the real birthday thing

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me, about a historical event:</b> uhhh... I think it happened in that century... It was pretty important I guess<p/><b>Me, about a historical event which took place on my birthday:</b> ah yes, the Battle of Cannae took place on the 2nd of August, 216 BC and was one of the greatest military defeats for the Romans, if not one of the greatest defeats of all time. The figures for the number of casualties varies, with Polybius estimating 70,000 deaths on the Roman side while Livy and Appian give a more likely figure of 50,000 as Polybius may have been influenced by Punic propaganda when writing his histories. The Carthaginians, led by Hannibal, had a far superior cavalry partly made up of their Numidian allies...<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY! You made Ink’s birthday a real thing!!

Thank you also for all your wonderful messages that I didn’t feature here, and all the AMAZING artworks (including videos and pieces of literature) that I didn’t reblog! I feel honored and very very happy about all of this and I’m still amazed that Ink still gathers so much attention and love from everyone *_* <3 

I’ll probably make an official post confirming the switch of art from comyet to @myebi once I remake the designs of the blogs and before or after I redo the FAQ, because it really needs to be remade x_x

Thank you again!! <3

yoyo-inspace replied to your post “zelinxia replied to your post “Out of curiosity, when did you start…”

Didn’t say he was invited. Just said he was there. Because he 100% would be, just to ruin it for Nick.


Because in all seriousness, in what world would I willingly invite Seishirou to anything ever?




(HAPPY BIRTHDAY izumisays!!! )

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Hey Mark, it's my birthday today, and I'd like trivia on either Trinisphere or Blood Moon, whichever works for you.

For years I assumed Blood Moon was a made up Magic thing, but one day I was watching the news and they talked about it and I realized it was a real thing all along.

Happy Birthday!

Not really trivia about the card, but I had nothing.


Since September 4th is the anniversary of Steve Irwin’s death, I felt like sharing this.

When I was a kid I didn’t want to be a doctor, or actress, or pirate when I grew up. I wanted to be Steve Irwin. I learned everything I could about animals. I was always catching lizards, frogs, and tarantulas, much to my mother’s dismay. My parents let me wear khaki shorts and animal themed t-shirts to school everyday, even picture day. 

For my 11th birthday, my mom emailed Steve Irwin at the Australia Zoo and told him that I was his biggest fan and that I told everyone that I was going to be him someday. My mom asked if he would be willing to autograph a picture and that she would even pay for him to mail it. She honestly didn’t even expect him to reply.

But he did. 

On my birthday there was a letter for me from the Australia Zoo. It had a card, autographed pictures, and a bunch of fliers about how to volunteer at the zoo. Most importantly though, look at that card. It’s not typed, or generic. It’s fucking glitter-glued. That card is handwritten with gel pens, the Happy Birthday is glitter, the stars are all drawn on with gel pens and glitter too.

Steve Irwin actually wrote me a real birthday card and it is still the most amazing thing I have ever gotten.

Steve Irwin will always be my hero because he didn’t just care about animals. He cared about 11 year old girls who dreamed of being him when they grew up. 

For today’s calligraphy project…

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Is it a cannon fact that Naruto lost his virginity before Sasuke?

No it isn’t. We don’t know when Naruto and Hinata first consummated their relationship. The only real thing we have to go on are the birthdays of their children, but even that isn’t reliable at all, because it would obviously assume that the first time both couples did it, also happened to be the times Boruto and Sarada were conceived, which is itself highly unlikely.

To make matters worse, we can’t even use that method anyway because Boruto’s birthday is unknown. However, we do know that Sarada is older than Mitsuki, Chouchou, Shikadai and Inojin. So because of that, she has a fairly high chance of being older than Boruto as well. So if that is indeed the case, it would mean that at the very least, Sasuke and Sakura conceived before Naruto and Hinata did. But it’s as I said, that wouldn’t necessarily mean they had sex before them as well.

However, Naruto and Hinata became a couple quite a while before Sasuke and Sakura. Additionally, I think that the latter two would need a lot more time to talk things through before engaging in that sort of intimacy due to Sasuke’s inner turmoil. So I’d say that those two things would indeed be enough of an indication to suggest that Naruto did lose his virginity before Sasuke did.

Happy birthday to one of the kindest and multi-talented girl I have had the pleasure of calling my friend for many years now, @kittykittyhunter, here’s a little poem from me, I hope you are having a great day <3

It’s another round around,
another roll around the moon
and I know you wished for more,
(oh so much more)
but I promise, you are doing just fine.

Don’t count your mistakes,
never count your doubts and misshaps.
Count your heartbeats
taken from moments you never thought
you would take
soaked in smiles and happy disbelief.

Oh, my dear sweet moonlight,
I know you are growing
and your steps are getting braver
and your smile clearer
but I know sometimes your pen faulter
and you doubt the strength you have in it,
but never, please never doubt
the faith I have in your talent and passion.

