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Demigod Q&A: Favorite Disney Character?
  • Annabeth: Belle, of course. She's intelligent.
  • Piper: Pocahontas. I love how proud she is of her people and how she's so willing to fight for them.
  • Hazel: I like Jasmine. She loves her tiger Rajah almost as I love my horse Arion.
  • Reyna: Mulan. The legacy she left behind demonstrates how one warrior can change the whole battle.
  • Jason: Probably Hercules. He's cool. I mean, the Disney version of him is cool. He's a douche in real life.
  • Leo: Tinker Bell! I'd say we're pretty similar.
  • Percy: Because you both have pointy ears?
  • Leo: *face reddens* NO–
  • Percy: I love Ariel, because life is the bubbles.
  • Frank: The reason why I'm picking Tiana is NOT because we've both been turned into frogs.
  • Nico: We have thoroughly discussed this. I'm Elsa, and Will is obviously Rapunzel. Just look at those beautiful glowing locks of his.
  • Will: I have boldly accepted this as my truth. *flips imaginary long hair*

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Hi! In another ask you mentioned the “real Ciel mastermind theory”, I know about the 2CT, but this is diferent? Can you tell me about it? Especially about the part that maybe real!Ciel is who murdered Rachel & Vincent, and also stabbed Tanaka? Thank you, and have a lovely day.♡

Yeah, it’s a theory that has been around in the Japanese fandom since around the same time people came up with 2CT. The reason some people suspected real Ciel might be the one who stabbed Tanaka is because

- the person who stabbed Tanaka from behind seems rather small (→maybe he’s a child?)

- Tanaka is a master of swords (GW arc) as well as Jujutsu/martial arts (Murder arc), i.e. he is extremely strong. Nevertheless, he was stabbed almost without any resistance (→maybe the attacker was someone who he couldn’t fight back, e.g. his master’s son?)

- Tanaka’s line to our Ciel “This is too cruel for you” (→maybe he said “cruel” because it’s our Ciel’s own brother who killed his parents?)

- Tanaka definitely saw the culprit but in ch62 he told our Ciel that he didn’t see anyone (→maybe he didn’t want to tell Ciel about the ‘cruel’ truth?)

- Tanaka was stabbed from behind but he survived (→maybe the stab wound wasn’t so deep because the attacker was a child?)

- there are some hints in the story that real Ciel wasn’t just a happy sunshine child but had a complex personality (→ch93, 95 and bonus chapter “That butler, nursing”)

These are the main reasons, but most of them are based on one flashback scene from our Ciel’s POV (ch19), so unlike 2CT, this theory doesn’t have much evidence yet! It’s just a theory, a possibility, so we have to wait and see :)

Bonus: I often do random surveys on twitter (just for fun) and funnily, I did a survey about the very question “Do you think the ‘real Ciel mastermind theory’ will turn out true?” 2 weeks ago and the result was

Nope: 25%  
Yep: 75%

Save or Break

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Matt (OC)

Warnings: Lots of angst, language, mentions of death

Word count: 1482

Summary: Dean thinks the reader left him for someone else but is that the real reason?

A/N: This fic is for my newly introduced “songfic friday”. Song inspiration for this one was “Breakeven” by The Script.

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“Sometimes the strongest among us are the ones who smile through silent pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about.” -Unknown

Dean’s loud voice, thick with anger and despair filled your ears as you threw your clothes haphazardly into your suitcase.

“What do you think you’re doing Y/N? You’re going to bail out on me and Sammy just like that? After everything we have went through you’re going to call it quits? Because of what? Is it me? Did I do something wrong?”

Hearing his words brought tears to your eyes. You were seconds away from breaking his heart but you had to do this. You did not have another choice, not after what you had found out a while ago. Your hands were shaking; you stopped what you were doing and took a deep breath. Turning towards your soon to be ex-boyfriend, you looked into his eyes. He stopped with his wild gestures, his chest heaving from all the anger and frustration.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and started to speak, trying to sound as cold as possible. “I can’t do this anymore Dean. I don’t want to. Yes, I quit. I’m leaving you. This was never the life I imagined for myself. I want more, okay? And you can’t give me more Dean. I’m sorry.”

His arms dropped dead to his sides. His mouth fell slightly open and a shocked expression spread across his face as he stared at you, letting your words sink in. “You’re… What? Why? I thought… I mean we talked about this. You never wanted more. What changed?”

You could see in his slumped shoulders and teary eyes how much you had hurt him. ”I have to do this,” you kept telling yourself in your mind.

“I-I don’t know Dean, okay? I simply changed my mind. I want to get married and have kids and I want to come home to something that is not as broken as what we have. Let me go Dean. I’m done. Let me be happy.” 

You continued to pack the last pieces of clothing and zipped your suitcase; you didn’t have the courage to look him in the eyes right now. The guilt you felt when doing so made you question your decision but there was no going back now.

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Being Skye Millers Bestfriend Would Include
  • you two being complete opposites
  • a lot of eye rolls
  • “how are you so cheerful in the morning, I don’t get it.”
  • always going over to Monet’ during her shifts
  • ordering things that you know isn’t on the menu just to bother her
  • “yeah, can I get a double cheeseburger?”
  • not believing that she can really tell the future
  • until she brings out her Tarot cards
  • she always has a straight face on to hide her emotions
  • but you always know what’s really going on inside her head
  • you’re the only person who can cheer her up after she’s had a bad day
  • you hug her a lot
  • sometimes the hugs last five minutes
  • “Y/N, I can’t breathe.”
  • she knows what you’re about to say before you even open your mouth
  • you poke at her love life a lot
  • “So, how are things with you and Clay?”
  • feeling accomplished when you see her blush
  • her denying her crush on Clay
  • but then realizing that she can’t hide anything from you
  • “Hey, Clay!”
  • “Oh my God, Y/N, shut up.”
  • you’re always cracking jokes to get her to laugh
  • the stupider the jokes, the more likely it is that she would laugh
  • you’re never in a bad mood
  • when you are, Skye’s the one trying to cheer you up this time
  • everyone always saying that she’s a ‘heartless bitch’
  • you threatening to fight everyone who says that
  • “Y/N, you don’t have a single bad bone in your body.”
  • you hate when people talk about her behind her back
  • she always tells you not to worry about them because she doesn’t even care what they think
  • she never shows the 'real’ Skye to anyone but you
  • she pretends to hate you
  • when in reality, you’re her favorite person

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When you realize Mycroft is eating with his umbrella on hand

Sherlock is completely obsessed with Mycroft holding onto his umbrella.

