the fourth wall is, I won’t explain it here, just wanted to give a quick example, is all. But the thing about the phrase, braking the fourth wall, is that it’s always been seen as a form of comedy, nothing but a clever wink and nod to the audience meant to get a rise out of you.

Lately though, story tellers have been using the fourth wall in a different way. The Dark Tower novels used the idea of creations meeting creators to bring up some fun ideas, and while I haven’t seen it yet, I’ve heard Wes Craven’s new Nightmare has fun with creators being chased by creations. But where those were just something the writers no doubt were playing around with and testing out, another format of stories have begun using the fourth wall to tell rather disturbing, thought provoking tales. 

Video games. 

Underneath the keep reading tab is my thoughts on what this all means for the future of story telling. But it does contain spoilers for both Doki Doki Literature Club and Undertale, two games that you REALLY should go into as blind as possible, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

And please keep in mind that this is just my opinion, I’m just telling you the realization I had after playing both these games. 

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Hold Your Breath
Rated PG
part 1 of 2;
inspired by x

Knock knock.

The first thing he sees when he opens the door was those enormous crystalline gentle eyes. She stepped in without invitation, not that she needed one anyway. Of all people, the ethereal ferocious goddess that is Betty Cooper was welcome to his domain. She shifted, glancing around as if to test the air. There remained a tension like a fine violin string between them, despite the truths she gave him. His heart was still guarded from the way she’d shattered it and the pieces were hard to put back together. A soft breathy sigh filtered past her lips.


The way she said his name never failed to send little shock waves through him. For anyone else to use that nickname would sound unnatural to his ears. His back was pressed to the now closed door. His posture was deceptively relaxed when in reality, he was finely tuned to her every restless movements. He stared at her intently, waiting for the continuation.

”It hasn’t been the same. Between us. And I know it’s my fault but I don’t know how to fix it. Please, Juggie,” as she spoke, she inches closer. Closer but never too close or, per his preference, close enough. She looked so pretty when she used polite words. He gazed at her beautiful concerned upturned face. “Just tell me how I can fix this.”

This is it. This is the part where he tells her that it wasn’t her fault. That it was his problem to deal with. That she has nothing to worry about.

But that would be a lie.

He reached out to pull her flush against him, so that they shared the same air and the same damn breath. He sucked it in, preparing to string together some words.

“I kissed Toni when I thought we were over for good. The whole time, you were on my mind. I thought the inevitable had happened. And I’m still waiting for you to wake up and realize you’re with the wrong guy.”

The pain was fresh in her watery eyes. That he had kissed another girl stung but not as deeply as how it hurt to hear the rest. Her hand curled into a fist at the front of his plain white shirt. She hit at his chest with no strength behind it. “Juggie-“ she willed everything be said in silence. That the best (perfect) answer would deep into his heart and shake those fears away. But he still stared at her in solemn expectation. So she kissed him.

Without words, she poured her heart into his lips for safe keeping. He withered into it, a man defeated by love. He could only succumb to the kiss in spite of the spiked fears that barbed his chest. His arms wound around her, trying to gather as much of her against him. Her fingers slid past his pale cheeks and into his silky ink-like hair, under his knit crown. She touched his most vulnerable place with a gentleness he tried to forgive. There was healing in the works and just then, it was only him and her.

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Okay but the cards are like over exaggerations of their outfits, like Clyde's Alien card is amazing but then it's just the bby with bike helmets and lobsters so I really wanNA SEE HOW THEY ACTUALLY WORE BECAUSE IT'S SO CUTE/FUNNY. LIKE INCAN CRAIG WITH A PAPER CROWN AND FAKE FEATHERS? cuties. bebe would still look cute in anything though, she's serving looks

I CANT FUCKING WAIT TO SEE HIS IN GAME SPRITE????????????? thats the part im so excited bc most the kids the cards are imagination vs reality i cant wait

And I live in these moments

Still frame

In rapture

It never lasts

She always leaves

But I play it on repeat

Just to make it real

But it fades

And it comes again

And it overwhelms me

But I have all these plans

And I’m no good


With a dream

That may never be

But I pour all my life force

And I build my sand castles

As reality dwindles

I trade fiction

For substance

All the damned time

When I could reach out

And find happiness here

- Happiness Here, © Maddy Rain 2017 (via MoxitheFox)

today at denny’s i was being my usual 58 year old cis woman self and wearing my “i read about men beating up other men in a sexual context for my own enjoyment” shirt, yknow as i do

and there is this little girl in the line behind me, she was probably, like, nine, what a fucking scrub

and shes been staring at my shirt for the last five minutes so i say “do you have something to say to me you filthy fucking gremlin”

and she replies with “thats kinda weird”

a woman who i assume to be her mom suddenly squeezed up through the floorboards, still no idea how she did that, and said “fiction doesn’t affect reality jessica. as soon as we’re getting home you’re scrubbing the entire fucking house with a pencil eraser.”

the girl starts crying and her mom drags her out of the denny’s, but not before giving me the secret “i, too, love pretending gay men exist for my enjoyment” handshake. 

the entire restaurant starts slow-clapping it out for me. the cashier gave me free lunch and permission to fuck his wife whenever i want.

