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I just got hit by this realization.

Eugene is telling this as a bedtime story to their kids.

Like, all I could imagine is this adorable little brown haired kid with green eyes sitting in bed watching as he makes this really dramatic face, and begins

“This is the story of how I died!”

and they look a little scared, so he quickly goes

“Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine. This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel and it starts with the sun.”

And they both look at Rapunzel real quick because, hey, Mom’s in the story, great!

And by the end they’re both teasing each other and making sappy faces and the kid’s giggling and half asleep and

“There you go, kiddo. That’s the story of how we met. Sweet dreams, sunshine. Tomorrow night we’re gonna tell you the story of how your Aunt Elsa froze her entire fucking country because of her emotional issues.”




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Uhm, sorry I don’t mean to just crap on your feed because I really like it anyways

+ then proceeds to do exactly that …i can’t stand passive aggression esp. when you’re not really saying anything of value

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Reasons why Adrien Agreste is actually Rapunzel

1.) Blonde hair green eyes

2.) Just wants some freedom

3.) Over protective parent won’t let them leave the house

4.) That same parent is secretly the villain

5.) Secret powers 

6.) Spends like .3 seconds with love interest and falls in love

7.) Smol animal friend

I mean seriously tho I bet his hair has healing powers.

y’know if i were mother gothel i wouldn’t tell rapunzel that her birthday was ACTUALLY her birthday. like i’d probably tell her that her birthday was any other day where floating lanterns from the castle do NOT fill the sky and make her think they’re for her. hell whats the point of even telling her that birthdays exist, its not like she’s gonna ever know anyone else besides mother gothel who’ll tell her about birthdays

also what is rapunzel’s real name? is it actually rapunzel; is that what the queen and king named her? if that were the case then mother gothel should have definitely renamed her and had her grow up with a name that is different than the missing princess. like if she got to the town in the movie and heard someone say “this is for the missing princess, rapunzel” she’d be like “holy FUCK”


ITS LIKE ONE AND A HALF DAYS EARLY but when i saw the ML staff appreciation week prompt “fairytale” i KNEW i needed to draw tangled!au like… right now

Basically Marinette was born the latest reincarnation of ladybug, but was kidnapped as a baby by Hawkmoth. But what he didnt manage to get was her miraculous. Marinette grows up not knowing that she is the lost Ladybug, knowing only that she possesses a magical yoyo with cleansing and healing powers (which in this au is an heirloom passed from ladybug to ladybug). Since her “father” won’t let her go outside to protect her, her only friend is Tikki, who doesnt remember anything about the miraculous or Ladybug.

Secretly Hawkmoth is still trying to get his hands on the miraculous, offering a great deal of money for them. Enter Chat Noir, an orphan who grew up reading stories of the past Chats heroic deeds, but after finding out that he is the next in line, has only really managed to use his powers to try and scrape by. After stealing the miraculous he manages to hide in a secluded tower, and the adventures begin!!

Disney Superheroes : Swift (aka Rapunzel)
The city calls her Swift because of how quick she moves. Swift catches the thieves right in the act and never once fail. Her real name is Rapunzel, an amazing gymnast and a freshmen in college. She discovered her powers at a young age and quickly learn to control/manipulate her hair to pick up objects.

Swift work along side by side with the police indirectly. Like a shadow she is able to catch the thieves quick. Always leaving the scene of the crime right before the cops arrives.


It is possible that Aurora is the only Disney Princess to have natural blonde hair.

Firstly, Cinderella’s hair is described as ‘burnt orange’ in the production notes, and Walt Disney intended Aurora to be the first blonde princess. Cinderella’s hair is more strawberry than real blonde.

Rapunzel’s hair is only golden through magic - at the end of the film, her hair goes back to its natural brunette colour.

Although it has never been confirmed, we might also speculate that Queen Elsa’s hair is blonde through magic. As no other members of her immediate family have blonde hair and given her influence over ice and snow, it might be possible that her icy blonde hair has something to do with her powers. If this is the case, then Aurora is the only Disney Princess whose hair is naturally blonde without any magical influence.


The Big Four in real life! Merida, Rapunzel, Hiccup, Jack Frost

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Rapunzel: 5 things from your bucket list
(Wanna mention real quick that rapunzel is my favourite Disney princess)
1. Speak fluent Japanese
2. Finish writing at least 1 book
3. Successfully raise a child to be a functioning adult
4. Go skydiving
5. Spend a year abroad in Japan