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can we get some more soft gay movies? like i want to see two teenage girls giving each other a quick goodnight kiss after their first date. i want to see two boys walking down the hallway holding hands. i want to see a man dropping off his husband at work. i wanna see two women snuggling on the couch and talking about their day. we get enough angst in the real world. give me happy gay movies

I’m starting to notice a pattern in my behavior that might help some of y'all out there

So like whenever I’m on vacation or just alone for a while on the internet and see pictures of dudes i’m like- wait, you don’t entirely repulse me, I might even find you attractive, what??? And I still find pictures of girls attractive, but it just feels less??

And then the second I’m in the real world and I see a guy I’m like ew omg please leave and never talk to me again, and with girls it’s like please never leave my side I cannot get you out of my head I am truly blessed just to breathe the same air you do

Basically I always doubt my gayness when it comes to theoretical crushes and stuff but the second I’m in the real world I realize how gay I am. Moral of the story: do not worry, you are definitely gay

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This probably sounds like a dumb question, but what exactly doesn't "don't fetishize m/m" mean exactly? I assumed that it meant not to treat irl gay men like something purely to get off to, but it seems that some mean "don't get off to fictional gay porn (if you're a straight woman)" or even "Don't write/ship mlm relationships (if you're a straight women)"

What it SHOULD mean is the first thing you said: don’t treat real life gay men as if they were yaoi characters for you to fangirl over; Don’t use real world tragedies or gay issues that you don’t have personal experience with as material for you fanfiction; treat actual gay people with respect and don’t ask them gross personal questions or make assumptions or anything else like that.

What antis mean when they say it is the second thing(s) you said. If you’re a straight woman (or depending on who you ask, a woman at all, straight or otherwise, or a nonbinary not-male person) you can’t get off to fictional gay porn or write m/m fanfic or draw m/m fanart. A lot of them, if you phrase it this directly, will backtrack and be like “oh, well, I don’t actually care if you do that stuff, but…” Then what is the fucking issue here? Don’t accuse me of doing gross shit I haven’t done. 

They don’t see the distinction between the two. They cry “fetishization” at every single opportunity but they never stop to dissect what that word means and why it’s a bad thing. They think if you got off to porn about X while you yourself are Y, you’re making a fetish of everyone whose real life experiences even vaguely align with that porn, because yours don’t. That’s not what fetishization is and that is not harmful.

The big problem is that fujoshi hate is never stated as “Let’s call out and avoid these specific harmful behaviors”, it’s stated as “some of you are guilty of this, therefore you are all guilty by association and I hate all of you”. It shows such a lack of basic critical thought.

I want to apologize to the LGBT community...

So I’m kind of new to the whole fujioshi world, and I was therefore very surprised when I started getting a lot of hate for liking things like Killing Stalking (KS).

People were calling me “disgusting,” “homophobic,” and a supporter of abusive relationships, and I just couldn’t understand why people were being so mean to the KS fandom (you can see I’m also kind of new to the internet, I have to admit I got into this social media thing a little late in my life). Therefore I kept involving myself in pointless arguments with a lot of people because I was tired of being called so many horrible things.

Finally, today I was scrambling through Tumblr and I saw this post about a gay man that, after showing affection to his partner on a public bus, two girls behind them started giggling and trying to get closer to the “yaoi” action. He wrote about how he felt offended because his partner and he were not there for these girls’ entertainment.

It was through this post that I finally understood why the LGBT community dislikes fujioshies so much: I really dislike it when female characters in anime, superhero movies, and social media in general, are portrayed in a sexual way in order to satisfy male audiences. I won’t judge you if you like those kinds of things, after all, it is fiction, but when those ideas begin to transfer into the real world, I get furious.

I am guilty of saying “I love gay people” and squealing when I see a gay couple in a street or restaurant. Therefore, I wanted to apologize to the LGBT community for objectifying you, especially gay people. I am going to continue being fujioshi and liking KS, however, I am going to be more conscious when it comes to separating fiction from reality.

However, I want to point out that the reason I realized my mistakes was not by being called “disgusting” and “homophobic,” it was by reading about someone’s experience and trying to understand how they feel. So you antis also need to change your way of communicating because cursing at people is just going to lead to more arguments.

Thank you.


I C- I- I CAN’T– I- I- AHHHHHhHhHhHhhHhhhhHhhhHHHhhH!!!1!111!!!111!!1!!

I’d really like it if religious conservatives stayed away from my fantasy and sci-fi TV shows that are about magic, aliens, and powerful women who may occasionally be sexually attracted to other women. Like, go read the bible and stop forcing TV to follow your beliefs! Isn’t the real world being dominated by males and heterosexuals enough for you? Isn’t the real world full of enough hate against women and gays enough for you that you MUST take away our fantasies too? Go read your fucking Bibles and leave the fantasy and Sci-fi world of entertainment ALONE!

I think the problem with MatPat is the guy started out kinda reputable? Like sure his videos weren’t 100% bulletproof but you could tell he was trying to make theories that worked along with the source material and were interesting.

But now literally all his videos are like Mario is gay? And also sucked my dick in the real world? (The truth behind Mario Odyssey revealed!) in big red intrusive letters for the thumbnail and then Mario would have googly eyes and there’d be a big censored mushroom next to him.

And people still take that as seriously as his original videos? It’s baffling.

Real talk

I am so sick of people being homophobic. There is no reason for it.
Even if you are somehow born with such hate, why is it seemingly so hard to <i>keep these opinions to yourself?</i>
Seriously, my boyfriend said he wanted to make a petition to fucking <b>banish</b> gay people.
Needless to say, he is out of my life now.

please restore my faith in humanity someone

Xion Praeten is honestly so important to me. <3 Like that is how you do fantasy analogues for real world oppression right. 

The fact that he actually is gay and would be persecuted for that right alongside being magic (even if it is to a lesser extent as magic is the far graver infraction) doesn’t dilute the metaphor like so many authors who write these kinds of analogues seem to think it would. Real world oppression is complex and it intersects and attacks people on multiple fronts, and Xion’s personal struggle and relationship with his family is a lot more powerful for how his experiences overlap.  

His nightmare sequence with Fohsa and Pera in episode 24 especially comes to mind here. It gives me chills every time I listen to it.