what a fantastic day.

honestly you guys need to stop misapplying intersectional theory. since you base your ideas on identity politics you seem to think that each “identity” holds the same weight, but in reality our lives are determined by race, class, and gender (and also ability and nationality). but these things don’t have equal predictive effects on people’s lives. you guys seem to think that if a working-class person of color is also “neurotypical” and able-bodied and cishet that the count of “privileges” to “disprivileges” makes them “less oppressed” than a white person who is not-cis, not-straight, and not-neurotypical at the same time, but that’s absolutely not how oppression works. trying to quantify oppression “levels” means you’ve already lost. even then, we have to understand this through historical transformations and labor relations under capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. 

wrt to the working-class cishet poc, their cishet status doesn’t really grant them grand material benefits at the end of the day. they’re still oppressed by the state and denied access to material goods. like, cathy cohen talked about this in her pivotal essay in which she criticized queer theory for this exact dichotomy (queer vs cishet) in her essay “punks, bulldaggers, and welfare queens”. 

whereas even if a white person is a woman and also lgbt, their race is a huge shield against certain forms of material violence that cishet men of color face despite being cishet or male. 

oppression is continuous and sustained and it’s determined by labor relations/class relations. if there is no class or race in your analysis then it is faulty. 

we have to analyze these things through a materialist lens. so for example, a white lgbt woman may be oppressed because she is denied access to material goods either because she’s a woman (so being denied employment bc she doesn’t wear makeup, for instance) or because she’s lgbt (so being denied housing, for instance). but is she susceptible to sustained poverty, or environmental/biological racism, or urban racism, or biometric surveillance, or state violence? probably not. class has to factor into this. 

a working class cishet poc who may appear neurotypical and able-bodied (i say appear bc it’s necessary to chart the physical and mental effects of poverty onto a person and that doesn’t become immediately apparent) is not less oppressed or more privileged because they have “three” or “four” privileges (cis, het, able-bodied, neurotypical). let’s say they live in flint, michigan. they are targeted by an onslaught of environmental racism that has trickled down into the very cells of their body. so in addition to living in abject poverty, which the state ignores and even exacerbates, the environmental racism that characterized the flint water crisis affects them physically and psychologically on a daily basis. this prevents them from working, from providing for their children, from saving and investing. they have low assets and disposable income. their income probably decreases because of outrageous healthcare costs and their difficulty working due to health problems. 

their supposed “neurotypical” status or their cishet status neither shield them from this violence nor gain them any benefits. on the contrary, a white lgbt woman living in a middle-class town may have “fewer” privileged identities (if you’re using the identity politics privilege chart) but her life isn’t impacted by environmental racism or police brutality or class violence, and so she can navigate her material reality with far greater ease. of course she can still be exposed to the violence of misogyny and homophobia, but that violence is quite unlikely to come from that working-class cishet poc in flint, michigan. 

we can an apply a similar analysis to the dakota access pipeline and how that is an example of the settler colonial state oppressing indigenous people. it doesn’t matter if the indigenous person in question is straight or not - their people are universally targeted by environmental racism and state violence. 

so when like you guys call cishet poc “heteronormative” or cishet moc “patriarchal” it makes no sense bc they aren’t oppressing you and if they are enacting homophobic or patriarchal violence it’s probably and primarily against women or LGBT people in THEIR community, not against white women or white LGBT people. 

sure they can be homophobic or misogynistic. but if we’re going to analyze something such as “straight” privilege or “male” privilege in their context, we’d have to compare it against lgbt poc and women of color, not against the lgbt community or women at large. and that’s when you see like cishet moc being privileged against lgbt woc. 

oppression is not a simplistic algebra equation. it’s not like “okay, i have three privileges, and you have four, so your privileges cancel out your oppression”. it’s a complicated, interconnected matrix, primarily determined by race and class (and gender).  

it disturbs me that a lot of lesbians i talk to seem to think bi women dating men are in similar material positions to straight women. the reality is that regardless of a bi woman’s current or past relationship status, she will always share a fundamental level of understanding with me as a lesbian. certainly there are material benefits conferred on m/f relationships, but that doesn’t stop the woman in question from continuing to experience homophobia—particularly, though not exclusively, at the hands of her boyfriend! bi women are always treated differently than straight women and if your rhetoric obscures or denies that then it’s bad rhetoric.

the majority of this era is still to come, and yet taylor swift has already made at least 500 fans wildest dreams become a reality. she’s glowing whilst truly living her best, blissful life and she’s going above and beyond to radiantly share that pure joy and her inspiring art with as many fans as she can. with the bountiful opportunities and wonderful surprises that will continue to unfold over the coming months, this era is shaping up to be brimming with excitement, positivity and happiness. we’re in for a wild ride.


every westallen scene ever (148/?)

“Everything would be alright” - Steve Harrington

Request: “Can I please have a Steve(stranger things) x reader where she was like eleven and got tested on and maybe can read peoples minds? Thanks”

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

Steve hadn’t been the same since the destruction of the Demogorgon. It took him a good few months before he even could comprehend what happened. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The disappearance of Eleven and Y/N hit him the hardest. Well, more specifically the disappearance of Y/N. 

