the real power of the dcu

i’m a massive nerd and i live for crossover AUs, so i really need

a star wars au where arthur’s a surviving padawan with tremendous but untrained force sensitivity and eames is a rebel pilot tasked with transporting him safely to the rebel base to complete his training and help the cause

a star trek au where arthur’s the competent, genius pilot who only speaks in technobabble and eames is the annoying chief engineer who breaks stuff all the time that only arthur knows how to fix

a pacific rim au where arthur and eames loathe each other because eames is cocky and self assured and arthur’s reserved and hardworking and they’re shocked to find out that they’re drift compatible

a westworld au where arthur’s a host and eames is the man in love with him who pays an exorbitant amount to stay at the park and help arthur come to full consciousness.

a dcu au where arthur’s real name is tim drake and he has to take eames home to the batcave to meet bruce and his brothers

outlander au where arthur’s a historian with a really boring life who accidentally travels back in time and meets Super Hot Super Gay eames in a kilt (this one’s a stretch but bear with me ok) 

game of thrones au where eames is a king’s bastard who works for the kingsguard and arthur’s the son of the lord of a very powerful northern family who comes to stay in king’s landing to keep his family’s graces but also undermine the throne. 

please reblog and add more nerdy AUs and let me know i’m not alone lmao

frostbite883  asked:

DC Question: If the Joker became the president of America in the DCU by strong arming the president and congress to give him the position and the power to run the country, what would Batman and Robin's reactions be to Joker being the new prez if they and every American found out what happened? Note: This scenario would happen during Jason's time as Robin and could happen in any DC universe.

I think that if the Joker, in full costume and makeup, walked into the White House in the middle of the congress meeting and said “I’m the president now” he would be shot approximately 1098 times and it would be declared a national holiday and Gotham would party for about a week. I’m pretty sure a frontal attack on one of the most guarded places is gonna end with a blood stain. That ridiculous purple coat isn’t bulletproof to my knowledge, not that Bruce has tested it.

BUT, if he managed to take out the real president and disguise himself as them (somehow??), then it’s more of an issue. Depending on how incompetent the previous president was, people might not know immediately? It’s not the power that Joker wants; chaos is much more his game. So I think that step one would be to steal a WHOLE LOT of taxpayer money. (Chaos doesn’t come cheap, and his knives and bombs are expensive and Batman keeps destroying them.) I also get the feeling that Joker isn’t a big fan of paperwork, so he’s either trying to make Harley do it (who is having TOO MUCH FUN acting as the First Lady) or is just…not doing it. His plan /was/ to drop a bomb on Gotham to “get rid of the Joker problem” (wow ironic hilarious wow), but it turns out it is not as easy to convince people to BOMB their own city without doing a lot paperwork and discussion which is BORING him. And honestly, a bored Joker is probably more dangerous than a Joker with a plan, because now he’s getting unpredictable.

MEANWHILE in Gotham, Bruce is Paranoid. Because Joker has been out of Arkham for a little while now and there was been NO sign or whispers of him or Harley. Jim hasn’t heard anything, and neither have any of the other various goons around the city. At first Jason was probably a little relieved, because Joker has always given him the creeps, but even he’s starting to get nervous waiting for the ball to drop.

I don’t know whether they find out from, whether Jason overhears a conversation in school about the pres acting weird, or if Bruce hears mention of the president one day and happens to check it out, or if Joker gets too bored and reveals himself, but the first reaction for either of them is unmitigated panic. Probably mostly because JOKER is in the WHITE HOUSE and NO ONE NOTICED. 

Either way Bruce calls in the Justice League because even if he sometimes likes to handle his villains alone, the JOKER with access to NUCLEAR CODES is cause enough to get everyone involved.

Clark and Diana probably distracts the FBI and security by trying to calmly explain the situation while, Batman and Robin go in for some proof, and if they meet up with Harley and Joker on the way?? Even better.

And that is the story of how Bruce and Jason took a weekend vacation to Washington to do whatever tourists do in Washington, I’m Canadian, I don’t know.

anonymous asked:

Why is it so hard to write good Fourth World stories?

Because - and know I speak this with the full understanding that this is a group that prominently features characters named Virman Vundabar and Flippa Dippa - it’s too intelligent for most superhero writers.