This umbrella is iconic with this version of Mycroft, we can even say this is his own version of a deerstalker. And Sherlock creates a Mycroft who keeps holding it for absolutely no reason during their entire conversation

The umbrella is his facade. And this understanding of what the umbrella is gives a new taste to that scene.

A clown is the paroxysm of a disguise, of hiding your real self behind make-up and a mask.

And Mycroft is trying to fight him with his umbrella, with his own disguise.

This is bound to fail: a disguise vs disguise duel is absolutely pointless. You need to fight him by using your real self.

The umbrella is only Mycroft’s facade, there’s nothing inside, nothing useful at least, and that’s the point. That’s why there are no bullet, and the sword? It looks impressive but Mycroft doesn’t use it because he doesn’t know how. It’s only there to scare others, it’s not meant to be put to test. It’s all about the apparance of control and power.

But the truth is? There is nothing concrete with that umbrella, nothing that can protect you. There’s no defense, and nowhere to hide. Only the truth, only you real self can save you.

My Savior (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

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Pairing: SSA!Daveed Diggs x SSA!Reader

Requested?: Day Four of my write-a-thon! 

Prompt: You get kidnapped by the unsub. 

Words: 2800+

Warnings: Based off of Criminal Minds, Kidnapping, Mentions of Murder and Sexual Assult/Abuse, Angst, Fluff



This unsub was not who you were expecting.

You were a Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI. You were part of Chris Jackson’s team in New York City, being a transfer from Aaron Hotchner’s team in Quantico. You were in your early thirties and have been in the Behavioral Analysis Unit since you were twenty. You had a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in sociology. Add ten years of self-defense training and knowledge on firearms and explosives, and you got yourself an agent fit for the BAU. You started off in Quantico, where you went through the FBI Academy and graduated the top of your class alongside Spencer Reid, one of your good friends from Hotchner’s team. It was actually Reid who convinced you to move back to your hometown and join Chris’ team.

There were big differences between the Quantico team and the New York team.

Firstly, the New York team was bigger than the Quantico team.

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Father and Son

@kaelinaloveslomaris gave me a prompt of Vader and Luke surviving RotJ, Vader carrying Luke, and Luke holding Vader’s hand.  (I may have been grumbling about Dreamwalker again.)  So have a ficlet!  It immediately follows a slightly different fight on the second Death Star.

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SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Noon)

Now that I’m finally back home I can reorganize my points and write the full report! Take note this report contains only the noon session. Night session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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I’ve always believed that Itachi and Kisame were like strange best friends while partners.

That Kisame knew the real reason behind the massacre and understood what was going through Itachi’s head even when he was silent. When he finally found out about Itachi’s disease, he secretly mourned for him, but refused to show how upset he really was in front of him. He was always in awe of Itachi’s intelligence and followed his orders out of respect of their relationship.

That Itachi let Kisame know that his eyesight was failing him and that his Sharingan was the biggest burden he’d wished he’d never received. He understood Kisame’s love to fight and though he was a pacifist himself, he allowed his partner to engage in unnecessary battles to get his stress out while Itachi just waited.

That they discussed the possibility one night of disappearing and never returning to the shinobi world. They could live on the ocean - because Kisame loved the water and Itachi had never lived anywhere with open water - and enjoy a life of peace. But Itachi knew he had to protect his brother and Kisame knew Itachi would succumb to his disease in only a few years. And without certainty of their deaths, they would continue to be hunted.

And so, Kisame had kept Itachi’s disease a secret, helping him the best that he could to get through it until he could face Sasuke and the night that he died, Kisame seriously considered leaving Akatsuki, understanding that a large part of the reason he had stayed with the organization for so long was because he’d had Itachi as his partner. And before he allowed his own jutsu to take his life, he realized he was okay with it because he’d finally be able to see his best friend again in a place where there was an ocean and the world was at peace.
- - -
Art by Lily (no longer active within the Fandom)

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I'm not sure calling out Mary for saying "I love you" is entirely fair, or comparing her use of the words to Cas'. Of course she doesn't love Sam and Dean as strongly as Cas does. How could she? She just met them, she's just getting to know them. But I think it's important to remember that even if Mary was raised as a hunter, she was still raised by a very traditional looking family, and the bar for saying "I love you" in a traditional family isn't so damn high. (1/2)

Mary’s frame of reference for those words is so different. Mothers tell their children they love them, all the time, for no real reason (I’m generalizing here. I’m aware there are lots of moms who don’t do this). Even when they feel distant from you, or they’re angry at you, or they don’t understand you. I think it says a lot more about what Sam, Dean, and Cas have been through than it does about Mary that in order to say things like that someone has to be dying. (2/2)

Oh, no. I’m not “calling her out” for telling her kids she loves them. I mean, I’m a mom, and I tell my kid “I love you” every day. The thing is, it’s not what I think about the importance or profound meaning behind a casual love declaration like that is. It’s what 12 years of Supernatural has stated this phrase means.

In TWELVE YEARS, Sam and Dean have never ONCE come out and directly said, “I LOVE YOU.” TO ANYONE.

(yeah Dean said it to Mary, while reenacting a scene that had occurred when he was four years old, and he once told Sam– in his djinn dream– to tell Mary he loved her)

But as far as we know, Dean hasn’t said those words TO ANYONE in more than 30 years.