Every time he closed his eyes he saw you. He remembered seeing you for the first time when he was still going after Nancy. You were stunning and from that moment he was absolutely hooked. It wasn’t until he arrived atJonathan’s house that he learned who you really were. 

It was like there was a connection between the two of you, that neither understood but also didn’t question. He felt a pull towards you and when you sacrificed yourself to save the rest of them, his heart broke. He didn’t even know it was possible to form feelings for someone you almost didn’t know but he was living proof. The last words you spoke or rather used telepathy to convey, he swore he could still hear like you were right next to him. “Goodbye, Steve.” Your eyes spoke of the same heartbreak. He hadn’t even realised that he was screaming at the time or that tears were steadily flowing. His only thoughts were of you and that you were gone. 

He was just as lost as Mike and while Nancy tried to help she only got in the way. He longed to hear your voice again and often spent hours in bed just trying to communicate with you. After finding out Mike used a walkie-talkie to talk to El, he even bought one; it was an unsuccessful attempt.

When Dustin told him that a Demogorgon was back, it was both a welcome distraction and painful reminder of you. He did realise that the reality of you still being out there was slim but he also couldn’t help but hope. He did everything in his power to keep the kids safe, not wanting to go through another loss. 

They were currently all trying to figure out what to do after the escaping the lab filled with the Demo-dogs. Talking with Will had helped them but the phone ringing destroyed that idea. Now they were all standing around, most of them holding some sort of weapon waiting for the inevitable Demo-dogs to rush in. 

Loud noises came from the outside but there was still no sign of the Demo-dogs. “What are they doing?” Nancy asked. More noises could be heard including what sounded like a painful scream. Then it went silent before the Demo-dog came crashing in through the window. They all screamed and moved back before looking at the dead Demo-dog. Hopper pushed to it with his foot before a sound from the door broke their concentration. 

The locks turned and the door opened slowly before revealing two people. Time stood still as the people inside realised who was standing in front of them. Mike stepped forward in shock and they all watched as he and Eleven shared their sweet reunion. Steve, however, didn’t even see the two of them; all he had eyes for was you. 

He walked towards you slowly as if he was afraid you would disappear. “Y/N,” he whispered eyes welling up. You bit your lips hesitant about he would react to you being back. It was only when he smiled you felt relieved enough to smile yourself. “Steve.” The pull between you grew stronger and suddenly the two of you were hugging tightly. 

“I can’t believe you’re here,” he said, “I tried to contact you for-”

“353 days. I know” you interrupted. He looked pale at the revelation, “Then why didn’t you answer?”

“For your safety, Steve.” you answered sadly, “I did it for you,” you looked down at your feet embarrassed. He swallowed hard at your words. “I’m glad you’re back,” he said, fingers moving your chin back up so he could look in your eyes. His hand moved up to caress your cheek as you spoke: “I’m glad, too.” 

Everything looked brighter and he felt hope, a feeling that he hadn’t felt in a long time. You both moved closer until your lips were less than a centimetre away from each other. You both stopped searching for confirmation in each other’s eyes, and when he heard you in his mind saying, “Kiss me.” he closed the distance. Your lips met in desperation and longing showing every emotion the two of you felt the last year before slowing down and becoming soft and full of love. You were both gasping for air as you pulled away. He rested his forehead against yours as you regained your breath. You were both starting to feel hopeful for the future. If you had each other, everything would be alright. 

“Will I be the lead?” || Finn Wolfhard

Request: none

Characters: Finn Wolfhard x reader, Wyatt, Josh, Jake

Tense: 3rd person

Summary: Finn is back home and has some time to spend with his friends. Talking on rooftops, skating on the streets and sleepovers in the gardens.

A/N: In terms of this storyline, Finn and Wyatt have known each other for a while and all characters became a friendship group

Finn was finally back home after filming for over a year; he hadn’t seen his friends in that space of time until now. He got into his house to find Josh sat at the dining table eating leftover pizza from the Wolfhard’s fridge. He turned and smiled, mouth full, and waved as he got up quickly. He engulfed Finn into a hug and as he did, Finn noticed Wyatt sat with Jake. The two came and joined the hug, creating a large group hug. Finn stood looking around slightly.

“(Y/N) will be round later,” Wyatt said. “She has some things to do,” Finn nodded, somewhat embarrassed that Wyatt knew exactly who he was looking for.

The guys all sat around and talked for ages, mostly about nothing in particular, just general nonsense. They were all sat outside in front of Finn’s house on the front porch: Jake and Wyatt sitting in a swing seat, whilst Finn and Josh sat on chairs opposite.

“Yeah, but hypothetically speaking, you can’t just take it out of its shell, like it would kill it,” Wyatt spoke seriously, even though the subject they were discussing was completely random. The others nodded in agreement, humming like the topic was an actual debate of some sort.

Finn stroked his chin. “Yes but if it was then covered in, let’s say, the armour then it would be protected even more and it wouldn’t die, because it would replace the shell,” Josh clicked his fingers and nodded vigorously.

“No the bones of it are attached to it, it would destroy it then bleed to death,” Wyatt elaborated. “Armour would then make it worse and it would already be dead,” he said.

