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The Valkyrie and The Viking

Pairing: Ivar x Reader

Word Count: 3176

Warnings: Smut, language

AN: This is a modern au where Ivar and the reader are both in college. Reader could be considered plus size in this fic. I normally try to stay away from any defining characteristics but I made the reader curvy in this one. Happy Halloween, guys! Feedback is always welcome!

It was finally senior year in college at UMass Boston. Go Beacons!

Your workload was now down significantly from your previous semesters, and you were bound and determined to experience more from college life than studying at the library and hiding yourself in your dorm room while your roommate Vanessa took a more active role in the social aspects of college.

Your major was psychology with a minor in education. You always wanted to be a high school guidance counselor, helping to set young people on their chosen paths. You’ve always been an encouraging and helpful person. You’ve always wanted to help others without thinking much of yourself. That’s probably why your social life is non-existent at the moment and your roommate was all too thrilled to change that as soon as possible, starting with tonight’s Halloween party at the Alpha Gamma Nu fraternity on campus.

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🌑 New Moon Ritual 🌑

A ritual to begin the newest lunar phase with clarity and to set your intentions for the upcoming cycle.

For this you will need the following items: a candle, a tarot deck or app, crystals of your choice, cleansing items such as rosemary or lavender (or anything else you prefer to use for cleansing), sea salt, and any oils to promote cleansing, awakening.

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🌑  Step 1:

Take a cleansing shower or bath. There are some guides out there for specific ritual baths, but it can be as easy as soaking in a tub of warm water with sea salt added to remove impurities. I don’t like baths, so I take a shower. I light a few candles (white) and add a few drops of oil (frankincense, lavender, jasmine are good choices) into the water, letting the steam and heat release the fragrances and energy. I focus on the act of cleaning my body and visualize the water and steam removing any negative energy and opening myself up to the energy of the New Moon. (Don’t forget to blow out any candles once your bath/shower is complete)

🌑  Step 2:

At or around moon rise, pick a place that is quiet to perform your ritual. I have a fairly secluded back, so I like to do things there, but an altar or any place that you are comfortable with will work and if you can see the sky, all the better. If you are inside, cleanse your space beforehand with incense or your preferred method. Since I am doing my ritual outside, I don’t need to cleanse because the moon’s energy already does this.

🌑  Step 3:

Gather your tools.

  •  A candle to invoke the Moon (or your chosen deity) in either white or black. I use a white candle to represent the Moon as well as to aid with the tarot reading and promote peaceful energy. If you want to banish negative energy, a black candle will work just fine. Some people also prefer to use a black candle to represent the New Moon/Dark Moon. But it is really up to you and your desires. 

  • A tarot deck. Or if you don’t have one, you can use the Luminous Spirit app from Labyrinthos Academy.

  • Any crystals that you want to work into your ritual. Amethyst, Labradorite, Moonstone, Opalite and Selenite are good choices.

🌑  Step 4:

Once you have everything set up and ready to go, ground yourself with the Moon’s energy. This is a good reference to do a Moon Grounding. If you are working with spirits or deities or doing curse work, this would be also be a good time to cast a circle.

🌑  Step 5:

After you have grounded yourself, light your candle and open yourself up to the energy of the New Moon. You can chant or sing or recite an incantation that you find special. Since the New Moon is about new beginnings, something associated with that will work. My personal incantation is this:

As the Moon changes, so shall I

As the light becomes clear, so shall my path

As the darkness fades, so shall the things that no longer serve me

🌑  Step 6:

Set your intentions for the upcoming cycle. New Moons are good for starting something new; whether it is a new project, relationship or job. I personally use it to refocus my goals for the upcoming cycle and to reassess things that may or may not have served me in reaching those goals.

🌑  Step 7:

Shuffle your tarot cards (or prepare them how ever you normally do) and lay out a three card spread for Past, Present and Future. 

  • The Past - What attitudes or feelings in past events have shaped your intentions for this cycle? What habits do you need to break? What tools can you use going forward?

  • The Present - What forces are at work right now? Are you dealing with any challenges that may hinder your progress? How far along your path are you?

  • The Future - What is your ideal outcome? What direction are you moving in? How can you manifest your intentions?

Take a few moments to reflect on the cards and how they correlate to your intentions. How can you implement these things into the new cycle and what can you do to make sure your goals are met?

🌑  Step 8:

Close your ritual, blow out your candle and thank any deities or spirits you chose to work with.

About this scene from ch126, something sounds strange to me.

Ciel said that “Westminster must be in pure chaosbecause all those old Lords, whom the sect had been helping for at least a year and a half, died… So it almost sounds as if a part of the blue sect’s goal was about politics somehow.

First they helped them, which means that they had to have mastered how blood transfusion works in the first place and as Wolfram once said…

…mastering blood transfusion can be very useful for war (and it seems Queen Victoria wants a war by the way, just saying).

However, once the experiment with the 4 Lords seemed to have been complete, they were killed, which led to Ciel saying that maybe Westminster would be in pure chaos, but would Yana really include such a sentence if that had no meaning for the plot at all? 