Yet I don’t think that any reasonable person could argue that he doesn’t love Sam, or Cas, or Mary… because for Dean the words are meaningless without the proof, and that happens through actions. This isn’t me judging Mary for saying the words, this is how the SHOW ITSELF has established the way Dean understands what it really means to be “family.”

This is how DEAN defines love, explaining it to Crowley in 10.17:

DEAN: Never saw that coming, either. What is it, huh? Why you letting mommy dearest tie you into knots?
CROWLEY: Because… We’re family. Blood.
DEAN: That’s not the same thing. A wise man once told me, “family don’t end in blood,” but it doesn’t start there, either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family’s there through the good, bad… all of it. They got your back… even when it hurts. That’s family. That sound like your mother?

Someone can SAY “we’re family!” until they’re blue in the damn face, but if they then turn around and stab you in the back and expect you to just roll over and accept it “because we’re family!” then… 

I mean going back to 6.21, Cas hadn’t really learned this lesson yet, either. He THOUGHT he had. The whole reason for agreeing to Crowley’s plan to “pop purgatory” was based on the fact that he could leave Dean entirely out of it. He started down this road in an attempt to PROTECT Dean, to leave him “in peace.” And he’d already gone too far down the road, and his desire to keep Dean out of it had already failed.

CASTIEL: I thought you said that we were like family. Well I think that too. Shouldn’t trust run both ways?
DEAN: Cas, I just can’t…
CASTIEL: Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call, and I am your friend. Still, despite your lack of faith in me, and now your threats, I just saved you, yet again. Has anyone but your closest kin ever done more for you? All I ask is this one thing.
DEAN: Trust your plan to pop Purgatory?
CASTIEL: I’ve earned that, Dean.

Thing is, Cas was desperate here. If Raphael got that power instead, the apocalypse would start right back up and there would’ve been nothing anybody could’ve done to stop it. He was in an impossible situation.

I think Dean even recognized that, because he couldn’t even offer any viable alternative for Cas. He just knew that nothing good could come of Cas’s current plan. Partly because Cas had done ALL of it behind his back.

That’s one reason I’m relieved that Mary has come at least PARTIALLY clean here as early in the season as she did. It means she still has time to turn back and find another way.

She also doesn’t have the fate of the universe resting on her choices here, the way Cas did when fighting the war in Heaven. There were real stakes involved back then. If he lost, the whole planet would lose.

Mary’s not fighting a war. Not a real one, anyway. And yet, without planet-ending stakes on the table, she’s demanding Sam and Dean trust her choice to work with the MoL, despite what they’ve already experienced about working with them…

And she’s basing her demand that they “hear her out” on the fact that “they’re family.”

Which for Dean is just a different way of telling someone he loves them. People have to EARN that designation, even if they’re blood.

It’s fine for her to say “I love you,” and it’s a biological fact that they’re family. But to Dean, there is a difference between family and ///FAMILY///, and Mary’s violated one of the biggest rules for him:

She didn’t have their backs. She chose the people who’d been party to Sam’s torture over her own sons. And when the whole truth comes out about her part in 12.12, and what she’d really been sent there for… I think there’s going to be a MAJOR sense of betrayal.

Sure, she had no idea things were going to go so horribly wrong there, but if she hadn’t been lying in order to prevent Sam and Dean from finding out the truth about her working with the MoL, they would’ve been able to prevent that entire situation from happening in the first place.

And even AFTER all that went down, she STILL went back to work for the MoL.

That’s just not, in Dean’s definition of the word, what family would do.

All the words in the world can’t make up for her choices and her actions if it hasn’t changed anything. No amount of “I love you’s” can just make that betrayal disappear if she doesn’t actually do anything to demonstrate the fact.

Mary learned that the MoL had given her “bad intel” that nearly got Cas killed and DID get Wally killed. But she accepted Ketch’s apology and went right on working for them. Not only that, she handed over the Colt. If that had been Dean, he would’ve walked away from that arrangement. Like he did after Samuel tried to feed him and Sam to ghouls…

Samuel was “family” too. What would Mary have thought of his choice to resurrect her at the expense of her own sons’ lives? THAT’S NOT HOW WE DO FAMILY AROUND HERE!

Yet, that’s exactly how Mary’s choice to keep working for the MoL feels to Sam and Dean here…

Granted, Samuel had never known Sam and Dean before. They didn’t really mean anything to him. The fact they were Mary’s children was sort of an abstract concept to him. Mary was all that mattered to him.

That’s… kinda monstrous, no?

It’s this twisted bargain to bring back Mary at the expense of Sam and Dean’s lives that made it impossible for ANYTHING Samuel said to overcome that. In 6.16 (granted, it’s while he’s possessed by the Khan worm, but still…)

SAM Put your gun down.
SAMUEL What you gonna do, son? You’re not gonna shoot me. You got your soul back. You gonna shoot your own family?
SAM Yeah, I wouldn’t go with the family thing. Try again.

And then later, when Sam is feeling guilty for shooting Samuel:

SAM I don’t know. I mean, I barely remember him, and what I do remember – it’s not good. And what he did to us…But…
DEAN There’s a “but”?
SAM I mean, I just can’t help but think…What would Mom say?
DEAN You know what I think Mom would say? She’d say just ‘cause you’re blood doesn’t make you family. You got to earn that.

And just… in the show’s own shorthand, saying “I love you” and then turning around and going right back to work with the MoL are two contradictory things. Saying “we’re family” but then announcing you’ve been secretly working with the people who’ve hurt your family all along negates the family sentiment.

Yes, Mary wants a chance to explain, she wants Sam and Dean to hear her out, but I don’t really think there’s anything she can say to make her choice to continue working for the MoL okay. If at the end of 12.14 she stays on the MoL’s payroll, it would be as bad in Dean’s mind as Samuel feeding them to the ghouls.

And no combination of words can fix that. Only actions can.