It’s been a long, long roll this time.
I never thought I would hold my breath this much
and paint over the cracks this much
(or trying to chase the calender pages this much)
I also never thought
my eyes would reflect this much beauty,
never thought I would be able to get this far.

I hope you are feeling the same.
Let’s share a chat and a cup of tea again soon,
and fill our souls with moonlight and sunshine
until the hourglass is of no use no more.

I love you my dear, dear moonlight,
thank you for existing.

Here’s to one more roll
(let’s make it a good one)

…And with that, it’s passed.

Steven’s eyes are looking a little red (he only hopes his father didn’t notice, but deep down, he knows that’s wishful thinking) as he leaves Rustboro, heading out north.

It’ll be good. He’ll fly out, take the long way home.

It’s over. Everything’s over, and there’s not much left in him, just a hollow pit, not of dread, not of grief.

Just an emptiness that won’t fade away.

  • Luke: Happy Birthday asshole!
  • Percy: So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?
  • Luke: Happy Birthday?
  • Percy: -punches him-
  • Percy: Luke and I used to be real close until he decided to pull that pit scorpion birthday thing he did. That is the most inconsiderate thing you can do to a person on their birthday. I wasn't feeling that.

fall out boy just released pre order bundles and pre sale dates for tickets and i’m so stressed about it because i hate bringing up things that involve money up to my mom (even though i’m gonna pay her back for the ticket, i still have to use her card to buy them because i dont have my own. but i also have to bring up the fact that they’re coming on a wednesday night at a venue that we kind of hate lmao)

also rupauls drag con is the weekend and seeing everyone posting is getting me so excited about going someday (hopefully next year) but i still need to get a job and save money to do that. not to mention i have to bring it up to my mom and because i still live with her i have to ask permission. everytime i bring it up, she keeps saying she wants to come with me because shes afraid for me to travel alone but i REALLY want to go alone or at the very least, with some friends. i just wanna experience life on my own for once and feel like an adult. not to mention i’m gonna have to get up really early to do my makeup (which means loud music) and i wanna stay out really late which would probably bother her and ugh. I just wanna go alone.

i’m almost prepared to get a job and i’m finally in the right headspace (well, almost) and i seriously cant wait to get on with it. then i’ll finally have steady income and wont feel as weird about money, and i’ll have my own card to make my own purchases and i wont have to go through her about money. i just REALLLLLY hope that once i do get a job, my mom will finally see me as a real adult and let me do more. like, i feel stuck because i cant necessarily do what i want when i want because i have to go through her. and i get its a respect thing and i’m her only child so shes afraid of something happening, but like, i wannabe respected and trusted enough to do things on my own.

basically i really hope i start feeling like an actual adult soon. i can still be a child at heart and be silly and like rainbows and sparkles and unicorns and whatever, but like, i wanna start being treated like an adult. i wanna experience life. I want to be free. I cant necessarily help that i’m a late bloomer and been held back this long, but i think i’m almost on the right track and once i am, i really hope things start going full speed ahead.

Our Secret Place (Simon Lewis x Reader)

Originally posted by lanasfeather

Imagine: Simon Lewis

Pairing: Simon x Reader

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Summary: When Simon needed someone, his old friend Y/N shows up and comforts him.

It’s been a while now since Simon turned into a vampire. But since Clary hangs out with the other Shadowhunters, she doesn’t have time for Simon anymore and that hurts him.

He never really talked about this with anyone besides other vampires. His old friends were gone and everything in his life changed somehow.

But he wasn’t alone. He thought that everyone he knew was gone. Y/N was there. She helped Simon through a lot of things. She would always listen to him about Clary. She would listen to him about his band. He would talk about comics, about TV shows and she still would listen.

They were close friends back then. Until Clary came. After that, he kind of started to give Clary his attention. He loved her. But Clary didn’t feel that way towards Simon. But he was too blind to see it.

They still would be in contact and meet up sometimes. After she heard that Simon went missing for a few days but then suddenly appeared again, she knew that something was up. She always knew that something was up. When he was sad or angry. She could just tell.

When they were younger, they had a special place, where they could escape reality for a few hours. That was a hidden spot in a small park. They didn’t go there for years. Well, Y/N still goes there. Because she always felt safe there. But Simon never really showed up anymore. She would sit there all alone by herself. But she didn’t mind.

Y/N was really smart. And she really hoped to become something big. She wanted to become a lawyer, just like her dad. Her father died when she was 7 and that’s why she wanted to pursuit her dream. Today was the 11th anniversary of her dad’s death. Normally Simon would be here with her. But he wasn’t.

She rather wanted to be alone, so she slowly walked to the old park, to her old spot. But she spotted someone sitting there. It was already dark outside and cold. But that person didn’t shiver at all. He just sat there in silence.