“If it’s attached,” Josh said. “Then why can they retract into their shells?”

“For this particular topic,” Finn said, sounding like he was from a posh and upper class area. “I’m going to say it wouldn’t kill it because this is complete fantasy, not reality,” everyone laughed.

“Fine,” Wyatt rolled his eyes jokingly. “But it’s able to retract because it’s the limbs of it, it has space in its shell to just go into itself.”

They were still sat on the front porch, when they noticed (Y/N) skate over. She stopped, picked up her board and then made her way up to the guys. Finn’s face instantly lit up, the two ran to each other, instantly hugging. The other guys shared glances with one another and then with Finn’s brother who was stood inside the house, but was definitely watching.  

“You got taller,” she laughed as she now had to look up at him slightly. “I’m pissed,” he shrugged, laughing along with her. He couldn’t help but think why she had her beanie covering the entirety of her head, showing no hair apart from one tiny strand which he could’ve sworn was an odd colour.

“I haven’t skated in a while,” he said, referring to her board. “Do you mind if we do?” he asked, everyone else was up for it.


“Your balance is better than it was,” she laughed. “You’re actually good now,” he looked at her and smiled.

“Learnt from the master,” he pointed in front of him towards Josh. “Which would be him,” She flicked Finn’s forehead and he pretended to be injured.

“Such a baby,” she rolled her eyes and skated away from him, causing him to get back on his board and follow her jokingly. He had one arm out in front and the other on his chest.

“Breaking my heart,” he said which made everyone laugh. They all started to skate towards (Y/N)’s house, which was where Finn’s parents now were.

Finn’s parents were close with (Y/N)’s, which was why Finn and her were as close as they were. They all stumbled into the house, heading straight for her room. Josh threw himself on her bed, Jake following suit, Wyatt took a beanbag chair whilst Finn took her desk chair. She sat on the floor, like she usually would whenever they were altogether as a group.

“The sunset is so nice,” (Y/N) said, looking out at the sky through the window. Everyone hummed in agreement.

“Remember when Wyatt almost fell off the roof?” Jake spoke up, barely able to get his words out through laughter. “Cracked me up so much.”

“Those times we’d sit on the roof and just make fake answers to actual questions,” She said, also barely audible through laughter. “I miss those times.”

“Let’s do it now, then,” Finn suggested, spinning around on the chair. Nobody had taken notice that he’d been doing it as soon as he sat down, more than likely the 10th time he’d spun around. “Why reminisce about doing it when we could just do it now?” He stood up, stumbling slightly with dizziness. He held out his arms and stayed still, “I’m all good.”

She opened the windows and one by one, they all crawled out the window to sit on the roof. All were laughing, talking about anything that came to mind, yet again nonsense. Finn’s eyes kept diverting to her unintentionally, which Josh had picked up on.

“Okay, okay,” she laughed. “But I know what I know,” she shook her head, stomach aching from laughing.

“Which is nothing?” Josh asked, causing her to reach over Finn and hit his leg. “You kneeded permission to do that,” you looked at him emotionless, whilst Finn sat laughing. Finn was finding anything and everything funny that night on the rooftop.

“I’ve done legitimate research,” Jake said, speaking with a serious tone. “There are a couple of things you don’t understand- also the world is flat,” he interrupted himself with his statement. Josh squealed a trailed ‘what?’ as Finn just stared from Jake to her and then back to Jake.

“And the moon landing was fake,” Wyatt pointed out. She raised her eyebrows in amusement.

Josh piped up, “Dude, I’m just glad that people are, like, being straight up with me for once, because I’ve never heard any of this shit,” everyone laughed.She patted his back in a joking comfort. 

“I’m gonna go get a drink, anyone want anything?” She said, everybody shook their head, carrying on with their discussion, as she climbed back into the house through the window, heading downstairs. She went to the fridge and pulled out a Coke can. She took off her beanie, the hat that had been covering the entirety of her hair, and she placed the hat neatly on the dining table. She made her way back upstairs and as she walked into the room, Josh turned round from the roof. Widened eyes, he turned back round to the others. She climbed through and joined them in the place where she was originally sat.

“Oh, wow, you’re hair, it matches the sky,” Finn smiles, chuckling at his own statement, speaking softly. The sky at that very moment was a pink colour, something that happened at sunset. “I like it, it suits you.” All she could do is smile back, stroking her hair in flattery. Finn then kept making eye contact with each of the other guys, almost questioning if they knew she’d dyed her hair whilst he was away. It wasn’t a big deal to him but it had surprised him.

The group had eventually come down from the roof and were now in her back garden, putting up a tent. Finn and (Y/N) were planning to camp out in her garden for the night, after much begging to their parents. The guys had offered to help, knowing full well that the two of them putting it up together would take them until morning.

“No you need to give me that pole,” Wyatt shouted over to Josh who was stood opposite. “No, the other one,” Josh kept purposely picking up the wrong one, just to frustrate him. “Yes, thank you,” he caught the pole and attached it.

“It’s feeding time,” Jake said eagerly, referring to the part of pushing the poles through the material, which would keep the tent up and in place.