Now, not only could I be totally off the track but I’m also unfortunately not very aware of how the British politic system worked during the Victorian era (and no offense, but I just don’t have the time to research about it for the next 15 days :/). Still, one thing I know is that…

And the Queen wants a war. Yep. She even wants UT’s Bizarre Dolls and Sieglinde’s SULIN to help her win it. 

So maybe the Queen really is involved with the Blue sect arc and the use for these important parlimentarians was double:

  • at first, the blue sect helped these lords with their diseases, probably as a cover for experimenting about blood transfusion (very useful for war)
  • once the 4 “bizarre dolls” Lords were all set and ready to go after months of effort, those lords were killed which allowed Bravat to get a large quantity of blood, while chaos at Westminster due to their murders might help the Queen with her war project (maybe she needs the Parliament to agree or she intends to rule again, Kuro is an AU after all).

The other candidate as the blue sect’s mastermind is Undertaker and I know he dislikes the Queen and all, but killing a few old parlimentarians wouldn’t be very useful if he ever had the plan to get revenge on her. 

However, it is very certain that UT is involved in this arc in some way, so what if…

…he’s trying to tamper with the Queen’s plans? Like maybe it happened before?

In that case, as @thedarkestcrow​ once briefly mentioned here, maybe that liquid he made “Ciel” (probably the twin if this theory is correct) drink is supposed to slow the experiment as much as possible, which is why he said “sleep just a little longer because it’s too early for you to wake up”.

After all we know that Bravat had trouble with getting Sirius in particular to be fine, which is probably why the arc is so long in the first place, so what if it wasn’t just a matter of quantity of blood?
Maybe UT tried to tamper with the 4 Lords, but since Bravat had even less blood for Sirius than he did for the other 3, that’s why it took so long for the 4 Lords to be ready?

And that could even explain…

…this panel from ch120 as a throwback to ch108. Because UT really likes the P family, but he isn’t the one who brought the 4 Lords back and he unfortunately has no choice but to try stopping the experiment (bringing the 4 lords and precisely the twin back to a stable “life” state, only for them to be used by the Queen as war weapons), which is why he’s getting emotional in that chapter (just like in ch108 when he stroked “Ciel”’s cheek).

I hope it makes sense somehow. I just want to conclude by saying that I’m clearly biased because I really don’t want UT to be the mastermind behind this arc and this feeling gets stronger the more we delve into this arc, so for now I’m going with any other possibility. :/

Oh and I don’t see any plothole with the Queen + John Brown as the masterminds behind the blue sect and Bravat for now, but as always I could be wrong. :)

Feel free to say if anything is unclear!

anonymous asked:

hey~~ what can we do to support our girls this comeback?? do you have any useful links or tips when it comes to streaming their tracks and mvs?

Hey!! I absolutely do! And I always put any useful guides in my reference tag HERE. 

So the main things we can do are stream the songs, stream the music videos (Holiday in particular because it will be the competing song), and voting! You can find more in detail descriptions and tips for these three areas HERE, as well as a breakdown of music show voting HERE, but I’ll give you a general overview:  

1. Streaming the MV (this will help us get SNS points on music shows!)

- Log out of your YouTube Account
- Watch it in 720p or higher
- Volume should be all the way up (headphones can be used)
- Don’t skip ads or the views won’t count
- After the video is watched 1 - 10 times, clear your history
- Reload the entire webpage to watch again, do NOT hit replay

2. Streaming the songs: 

Spotify: 1500 streams = 1 album sale. You can get a free premium account for 7 days, put Holiday on a loop, plug in your headphones and leave it playing constantly (on computer or phone). Just make sure not to mute and that your volume is all the way up! 

Melon: Streaming on Melon can give us a Daesang, and you can create a Melon account if you’re not from Korea!  More info on that HERE. You can only stream the song once an hour for it to count.

3. Vote on Mwave:

You can make 10 accounts in Twitter or MNet and vote 10x on Mwave everyday, and there are also Video Pools which we can vote to.  The girls will be nominated next week after their comeback stages, so get your accounts ready so you’re all set to vote, it’s really quick! 

4. Finally, it’s not impossible for Soshi to get the Daesang! Some ways to help: 

Search 소녀시대 on the Korean websites Naver, Daum, MelOn, Mnet, and stay in the tab for at last 3-4 minutes

Golden Disk Awards:

- The Disk Daesang is awards to best album based on the Hanteo Chart - so buy the album! 
- The Digital Daesang is awarded to the best sing (digital release) - This is based on the total number of downloads and streaming the song on Korean websites (look into making a Melon account with the link above!)

Seoul Music Awards: 

The Daesang is awarded to the album best artist by calculating album and digital sales, and online voting (i’lll provide more information around that time).  There’s more details information about those and the MAMA Award breakdown HERE as well! 

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! This is our girls’ 10th anniversary and it should be enjoyed to the fullest :D 

Three Months

Anon: Ello. Can I please get a fluffy wonho smut when he comes home from tour? Thanks ❤️😊

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Wonho (Monsta X)/Reader

Word Count: 2259

Summary: It’s been three months, and Wonho was finally coming home. Tonight would be perfect, you made sure of it. 

