the real dark souls


The comic is about my au Faith!Sans’s born U///U

Faith is a golden flower composed of dark-side from people. At first, he had no soul, he gradually waked by seeing and listening something from the butterflies(messages). The butterfly that he pursued at first is from his dark-side, he still not have soul at that time, the butterfly guided him to receive his soul. At same time, Faith experienced all the dark emotions from the soul, he can heard the sounds and see all the images clearly, but he didn’t know what he can do, he was very scared.

Then, he calmed down by seeing himself in the mirror. (It was Faith’s soul in mirror after Faith close his eyes.) Faith tried to convince himself (his dark-side) that he can overcome everything, and the real soul of Faith be completed when Faith accepted the imperfect of himself.

Faith’s capability:

1.      The mirror of him can make people see the true self.

2.      Can disperse dark ( the capability set up by the faith of himself)

3.      Can catch the missing soul in the dark ( the capability set up by you believe yourself ) Faith can prevent dark, but if you want to destroy dark, you should believe yourself, then Faith can use his right arm to catch your missing soul.

4.      Transfer the dark emotion to other people ( Faith use this rarely

More about Faith:

Warm and mildness, seldom to be angry. Because he suffer too much stimulations from dark so he become hard to be startled. Full of curiosity and like the feeling of running. Faith is not keep on dispersing dark, he needs to sleep, he will wear his hat while sleeping and start to be into a state of false death ( He is a flower ). He spends time to repair the stuffs of the dump where he awaked. His favorite food is corn flake, because one day he restored a television and the first sight of that is ad about corn chips.


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @rakkuguy @rakkuman !!!!!
Omg I’m really late but now that I got my new pens I wanted to whip this up in honor of our favorite part-time dork full-time amazing artist~ holy crap I look up to you dude, stay awesome @ w @

OH NO PROFESSOR STEIN - A crazy mix for my fav character from Soul Eater, Professor Franken Stein. The playlist kinda gradually goes from normal Stein to super lost it Stein…

01. A Little Dental Music - Alan Menken (Little Shop of Horrors) //
02. The Noise Inside My Head - Assemblage 23 //
03. A Man Could Go Quite Mad - Howard McGillin (Edwin Drood) //
04. I Found a Hobby - Alan Menken (Little Shop of Horrors) //
05. The Dismemberment Song - Blue Kid //
06. The Break - Alice Ripley (Next to Normal) //
07. Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones //
08. They Are Coming To Take Me Away - Neuroticfish //
09. The Metal Inside My Head - Gorillaz //
10. (I Always Kill) The Things I Love - The Real Tuesday Weld //
11. Zydrate Anatomy - Repo! The Genetic Opera //
12. E.S.T. - White Lies //
13. Organ Donor - Jeremy Messersmith //
14. Lullaby - Electric President //
15. Brain Damage - Pink Floyd //