the reality of fanfiction

Getting caught reading fanfiction...
  • them: Hey what're you reading?
  • me: Um an ebook
  • them: Ooooh what's it called?
  • me: Hmmm i just really can't remember haha... that's the thing about being immersed in a fictional universe haha... you forget the titles HAHA
  • Meanwhile in my head.....
  • I've read this fanfiction 500 fucking times, I can quote it from start to finish,, I literally dream this fanfiction, I breathe this fanfiction, if you went into my mind all you would see is this fan-
My Summer
  • Expectations: sports + beach + sleep
  • Reality: Fanfiction. Literally fanfiction. Every single FANFICTION.

i can’t breathe (without you as mine) by togetherwecouldbealright

It’s slightly strange that Harry doesn’t recognize him but Louis doesn’t really mind because for some reason that’s a mystery to him, Harry still somehow seems to be smitten with him.

or, the one where Harry just had surgery and is at the mercy of anesthetics and Louis is having far too much fun video taping Harry’s initial reaction to seeing him.

Ao3, One-shot

  • Fanfictions : "bby girl , I know you're dripping wet for me *Pins you against the wall* I saw the way you were looking at me *smirk* I want you to be mine. I don't want any other bastards looking at you *kisses your ears* "
  • Reality : "I..uhm...I think your outfit makes you look really pretty *blushes* I-I love playing overwatch and the scent of fabric softener *mentally curses* I love you too *chokes on drink* I MEAN AS A FRIEND OF COURSE AS A FRIEND !! "
Waiting, Hoping With Each Breath

Summary: After Dan’s girlfriend breaks up with him, Phil finds his best friend suddenly a lot closer than he’s ever remembered them being before. For some reason, he doesn’t mind it much at all. In fact, Phil quite enjoys the late night cuddles and the way Dan clings to him whenever they watch television. He probably enjoys it a little bit too much.
Word Count: 9155
Warnings: sadness, a breakup, coma inducing fluff
A/N: Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you enjoyed two fics in two days cuz I know I did! This fic was written because us admins at the @phanfictioncatalogue decided to do a secret santa. So, surprise @vanillasolitude ! I’m your secret santa :D I hope you love this fic as much as I did because I’m quite proud of it. (Also sorry if there are errors, i didnt get a beta for this whoops). Special thanks to Julie for literally giving me the entire plot for this fic and also to Eliza for allowing me to gush about it for hours xD I really hope everybody enjoys it and have a wonderful day c:
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It started off when Dan was sad.

Phil was lying in bed watching a dumb kids cartoon that he’d gotten weirdly into. It was called Gravity Falls and Phil had been watching for three hours straight to the point where he felt as though his eyeballs were going to fall right out of their sockets. The entire room was dim, lit only by his bedside lamp and the light glow from his laptop. His glasses were perched on his nose and the duvet was pulled all the way up to his chin.

It was comfortable like that. Warm, safe, a little haven in which Phil created. He hadn’t intended for that quiet sanctuary to burst and was surprised when Dan was quite suddenly knocking on the door. He didn’t wait for Phil to give the okay before he was coming in, the door squeaking as he pushed it open.

Phil glanced up from his show, blinking a few times before pausing it. “Are you alright?” Phil asked slowly.

His eyes flickered over Dan’s features, the tear tracks on his cheeks. The way his entire face was pale and he had dark bags under his eyes. He knew that Dan wasn’t alright and they both knew that he knew.

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Maybe, Possibly

Summary: Phil’s mother is adamant that he should be settling down, so invites one of his turbulent exes to an annual family get-together the following day. In a moment of panic, he tells her he’s already dating someone. With no other options, he turns to Dan.

Genre: Reality

Word Count: 9k

Warnings: Some swearing, references to alcohol

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Always In My Heart by TellMeThisIsNotLove

Length: 38k

“I’m sorry if I say I need you” the moment the first notes left Harry’s lips it was clear he was not ready for this. His voice cracked, it was powerless, it sounded like the saddest symphony ever written. It was painful to listen to.

“But I don’t care I’m–” he paused. “I’m not scared of love” Everything sounded so wrong. He took little pauses within words as if forming them would cause him physical damage.

“‘Cause when I’m not with you I’m w-… “

Harry stopped singing mid-sentence, turned his head sideways with a deep sigh, then covered his eyes. His chin visibly trembled and fuck, Louis couldn’t bear this anymore. He forced himself to turn away and focus on anything else. Connecting with Helene’s gaze, he felt the scrutiny; each little move of his was being observed under a magnifying glass.

Based on this prompt: Someone write an angsty fic where that tweet hits 2nd most retweeted but they aren’t together anymore so it’s like PAIN for the both of them and then Harry calls Louis (drunk or something) like “did you mean it?” And Louis is confused and Harry says “did you really mean I’m always in your heart?” And Harry’s crying Louis is quiet for a couple seconds but it feels like hours and finally he whispers “of course I did, Haz”

Ao3, Oneshot

Heart Spice by Inell

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 6950

When Stiles was twenty-two, he had his heart broken when Derek chose his career over their relationship. A little over ten years later, they meet again on the set of a reality TV cooking competition. Derek wants a second chance, but Stiles isn’t really in a forgiving mood.