“I’ve already eaten,” Josh said seriously, everyone stopping and turning to him, hoping to see some evident look on his face that he was joking. They all found nothing. “I’m joking,” he reassured everyone.

Soon enough, the tent was up and secure. They’d all helped with sorting out the inside as well. The other guys had left after giving their goodbyes to the two friends and their families, who were sat inside. Finn and (Y/N) went inside to grab food, and then came back out to go into the tent.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” she said, breaking the silence. “About a year, you look good, though.”

“So do you,” the two laughed at their conversation. “We sound like 35 year olds,” she nodded as she laughed.

“Yeah who lost touch after a break up and just reunited.”

“Oddly specific, but pretty movie-like,” Finn took a bite out of the chocolate bar in his hand.

“I love movies,” she said. “I wanna make some one day.”

“Will I be the lead?” he asked, sounding hopeful.

“Obviously, no one else would even need to audition, it’d be yours automatically,” she furrowed her eyebrows in a pretend ‘duh’ tone.

“What kind of film would it be?” He loved hearing her ideas for films or shows, he always admired her creativity which is why he was so interested in watching other directors do their jobs. It wasn’t always for his benefit, but for hers.

“I’m thinking an indie road trip,” She said, putting her arms out in front of her, acting as if there were a screen there as she paced out the words. “Pastel colouring, emotive music-“ She listed, tapping her fingers as she counted.

“Maybe some love?” he wiggled his eyebrows causing her to laugh.

She shook her head. “All platonic.”

“I love you,” Finn laughed. She smiled. “Always have this thing about you, you have such a creative mind, and I love it. This is why we’re friends,” He kept a constant eye contact, almost wanting her to believe he was telling the truth. “Talking about creativity, why’d you dye your hair?”

“I’ve always wanted to,” she explained, becoming self-aware. “I don’t really know, rebellious, I guess,” she shrugged. “I missed you,” she changed the subject.

“I missed you too,” his smile faded to him biting the inside of his lip. “But all you have to do is watch me in shit and you’ll be okay,” he tried making her feel better.

“I literally cried at stranger things two, dude,” she laughed, almost immediately regretting saying it, but her mouth was speaking before her mind could process the words needed. “It just reminded me of you coming back, you know? Emphasises how much you miss someone. This place isn’t the same without you.”

“Really?” he asked, surprised. He had thought that she would’ve been off doing things with new people or having more fun lately. “How so?” He was intrigued.

“People are so boring, they never want to do things like what we do. They don’t get me the way that you do, nobody has ever gotten me like you do.” Finn smiled.

“You’re a pretty hard person to understand,” he joked. “That’s why we get along so well.”

“How long are you here for?” she asked, lying on top of her sleeping bag. Finn copied, lying on his in the opposite direction. The two were top and tailing, Finn occasionally putting his foot on her face which caused her to tickle the underneath to get him to move it.

“I’ve got some interviews,” he explained, staring at the top of the tent. “So maybe two days?” he could hear her sigh. He instantly changed the subject as he noticed the raindrops on the tent material. “I remember you tried to convince everyone in our class that raindrops were God’s tears,” They both laughed. He sat up, eyes fixated on the droplet, and flicked the tent which caused the raindrop to fall.

“You’re so interested in the strangest of things,” she said before she was quickly eager to flick an oddly shaped droplet. The two spent the next few minutes focused on the raindrops, neither speaking but only giggling at their actions.

They both then sat back down, facing each other. “We’re such kids,” she shook her head, laughing to herself.

“Who says that’s a bad thing?” Finn questioned rhetorically. “I mean, it’s not like we’re 20 year olds, we’re kids. Can’t grow up too fast,” she was in awe of his mind-set. A part of her couldn’t wait to grow up and be independent, but being around Finn always influenced her to stay grounded. “So have you met anyone?” he jokingly asked, but was also somewhat serious.

“You know me, Finn,” she shrugged, speaking with a posh accent, “I don’t meet people. What about you?”

“Oh no no,” he copied her with the posh accent, “I try to stay focused on my career and my school career,” he chuckled, an arrogant and posh tone. “I don’t see the point because I have my time to find someone, I am just a kid so,” she tried not to laugh.

“Why, that’s because you feel whole, Sir,” she said, again a seriousness hidden within the words.

“I feel whole?” he asked, still keeping the joke going. She nodded.

“Yes, like you have something to fill up the gaping hole of emptiness,” Both stopped laughing and Finn had now caught on that she was being serious.

“And you have this gaping hole?” He asked her, concern evident in his voice and no accent this time, feeling slightly sad that his friend was feeling this way.

She didn’t speak for a few seconds, her mind functioning to find the right thing to say. “Sometimes,” she shrugged. “I mean, I have my insecurities and times where I feel like I need someone to make me feel real, which is crazy because I’m not even that old,” she laughed slightly, humourless but filled with embarrassment. Hearing herself say it she thought it sounded stupid.

“Well, you’re amazing and you don’t need anyone for you to know that,” he smiled, attempting to give comfort and reassurance. “Apart from me of course,” she smiled back this time. “And if you’re gonna be with anyone it’s obviously going to be with me,” he said, not really thinking.

“Finn don’t,” she said quietly.

“What?” he asked, worried.