When Kirby did the New Gods, it was about something much bigger than a bunch of good guys working together to beat a bunch of bad guys. It was a proper epic - the first and still one of the few such mainstream superhero comics ever produced - about war and pacifism and new generations taking hold and loneliness and progress and power and how people can be made better and how they can be twisted or shattered. Even the standard adventures sprung from generational clash, or science gone wrong, or the ease with which men can justify anything to themselves. I’m afraid I’ve only read the first omnibus out of four of his work (the second one of those suckers goes for something like $200 on Amazon!), but even the fraction I’ve read has more energy and enthusiasm and ideas and frankly brains than nearly any ten comics published today combined.

That’s the issue. The Fourth World isn’t a ready-made franchise built for growth and exploitation. It’s a personal set of books incidentally set in a larger superhero universe, the prototype for the likes of Sandman and Hitman. Yet unlike those books this had a very direct connection to the larger world in the form of Superman and a major threat to the world as a whole in the form of Darkseid, so it couldn’t be fully secreted away in its little corner. What’s more, this looked and played like a regular superhero comic in a way those other books wouldn’t, meaning it’s fooled plenty of half-talented writers into thinking they can make it work by focusing on - and I say this with the greatest of affection - silly nerd shit like the Source being alive and evil, the ‘Godwave’ being the source of all the deities in the DCU, Darkseid recruiting Supergirl, etc. Darkseid isn’t cool because he’s brooding and mean and can punch the Justice League real good (unless he’s being voiced by Michael Ironside), he’s a smiling fiend who delights in the destruction of the individual and lives to subsume the entirety of reality into himself because the very existence of not-Darkseid offends him, the walking embodiment of the will to power. The Anti-Life Equation isn’t interesting because it maybe came to life as a big evil blob around the time John Stewart blew up a planet, it’s interesting because it’s about how for everyone there exists a set of words that can destroy everything that makes them people. Orion isn’t about being the angriest, toughest man in the universe, it’s about the shame that comes with such a role as part of a pantheon devoted to light and life. And to try and bring those ideas into the context of normal superhero comics by average creators dulls them down to their most basic, simplistic archetypes, and without the star power of the regular heroes to back them up, they become inconsequential as anything other than an occasional event-driver, popping up every now and again to fuck up Grant Morrison’s plans or fight the Green Lantern Corps or whatever.

I don’t think it’s that hard for someone with a little insight and imagination to do them right though. Nick Perk’s gag Hostess ad for instance is easily one of the best New Gods stories of the past decade, simply by dint of being about something - even something as simple as an ideal of good refusing to harm the innocent to best evil, and joy overcoming control - beyond punching and continuity (and also being fun and well-drawn). Everything Walter Simonson did with them in Orion apparently more than fit that bill. Grant Morrison’s obviously done plenty of great work with them: even when focusing on arbitrary mythology for the last issue of Seven Soldiers it was in service of larger ideas about the power of gods and myths and inheritance, and it propelled the story forward. Rock of Ages got the scale* and Darkseid’s personality right. And Mister Miracle and Final Crisis zeroed in on the fundamental ideas of freedom and control that made them work in the first place.

It doesn’t need to be any kind of exclusive club that gets to handle them. There are plenty of writers out there right now - Holly Black, Tom King, Jonathan Hickman, Marguerite Bennett, Al Ewing - who I have no doubt could kill with those concepts. But the first step is for DC to stop trying to make them ‘happen’ as a franchise, and accept they belong to a niche of smarter, if no less fun, storytelling than what the big guns are unfortunately often allowed to get away with.

* That matter of scale is another thing that typically goes missing when they’re incorporated into the larger DCU. In Kirby’s work, largely from the New Gods’ own point of view, they’re classical heroes while Superman at his Bronze Age best is beaten, doubt-ridden, and barely able to handle the incidental fallout of Darkseid’s schemes in Jimmy Olsen, diminished in the face of the absolutes they represent. In Morrison’s continuations from the superheroes perspective, the New Gods are almost Lovecraftian, incomprehensible beings from a higher frequency world who rupture the foundations of the cosmos by their very existence. Under most other writers…they’re alien good guys and bad guys.

To the people who look up to Barbara Oracle Gordon for being one of the critical linchpins of the DCU, a shining pillar of strength, intelligence and empathy.

To the people who love baddass, awesome, vulnerable powerful and committed Cassandra Batgirl Cain.

To the people who still adore Stephanie Batgirl Brown and her indomitable spirit heart and smile.

You are the real MVPS and make it worth checking the Batgirl despite the NSFW flood and…the phone version of Barbara going around.

Thanks guys. Keep it up.