     You couldn’t get the smile off of your face. After three months touring around the world, he was finally coming home. Everything had to be perfect. You flitted around the kitchen, making sure everything was straightened up after prepping to cook dinner. He would be home around seven, he had told you, so you would have dinner ready and the table set by then. You glanced at the clock. 4:06. You had plenty of time.

           Smiling, you walked into the living room, straightening and arranging so he could come in and be stress free for a while. You got lost in your thoughts, thinking about how he would kiss you and hold you when he came in, how he would look at you with that beautiful smile of his on his elfish face. You were so wrapped up in your thoughts, you didn’t even hear the door open or the footsteps cross the threshold. It wasn’t until a pair of arms wrapped around your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder that you were pulled from your thoughts. You jumped at the contact, trying to wiggle away from you captor.

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Choices: Part 2

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I walked back down the hallway that led from the parking lot to where Gorilla had been set up. I stepped through the curtain and walked over to the table where Road Dogg was sitting. He glanced up at me and raised an eyebrow as if asking how it went.

I put the headset on and glanced at the screen where Becky and Natalya were in the middle of having a match without saying a word.

“So?” Road Dogg asked as he looked over at me.

“So what?” I asked as I took my eyes away from the screen for a brief moment to look at him.

“What happened?” He asked.

“I tried to talk some sense into him, but he doesn’t want to listen. He is adamant on talking to Shane. Nothing I say is going to get him back in the arena.” I said.

“You tried to talk to him. If he doesn’t want to listen, that’s his problem. Don’t blame yourself for anything he does tonight. You did everything you could. If he gets himself fired, that’s on him, not you.” Road Dogg said.

“I know it is; I just hate that he’s going to throw away everything he’s worked for in his entire career over this. I know AJ, he’s going to do something he regrets as upset as he is. If he attacks Shane, he could lose his job tonight.” I said.

“I know that. You know that, and AJ knows that deep down too. But he’s blinded by anger. Anger will make a man do crazy things.” Road Dogg said.

I was about to respond when I saw Carmella slide into the ring and attack Natalya on the screen.

“What is going on? She isn’t supposed to be out there!” I said.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even see her and Ellsworth come through here.” Road Dogg said.

“We’ll deal with this later. Can I get eyes on Styles in the parking lot?” I asked.

It felt like I was losing all control of the show. I might not be able to control AJ, but I wasn’t going to let the roster run wild and do whatever they pleased when they pleased. I knew Carmella would have Daniel Bryan to answer to when she came back through the curtain, so I didn’t worry too much about that situation.

I glanced at the screen as the cameraman showed AJ pacing in the parking lot as he continued to wait for Shane McMahon to arrive.

“Does anyone know how far out Shane is? Or if anyone has got a hold of him?” I asked.

“Daniel got a hold of him, but we don’t know how far out he is. He said he would call when he was close.” Someone said into the headset.

“Okay thank you. We’re cutting to commercial in 30 seconds. Get ready to set the ring for Miz TV.” I said.

“10-4.” One of the crew members at ringside said.

After a very hectic Miz TV and a huge Wrestlemania match announcement from Daniel, Road Dogg turned to me.

“Twitter is blowing up over this Styles/Shane story. The fans love it!” He said.

“I just hope he doesn’t lose his job over this,” I said.

“Can we get eyes on Styles again?” Road Dogg asked.

The cameraman cut to AJ who was still waiting for Shane out in the parking lot. Every time I saw him on the screen my stomach dropped. I had a terrible feeling about tonight. 

As the show continued I tried to keep my mind on my job and making sure the show ran smoothly, but I couldn’t help but have the AJ situation going on out in the parking lot in the back of my mind.

“Shane is five minutes out. Do you want me to send Renee and another camera out there?” A voice asked into the microphone.

I glanced over at Road Dogg who looked at me. I didn’t feel like I should make this call because of my involvement personally with AJ. I wanted Road Dogg to make the call.

“It’d make for good TV and good ratings.” He said.

“Go ahead, but please advise them to be careful around AJ. Don’t push him for an interview.” I said.

Tom Phillips and JBL talked on screen while Renee and the cameraman made her way to the parking lot area. Then the guys in the truck switched which camera was on the screen, so all eyes were on Renee and AJ Styles in the parking lot.’

Renee asked what his intentions were in regards to Shane McMahon.

“My intentions? You know Wrestlemania has the ultimate thrill ride as it’s theme, right? Well, I don’t have a match at Wrestlemania, so I’m going to get my thrills…where I can.” He said. He then turned towards the garage door that was opening.

“No. AJ, please don’t do this,” I said to myself.

“Remember, this is all on him.” Road Dogg said without taking his eyes off the screen.

“He’s really going to do this, isn’t he? He’s really going to attack him.” I said.