“Just,” she sighed, “Don’t.”

“Did I say something wrong?” she shook her head. “I did, didn’t I?” She shook her head again. “You’ve gone all quiet, I obviously have,” he became frustrated both at her lack of talking and at himself for not knowing what he’d done.

“Now we really do sound like 35 year old exes,” she muttered, causing Finn to laugh. “I’m sorry, I just had a bit of a moment,” she shook herself and Finn copied, almost mimicking her in a comforting way.

“It’s okay,” he said, giving a slight side smile. “I understand.”

Finn and (Y/N)’s mums had come out to check on the two when they overheard parts of their conversations, they decided to walk back in, sharing a hand to the chest and mouthing the word ‘aww’. They were in the kitchen, (Y/N)’s mum making some tea whilst Finn’s sat at the kitchen counter.

“It’s nice to see them together again,” Finn’s mum spoke up. “He was talking non-stop about her and how he wanted time with everyone,” (Y/N)’s mum rested against the counter by the kettle opposite.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she smiled. “She’s been down lately,” she explained, sighing slightly. “School is becoming some sort of chore, she’s really not enjoying herself here at all. I don’t know how to help, it’s really difficult.”

Finn’s mum was always close to (Y/N)’s and with any situation, she was eager to help out. She was always there for advice and to take over if it ever got too much. She walked round and hugged her. “You know you can always talk to me.”


“Yeah but if the chicken was to run away, then what would you do?” She asked Finn, raising her eyebrows as she threw the small bouncy ball towards him. He caught it, threw it between his hands a couple of times as he thought. He looked upwards, something he did when he was concentrating and was deep in thought. He stopped, looked to her and pointed with the ball still in hand.

“Um, I,” He stopped, shaking his head and retreating from what he was about to say. He copied his actions as before: looking up and throwing the ball between his hands. He sighed. “You make this too difficult, (Y/N).” they both laughed. Finn threw the ball back to her, she caught it after 4 tries of catching as she unintentionally bounced it to try and keep it in her hand. Finn began to laugh hysterically, falling on his back and clapping. She threw the ball at him.

“Shut up,” she whined. “Stop laughing at me,” he started to roll around, still laughing and unable to stop. He then sat up, holding his stomach and gradually stopping from laughing.

“You make me laugh so much,” he said, smiling and holding the ball.

“What by me embarrassing myself?” She pretended to be offended. “That’s just hurtful.”

“No,” he said plainly. He was running over the right words in his head. “Just- Just you being you,” he put the ball down. She picked up a packet of twizzlers, pulled one out and began to eat it. “You’re the best person I’ve ever met and will ever meet, no doubt about it. I talk about you all the time, man,” She choked on the sweet, coughing then swallowing it again.

“Oh Jesus,” she said, hand on chest. “Sorry,” he waved her off then started to pat her back to make sure she was okay. “I just thought that you kinda forgot about me- well not forgot but like just didn’t really think about me.”

He widened his eyes and shook his head vigorously. He moved back to where he was sat, opposite you. He had his legs up, his hands intertwined with each other and rested them around his knees. “You’re always on my mind,” he laughed. “So much it’s come naturally to just think about you and for everyone on sets to groan if I even start to say your name,” She smiled, biting the inside of her mouth.

“That means a lot,” she said. “I think about you too.”

“Good otherwise this would be awkward,” he laughed, the two hugged. It was a much more sentimental hug, the type where you knew that you wouldn’t see someone for a while so you wanted to get the most feeling from it. It was quite a long hug, almost as if the two hadn’t realised they were still hugging and as if time itself was going slowly.

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someone: lapidot is abusive

me: lapis and peridot genuinely cared about each other so much but their ways of showing their affection were not necessarily beneficial to the other. peridot who is very intellectual and analytic lives by figuring out all the facts and taking the correct course of action, but while this works fine for being a gem scientist and a kindergarten worker this does not work for puzzling out emotions social interactions and most importantly relationships and love. she loves lapis and this love manifests in a strong desire to mechanically fix lapis’s depression and ptsd. she figures out lapis’s aversion to physical intimacy her triggers and her need to be left alone sometimes to process her own thoughts but she also figures out there are situations where lapis is left more happy via lies and or omission and that peridot bringing up her own needs and wants causes healthy normal conflict which makes lapis more upset than if peridot never brought it up, leading to peridot reaching incorrect conclusions in the name of her desire to make lapis the most happy possible. in the metaphor for their relationship of the prime kindergarten in back to the kindergarten peridot sees the barren place and tasks herself with “fixing” it to fill it with life, finally finding a healthy flower growing where things normally don’t grow, but what she doesn’t understand is you can’t “fix” somebody. the flower monster was lapis trying to reward peridot’s tireless efforts to fix her mental illness by faking the appearance of being neurotypical again for her. in reality the path to healing for lapis is the one delivered by amethyst having names now for the holes and adding positive memories and new meaning and sentiment to a place she used to think was dead and could never change. peridot tried to show lapis love by healing her, she just didn’t know that that isn’t how people and emotions and recovery works. peridot’s consistent goal was lapis’s happiness she just does not understand emotions because she is trying to understand them scientifically. for lapis, between her trauma spent alone in the mirror passed between gems finally to pearl then steven, to her trapping jasper in a fusion to save steven’s life, and struggling in a constant battle between her and jasper in malachite, lapis’s life is Intense and lapis consistently shows a need to escape from intensity in her life, mostly by flying away somewhere quiet and peaceful. her friendship with steven is silly and that’s why she values it so much, it’s a respite from her life, which is what she needs as a person. lapis cares about peridot a lot and the way her love manifests is by joining peridot in enjoying pointless silly relaxing and non-stressful activities together, which is therapeutic for lapis, and also by lapis including peridot in her own alone time and letting her in emotionally that way. the reason lapis leaves is peridot is essentially tying herself to a massive source of stress and intensity when before she was lapis’s source of peace. peridot is still lapis’s peace however and so in seeking peace in the only location that won’t be a warzone, space, lapis takes her memories with peridot and her home in the positive experiences she made together with her, because she can’t leave peridot behind despite needing to leave peridot behind. lapis and peridot definitely loved each other, they just show their love in ways contradictory to the reality of the other, causing peridot to think of herself as a hopeless failure for being unable to “fix” lapis and lapis to leave behind the real peridot when taking her emotional home in peridot with her. there was no abuse and no taking advantage of anybody in their relationship at all. it was not toxic. it was just flawed, like Any relationship.

