the real long john silver

silver sitting on the very same spot where he and flint used to spar together, hair tied into a ponytail, his jacket off and crutch in hand… as if he’s waiting for a friend to arrive with two swords in hand and a smile on his face.. as if they never stopped doing it

Why Silver?

Do you ever just like, see character names out of context and nearly lose it in a random public place? 

Because I was visiting an old manor house yesterday (Dunham Massey if anyone’s interested) and they had a room of silverware on display, which if that weren’t enough already I started reading the info board which said something to the effect of - silver is the most reflective natural substance so people would put it everywhere to help light up the room. It’s anti-bacterial properties also made it not just pretty and valuable but also useful.

At this point my mind was going ARRHHHH overdrive because all I could think about was how ‘Silver’ is a perfect name for John, someone who has been through such an ordeal that he decides to just cloak himself in this shiny and reflective substance, showing only a mask of care-free charm (and a silver tongue) that disallows anyone from seeing the true person underneath. And if silver is also good at warding off infections (I didn’t know that) then it adds another layer in that John cut himself off completely from who he was and the new mask he chooses to wear instead is impenetrable to his past trauma and any future ‘infections’ i.e. attachments through which he may be hurt again.

Not to mention the fact that being valuable or needed and fear of abandonment are big deep-seated insecurities for Silver, so what better way to metaphorically conquer these insecurities than by re-branding himself as something that will never lose it’s value?


Plus well you know, he definitely lights up Flint’s world so there’s that too ;D


i had good hair!!! it’s a celebration of me unintentionally cosplaying post s2 john silver curls 4 days heck yea dude ⚔️🦁


anonymous asked:

tell me a lil about black sails pls

it’s like a show that’s partly a Treasure Island prequel (captain flint, [long] John silver, Billy bones) but also mixes in real historical pirates (jack rackham, Charles vane, Anne Bonny, blackbeard,etc) with original characters mixed in. They basically like work to like keep Nassau Bahamas running and they hate England, colonization, heteronormativity…

It’s a bit game of thrones-y with like heavy politics, big battles, violence & nudity…..but like if game of thrones had like more boats, more gays, good writing, and showrunners who seem to care and know what they are doing

If u wanna watch like S1 is ok (and only 8 episodes) but like s2 & s3 are like….. Very very good


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