I watched with my hands over my mouth as AJ blindsided Shane from the side and rammed him into the wall. He then punched him multiple times before shoving him into a door and then throwing him into the side of the car. What he did last was something that I had to see to beleive. He threw Shane’s head into the window of a car. 

I couldn’t believe he was doing this. I couldn’t believe he was throwing away his career. Then he did the unthinkable; he threw Shane’s head through a car window.

I pulled my headset off and threw them on the table in front of me, whether it was in anger or heartbreak I wasn’t sure.

“I have to go talk to him,” I said. And that was all I said before I stood up and made my way towards the parking lot.

I met AJ in the hallway halfway between the locker room and the parking lot. I was fuming. I could feel my blood boiling. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been this angry. AJ knew what was on the line if he attacked Shane. It wasn’t just his job. It was our relationship. And he did it anyway. What does that tell me? Did he not care about me? About our relationship?

“What were you thinking AJ? How could you do that! Do you realize what could happen?” I yelled as I marched up to him.

“Y/n, I told you not to worry about this.” He said as he put his hands up in defense. 

“How am I not supposed to worry about this! You just beat up your boss! The commissioner of the show! How in the hell are you going to defend this?” I yelled.

“Y/n, calm down.” He said.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! I warned you that you were going to lose more than just your job tonight. Well congratulations, you got your revenge on Shane. I hope it was worth it…cause now you’ve lost me.” I said as I took a step back from him.

“Y/n, don’t do this. Let’s just talk about this.” He said.

“There’s nothing to talk about, AJ. I’ve saved you from stuff before, but I can’t save you on this one. You did this to yourself, and now you have to deal with the consequences.” I said.

“Baby, wait-“

“No, AJ. It’s over.” I said.

I turned away from him and started walking away before he could see the first tears start to fall. I wasn’t going to let me see him cry. I couldn’t let him see me cry.

I was almost back to the Gorilla area when Daniel met me.

“Y/n! What-“ he began to say before he saw the tears. “I’m so sorry, Y/n.”

He opened his arms for me, and although I wouldn’t usually hug Daniel, I needed some comfort in that moment. I took a step towards him and wrapped my arms around him. He held me tight for a few minutes, and I could feel that he felt for me through the hug.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off. We’ll cover for you, okay?”

“Daniel, I am so sorry-“

“Hey, you don’t have anything to apologize for. This is all on him.” He said.

Daniel walked me to my car in the parking lot. He opened his door for me, and I turned to him before stepping in.

“I’ll take care of this. You try to get some rest, okay?” He said.

“Thanks, Daniel. I’m sorry again for all this mess. I know he won’t apologize, but I will.” I said.

“You don’t have to apologize for him. This is on him.” He said.

I knew I probably shouldn’t. I knew that it was going to be a bad idea, but I couldn’t help but tune into the show. But as the driver drove me to the hotel, I grabbed my phone and turned on the live stream of the show. I saw AJ getting his things from the locker room and a bunch of the guys telling him that he shouldn’t have done it. He didn’t seem to care. He didn’t seem to care about anything.

Then I saw Daniel confront AJ with two security guards behind him.

“What you did to Shane was an act of a coward. I don’t care how valuable you are. I don’t care how good you are in the ring. I have lost all respect for you.” You couldn’t help but feel like Daniel wasn’t just talking about the attack on Shane when he spoke. You almost felt like he was also talking about AJ throwing your relationship in the garbage too.

“You think because you are AJ Styles that you are untouchable, but you are not,” Daniel said.

“Whatcha gonna do Daniel? What you gonna do? You gonna fire me?” AJ tested.

“Damn right I’m gonna fire you,” Daniel said.

I closed the app and then threw the phone down on the seat next to me. I knew it wasn’t my fault. I knew that there wasn’t anything I could’ve done to stop AJ because he already had his mind made up. But I hated that a guy with his kind of talent had just thrown his career down the toilet over something so stupid. He still had three weeks to figure out a match.

AJ and Daniel were throwing around lots of ideas on how to get AJ into a match at Wrestlemania, mainly a feud with Dolph Ziggler.  Although a match against Dolph Ziggler wouldn’t have been AJ’s first pick, it would have been a match nonetheless. 

There was also talk of Finn Balor coming to SmackDown, a deal that Daniel Bryan had been putting a lot of effort into. A match between AJ Styles and Finn Balor certainly would have drawn some attention.

If AJ would’ve just waited another week, all of this could have been avoided, and he would have a match at WrestleMania and his career. Instead, he had lost everything.

I got a prompt from @fullwizardstrawberry for “Maya proposing to Lucas”. This has been so fun to write, and it’s longer than I anticipated, so I hope you enjoy it. 

She was convinced that she met her soulmate 3 years ago to this very day. They had met at a bookstore while she was shopping for a birthday present for her best friend, Riley. She was shopping in the fiction section, on her hands and knees, because Riley had already read practically everything on the top shelf, when suddenly she felt a leg hit her side and they both toppled over. “What the-”

“Oh God, I’m so sorry. I’m sorr-” They were both attempting to stand up, brushing off the dust and dirt that somehow managed to get all over them during the fall. He cut off when he saw how her hair seemed to glow and her eyes sparkled a little bit. It sounded like it would be out of some cheesy fanfiction, but it was true.