One week after the earth-shattering weight of Castiel’s “I love you,” Mary’s casual and repeated use of the phrase despite having kept up this betrayal, combined with her pulling the “we’re family” card when she confessed… and then proceeded to “explain herself…” Well, this had better damn well be one hell of a weighty explanation here to justify those words, at least to Dean.

I’m just saying that the show has instilled both “I love you” and the concept of “Family” with far more meaning than they’d have to anyone else on the planet. To Dean (and to Sam, and even to Cas), they know and understand that these are not terms that are thrown around lightly. And the show has demonstrated over and over again that Mary doesn’t yet understand this.

This will be her “teachable moment.” 


“I grew up over in Kenner- near the airport. It was so fun, I used to sneak out, I was probably sixteen years old and would come into New Orleans. I actually grew up with the Big Freedia crew- her and Katey Red! When I first came out, I was actually a dancer for Katey Red. So, I got to tour and see different cities when I was really young. Growing up in New Orleans back then there was different dance groups and events. So, basically, I grew up around Katey and Freedia but there was Chev and Vockah – their rivalries in other parts of the city. We all had different parties and talent shows, it was really fun. Even when they’d be dissing one another in songs we’d be competing and just having fun.

That was all uptown, ya know how Katey sings about it, and now Uptown is different.

Living uptown now, I just find myself relaxing without much to do after dark. I’d sit on my porch at night and see Sierra, one of the girls that got killed recently, walk by my house every night. I was close to the girls who were murdered, they were my sisters.

I don’t put myself in areas that could feel dangerous. The reason the violence has happened, well this may be taken the wrong way, I don’t know the real reason behind it, I just know that the areas this happened in is where working girls go to and they are dangerous places.They are not welcoming to us girls.

I am not looking to be anyone’s secret. I am not looking to make myself vulnerable and that’s a really hard choice for many of us to make. Not all of us can make that choice. All I know is, I am not being put back into a box that we are fighting to get out of. It’s been real sad, all of this, yes.

It sounds easy to just leave, but it’s not easy to start over. My family also loves and supports me, which is rare! I do want to try out Las Vegas soon because I’ve been in Louisiana my whole life. I visited there and had a good time. I also know that I’ll never find another place like New Orleans, I love the people here but you got to try new things.”

New Orleans has experienced a recent increase in the murders of trans women of color:…/…/us/new-orleans-transgender-homicides/

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Hi! if its not too much trouble i was wondering if you have any book recs? I've read the queen's thief and I'm working on the magicians right now and I just thought we had similar book taste!

You know not what you have unleashed.  Giving book recs is my only joy in life.

I was going to joke that this is just a list of Every Book I Have Ever Liked but that is a lie as I am a voracious reader and that list would probably be in the several hundreds, if not thousands.  (I just did some sloppy math and at the rate that I read, it is totally possible for a list of books I have liked to be well over a thousand books.)

Books with a * are books I would die on a hill for.  Books with more than one * are books I would die on a mountain, or possibly a mountain range, for.

Books I just generally love:

*The Telling by Ursula K. LeGuin.  SciFi.  Anthropology and Linguistics and more gay than you originally expected.

***The Imperial Radch series by Ann Leckie.  SciFi.  What does it mean to be a person?  (I hate picking favorites but this is.  The favorite.)

**Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee.  SciFi.  A level of space military tactics Ender’s Game only wished it could achieve.  (Fuck you, Orson Scott Card.)  (I love this book so fucking much, I just re-read it.)

*The Flora Segunda series by Ysabeau S. Wilce.  Fantasy.  A young girl and her dog keep fucking shit up in a place with great worldbuilding.  (So good that my friend I loaned the first book to turned to me after reading it and said, “Wow, I can really tell these books influenced you a lot.”  I picked up some mannerisms from the protag.  Also I picture the red dogs as Vizslas.)

*Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho.  Fantasy.  Regency-era magicians where the main characters are people of color and one of them is a Slytherin force for good.  (Really fucking good.)

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  Fantasy.  Not quite as good as Sorcerer to the Crown (similar eras, somewhat similar themes) but there’s more of it so you can enjoy it for longer.

**Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Cranky assholes work at cross-purposes and everything is way more complicated than you thought.  Not very much like the movie.

*Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Have you ever wished you could forget your embarrassing teenage mistakes?  Yeah, be careful what you wish for.  Somewhat uncomfortable age gap.  (Weird and complicated and great.)

*The Mortal Engines series by Philip Reeve.  SciFi/Speculative Fiction.  Social Darwinism taken to its logical, horrible conclusion.  Also: feelings about robots and family!  (Also: the typewriter scene.  Also also I cosplayed as one of the main characters for a pre-Halloween party.)

The Graceling Realm Series by Kristin Cashore.  Fantasy.  Angry women fuck shit up in a cool fantasy world.  I like the third book best, but the other two are very good.

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson.  SciFi.  I don’t remember this super well because I haven’t read it in ages, but I fucking loved it and cried my eyes out at the end.  Not that it’s hard to get me to cry my eyes out.

The Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley.  Mystery.  Normally I hate mystery novels, but these are really good–probably because the protag is a young, deeply nerdy girl instead of a grizzled middle-aged man or something.  She bikes around the countryside and terrifies adults.

The Pit Dragon Chronicles by Jane Yolen.  SciFi.  Yes, it’s SciFi with dragons.  I don’t remember them super well but the worldbuilding is really cool.

*The Wind on Fire series by William Nicholson.  Fantasy.  These are… very odd?  Kind of about faith and standing against conformity?  They’re so hard to explain but they’re VERY VERY good.

**Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Local Man Does Everything Wrong, Also Ends Up At A SciFi/Fantasy Convention, Then Does Some Things Right.  I really really love this book.  I actually read the sequel, The Merlin Conspiracy, first.  I felt like it had to be the sequel to something, but there was nothing about a previous book anywhere in that book.  Finally I found out the first book is Deep Secret, but they’re not sold together because Deep Secret is for adults and The Merlin Conspiracy is middle-grade.  The Merlin Conspiracy is also very good, even if I would be way better at the plant magic than Roddy, so there!  (The series is The Magids.)

