the real birthday thing

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me, about a historical event:</b> uhhh... I think it happened in that century... It was pretty important I guess<p/><b>Me, about a historical event which took place on my birthday:</b> ah yes, the Battle of Cannae took place on the 2nd of August, 216 BC and was one of the greatest military defeats for the Romans, if not one of the greatest defeats of all time. The figures for the number of casualties varies, with Polybius estimating 70,000 deaths on the Roman side while Livy and Appian give a more likely figure of 50,000 as Polybius may have been influenced by Punic propaganda when writing his histories. The Carthaginians, led by Hannibal, had a far superior cavalry partly made up of their Numidian allies...<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY! You made Ink’s birthday a real thing!!

Thank you also for all your wonderful messages that I didn’t feature here, and all the AMAZING artworks (including videos and pieces of literature) that I didn’t reblog! I feel honored and very very happy about all of this and I’m still amazed that Ink still gathers so much attention and love from everyone *_* <3 

I’ll probably make an official post confirming the switch of art from comyet to @myebi once I remake the designs of the blogs and before or after I redo the FAQ, because it really needs to be remade x_x

Thank you again!! <3


Since September 4th is the anniversary of Steve Irwin’s death, I felt like sharing this.

When I was a kid I didn’t want to be a doctor, or actress, or pirate when I grew up. I wanted to be Steve Irwin. I learned everything I could about animals. I was always catching lizards, frogs, and tarantulas, much to my mother’s dismay. My parents let me wear khaki shorts and animal themed t-shirts to school everyday, even picture day. 

For my 11th birthday, my mom emailed Steve Irwin at the Australia Zoo and told him that I was his biggest fan and that I told everyone that I was going to be him someday. My mom asked if he would be willing to autograph a picture and that she would even pay for him to mail it. She honestly didn’t even expect him to reply.

But he did. 

On my birthday there was a letter for me from the Australia Zoo. It had a card, autographed pictures, and a bunch of fliers about how to volunteer at the zoo. Most importantly though, look at that card. It’s not typed, or generic. It’s fucking glitter-glued. That card is handwritten with gel pens, the Happy Birthday is glitter, the stars are all drawn on with gel pens and glitter too.

Steve Irwin actually wrote me a real birthday card and it is still the most amazing thing I have ever gotten.

Steve Irwin will always be my hero because he didn’t just care about animals. He cared about 11 year old girls who dreamed of being him when they grew up. 



(HAPPY BIRTHDAY izumisays!!! )


judgeburris  asked:

Hey Mark, it's my birthday today, and I'd like trivia on either Trinisphere or Blood Moon, whichever works for you.

For years I assumed Blood Moon was a made up Magic thing, but one day I was watching the news and they talked about it and I realized it was a real thing all along.

Happy Birthday!

Not really trivia about the card, but I had nothing.

  • Luke: Happy Birthday asshole!
  • Percy: So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?
  • Luke: Happy Birthday?
  • Percy: -punches him-
  • Percy: Luke and I used to be real close until he decided to pull that pit scorpion birthday thing he did. That is the most inconsiderate thing you can do to a person on their birthday. I wasn't feeling that.