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NEW-ACE is a four member boy group debuting next year in January, 2018! The group revealed profile photos of themselves in September of 2017.

The group started out with three members but then one member left, two more members joined and then in a few months left unexpectedly. Their original name J-PEACE but it was changed recently to NEW-ACE. During one of Jion’s lives in April, it was revealed that Jinseo would be joining the group as the third member. In the beginning of September, SangWook who was also in NewUs and in BOYS24 would be joining the group as the fourth and last member.



  1. REAL NAME: Lee SangWook.
  2. BIRTHDAY: April 14 1993.
  3. POSITION: Rapper, Lead Dancer.
  4. HEIGHT: 182cm.
  • SangWook was in NewUs along with Jion.
  • SangWook was also in BOYS24, the survival show and was in Unit Purple but got eliminated.

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Hello i'm very new to block b! I was wondering if you could quickly give me a rundown on the members of the group, as i don't know much about them? If not, that's fine! Thanks anyway 😌

wah a new bbc!! it would be my pleasure  ❤

let’s start with the most important member: 

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Name: (안재효) Ahn Jaehyo 
Born: 23th of December 1990 
Position: sub-vocal / visual (actor)

- biggest dork, like you can’t believe how much of a dork he truly is
- loves gaming (GREAT league of legends player)
- former ulzzang 
- has a tatoo with the initials of his ex-girlfriend on his wrist
- plays every sport known to man
- doesnt have a girlfriend but does have 3 broken computers 
- he was scouted at a dance competition 
- but he can’t dance
- like at all
- scared of girls
- spokesperson for bb-creams (he loves bb-creams)
- most underrated singer in the history of music
- gets shit on by the other members a lot of the times but actually gets along w   everyone really well 
- knows all the butterflies known to man by name (really smart)
- was the star of a online kdrama

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Name: (비범) B-Bomb (real name is Lee Minhyuk)
Born: 14th of December 1990 
Position: main dancer / sub-vocal (actor)

- always silently judging you somehow
- also HUGE dork
- the ‘hoe’ member
- can dance reallllllly well
- part of Bastarz (block b’s subunit) 
- showers REALLY long (according to the other members)
- is afraid of heights
- can play the piano 
- likes girls with a cute vagina dimple (are we ever going to let this go?)
- produced & wrote an amazing song 
- wicked sense of humor
- no but really bbomb is actually really sweet & cool
- has the cutest dimples

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Name:  (이태일) Lee Taeil
Born: 24th of September 1990
Position: Lead vocalist

- looks smoll and cute
- actually isn’t
- ‘thug hyung’ 
- oldest member
- LOVES his fish (no but really really really adores his fish)
- voice of an angel
- multiple solo’s 
- hates waking up
- recongizable by his glasses + hats + tattoos
- goes to the gym a lot
- once peed on jaehyo’s clothes????
- when he laughs the cutest sound comes out of his mouth and its like heaven is smiling down on us

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Name:  (피오) P.O. (real name: Pyo Jihoon)
Born: 2nd of February 1993
Position: Rapper 

- maknae (the youngest member) 
- number #1 lee taeil fan
- is a baby with the lowest voice possibly
- kind hearted, always helps clean up and takes cares of the other members
- little ray of sunshine
- member of Bastarz
- block b’s aegyo representive
- also writes lyrics
- “block b’s prankster” according to the other members
- loves food
- scared of pirate ships on the carnival 
- spreads happiness wherever he goes

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Name:  (지코) Zico (real name: Woo Jiho)
Born: 14th of September, 1992
Position: leader / rapper

- ….. where to start??
- music prodigy
- wants you to believe he is this badass rapper but im pretty sure he listens to taylor swift and knits when he’s home alone
- mommy’s boy
- crawls on the lap of other men when he’s drunk
- loves hello kitty (legend has it that he bought a hello kitty phone case to minimize his idol image but got too attached) 
- talks randomly in marge simpsons voice
- used to have an alter ego we’d all like to forget 
- writes and produces all of block b’s songs
- gets a lot of unnecassary hate 
- kisses the other members often

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Name:  (박경) Park Kyung
Born: 8th of July 1992
Position: Lead rapper

- loves his fans 
- and i mean LOVE
- once won a rap battle in new zealand by naming random pieces of fruit
- everything he does somehow becomes iconic
- really talented
- has some amazing solo songs 
- flirts with everything that moves
- invented his own dance move
- not the cleanest person on this planet (has no problem sharing underwear with the other members)
- crawls in bed with the other members at night (even when they sleep naked *cough* jaehyo *cough*)
- has an iq of 156

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Name:  (유권) U-kwon (real name: Kim Yukwon
Born: 9th of April 1992
Position: dancer / sub-vocalist (actor)

- has a really cool dance style
- participated in the korean dance tvshow ‘Hit the Stage’ 
- is obsessed with ‘one piece’ and has a giant flag of the anime above his bed
- innocent angel (according to the other members) 
- loves animals (hence his nickname “kitty kwon”) 
- has a unknown amount of dogs 
- rumour has it that he can actually cut food with that jawline
- member of Bastarz 
- little bit shy
- he likes to keep his privat life private (which is cool) and may seem a little bit distant but he is really a sweet, kind-hearted person trust me
- smile representive
- actually a pretty decent actor 

anyway if you want to see them in action i made a list with all the shows they did (i do need to update though!) you can find it here

I hope that cleared up (im really bad at these things so sorry) if you want to know anymore you can always ask me or other amazing bbc blogs like @alittlebitblockbbias @pyorygon @eternaltaeil @taeilliesgirl and so many others! 

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My Top Five: (Male) Golden Maknae’s

What are the qualifications of a Golden Maknae?

Now- I know what you’re thinking- a golden maknae means that they are a triple threat; Singing, Dancing, Rapping/Variety, being the tallest…ect… But we all know it goes a little deeper than that- 

Golden Maknae’s Must: 

  1. Give off a believable allusion of the sexy concept 
  2. Have the leader wrapped around their finger 
  3. Actually be a dork… 

1.Seungri - BigBang 

  • Singer/Dancer/Actor
  • Variety Star (Korea + Japan) 
  • Speaks: Korean, Japanese and English 
  • Successful solo career 
  • Gets to hang out with BigBang… 

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Sexy Concept ;)

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Has the Leader wrapped around their finger 

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I was kidding about the sexy concept… 

2.Changmin - TVXQ!

  • Singer/Dancer/Actor/Rapper 
  • One of the most notable Idol stars in all Korea 
  • Extremely Sassy 

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Sexy and tall <3 

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3. Taemin - SHINee 

  • Singer/Dancer 
  • Successful Solo Career 
  • Look at as on of the best dancers in Korean- if not the world- 

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Are you even real? 

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I don’t even ship these two… 

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I can’t even explain this… 

4. P.O - Block B 

  • Singer/Dancer/Rapper 
  • One of the most notable voices in Kpop 
  • Comes from an extremely successful family 
  • Lead Rapper in Block B sub group Bastarz

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Oh these two… 

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5. Jungkook - BTS 

  • Singer/Dancer/Rapper 
  • Lyricist 
  • Specializes in confusing the Noonas… 

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Slayy maknae slayyy

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Kookie Monster <3 

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Stay strong maknae- stay strong-