the reagan library

i’m back!!! here’s a blurry photo of the seven charm i took with me literally everywhere with me during my trip (this museum [ronald reagan presidential library- had cool space stuff so i had to take a pic with him, but i was embarrassed about it and took it quickly. that’s why it’s so blurry ;-;], several beaches, castle ruins, sequoia national park, several relative’s houses, etc) so he had quite the adventure :)

it’s time for me to catch up in the tags, and somehow make up for being gone during yoosung’s birthday!!!

i would bet money trump leaked those tax returns because it helps him in several ways

as usual we’re talking about bullshit nothing nonsense stupid zero mehhhh

when the economy is in the shitter the dollar’s crashing etc [insert ron paul rant from the 1-30-08 reagan library debate]
8 Things The GOP Debate Got Wrong About Abortion And Planned Parenthood
On Wednesday night, 10 men and one woman took the stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

On Wednesday night, 10 men and one woman took the stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library; each tried to convince the American people that he or she should be the next leader of this country. One big topic of conversation? Abortion, of course. More specifically, how terrible abortion is.

Unfortunately, the candidates seemed a bit misinformed about many of the realities of reproductive health care and Planned Parenthood.

Here are eight things we’d like to clear up”

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“Not everything has been made perfect in 7 years, nor will it be made perfect in seven times 70 years, but before us, this year and beyond, are great prospects for the cause of peace and world freedom.” —President Reagan in his final State of the Union address in 1988 

📷: The Ronald W. Reagan Presidential Library

Today is a Very sad day.

Nancy Reagan passed away today and while people mourn I have already seen a post by someone saying that the GOP will stuff her and mount her in the Reagan library to use her as a political plot. That is both incredibly rude, disgusting and completely despicable. It is beyond awful that someone would say something like that.