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Ok I have to confess...

Moonrock (or whatever else ship name there is for them because apparently moonrock is also a type of drug… whoops ( Edit: I have been informed that the ship name is Rockbin, not the one that is also a type of drugs so we all clear guys, thank you @m0onbean for the correction lol)) is honestly probably my favorite ship in Astro

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Like don’t get me wrong I also really like Binu (or Binwoo or any other name I ‘m a little behind on the official names for all of the ships) but there’s something about Rockbin that is so freaking cute to me and I don’t honest ship that much stuff in Astro (again I don’t know why maybe because I just see them all as precious little babies who I need to protect. The urge to ship will probably come sooner or later)

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Maybe it’s because I love a good second lead and that’s what Rocky is to me in this triangle. Everyone ships Eunwoo and Moonbin but there’s something about the fact that Binnie and Rocky trained together for 7 years (I think that’s right) and were really close is just so adorable to me. Like he’s every second lead and man do I got second lead syndrome (sorry not sorry I can’t control it)

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Like I live for Moonbin and Rocky interactions. They used to be so close but have separated a little bit because now they’re in a band and have more people (DON’T MISUNDERSTAND I LOVE EVERYONE IN ASTRO VERY MUCH AND AM SUPER HAPPY THEY ALL FOUND EACH OTHER IN THIS BAND AND ARE ALL REALLY GOOD FRIENDS)

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Just I don’t know guys Moonbin and Rocky makes me happy together. It calms my second lead syndrome. (If you find any good fluffy writing about these two please send me a link cuz I will love you forever and we will be best friends)

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kirishima deserves everything good the world has to offer. this dude spends 98% of his time supporting his buds and i love how damn hard he works. what a guy. and his quirk!!! boy!!! that’s a solid (badum psssh) quirk he’s got. also a very relatable character. 500/10. the best boy out there

Enough // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: Hi!! Would you be able to write a fic of Rocky x chubby!reader? Something fluffy with a tiny bit of angst? Thank you!! I love your writing by the way!!

words: 1725

category: angst + fluff

author note: you asked for a tiny bit of angst and ya girl disobeyed and wrote half of the scenario in angst. hopefully the nice fluff at the end will make up for it?? please enjoy anyway!!

- destinee

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