Cursed Child rant

Alright, Witches, Wizards, Muggles, and magical creatures big and small, hold onto your broomsticks because I’m about to tell you why I do not like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child nor accept it as canon. 

Spoilers ahead. Obviously. but c’mon who hasn’t read it or been spoiled by now Also, it got super long. 

Let’s start off by saying: it’s been months since I read it. If I get some things off a little, go ahead and tell me; I’ll edit the rant and correct it. If you just don’t agree with me… that’s great for you. Okay? We good? That’s all the disclaimer you’re getting. Moving on! 

Where do I begin? Um… Let’s recap shall we? 

It starts with Albus Severus Potter (who’s name I still cannot get over) meeting and becoming friends with Scorpius Malfoy. 

Okay. Great. We’ve all wanted that for years. No problem. 

We’ve also played with the idea of Albus in Slytherin for years. I have no problem with that either. 

What I do have problems with is the way Albus is treated after he is put in Slytherin. He’s the outcast of his family. He’s the “disappointing son”. After Harry’s canon “the bravest man I knew was Slytherin” speech (don’t get me started on Snape), I expected a bit better treatment of Slytherins. But Albus is Slytherin and looked at sideways by the entire cast, except Scorpius. This could easily become a rant about Slytherin’s and stereotypes and treatment, but I give enough of those already. 

My issues are mostly with Albus’ personality. Now, I didn’t write the character. He’s not mine. I don’t have the authority to tell anyone how he should be. All I can do is have headcanons. But “canon” Albus doesn’t exactly display a lot of Slytherin traits. Sure he sneaks around, but so does Harry, Ron, and Hermione and they’re all Gryffindor. If my memory serves me correctly, Albus goes to Slytherin because he basically thinks, “Well, the Gryffindors I know suck, let’s try Slytherin.”it’s been a while since I read it okay  

Albus is jaded by the time the plot picks up. He doesn’t like flying, isn’t that good at it or Quidditch (which honestly feels like they’re just trying to make him as unlike Harry as possible which I could handle if it wasn’t so badly written), and is basically convinced his life is horrible. (I’ll get into why a little later.) This kid shows no Slytherin traits that I remember. He hardly shows any traits really. I think it was the play format, but Albus becomes a stereotypical teenager who has daddy issues and doesn’t like his life. 

Scorpius I don’t really have a big problem with, besides it going against my personal headcanons. He at least shows a bit more Slytherin traits than jaded Albus. I feel like they were trying to break Slytherin stereotypes with him- which is great and all, but it almost makes me feel like that’s all Scorpius’ personality was. As if he was made to simply disrupt our preconceived ideas of what Slytherin is. I don’t like it. Stereotypes are something I can’t stand, but come on, people, don’t strip my house of what we actually are. 

Okay, moving on from Slytherin. 

Let’s take a step back from the new characters and visit the one’s we already know, we already love. Oh wait, they’ve been ripped to shreds. 

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anonymous asked:

I remember reading a Bellarke Bachelor/Bachelorette AU where Bellamy was the Bachelor and Clarke was a contestant a few months ago and really enjoying it, but now can't for the life of me remember the title. Does anyone know which fic I'm talking about?

without more details i can’t say for sure, but hopefully one of the below is the fic you’re looking for :)

anon said: Any bachelor/bachelorette fanfic of Clarke and Bellamy

If Some Miracle Could Win (Your Love For Me) by eli_ssabeth 

Length: 1.3k 

“Nervous, love?” Louis murmured. 

“Me?” Harry laughed. “I’m not the one up for a Grammy, Lou.” 

“Maybe not,” Louis agreed. “But your fiancé is.” 

Harry felt his face split into a wide grin at the word. It wasn’t new, but he loved hearing any acknowledgement of the wedding the two of them were planning for the summer. “You’re very right. My fiancé is up for a Grammy. But I’m not nervous. I know he’s gonna win it.” 

“Careful, now. You’re gonna give him a big head.”

 Harry giggled. “Can’t get any bigger.” 

A self-indulgent coming-out fic that is the result of Rule #1 of The Group Chat

Ao3, one-shot

alright this is what i need

i need a BBC ‘reality’ show based on Rose and her Doctor. think about it.


buying their first house

going on adorable & spontaneous dates 


having ridiculously cute old married couple arguments 

Christmas with the family

Rose telling The Doctor they’re expecting & he’s afraid he wont be a good Dad

but his face when he sees his wife and new baby

come on they’d be the best parents ever

uuugghhhh I… I….


You know when you read a really good fanfic with a perfect plot and flawless characterization, and everything is going so well, but then there is that one fucking sentence. One stupid little line of dialouge that should end with a full-stop but instead ends with an exclaimation mark, and your whole world just comes crashing down till you cringe yourself into an alternate reality!

  • Friend: You wanna come over?
  • Me: Wait I have to ask my mom
  • Me: *never ask mom*
  • Me: Sorry my Mom says no
  • *later*
  • Mom: What are you doing? Why aren't you out with one of your friends?
  • Me: I have to study
  • What I'm really doing: reading fanfictions or doing something kpop related