“It’s fine. I’m fine.”

“I’m just glad you’re okay. I don’t know what I would have done if I had hurt you. The bigger you are, the harder you fall.” He was stumbling over his words, blushing like mad. He didn’t know what was going on, but he knew that it was because of this girl.

“I’m Maya.” He just wanted to know what was going through her head. It was almost as if he could see the gears turning in her head.

“Lucas.” It came out strange, like it wasn’t really his name.

“Nice to meet you Lucas. Now if you’ll excuse me-” She bent down to get back to her books, but stopped when she heard his voice again.

“Let me take you out to coffee.”

“What?” Her eyes became squinty, and her right eyebrow raised like he had somehow just asked her an impossible question.

“I want to get some coffee with you.” The astounded look didn’t look leave her face.


“I-you-um. I knocked you over and I want to make up for it.” The blush continued creeping, traveling up his neck and onto his ears.

“Like a date?” She said, smirking.

“I mean, only-only if you want it to be.” She could tell he was flustered, but she found it absolutely adorable.

“Sure, here’s my number. I’ll pick you up at 7 tomorrow. Just text me your address.” She pulled a piece of paper out of her purse, wrote her number on it, winked, and then strutted away.

“Wait- where- I’ll see you tomorrow?” That was the first and certainly not the last that Maya Hart would leave Lucas Friar speechless.

She had left him speechless 6 other times since then.

The next one was that next night. He texted her not 20 minutes after she left the store, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Minutes felt like hours and hours passed like days.

She picked him up at his place at 7pm sharp. She got out of her car, and walked to his front door. She didn’t even have to ring the doorbell, he opened the door right as her heel hit the last step coming up to his porch.

She was wearing a red t-shirt dress, with black chunky wedges, and he was wearing a blue polo and pressed tan khakis

“Hey babe.” she said with a wink.

“Hey,” he said, trying to keep a cool persona (and failing). He had never been called “babe” before.

Her red lipstick matched her outfit perfectly, and her eyeliner could kill. He couldn’t say anything more for several minutes. Which provided perfect material for her to tease him with later.

The 2nd time was when she kissed him (later that night), the 3rd when she showed him her art, the 4th when she sang for him, and the 5th was when she cried in front of him after telling him about her dad.

The 6th was last night.

They had moved in a couple weeks ago after dating for almost 3 years. He had asked her to move in with him after she had already been staying with him for a week. They had been talking about it, so it wasn’t totally out of the blue, but she still smiled every time he said “our apartment”.

“We need more milk,” she said groggily. She was never a morning person, but for some strange reason, Lucas was. To him, it was just natural to get up and do something like shop or workout, but Maya would rather sleep in, and do everything productive around 11 pm. That doesn’t always work for every couple but it never seemed to be a problem with them.

“I feel like we are always out of milk?”

“Huckleberry, we both eat cereal every morning. Unless we get a cow that lives in the living room,” his eyes perked up, and his eyebrow raised in attention, “no,” she interjected, “we are going to run out of milk.”

“I’ll grab some on my way home from work.”

“Thank you,” she said before she blew him a kiss. “Remember that we have date night tonight at Murphy’s.”


“Yes, you can get steak.” She got out of her chair, her messy bun bobbing as she trudged over to him. “I love you babe. Have a good day at work.”

“Love you too.” He kissed her on the forehead and walked out the door.

She immediately perked up. “Time to prepare,” she muttered to herself. Lucas was under the impression that it was just a date night and that she would be heading into work in about a hour, but she had requested the day off, and was planning a special night. She had been thinking about it for a while, but had finally decided to propose. Nontraditional, maybe, but when had they ever been traditional?

She still had a few things left on her to-do list, she had to pick up the rings, grab some sunflowers, and pick up her dress from the dry-cleaners. She went around the city, almost in a trance, just imagining what she’s gonna say. She had never been great with words, but for some reason, everything just flowed when he was around.

She got everything ready at the restaurant, one of her best friends owned the place, and it was their date night destination every 2nd Friday of the month. They got a discount, which she liked, and he got steak, which was his favorite. She wanted to make everything seem as normal as possible, so she just texted him that “hey, work is running late, so I’ll meet you at the restaurant at 6. I brought clothes with me. hope you’re having a good day. love you.” This wasn’t really unusual, sometimes working in an art gallery made you run a little late. He sent her back a “k love you <3” and her plan was set into motion.

She started getting ready at 4:30, doing her makeup and slipping into her dress. At around 5:15 she headed over to the restaurant, arranging the sunflowers and her rings to where they needed to be. At 5:45 she went into the bathroom to give herself a pep talk.

“He loves you. You love him with all of your heart. Just follow your plan and say what you feel and everything will be alright.”

She headed back to their table, and texted him that she was there a little bit early, and that they were at their usual spot. He arrived about 5 minutes later, and walked over. He was wearing a black suit that perfectly matched her red dress that was snug around her hips, and matched her lipstick once again.