The Claidi Journals by Tanith Lee.  Science Fantasy.  No listen that’s a genre and this series is in that genre.  Deeply confused girl gets an involuntary tour of her weird world.  Super bizarre but very cool worldbuilding.

The Elemental Logic series by Laurie J. Marks.  Fantasy.  You know that post that goes around about a gentle giant, but a lady?  With a tiny girlfriend?  This is that post, in book form.  This is supposed to be a quartet but no one seems to know if the fourth book will ever happen.  So if you don’t want to deal with getting invested in something that may always have some loose threads, stay away.  Really gay, although some of the gay does have an unpleasantly large age gap.

Books to read if you liked the Queen’s Thief series:

The Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: snarky narrator similar to Gen in The Thief.  Alternate history where djinn are the source of all magicians’ magic.

Behind the Throne by K.B. Wagers.  SciFi.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  SciFi imperialism done interestingly.  Also, funny hair color mishaps.  Haven’t read the second book yet, can’t vouch for it.

The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  Young woman suddenly finds she’s in the running to be the next ruler of the land she lives in, but she knows something’s fishy.  Then stuff happens with gods.  And polyamory.

*The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  (Can you tell I have a type?  I have a type.)  Faerie court politics done pretty damn well.  The first book seems like a godawful, poorly written YA fantasy with faeries instead of vampires–push through it, it gets so fucking good.  (These were some of the books, besides the Queen’s Thief series, that got me into SciFi/Fantasy books with a lot of politics.)

The Lynburn Legacy series by Sarah Rees Brennan.  Fantasy/Southern Gothic except it’s in England?  English Countryside Gothic?  Reason for recommending: more dysfunctional straight people.  This is a fun lark, with mind meld shit, which I like in fiction.

The Realm of the Elderlings books by Robin Hobb.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: Fitz and Gen would get along a little too well.  There are a bajillion of these books divided into smaller series.  Lots of fun politics, lots of fun characters, and cool magic.  (I want to live in the world of these books, except I don’t because I would probably die for having the Wit.  Because I would have the Wit if I lived in this world.)

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson.  Graphic novel, Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly plucky protags with dark pasts.  A young shapeshifter informs a supervillain she’s his sidekick now.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.  Realistic Fiction.  Reason for recommending: have you ever wondered what Gen would be like as a modern-day teen girl at a private school?  Now you know.  Local Girl Gets Pissed About All-Male Secret Club, Does Something.  Don’t read it if you don’t have a high tolerance for privileged private school kids being ridiculous.

The Modern Faerie Tales by Holly Black.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  The original (or close to original) gritty urban faeries.  Definitely better than the shitty copies people made later.

The In The Shadow of the Bear series by David John Randall.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: main character would get along with Gen a little too well.  Adorable blonde girls wants to fight everything, dark magic is a hell of a drug.  Endgame romance has a moderate age gap, though.

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly mindfuck-y, also some complicated politics.  Faeries are real and people keep making bad decisions involving them.  Also there’s a hot dude in a glass coffin.

The Martian by Andy Weir.  SciFi.  Reason for recommending: snarky narrator similar to Gen in The Thief.  It’s pretty similar to the movie, but essentially: a crew of people go to Mars and the botanist gets left behind.  Now he has to survive.  On Mars.  No biggie.  I love this book because both my parents are botanists, and I’ve studied botany a bit.  (Although the movie Arrival wins re: People Studying What I Study Are The Heroes.  Also this one book called Cognate but the writing was only so-so.)

**Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein.  Historical Fiction.  Reason for recommending: [REDACTED DUE TO SPOILERS, JUST READ IT].  Two young women in World War II are a pilot/spy duo, and the spy has been captured–how did we get here?

Books to read if you liked The Magicians series:

The Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Dude is a Mary Sue but in a compelling way, for once.  Warning: this is supposed to be a trilogy but the third book has been years in the works.  Don’t start this series if you don’t like waiting.

*The Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  A young girl becomes the Necromancer-in-Chief in a failing kingdom.  Ignore Clariel and Goldenhand, neither is very good.  Just keep pretending it’s a trilogy.  Read Clariel if you desperately want more, but Goldenhand sucks.

The Engelsfors series by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Kind of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but a hell of a lot gayer, and frequently cooler too.  Actually now that I think of it, it’s like Buffy if everyone was Willow.  Except for the character who’s basically Cordelia.  (The ending of the series fucking ruined me but in a good way.)

**The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.  Comic book, Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly dark.  Maybe not quite as dark?  Every ninety years, twelve gods are incarnated into the bodies of teens/young adults.  This time, they’re pop/rock stars.  This is still ongoing.  (I cosplayed a background character from this (kinda) for actual Halloween.)

The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: I feel like there are some similar themes/tones, but these books are nowhere near as dark.  A boy almost dies of asthma, but is saved by the gift of a strange clock hand.  Suddenly, his world looks very different.  (Literally, haha.)

*The Dalemark Quartet by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: I feel like there are some similar themes/tones, but these books are nowhere near as dark.  A series of interconnected books (what order you read them in REALLY changes how you see things) about the history of a world kind of like ours but with magic.  And weaving.

***The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane.  Science Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Kids learn how to do magic, yell at Secular Satan.  I’m an atheist but the belief system of these books is the closest I get to a faith of some kind, even if I am really bad at remembering I’m trying to slow entropy.  I would recommend reading the reworked editions–I haven’t, because they’re only available as eBooks right now and I don’t super like reading eBooks.  She fixed the timeline in the new versions, plus some issues with how she portrayed an autistic character.  The first few books were written ages ago, so the series gets more diverse as it goes on, culminating in some Good Shit in the most recent book.  (There’s an asexual character!!!)

