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fifth harmony in fanfiction (stereotypes)
  • camila: smol bean, clumsy af, loves bananas, innocent af (but great in bed), good with words, 1 ex-boyfriend, gay af
  • lauren: badass mf, green eyes that pierce through ur soul, whipped af, has a soft spot for "camz", even gayer
  • dinah: funny as shit, sometimes dumb, polybeatdown, captain, camila's best friend, always shouts inappropriate stuff
  • normani: sassy as hell, motherly, lauren's best friend, chicken wings, straightforward, usually messing with dinah
  • ally: jesus, bible, troy, did i mention jesus? bless you, mother, sweet sweet sunshine, allysin sometimes
  • sofie: the most intelligent sweet camren shipper kid ever
  • sinu: is always watching
  • alejandro: idk but he's always an asshole
  • ariana: i love camila
  • austin: asshole, fuckboy, dorito
  • shawn: sometimes camila's gay best friend, sometimes another ex-boyfriend
  • clara: best mom ever
  • mike: best dad ever
  • chris: horny teenager but a good brother when he has to be
  • taylor: grumpy teenager or most supportive lil sis
  • keana: usually a mean bitch, but hot as fuck
  • lucy: good friend wtf, or you know, part of the love triangle
  • vero: flirts with camila, very funny and a good friend
  • alexa: gives good advice
  • luis: fuckboy
  • keaton: fuckboy
  • brad: no lips, bread, fuckboy, dumb as shit
  • dinah's siblings: omg that's a lot
  • siope: gtfo norminah is real
  • troy: sweet sweet boy
  • car: runs over camila
Dating Adult Sam Drake Would Include:

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A/N: thought i would follow up the list i did of the teen sam with adult sam bc why the heck not, sorry i haven’t posted today i’ve been at Uni! Im working on requests dont worry! <3 I’m posting more up tonight! <3

Dating Teen Sam Drake List.

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Dating Adult Sam Drake would Include:

- Him having cute nicknames/petnames for you like; Doll, Dollface, sweetheart
- Him Saying ‘I love you’ all the time because he has to make up for fifteen years of not saying it to you. :’(
-Tracing over scars and tattoos subconsciously. 
- Him showing you his other tattoo ;) 
-You making fun of the way he pronounces some things with his Boston accent.
-Play Fighting/wrestling, because theres never a dull moment and it almost always leads to sex one way or another. Soz not soz.
- Again, SEX EVERYWHERE, I mean the poor guy was locked away for thirteen years he’s most certainly sex deprived and sexually frustrated. Gotta make up for lost time yknow. 
-Deciding to get Dogs instead of kids together, even though Sam is an absolute kid magnet, and they love him, dogs just seem better suited.
-Naming them something piratey like; Avery, Blackbeard, Edward, Bonny etc. 
-The most nonchalant and casual marriage proposal ever:

- “Well we have a house together and two dogs, I suppose we should think about getting married then?” 

-”Sounds like a plan.”

-Having a small quaint wedding, nothing too flashy but the whole gang will be there. 
-Getting to babysit Cassie together but doing a shit job at it because you two will feed her junk food and let her play violent games/watch violent movies:

-”I can’t believe you two let Cassie watch this!” 

-”ah c’mon she wanted to watch it, far be it for us to say no.” 

-”she has nightmares now, Sam.” 

-”oh. Shit. Our bad.” 

-Road trips, lots and lots of road trips.
-Family road trips! With Nate, Elena, Cassie and Vicki as well!
-Spontaneous holidays where you two can actually be touristy because you aren’t looking for treasure.
-Jealousy, yep, it’s still there. 
-Not getting up before 11A.M in your household no matter what. 
-Shower Sex, just saying…think about it ;) 
-Watching the Indiana Jones movies together basically all the time so much so you two act out your favourite scenes because you are both dorks.