the real royal baby


“As long as children suffer, we have work to do!”

“I have a great belief that every individual can make a difference and help a fellow human being. If so, start by ensuring that those who come to Sweden get the help that they need to contribute money to organisations that are actually in place, and make a difference and do something about it. The main thing is that we do something.”  

Princess Sofia of Sweden giving her speech at the Global Child Forum on 08.09.15 with an important, well said message. It was her first solo royal engagement as Princess of Sweden, held in Pretoria. [x] // Video source: Expressen


I SHIP THIS HOOK, LINE AND SINKER! I’m going to that special hell but seriously how can I not when they are both so utterly badass and don’t take crap from anyone. Sook Myung is magnificent - strong, proud, regal and vulnerable - and she is perfect for Maekjong because she has the strength to stand against the whole world if needed.

It’s awesome how Maekjong can’t help himself but be impressed by her and proud of her when she completely puts that insolent Hwarang member down. And the best thing about this ship is that even if the writer pulls the “Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds” ending on the audience it doesn’t matter BECAUSE THEY ARE REAL CANON SINCE THEY GOT MARRIED IN HISTORY.

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Plus: a stuffed dog (which is sure to sell out in minutes).
By Josh Duboff

Too cute to handle right now.