the real dirty d

When I stepped into the fandom two months ago, I’ve learnt about past struggles with antis and how difficult and hard and unpleasant the situation had been for years. Borderline to abusive, even. But what was left of them in August 2015 was just a very pale shadow ghosting around with little impact. And look at where we are now, again.

Thanks OT for bringing them back, giving them pretexts to rise again, using them (real people, I’d like to remember) for your own dirty tricks. Thanks for damaging the long work NT and the boys had done to make this fandom a safer place. Thanks for Attitude, for the orchestrated, deceiving interviews, for the purposefully misleading press, for the ultimate attacks, for the prolonged fake baby news and the psychological issues you know they still cause. Thanks OT for blatantly pushing people against each other and once again encouraging the idea that discussing love is wrong, while spreading hate is always fine.

Thanks OT, you’ll be rewarded. I’ve never wished for Karma as much as now in my entire life.