the real sublime

The pinnacle, the crowning game, was the 5-0 against Real Madrid. Nothing compares, although the 6-2 away was also amazing. What football, what dominance. We had the ball all the time: when we lost it, we won it back instantly. It was football at its most sublime. The Real Madrid players’ heads had dropped as they came off 2-0 down at the break. We ran into the dressing room: we couldn’t wait for the second half to begin… we could have scored even more. We were gunning for them because of everything they’d been saying about us
—  Xavi on the match he remembers most fondly

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Sublime on Tumblr: Aesthetic... So calm... Very peace. Sublime in real life: Cute af and sweet as glory. Sublime on Youtube: ASKSBDJDJCIDWHIDBEJFJEBDJDHD! Me: /;u;/ YASSS BITCH YASSSSS

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