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The Real Housewives of Miami: “we all deserve a cocktail … or Four.”

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Hey sweetie! Love your blog and how nice you are to everyone. Re Joanna Krupa, there were two things that led me to believe that she bearded willingly: 1) the last year she was on The Real Housewives of Miami one of the other women found her picture on a European escort site. Joanna tried to joke about them using her picture and that she tried to get it taken down, but surprise, it was still here, and 2) a lawsuit from last year where Brandi Granville accused her of an affair with her husband.

When defending herself, she would only say that it wasn’t an affair, not that she didn’t have sex with the man. It was odd stated and people speculate again about being an escort. If these are true, then she as a part time model and actress who then engaged in escort services, would certainly be willing to enter into a contract knowledgeably for bearding and to remain in the spotlight. Just my two cents.

Hello, dear anon!

Thank you for the lovely words! What you brought over is very interesting and I haven’t heard of any of this before. I heard Joanna said on Real Housewives that she used to beard for someone and it wasn’t a lot of fun, but that’s about all the juice I know about her. I rarely bother to investigate the people associated with the J’s, so I’m a bit of a crippled tinhat that way.

Perhaps this is something I’ll look into at a later time. Judging by what you said, the case of her being Jensen’s former beard just became stronger for me. Although I’ve thought of her as one since the beginning of my tinhatting, but mostly due to her admitting to bearding once upon a time and my gut feeling of Jensen being gay.

Thank you for bringing this in, sweet anon! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you. (More about Joanna @ J2madhatters)

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15 J2 TinHat Facts!

This is a list of fifteen tinhat and some plain facts, for those of you that didn’t know.

1.) The J’s spend more time together than they do with their wives.

2.) Joanna Krupa (Real Housewives of Miami) said she used to beard for someone. (She dated Jensen her one and only famous boyfriend… Though she is married now.) Also on the show another housewife accused her of being an escort and everyone knowing about it.

3.) Jared ‘dated’ Genevieve literally a few months after his breakup with Sandy. And was already talking about how he was in ‘love’ with her.

4.) Gino (Danneel’s brother) lived with Danneel and Jensen. And at one point he didn’t even have a job. He also has a daughter that he rarely sees.

(I don’t know what’s going on there, so I don’t say much about that.)

5.) Cliff AND Jim Beaver have both posted on Spn_Gossip.

(Jim Beaver even mentioned how he had been reading spn_gossip for years, why on earth would he admit to reading a website dedicated to Jared and Jensen being a couple? Do you have something you wanna tell us Jim?)

6.) Danneel and Genevieve didn’t attend each others weddings.

7.) Megan (Jared’s sister) is still close to Sandra/Sandy.

8.) Jensen uprooted his whole family from California and moved down the street from Jared in Austin Texas.

9.) Even after Sandra and Jared broke up, Danneel was still pictured hanging out with Sandy.

10.) The J’s engaged their ‘wives’ the same week. (Or was it a week from each other?) It doesn’t really matter, because that alone screams fake.

11.) Jared and Jensen wear one another’ clothes a lot.

12.) The J’s didn’t tweet or say “Happy Valentines” to their wives (2016) this year.

13.) Jensen moved out to Burbank when he first started shooting Days Of Our Lives. Then moved to West Hollywood. (Which is where a lot of the LGBT community lives in California.)

14.) Danneel got into a Twitter war with a Gossip Columnist when he suggested that her relationship with Jensen was fake and she was his beard. They argued back and forth, and after the argument she disappeared from twitter for a long time. 

15.) Neither J’s have any reported girlfriends from high school. (Yes I know Jensen ‘dated’ Lisa Rideg… But did he really ‘date’ her? Probably not.)

(This is for all my new followers, who wanted to be updated on what’s going on.)

Side Note: (Not all of these are TinHat facts, some of them are just FACTS that I found interesting to add.)


- K

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