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me: i don’t care about acowar
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Jooheon, Shownu and I.M’s reaction when your friend accidentally kisses your lips

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Jooheon; Jooheon was behind the glass window, separating his side from the producing side. You were beside your best friend, who was currently helping Jooheon with the recording. Upon hearing the newly recorded tab, you leaned forward towards the monitor, only to look at your friend, not knowing that the two of you were already centimeters away from lip locking. Everything happened so fast, your friend unintentionally kisses you on the lips, making the two of you pull away real fast, eyes wide open.Turning your head to the side, Jooheon was already staring at the two of you with a displeased look in his face. May it be intentional or unintentional, Jooheon does not like what he just saw to be honest. He’d be waving the marker that he was holding while muttering a, “You better watch out once I get out of here.”.

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Shownu; Everything happened so fast. Neither one of you were able to move from the incident. It all started when Minhyuk decided to play a little game called dare or dare. No one was allowed to not not do the dare. Everything was fine until your friend was dared to kiss you on the cheeks. Of course, Shownu was alright with it. Finally when your friend was about to kiss you, let’s just say a certain someone coughhyungwoncough asks you where you placed the cola, making you look towards the direction of your friend, only to end up with your friend kissing your lips. Shownu would be utterly speechless and shocked with the sudden outcome. Despite how many times your friend, you and Hyungwon asked for forgiveness, he’d just brush it off and would be silent. After a couple of minutes, Shownu would unknowingly glare at Hyungwon and blurt out, “Chae Hyungwon, if only you didn’t ask her where the damned cola was, this wasn’t going to happen in the first place.” which ends with Hyungwon sulking on the corner while Shownu returns to his normal self. 

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I.M; Changkyun’s sarcastic side would come out. It was another outing with all of your friends and decided to have some game to ease up everyone. Majority decided to do the paper passing game, making everyone split up into groups. You were teamed with Changkyun and a very close friend of yours. As soon as the game started, your team was doing great until it became windy. You were about to receive the paper from your friend when the paper slipped out from their mouth, ending up with your friend accidentally kissing you on the lips. Of course, there would be an uproar especially when your boyfriend was just behind you. Changkyun would scoff to be honest, heaving out an exasperated sigh before saying, “Good job in passing the paper.” But then all is well once the game was over, your friend and Changkyun were pretty cool after a couple of apologies here and there.

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