the real arthur and merlin

WIP sketch

Basically Arthur is back from the dead and Merlin buys a moving toy dog without telling Arthur it moves when he touches it. It takes a while but eventually Arthur’s curiosity about the fluffy thing gets the better of him and Merlin, who has been sitting with his phone open for ages can catch the perfect shot.

The feeling when you go to watch a movie without really googling anything about it and you end up loving almost everything about the movie - storytelling, music, characters and then you find out people actually hate on the movie for whatever reason.


Nevertheless, if there’s someone with open mind who doesn’t have ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) and who is up for some action and fantasy with typical Guy Ritchie’s “jumping” between scenes and unique style of storytelling (which I love very much, thank you Guy), I can recommend this piece of art.

That being said this movie is more of an action fantasy than historical (which should be clear from the trailers), and that is how people should look at it. If you want “real” legend about King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table, you should probably look somewhere else.

That being said, I have no doubts in my mind that there are gonna be racist assholes complaining that the movie is not “historically correct” because of *gasps* men of color are in it!! And some even become *SPOILER* Knights of the Round Table.

Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Aidan Gillen was fucking cute there, alright?

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8i for the ficlet thing

Ahhhhhh I don’t know how to make things short anymoreeeeee.


Dr. Merlin Emrys was the best forensic scientist in Camelot City. He was detailed and thorough in everything he did. There was never a scrap of evidence out of place or a particle forgotten when Merlin was working on a case. It was probably the only reason Super Special Agent Prat-dragon put up with Merlin for so long. Especially when Merlin called his boss, Special Agent Arthur Pendragon, any variation of his real name. It was a miracle Merlin hadn’t been sacked for insubordination.

Arthur usually said that he only kept Merlin around because no one else could identify ‘random shit’ like Merlin could. Merlin took it as a compliment since the evidence he found was usually essential to their cases. Once Arthur even admitted that without Merlin his team would have been dead in the water on a few cases.

Despite all Arthur’s talk, Merlin was fairly certain that Arthur kept him around because Arthur actually liked him. Merlin had been added to Pendragon’s team five years ago, and despite a rocky start, Merlin and Arthur had clicked within that first year. Their minds worked in sync and as soon as Arthur had something, Merlin was one step behind him. They were two peas in a pod, despite the fact that they bantered more than they talked. They saw each other everyday. If it wasn’t at the morning report, it was lunch in the cafeteria, or Arthur visiting Merlin in his lab. Arthur often brought Merlin his favorite coffee from Dragons Cafe with a perfect amount of whipped cream (too much whipped cream in Arthur’s opinion). Merlin also knew that Arthur went in person to get the coffee, instead of sending a terrified lackey, because the cups always said ‘Arthur’ on the sides. They had become a pair, and Merlin had thought perhaps if they hadn’t met at work…there would be something more there too.

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Actually Arthur never deemed Merlin stupid.
For instance, we know that Merlin used to write the prince’s speeches (S04E01) and later, in season 5, in the famous “I was teaching him some poetry” scene (S05E03), Leon is surprised by the fact that the king is interested in such a topic, not by the fact that Merlin is his teacher. And Arthur himself is annoyed by the horrible lie his servant came up with but doesn’t doubt that Merlin would be able to teach him some poetry for real.
So, if Merlin is as stupid as ugly, then Arthur is implying that Merlin is indeed gorgeous.
And Merlin knows it.