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: main character is a lot like Quentin.  Normal Dude Finds Dying Girl, Decides to Help her, Realizes he Fucked Up and is in Too Deep.

Watership Down by Richard Adams.  Realistic Fiction but about rabbits???  Reason for recommending: about as dark as the Magicians series.  Yes, it’s about rabbits.  Yes, it’s that dark.

*The Earthsea Quartet by Ursula K. LeGuin.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system, also some similar themes/tones, has a Magic School, main character is somewhat like Quentin.  This random goat-herding kid turns out to be a powerful mage and gets sent off to school to learn how to handle that.  Then he makes a lot of mistakes.  Like, a lot.

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I've come over to "test the waters" of this ship so to speak. I get that you have a nautical theme -shipping - I do get it. But I feel like the tone of your posts are a bit heavy handed. I'm used to seeing the likes of "omg isn't this cute" "they so adorable" "look how happy" with my ships. And what's stopping me jumping aboard right now is the tone really - there is a strong element of one upmanship and bitter tones. Just let it be. Promote love not discourse. Rise above, no need for the snark.

Well first up anon, welcome, grab a drink and take a seat and we’ll try and explain ourselves, because although HMS is a “shipper” blog, it’s not the usual kind.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our Captains, adore their chemistry and find them cute, adorbs etc etc ect, but we’re never gonna be that blog. The reason is twofold. Firstly we don’t think Gilligan are ever gonna do the mainstream couple thing, it doesn’t seem very them and while Keeping Up with the Morgandersons might amuse the fandom, the Captain’s rightly enjoy their life out of the spotlight. 

But the second reason is the biggun. The founding Shipmates of HMS Gilligan were moved to launch the ship in reaction to an absolute monsoon of nastiness directed at Gillian Anderson/Peter Morgan, both separately and in their activities together. At first we believed that the storm would pass, we could rise above, as you said, but that was 10 months ago and in the time since the tide of ridiculousness has only risen. For us, this was all we needed to know.

Him + Her + smile = reality. Move on. But the noise against them was endless. Months of crosspromotion theories, showmance scandal, character assassination, look shaming and words being tossed about like misogyny, abuse, ugly, undeserving by factions who supported another relationship. Even as the evidence became undeniable, there were those who spun increasingly intricate webs of fantasy to support their delusion. Many blogs tried to tackle the cruelty head on, to defuse the ugliness, but members of the fandom approaching those shouting the loudest were met by hate, mockery, rudeness, blocks, witchhunts and equally wild accusations which in extreme cases extended beyond fandom and into people’s real lives. It was shocking but it seemed there was no reasoning with the lies, no defense against the “alternative truth” or the harsh words and judgements couched behind side eye emojis and overuse of the word “interesting…”

So we did all we could think of. We overreacted in the opposite direction. We chose to laugh. Instead of fighting ugly with ugly, we countered preposterous theories about overnight Cancun trips and meaningful bracelets with our own brand of ridiculous! We saw their speculations and countered with our own, equally improbable equivalents. If one “side” can claim that Gillian is gonna start designing costumes for The Crown to explain a set visit then why not have a laugh by imagining how that might look….

 Essentially, instead of screaming into the abyss, we chose to laugh. and once you strip away the nastiness, a lot of what was being suggested was pretty funny. The idea that Gillian not tweeting or getting spotted in London for a few days implies she’s in New York with a former co-star is so abstractly entertaining we think whoever first intuited that gem should probably join The X-Files Season 11 writing team because they logics be cray cray.

Anyway. That’s a long way of telling you that if you’re looking for just cute comments on pics, that we’re probably not the blog for you. We will post them, but we’ll also be keeping our tongues firmly in our cheeks, for tis the HMS way of life. We have a pretty strict rules of what we will/wont past (no kids/RPF/nudity/no mocking comparison of former/current co-stars/spouses etc), essentially what we consider to be basic decency, but our love will always come with a side order of silliness, we will continue to snark at stupidity and unkindness, and we will never ever take our ship too seriously. Life’s too short and this ship is just for fun.

So jump in if you feel like walking on the wild side with us and the Captains… we hear the water is lovely

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how about ryuji/akira checkin up on each other after a battle? :0

scrapes and bruises are nothing new to ryuji. his mom was practically required to keep the first aid supplies stocked when he was a kid, as his energetic self had a tendency to trip on shoelaces (and anything in general, really) in his haste to run after his friends. tying shoes? pfft, who had the time? not ryuji sakamato, that’s for sure. this acquaintance with minor injuries did not abate any as he grew older: he swaps tripping on shoelaces for uncoordinated accidents when he’s on the track team and, on occasion, in fights. 

he’s no stranger to being hurt, in short. he’s no stranger to seeing teammates hurt either (and that still gets him going, the thought of that bastard’s influence on the track team, the ruin he caused), and it’s fucked up but ryuji can tell what can be safely ignored, what needs to be patched up, and- well, anyone can tell a serious injury, but that’s not the point. ryuji can tell. 

the metaverse is nice in the sense that half the team knows some kind of healing. despite the intensity of the battle, they’re never in any real danger, because someone is always capable of fixing them up. except this fight, for whatever reason (maybe they should’ve stopped at the last safe room. maybe they should have gone back to the entrance to heal. maybe makoto should have stayed behind and let haru step in, to conserve her magic energy. maybe, maybe), they struggle. it’s a hard battle and every other turn they need to use me patra or smack sense into each other because of someone being brainwashed. 

the warm burst of magic indicates makoto had cast mediarama, and those familiar scrapes and bruises disappear. but his weariness remains, and a look over at the leader forces ryuji to do a double-take. akira looks like ryuji feels – exhausted but determined, like he could still go on but would prefer not to this once – and it’s a look ryuji has never seen before.

“you alright, dude?” he asks. makoto is crouched down to check on morgana so the two have this private moment together. akira glances their way and then back to ryuji. 