Jamaica (Part 1)

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You guys are amazing. The fact that anyone likes my writing makes my heart so happy. Was gonna wait to post this, but this is my way of saying Happy Halloween! Send me requests, message me, I’d love to get to know all of you. Many, many parts of this will be coming. You go to Jamaica, meet Harry, and he gets inspired. Hope you love it. xx - L

Warnings: mentions of smut

Word Count: 2,106

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The thing I’m looking for the most in a relationship is not love but rather understanding. I just want someone who can basically stand being with me I guess. Someone who can accept the fact that there are days in my life that I won’t be able to get out of bed because I find no reason to live. Someone who can learn that loving me won’t be pretty because I detach from reality sometimes and it’s just hard to feel connected in times like that. I just want someone who can be aware of all of my defects and still love me not despite of them but because of them.

I just want to know that if one day I lose my mind we’d still be together no matter what. And we go to the beach together because that’s where I feel safe the most, and she tells me that everything’s going to be okay and that it’s okay to smile despite everything that’s going on in my head. And then she says my name, and it sounds different in her mouth, and I feel safe there. And then I tell her something that I’m terrified to tell her because I’m terrified that it will make her stop loving me but when I do it just makes her love me more.

Or I tell her something very dark and honest like wanting to kill myself, and she doesn’t panic, and we just talk about the things that have been bothering me, and she tells me that she believes in me because she believes that I am a very strong person despite being so fragile and vulnerable. She tells me that no matter what she’ll always understand. She tells me that no matter what she’ll always be there for me even in times when I need space. She tells me that her love for me would always be there waiting whenever I am ready.

—  Juansen Dizon, Understanding 
Why Does Jonsa Make Complete Political Sense?

Trying to make sense of the puzzle and how it could inform the endgame.

This is a long one.

*Spoiler* I think it is a Jon Snow / Sansa Stark marriage. Even if you don’t agree that the story has foreshadowed this or that the scenes between Jon and Sansa were written with a romantic subtext…it will be the only logical political solution for the story.

First, a quick refresher on the changes Westeros has already undergone.

Season 1 / Episode 1

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The Serpent And The Cheerleader| Sweet Pea x Reader

Pairing- Sweet Pea x Reader

Warnings: Some Swearing But Not That Bad Also light angst but major fluff though like marshmallow level. 

Genre: Slight Angst And Major Fluff

Fandom: Riverdale

Summary: Reader And Sweet Pea Have A Secret Relationship, The Reader Being From The North Side, While he’s a South Sider. And to top it off, Shes A Cheerleader And He’s A Serpent, Both From Totally Different Worlds. After A Long Stressful practice for the River Vixens, Reader goes home where she learns that her relationship..Might not stay hidden. As emotions come crashing down on her, she calls her favourite Serpent and has a heart to heart.

Authors Note: Should this get a part two? I’m not quite sure honestly, Maybe if this gets support i’ll write up a part two? Also this isn’t the best and I apologize. Quick note as well, I Head cannon that Sweet Pea is a total softie for whoever he is dating. I will take this to my grave and fight anyone. Also my requests are open.

-The (L/N) family, a family known throughout the town of Riverdale. The Mother and Father of the family being high school sweethearts that ended up tying the knot. Not only that, but they were highly respected in the community due to them having ties with publishers and business men. But like any other family in Riverdale, They weren’t the perfect family they were thought to be behind doors. But this story isn’t about the parent’s. Its about their River Vixen Gem of a daughter, (Y/N) (L/N).

A deep sigh left my body as I made my way through the crowded hallways, attempting to get home quickly. Practice for the River Vixens had ended early due to the paranoia from the recent events by someone called the black hood. I must have spaced out, because I was brought back to reality by the red haired bombshell, Cheryl Blossom.

