the real troy

I had this idea that if Donna had been brought back into the universe properly, she would have looked super awesome if they had given Wonder Girls n52 outfit to her instead of Cassie (except with a navy blue/silver color scheme) My main issue with Cassie’s New 52 look isn’t necessarily her costume. I actually think the outfit looks pretty cool. My issue is with the fact that said outfit is being poorly drawn onto what should be the body of a 17 year old girl. Cassie’s old costume suited both her needs and personality, but that’s just my opinion.

So I never really told you guys about this, but I work with Troy Wagner. Yes, the Troy Wagner from Marble Hornets. We work together at a grocery store near my house. My coworker told him that I was a fan of MH and he got really excited and told me he’d never worked with someone who knew about it. So he’s been trying to be friends with me I guess? And I’m just here like “it’s a literal honor to be within 200 feet of you” I hardly say anything other than laughing nervously and saying “yeah” a lot. Since this is my first job its unreal by itself but to know one my childhood idols personally and getting to work with them even out of filming is incredible. He’s so super nice and sweet. It’s hard to even comprehend this like am I imagining him? But then on Facebook he friended me and I had to take a look at myself and ask “what did I do to deserve this?” Just now, I received a snapchat from him. Gonna upload the picture right after this post is done.
One of the million reasons why I’m so glad that May 12th passed without incident or harm.

Credit to; politicallyincorrectwalrus for an amazing text post.. 😊