“yeah, you?” he asks. he’s lying, of course. ryuji may be called an idiot (and maybe he is a bit of one, truthfully) but he knows akira is lying. 

“i’ll live but- you really don’t look that hot,” ryuji says. akira smirks at that and ryuji realizes what he said. he raises his hands up in defense. “uh, not like that!” 

“sure, ryuji,” akira teases. but the smirk drops as he admits, “that battle was tougher than i anticipated.” 

ryuji scoffs, giving him a shove. “c’mon. let’s stop for the day. we’ve made good progress and you look like you’re about to keel over.”

“guess i must not be looking good if you’re telling me we should stop,” akira says. but he looks a bit relieved, too. to makoto and morgana, he says, “let’s go back to the safe room. we’ll get to the treasure tomorrow.”

“oh, but we’re so close! i can practically taste the treasure!” morgana exclaims. ryuji half-heartedly kicks at him and morgana easily dodges, hissing irritably.

“stupid cat-!” 

“it’s fine,” akira says. “we’ll take it easy here tomorrow then. and we can go back for all those locked chests.”

placated, morgana nods and starts leading the way. makoto gives akira a lingering gaze and then follows after. left alone, ryuji throws an arm around akira’s shoulder.

“dude, we’re gunna sleep like freakin’ rocks tonight,” he jokes. 

“does that mean you’re sleeping over?” and that gets ryuji sputtering again, allowing the joker to slip away with another smirk. 

Loyalty, Honour, and a Proper Beard (Kili X Reader)

So, yay! I finished a fic, and it’s my first collab piece! Many thanks to averil-of-fairlea for writing this with me, hope I work with you again in the future mellon-nin. 

Also, based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit (as per usual)

Months passed, and the mountain slowly recovered from the onslaught of the Battle of the Five Armies. All the injured were now fully healed, although the mental scarring would remain for a while more; regardless, the mountain was celebrating the full recovery of the king, his heir and his brother.

It was a miracle that Thorin, Fili and Kili had survived - if the Elven healers were not nearby during the battle… you found it increasingly difficult to consider the alternatives. You couldn’t dare think about a moment without Kili. He brought joy to the lives around him, especially within the life of his lover - you.

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We have more than half of the hiatus left, but I have way too many questions already and it almost feels impossible to wait to next Monday to (hopefully) get them answered. How is Sana doing? Is she okay? How are the relations between the girls in jentegjengen? Have they drifted apart? What will happen with the russ bus? What happened at the contract meeting yesterday? When will they tell Sana that she won’t be on the bus anymore? Who does Sana hang out with now, if she doesn’t feel like she can trust her friends? And Even and Isak?? Is Isak injured? Has he asked about evens relation to the Bakka boys? And yousana? What will happen to them? Why did Yousef behave so different last Friday? Why didn’t he defend his friends and why did he hook up with Noora? And Sanas relationship with her mom, is it better? Will Sana turn to her mom when she feels like everyone has betrayed her?

Knowing that Sana probably feels very guilty and hurt at the same time is so painful. We know that she might feel like she’s guilty for the fight between the Baka boys and the boy squad since she invited her brother and his friends. I can imagine how she feels like she did it for superficial reasons (to meet the boy she is crushing on, and now she is devastated because her friend, Isak, got very hurt. I think his blood on her hands is a perfect symbolism for this, she feels like she is the reason he got so injured.
I want to know what the real reason behind the fight was, since I refuse to believe that it was because Isak and Even are gay - it would be too obvious because of the gossiping girls, they had a lot of prejudice against Islam and I honestly don’t think it would be a good look for Julie to portray muslims as homophobic. I rather think that it has to do with the SMS-roulette video where Elias (????i think????) asked Vilde for nudes, maybe Magnus found out?
When shit went down with the bus squad, I think that although it broke Sanas heart (probably, and mine too), by knowing about it Sana might have the ability to prepare herself for that conversation, and maybe she will come up with some idea to defend herself?
We know that they had a contract meeting at Monday, and I suppose that they meant yesterday. Did they tell Sana about kicking her from the bus then, since the PM girls were talking about some contract??? And in that case, how did she react? How is she doing today? And if they haven’t told her yet, how is the relation between her and the bus squad. We know that they kinda have excluded her since the beginning, but is she going to treat them in a different way now that she knows their intentions?? I also wonder how things will be in jentegjengen, what will happen to them when Sana will be kicked off of the bus? And when noora kissed Yousef? Will they just stop talking to each other? Will Sana be left out?
And about the entire yousana/yousef and Noora conflict, hva skjedde??? (=what happened???) I strongly suspect that something was wrong that day. Yousef “alt for deg girl” Acar turned into Yousef “kissing my crush’s best friend” Acar, and honestly I feel like there’s something odd with his behaviour. He obviously had feelings for Sana, and as Elias said, he is a really good guy. But that Friday, he didn’t help his best friends when they were in a fight, he didn’t seem to care about Sana and he just seemed like a totally different person???

I have also started to think about Sanas oldest brother and his fiancé - Jamila. She and her squad - “the hijab police” - was introduced in the second season and its been obvious that they had some kind of conflict. Despite this, neither of them had been in this season - SANAS SEASON - apart from jamila being mentioned in a text message in episode one and I just find it weird. Since Sanas family has been such a huge part of this season, I don’t understand why a part of it is left out? Is it because they are irrelevant to the storyline? Or because they are going to be important later, and show up from nowhere and become a huge plot twist???? Will Sana turn to Jamila and her friends when she feels like everyone in her life has betrayed her?

This is probably the most messy thing I have ever written and I’m honestly impressed if anyone has managed to read it!?!? To summarise everything, I have so many questions!!!!!!!!

This is just a Phan theory so sit back and enjoy. This is also quite sad

I haven’t slept in 36 hours and it’s 6 am I’ll probably delete this later on

So I wondered for a long time why (mostly) Phil is the one killed in the phan fiction stories. Why was it Phil who had cancer? Got into the car crash? Got shot? Why was Phil targeted as the victim in our fictional universes? Then it hit me.

