the real dark souls

Leaked Memes for 2018
  1. “Eric Andre is a cryptid” in a similar vein to “tsuchinoko real“
  2. Compliments only using Dark Souls 2 Screenshots
  3. A new dance craze worse than the harlem shake and the dab combined
  4. A new fetish of anthopomorphized cooking utensils 
  5. Unnecessary™ copyright™ symbols™ 
  6. Cooking challenges only using pre-1800′s recipes 
  7. Youtube 2
  8. Intentionally shitty 3D prints
  9. “Well we got what we came for lads” “Yeah but at what cost?” on seemingly mundane photos.
  10. Reaction images only using chinese bootlegs of famous cartoons at incredibly low resolutions.
  11. Mummy eating makes a comeback.