the real dialogue lol

Ardyn: …I want you to say why my plan that’s taken me 2000 years of life of waiting for the Chosen has failed. Again. Slow.
Ravus: …
Ravus: The prince was posing for his blond friend nearby the lake.
Ardyn: Uh huh.
Ravus: …but the Catoblepas stepped on him.

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Anachronistic dialogue on GoT - necessary evil, or writers unable to look past modern prejudices (i.e. making Tyrion pro-Democracy)? Two things that jump out is the word "military" (appears TWICE in five books, only once in dialogue [Stannis in aCoK])] or referring to Kingslanding as "the capital". The word "capital" NEVER appears in aSoI&F. The location is "court". Because there is no governing body, and the commonors in the city don't matter - the court of the king is the only important part.

Anachronistic dialogue…sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m a lot more forgiving when the anachronistic dialogue is there to convey information such as the importance of King’s Landing (though yeah, that word choice fails to show the importance of the monarchy) or the nature of martial expertise. Maybe it’s not a strictly necessary evil, but it’s a convenient one that serves a valid purpose.

I’m not real forgiving of anachronistic dialogue when it’s there for “lol, Dickon.” Grow up.


a series of unlikely crossovers:  tangential 4th of july fill for somethingofthewolf

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okay so, imagine kirk getting his hands on a vintage monopoly board that still has all of its pieces. he invites spock, bones and uhura to play. uhura quits early (for whatever reason) so the only ones left are the triumvirate. bones is winning, kirk is a bit sore about it and spock is trying to contain his irritation. they decide to burn the board after 6 hours of gameplay. And then the next morning, Chekov walks in with a deck of vintage Uno cards.

PLEASE imagine the entire bridge crew playing uno together and all of the years theyve served together and the bonds theyve formed are SHATTERED as scotty plays a draw 4 card and “changes the color TO RED WHAT THE FUCK SCOTTY YOU GODDAMN KNOW UHURA ONLY HAS 2 CARDS LEFT AND ON E OF TH EM IS RED WHA T THE FUCK SCOTTY AND SPOCK???? DID U JUST SKIP ME??? ITS FUCKIN ON