“Hello Maya Penelope Hart. You look gorgeous tonight.” He had a smirk in his eyes.

“Why hello Huckleberry McBoingBoing. You look quite dapper yourself.” They sat down at their table, and their usual waiter came over.

“The usual?” she said.

“Of course,” Maya said, giving the waiter a wink. The waiter walked away to the kitchen, and Lucas started talking about his day. Everything was going to plan.

Soon the waiter was back with his steak, and her pasta. “Here’s your meals. Hope they taste delicious.” Another wink was exchanged. Lucas raised his eyebrow at her as the waiter handed her a book along with their food.

“You might wonder what this book is. It’s the book I was grabbing when you first fell for me.” She giggled at her own pun. “Ironically, it was ‘How to Fall in Love in 10 Easy Steps’. I came back to that store later that night and bought it. I’ve been paging through every page since then. Marking it up and writing in our stories that matched all of their steps. I’ve loved you for a long time now. I haven’t needed to pick up this book in over 2 years. I picked it up last week to read through what I wrote in it, and started laughing and crying at how much we’ve learned and grown. We still argue about buying milk, and laugh at how sappy ‘The Notebook’ is, but now we live together, and I want to spend every single day with you for the rest of my life.” She got on one knee, pulled a box out of her purse, and wiped a tear out of her eye (good thing she put on waterproof eyeliner and mascara). “Lucas Friar, my Huckleberry, will you marry me?”

And for the 6th time after first meeting her, he was speechless. He could only say one word. 


Morgan Rielly Imagine

Fifth imagine!! Y/F/R is your favorite restaurant. Hope you enjoy!

Requested: Yes @gxelizax

Warnings: Mention of hickeys and swearing

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Morgan’s P.O.V

I woke up early this morning since I had 7:00 AM practice with my team. I quietly rolled out of bed, careful not to wake up my beautiful girlfriend Grace. 

Her blonde hair was in her face and she was in my shirt sleeping peacefully. We had a wild night last night. 

I shuffled into the bathroom in out bedroom and looked at my neck. Hickeys. Everywhere. They’re on my chest too. Shit. The guys are gonna rip me a new one when they see these. 

My team has no idea I have a girlfriend. I just haven’t brought Grace up. I don’t see why I should. Not gonna lie, I am the jealous type and I know how the guys get around girls. Especially ones that are stunning. 

I brushed my teeth, threw on a shirt and some shorts and pulled my shoes on. I gave Grace a kiss on her forehead and headed out the door. 

~At the Rink~

I pulled my hockey bag out of my car and met up with Willy. We walked into the rink making small talk. 

Once we got into the locker room we started to get changed. I covered the hickeys as much as I could while putting on my practice uniform. Nobody said anything, so I’m guessing nobody saw anything. 

We all got on the ice and started with doing laps. 

~After Practice~

I was the first one in the locker room. I tried to get out of there as quickly as possible. 

My jersey was off and then I was taking off my pads and sweaty shirt. Once my shirt was off I heard, “Holy fuck. What’d you do last night Rielly?” I looked up and saw my whole team smirking. 

“Fuck.” I whispered. “Who’s the lucky lady?” Auston asked. “Yeah. What’s her name?” Mitch snickered. I groaned and laid my head back against the wall. I knew this day was gonna come but I didn’t want it to be today. 

“Her name is Grace and she’s my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for 2 years.” I mumbled. “2 YEARS AND WE HAVEN’T MET HER YET?” Matt yelled. I nodded and groaned again. 

“Well I think we should meet her.” Leo smirked. A chorus of “yeah’s” went around the room. 

“What’s she like?” Jake asked. “She has long blonde hair, green eyes. She’s tan and gorgeous. She’s also funny and really sweet. We live together.” I replied. 

“I think Morgs is whipped.” Auston said. “Of course he is.” Willy agreed. 

“Let’s all go out to dinner tonight. Bring Grace. We can meet her and see if she’s really good for our Morgan.” Mitch chuckled. “I don’t know guys. She might feel awkward.” I replied. “Will she feel awkward or will you feel awkward?” Leo laughed. 

“Too bad. I don’t care who feels awkward. You’re gonna bring her and we are going to meet this girl you have been dating for two you who you neglected to mention AT ALL!” Nazem butted in. 

“Alright fine. What time and where?” I asked giving up. 

“6:00 at Y/F/R.” Mitch replied. “Oh Grace loves it there.” I said. “Perfect.” Willy responded. I finished getting dressed and picked up my bag. “See you guys later.” I said. “See ya lover boy.” Mitch called out. “Make sure to cover up those hickeys buddy!” Auston yelled. 

~At Home~

When I got home it was 10:00 already. Grace was up. She was sitting at the table with her coffee and two plates of eggs and bacon. I smiled at her and sat across from her while eating my breakfast. “How was practice baby?” Grace asked while sipping her steaming drink. 

