the real old navy

Fat Tax is a real thing at Old Navy

Exhibit A:

In the top photo this top retails for $24.94 and goes up to Size XXL (according to the Old Navy size chart XXL = a size 20)

In the bottom photo, the same top in the “Plus Size” section is  $39.94 sizes 1X-4X

Please don’t tell me how the extra $15 is covering the extra fabric need to make the bigger sizes when the XXL is the same size as the 2X. 


The evening in pictures.

1) Dropped a more money than originally planned at the bike shop in prep for this weekends ride. New tires, new tubes plus spares, spare spokes, honey slinger waffles, and body glide (not for biking).

2) New tire installed on one wheel (right is the new one). These new tires should be just the ticket for all of the gravel riding. The big knobbies go back on for single track riding.

3) Just about packed. A few things drying and then the last stuff to collect in the morning.

4) Sweet new old peacoat I picked up this evening. This was my dads in the navy so we are talking close to 40 years old now. This is fitness related in that he doesn’t fit into it anymore and four years ago neither would I. It is in great condition and I look forward to wearing it this winter.

I’m working from home in the morning. Originally the plan was to head north after work but after running into my buddy at the shop tonight we are going to leave around noon.

I’m hoping to talk him into a trail run and a dip in the water somewhere on the way up.

Low of 38 tomorrow night in the tent. I’ve got my heavy sweatshirt and hat with.

So excited!


Every time I wear these pants I put my hands in the pockets. Best old navy purchase since the last time I went to old navy. Let’s be real, I love all my purchases from there!! Also I’m obsessed with stripes at the moment.

the-frenchpress asked what I do for my job so I figured I’d share: I do home visits and assess seniors and individuals with disabilities for a Medicaid program that helps them have services to stay in the home. I’m also a care manager for program for seniors to provide them services in the home that might not be able to get on Medicaid. I enjoy it very much. My last job I was in the office 95% of the time and now being able to get out and travel has been great. Apart from when the weather is bad of course.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. It’s almost the weekend and it’s my payday so YEAH.