“Did you even hear me? Ugh, Anyways I said practice is tomorrow at the same time.” she said to me as she walked beside me, still clad in her uniform as I was as well. I gave a meek nod to her as we went out the door’s of the school and into the cold. The red head came to a pause, turning to me and giving me a small kiss on the cheek and a small hug. “I’ll text you later stay safe, see you tomorrow dearie.” she said as she walked away quickly, leaving me alone.

After a twenty minute walk, I made it home. I quickly scaled the steps and went into my house. I was met with a sight that made me take a shaky deep breath. There sat my mother with her arms crossed, in front of her on the table laid a pile of clothes that obviously weren’t apart of my wardrobe as I wore lighter colors while the clothing was mostly black. She gave me a look as she raised an eyebrow while leaning forward.

“What are these?” Her shrill voice rang out through the room. I felt myself begin to sweat with anxiety, as I took a deep breath. “Oh..those are some friend’s clothes that they let me borrow. I’ve been meaning to return them, it completely slipped my mind.” I gave a fake smile towards my mother as I tightened my grip on my backpack strap. Her gaze turned cold as she stood up, grabbing the pile of clothes.

She quickly walked forward, slamming the pile into my chest as I fumbled to catch it. “Dinner is an hour. Your father will be joining us.” Was all she said as she brushed past me and went into the kitchen. I stood there for a few seconds frozen, before stiffly making my way upstairs towards my bedroom.

I quickly scaled the steps and went into my bedroom, making sure to close it behind me. I changed out of uniform and into a sweater and leggings, Making sure to hang up my uniform. I tossed the pile of clothing that my mother had found into my laundry bin, making sure to hide it along with some of my own laundry.

I sat down on my bed as I fished my phone out of my backpack. I quickly unlocked it and scrolled through my contacts until I found a certain one, I paused for a second before dialing and holding my phone to my ear. I listened as the line buzzed, waiting for the person on the other side to pick up. A click was heard before someone spoke up, “Hello?”

I felt my heart speed up as my emotions started to pour out, “Sweet Pea, My mom I think she knows. What if my dad knows?” I Choked out, feeling tears fill my eyes. I heard the male on the line mumble a few swears before giving a sigh “Calm down babe..its gonna be alright, trust me. Take a deep breath and tell me what make’s you think she knows.”

Just hearing his voice seemed to calm my nerves as I took a deep breath, like instructed. “Well for starters, while I was at school she went through my room! shes always been obsessive over my life but shes never went this far. She must have dug deep because she found some clothes that you left here. She ambushed me when I got home.” I said, my voice shaking. “What did you tell her?” He softly asked me. “I told her that the clothes were just some a friend let me borrow.” I whispered out.

It was quiet on the line for a few seconds. “what will happen if your parent’s find out? You always avoid telling me every time I ask. I Know they wont be pleased but tell me what would they do?” Sweet Pea’s Voice was firm and clear, even on the phone he seemed intimidating but I felt comforted by his voice rather than scared or shaken.

“They’ll try to keep us apart, hell they might even try to send me away. They’ll either be ashamed and try to hide our relationship or they’ll tell the entire town. They’ll definitely try to make me ashamed to be seen with you but that will never happen. I love you and rather be with you than some asshole Jock from my school with an over obsessed personality.” I whispered the final part, fearing someone might be listening in.

I heard the male on the line give a small chuckle, making my heartbeat begin to race and my face become warm. “And I love you to Princess, despite what anyone says and whatever happens.” A comforting silence filled the line after he said this. “Can I still come over tonight to crash?”

I let out a small laugh “Your always welcomed. I enjoy your company and having someone to rant to that actually listens.” The male gave a small hum, clearing his throat. “I’ll come over at like eight or nine, please don’t leave me in the cold like last Saturday.”

A fake offended gasp leaves me “You didn’t knock on my window or anything. Or even text me. How was I supposed to know that you were outside?” He clicks his tongue “Well I don’t know..this is just a suggestion, Maybe look out the window sometimes?”

I fall into a fit of giggles, the male on the line giving a small laugh as well. “Shit, Baby I have to go. I would love to talk more but duty calls.” By his tone, he sounds disappointed. “that’s fine sweets, I love you stay safe.” I softly say, feeling my face become hot once more despite saying this multiple times. “Love you to, see you later tonight” A click rang out, notifying me that he had hung up.

I held my phone to my chest, waiting for my face to cool down. Despite being in a relationship with the male for three months, Still the smallest things made me flustered. Once my face cooled down and the butterflies in my stomach disappeared, I tossed my phone onto my bed and stretched.

My door was thrown open, My mother standing there with a sour expression stitched onto her face. “Dinner’s Ready. Your father is waiting downstairs.” she sharply said as she swiftly turned around and went storming down the stairs. I took a deep breath before leaving my room and going downstairs into the dinning room.

There sat my mother at one end of the table and at the other my father, who wore a more blank expression unlike my mother who looked ready to smash something. The table was set with plates and silverware along with Dinner, Pasta and salad with bread sticks. My father made a small hand motion. “Take a seat, we need to talk about a few things.” I felt my stomach drop and fear imprison me once more as my fathers voice rang out through the dinning room.

His Voice Was Sharp And Held Tones Of Anger