“Good. Yeah good. Um I actually have to tell you something.” I said quickly. “What’s up?” She asked with a worried look. “Don’t be scared you didn’t do anything. You’re fine.” I chuckled and took her hand. I gazed into the green eyes I fell in love with 2 years ago and spoke, “The guys, well they saw all of the hickeys you left all over me at practice. They want to meet you.” 

She smiled at me and started laughing. “Are you embarrassed that they saw them?” She giggled. “No. Well, I mean, kinda. They haven’t met you before.” I mumbled. 

“That alright. I would love to meet your team. When am I meeting them?” Grace asked while taking my empty plate away and walking into the kitchen. 

“Tonight. At 6:00 at Y/F/R.” I replied. “Did you pick that place?” She asked while staring at me. “Actually no. Mitch did.” I responded while standing up and walking into the kitchen. Grace nodded and started doing the dishes. 

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder. “You look amazing in my shirt, by the way.” I whispered in her ear while kissing her neck.

“Go take a shower before you start to get touchy.” Grace said while laughing. I groaned and walked into the bathroom. 

“JOIN ME!” I shouted from the bathroom. I didn’t hear a response but when the door opened I knew her answer. 

~Skip Shower~

Y/N’s P.O.V

Once we got out, we got dressed and laid on the bed. I set an alarm for 4:15 to start getting ready. 

We took a nap and as soon as the alarm went off, I was up and started to get ready. 

I had to impress them. I mean, I wanted to make a good first impression. I have to look good for Morgan. I want to look good for him. 

I started with my hair. I kept it simple. Just straightened it. That took me awhile. I finished my hair and went to my make-up. Simple again. Foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrows, a little bit of blush, mascara, and done. 

Now this was the hard part. What to wear? It was gonna be a little cold and it is cold in the restaurant so I had to dress for the weather as well as the occasion. The restaurant was casual. I picked out a pair of black ripped jeans and a tight white sweater that showed off my curves. I paired the outfit with a pair of black wedges and I was done. 

I looked at the time and it was 5:24. Morgan was done getting ready too. He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a navy blue Nike button up with his black vans. 

“Looking perfect as always Grace.” He said to me. I blushed and kissed him. We kissed for quite a long time until I pulled away. “Alright. Time to go.” I smiled while grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door. 

The car ride wasn’t short but it wasn’t long either. We got the the restaurant at 5:57. The team wasn’t here yet. When we walked through the front door, we waited for a good minute before the whole Toronto Maple Leaf team walked through the door. 

“Hey Morgan.” A guy with blonde hair said while shaking his hand. “Hey.” “Um reservations for Matthews.” A guy with darker hair said to the hostess. “Of course. Right this way.” I stuck close to Morgan. He was holding my hand while we were walking. 

The woman took us to a back room with a huge table set up in the middle. “Here you go. Your waiter will be right over.” She smiled and walked away. 

“You must be Grace.” A guy next to me said. The whole table was looking at me now. “Morgan has told us so much about you.” The blonde said again. I smiled. “All good things I hope.” I laughed awkwardly. “Oh yeah. Of course.” The guy sitting next to me answered. 

Morgan went around the table saying all of the guys’ names. The blonde was Willy, the guy who made reservations was Auston and the guy sitting on my right, was Mitch. 

We all made small talk and then the waiter came and took our orders. 

All of the guys were very nice and funny. I looked at Morgan and he was already smiling at me. He sighed and kissed my forehead. 

“So Grace, how did you and Morgan meet?” Tyler asked. The others nodded like they all wanted to know. I smiled and started, “Oh I’ve known Morgan forever. We were friends longer than we have been dating for. He was on my older brothers team.” 

“Oh. Gotcha. How long did you friend zone him for?” Willy asked laughing. “It felt like forever.” Morgan replied with a chuckle. The rest of the table laughed too. I grabbed his hand under the table and gave it a squeeze. 

The waiter soon came back with our food and we ate in silence. It wasn’t awkward at all. It felt like I’ve known all of the guys as long as I’ve known Morgan for. 

Once we were done eating we got the check and paid. While I was walking out I was talking to Jake and Matt. Morgan was talking to some other guys. Everybody still talked for a while once we were outside. 

“Hey. Do you guys wanna come back to our place and hang there?” Morgan asked the guys. 

“Yeah sounds like fun.” Leo replied. The others agreed to come and we separated to our different cars. 

As soon as Morgan went to his side after getting me in the car, I let out a breath that I was holding in all dinner. 

“Do you think they liked me?” I asked Morgan while putting my seatbelt on. He didn’t respond. I looked over at him and he smiled. “They fucking loved you.” He mumbled while pulling me into a kiss. I smiled into the kiss and giggled. “Great.” I whispered as soon as I pulled away. 

PLL - Quickly Tying Up Some Loose Ends

1.) How did Tanner call Ali in 7x18? The Liars got new flip phones, yes. But they obv just rolled over their current cell phone plans to the flip phone, keeping their same #s. Which is how tanner was able to call Ali in the first place. Just because their cells were taken doesn’t mean their entire cell phone plans were. They deactivated their devices (except for aria, who didn’t get a flip phone) and rolled their numbers over to the burner phones. Makes complete sense and is quite simple to do. Takes all of 2 mins.

