the real gold


I wanted to try some new stuff with embroidery this summer, so I suggested to the bf, @powersimon, that we should do a collab. And since we’ve been binging on The Adventure Zone almost every night, it seemed only right to do one of the gang. He did the linework, and I transfered them onto the fabric (which was a journy in itself lmao) and stitched it up. Took ages, but it was real fun as well!


Graves: You know what, just ask me a question. Just try to get to know me.
Newt: Okay…I can’t think of anything to ask you. I’m sorry, my mind is blank.
Graves: Just ask me the first thing that comes to your head.
Newt: How big is it?
Graves: …Really?

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 4: Practice Date)