The closer Y/N got, the better she could see that it was Simon who sat there. She couldn’t believe her eyes at first. Was Simon there? Was he? As she stood next to him, she was 100% sure that it was him.

Simon? ”, Y/N slowly asked and sat down next to him.

“Y/N?”, Simon looks at her with wide eyes. “What are you doing here?”

Y/N studied his face. He looked different. He didn’t wear glasses anymore and he got paler as well. Something was off. She couldn’t tell what.

“Uh, I still come here if I want to be alone.”, Y/N answers truthfully. It was true. Back then, she came here to talk to him. But now, she comes here to be alone. “But what are you doing here? You never came.”

He shrugged. “I guess I needed a place, where I could escape reality for a few hours. And then I remembered this place. I really missed it. It’s a shame that I forgot about this place.”, Simon said quietly. His voice sounded sad.

“You are sad. Don’t say anything. Don’t try denying it. I know it and you know it as well. I want you to tell me, what’s wrong. Just like the old times.”, Y/N said and put her hand on his shoulder. “Please, trust me. We were best friends, Simon.”

Simon never stopped trusting her. He still trusted her with all his heart. But he didn’t want her to think that he was crazy. Because he wasn’t. He just needed a shoulder to lean on. And when he needed Clary most, she wasn’t there. He left multiple messages on her phone but there was never an answer.

Was it fate that brought them back together? Simon reached his deepest point and he was about to crack. He really needed someone. And that someone was Y/N. She was here to listen to him. She always listened. She was there for him in hard times and he really appreciated it. He saw his mistake. The mistake of letting her go.

“First of all, I want you to know that I still trust you. I never stopped. You’re still one of my best friends.”, Simon started. Those words made Y/N’s heart flutter. He didn’t forget about her.

“And before I tell you what was going on with me.. I want you to promise me one thing.”

“Of course, what is it?”, Y/N asked curiously.

“I really care about what you think about me. So please don’t think that I am crazy. Listen till the end and then judge me. Believe me or not. Just don’t laugh at me. Just listen.”, Simon said, his voice slightly shaking.

“Did I ever judge you, Simon? No. But I still promise you. Don’t worry about it.”, Y/N told him and smiled at him.

“Well.. Weird things have happened to me. I always thought creatures like werewolves or vampires weren’t real. But since Clary’s 18th birthday, things started to get weird. She got sucked into this world of supernatural things. She learned that she is a Shadowhunter. Someone who hunts demons. You might think that I am crazy but listen. I wanted to be there for her through the hard time she was having.”

“But somehow I was in trouble too. I died. Because of Vampires. I got buried and I woke up as.. As a monster. A bloodsucking monster. But I accept it now. It’s been a while now since that happened. Before and after that I really needed Clary’s support. But she had her own problems. She had no time to think about me. I kind of understand it, but after all things I’ve been through.. I expected her to be there for me too. Even if it’s a little bit.”

“Maybe you saw that something changed about me. I don’t need my glasses anymore and I am pale. Really pale. My teeth are sharp and I can’t even look at sunlight, since I would burn alive. I can’t even say g..You know the guy you pray for in a church. My life has been complicated. I really really needed sometime for myself. I can’t tell my family. But I tell you and I don’t know why. I guess because I know that you won’t judge me. I know that you will listen and that you will be there for me. Like when were kids.”

His whole speech left her speechless. So the supernatural was real. But he was one of them too? Wow, that was something she didn’t expect at all. They sat there in silence. She thought about the whole thing, while he was concerned about what she thinks about him.

“You know what? It’s okay. You’re a vampire? Cool. You’re still the Simon I know. You’re not a monster, you are you. I bet I can still talk about comics, mangas and TV shows with you. You have other eating and drinking habits now. That’s it for me. You are still my best friend even though we didn’t talk for a long time. I am here for you, whenever you need me. I’m just a phone call away, Simon.”, Y/N told him truthfully and hugged him. “You really mean a lot to me.”

“About the other thing.. I am really sorry. We didn’t talk anymore. I can’t even remember the last time I saw you. I was too occupied with Clary that I forgot about my first best friend. The one who invited me to play with her on the playground when no one else wanted to. The one who shared her food with me when I forgot mine at home. The one who fought with me about my comics. I missed you. And thank you for accepting me for the way I am.”, Simon finally said and pulled her in a hug. He really needed that hug and her.

He was cold. He had no warmth anymore. And as she put her head on his chest, she couldn’t hear a heartbeat. He was really dead. But she didn’t care. Simon was here now with her and everything was fine. As long as they were together, they could to anything.

“I will always accept you. No matter what happens.”


So this was my little Simon Imagine! I thought of a part 2, should I do it? Tell me! This imagine was the imagine of long talks :D I guess I got carried away. I really felt the chemistry between you and Simon😹 Well I hope you liked it! btw I didn’t read it so if you find grammar mistakes I’m sorry!