It’s not about Phil. It’s about Dan. It is all about Dan. Every detail is about Dan.

Now I know what you’re thinking that it’s because well Dan didn’t have a best friend till Phil, it’s clear that Phil makes Dan happy, it’s clear Dan would be emotional. Dan’s writing in The urge proves it beyond anything. His exact words basically stating that he himself would be more upset by Phil’s death then any other person. We know how Dan would grieve. We know how bad it would be. It’s been written by the person himself, Dan’s emotional and shows how much Phil means to him. We know it would effect him and we know how to capture it because we know how to capture Dan.

But let me point this out.. We do not know how to capture Phil in that way. We do not have that many emotional moments from Phil. Phil has a strong wall. There is a big line between AmazingPhil and Phil Lester. Yes Phil let’s it show how much Dan means to him but Phil is a quiet person with his emotions. Dan is not.

We could kill Dan all the live long day but we do not have the material to give Phil’s grief the justice. Not many people can paint Phil’s picture well because we don’t have the colors.

Dan knows he wouldn’t want to leave the house, that he wouldn’t want to share that piece of friendship with everyone, he’d want to moron on his own, that if Phil were to come back in any way (in the supernatural way if certain things were real) he would freak out completely because it wasn’t him and it would hurt him to much to open his eyes and realize that it was a cruel joke but couldn’t help but fight it.

We know how he would be because Dan wrote it himself

Even in Phil’s own fanfic as funny and weird as it was. Phil wrote himself as dying. Phil killed himself in his own book and I think just maybe it’s because he doesn’t know how he’d cope without Dan.

Maybe the reason behind everything with the phanfics of Phil dying is that we know, it’s been shown, that Dan would break in every way. Dan would be emotionally wrecked and We can’t write Phil that way because we can’t picture him broken. We can’t write it too justice. Phil would be as broken as Dan would be but no one can write that. No one can give it the justice it deserves.

Then again of course we can’t completely pin point Dan but Dan did that himself.

Phil, I could just imagine how rough it would be and I don’t think Phil would hide it but we don’t know how to write Phil with very strong sad emotions because he’s never really shown that.

Maybe the simplest reason being we kill off Phil instead of Dan is because Phil’s emotions would be to stormy and strong and we haven’t seen that side of Phil.

Long story short. Phil would grieve Dan’s death as bad as Dan would grieve Phil’s yet we can relate to Dan on an easier emotional level. So every emotion towards losing Phil we write down is just a reflection on how we would feel, that it would hurt so much and nothing would feel good for a while and we wouldn’t know what to do but if we lost Dan none of us would know what to do because Dan reminds us of ourselves

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Hi! I have some thoughts about Seidou: I think what happened to him in the last arc influenced him on many levels and not simply because two people he loved risked their lives for him (even if it was very very important). For me it comes down to the fact S has always wanted to be a hero and this wish with its contradictions remained even after his torture and became his way to cope. In the last arc he enters the scene by saving Houji and Akira and expects his actions to change him in a hero cont

creating a strong link between physical strength and the possibility of being a hero and of saving others. Later on this link is confirmed once Amon arrives and gives Seidou his idea of salvation and S mocks him saying he can’t save him since A is weaker. But in the end Akira without weapons or regeneration saved him and later on A fought for him despite being weaker. At the end of TG S refused to run away both for A’s sake but also for demonstrating something to himself, that he could be cont.

the hero he wishes to be. Taking all of this into account I think it’s meaningful that he starts his redemption arc by doing what A ordered him to do in the Anteiku’s raid, i.e. retiring. At the same time him saving Akira by taking her away while he himself was wounded by a weaker opponent and letting a weaker person fight to help him is a nice contrast with his flashy entrance at the beginning of the arc. It was very humble and it’s the first step for leaving the stereotype of the hero behind.

Hey Anon! I really agree your thoughts and it’s also very nicely put. :))

Basically yeah, for different reasons probably linked to his childhood and personality (+ masculine hegemony) [x], Seidou had a real hero complex associated to a big inferiority complex, which subsided even after he became a terrifying OEG because the people he really wanted to be acknowledged by were not just from Aogiri. 

That’s also why there is such a difference when it comes to his behavior between now and the auction arc. Back in the auction arc, I’m not even sure he was already thinking about getting his revenge on Tatara, but he was acting crazy (despite being sane deep inside) because showing he was the strongest was both a way to “impress” Kanou as well as the CCG he once was a part of (as a “weak” investigator). 

However, there is no need trying to forget feelings that can’t disappear (especially when there was nothing but violence for him in Aogiri) and that’s exactly why the way both Akira and Amon acted towards him in the last arc was enough as a wakeup call.

In Seidou’s eyes for the first time, Akira showed she cared about him enough to put herself in danger and Amon fully trusted him as a comrade…

(let’s be real that’s the beauty of this amazing trio)

…And I think that it’s these two actions together that finally made Seidou realize that he didn’t need to act as a hero for people to acknowledge him (especially when he already knew deep inside that his past actions until the last arc were awful, but as it’s illustrated by Houji’s death, I don’t think Seidou is looking for forgiveness but rather for atonement). 

Now though, he can finally drop the act and admit his true feelings, which is why it’s so symbolic of him to join Kaneki’s team. For once he won’t use his strength just for himself and he’s doing it out of his own will to save someone he cares about a lot, so for me that’s a huge step forward. :))
Honestly I also really liked how the reason he gave for coming was not strength-related but rather about because he knows what Rc suppressors smell like.

One could say he’s finally out of his emo phase and no kidding, it’s exactly the case here. I’m glad he’s becoming more humble as you said, it will just make me love him even more! :) Now I just need Juuzou to switch side and I’ll be even happier.

I hope we’ll witness even more of his development in the current arc in any case. 

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts Anon, and have a nice day! :)