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I'm starting to think that I might be autistic, but I feel weird about the whole non-verbal thing. There's times where I feel like talking just isn't something I can do and when I'm forced to my voice is real quiet because I just don't want to and feel like I can't even so people generally ask me to repeat when that happens and it feels like so energy consuming that it's irritating. Could that possibly be an autistic thing?

Yep! That would be a form of going semiverbal.


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1, 2, 10!

1. Who is your favorite ALW musical Phantom?

From the ones I have seen live or watched enough of to have an opinion on:

-John Owen-Jones, simply because he’s the definition for me how the ALW Phantom should sound. Not Erik, but specifically this version of the Phantom. His voice is so magnificent and booming and he navigates through the difficult score as if it was made for him.

-Ethan Freeman, fantastic voice + fascinating acting

-Ian Jon Bourg, big, powerful, operatic voice

-Steve Barton, it’s Steve Barton

-Earl Carpenter, the detailed acting

-Hugh Panaro, the versatility of his performance and distinct interpretation of the role

-Michael Crawford, not a real fan of his voice, but he brilliantly originated the role and had so much passion for it and had so many nuances. It is so fascinating to watch him!

2. Which Phantom movie is your favorite?

Phantom of the Paradise. lmao 

But for real adaptions I just have to say 1925, 1989, 1990 and 2004 together. 

10.  Do you prefer Leroux!Erik, Kay!Erik, or ALW!Phantom?

Leroux, then Kay, then ALW.

Leroux over Kay mainly because Leroux Erik is gross and tragic and interesting but not an obvious housewife fantasy (with Oedipus complex, and a devil’s pact, etc, etc). And Kay over ALW simply because a book character is much more fleshed out and has more to offer than a version that had to be extremely simplified for a 2.5 h musical.


parts 1 to 4 in one video

comic by @joeybendydrew

silver sitting on the very same spot where he and flint used to spar together, hair tied into a ponytail, his jacket off and crutch in hand… as if he’s waiting for a friend to arrive with two swords in hand and a smile on his face.. as if they never stopped doing it


Actually Me 😂