2.) Wren was at the Philly airport for a “long layover”. This actually isn’t unheard of because the Philadelphia Airport is an East Coast hub and thousands of airplanes have layovers there during the day. Living on the east coast myself, I’ve had several layovers there in the past. But the question is, where was his final destination anyways? TBD. But back to my point: Before Spencer goes to meet with him, she is waiting at the Lost Woods for Mary. Her cell phone beeps, she gets a text (we don’t see who it was from), she makes a funny face, then leaves after her short confrontation with Marco. The text was obv from Wren which is why we see her in the very next scene with him. It wasn’t as random as it seemed. Wren asked her to meet him, we just didn’t physically see the text ourselves.

3.) Spencer is not the only liar who changed clothes after the sex montage in 7x18. All of the liars did. Meaning, they all went to bed, woke up, then got ready (in a new set of clothes) to meet each other at 4 AM for the countdown to finish. Besides, Spoby sexy time cabin scene shows Spencer with a gun shot wound to her left shoulder anyways. This can’t be Twincer, right?

4.) The fact that Tanner was able to find windshield glass under Archer’s severed dead finger was pure brilliance by AD. They made sure the police got a hold of some damning evidence by sending it with glass under the nail. This isn’t tying up a loose end, this is just me saying bravo. 👏🏼👏🏼now I understand why they sent it.

Skeptical to Destiel at First

So I was familiar with Supernatural before I started really watching it. Before I made it to Season 4, I had heard that people shipped Dean and Cas. I was confused at first, like “No that’s ridiculous, they’re just friends.” Then I was so happy Cas finally was on the show.

So when I was watching Heaven and Hell 4x10 and this happened

I thought nothing of this goodbye kiss between Dean & Anna until this…

I started shouting, “WHAT? Why in the hell are they cutting away to Cas, who looks jealous and hurt?! Okay maybe there’s something there.”

So that’s the story of how I became a Destiel shipper.

For those of you who live on the East Coast of the US, please tell me I’m not the only one who is fucked up by this fall back of the clocks shit. The sun set at 4:30 today and I was ready for bed 

I Would Die a Thousand Times For You , A Bunny Fanmix

Cover Art by spooky-boyfriend

1. Mandopony - Kindness  /  2. Hedley - Heaven’s Gonna Wait  /  3. The Ready Set - Stays Four The Same  /  4. I Do Adore - Mindy Gledhill  /  5. Glaze - Heartmender  /  6. The Rocket Summer - So Much Love (Cover)  /  7. Hedley - Heaven in Our Headlights  /  8. NeverShoutNever - Hummingbird  /  9. Owl City - Sunburn  /  10. Foster The People - I Would Do Anything For You

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RobStar fluff, the two getting ready to bed for the night, setting is Star in month 4 of pregnancy just to clarify :-) does this work?

“What about-“

“Starfire, it has to be pronounceable by the kids’ classmates.” Dick smiled as he watched Starfire wiggle into her too-tight tank top. He could already see her curves becoming more pronounced and her body plumping up as their little bundle of joy grew inside her belly. Every day it felt as if he were walking on air, that there was nothing that could bring him down. He was going to be a father. If someone had told him that a few years ago, he might have laughed in their face, but today it felt… right. He liked the idea of being a dad.

She pursed her lips and scrunched her nose, looking down at him. “I can pronounce it just fine.”

“But will our child’s classmates?” He cocked his head to the side, lifting an eyebrow as Starfire turned around and bent over to pick something up off the floor. Shamelessly, he watched the sway of her hips and her round heart-shaped ass. Even after all this time together, he was still enamored with her.


Dick lifted his eyebrows and watched as she turned around, pushing her red-gold hair from her shoulders. Mar’i. It was like Mary, and he liked that thought. Pretty. Simple. Beautiful. A soft smiled split his lips and he nodded. “Mar’i. I like it.”

Starfire’s face softened and she picked up the edge of the covers, snuggling close to his warmth. “Me too.”

“Have we finally agreed on a name?” Dick laughed and readjusted himself to pull her even deeper into his arms, peppering little kisses over her shoulders. “I think we might have come to an agreement, Starfire.”

She chuckled. “I suppose it had to happen at some point…”

Dick just laughed and pulled her close for one long, heated good-night kiss.

Closer || Michael Clifford

this is actually a very good song. you guys gotta listen to it pls and thanks. 

Closer - The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

I M A G I N E [slight sexual]

“Please, baby, one more picture!” You chimed happily at Michael. 

“But Y/N, it’s getting dark!” Michael said with a soft smile.

“Just one more, I promise!” You said with content as you put your Polaroid camera up. 

“Fine, only because you’re beautiful,” Michael winks at you, making your cheeks tint themselves a hue of pink. Putting the camera up, you watch as Michael puts his arms up to present the sun setting. He smiles such a cheeky smile that makes his eyes very squinted. It was an adorable face. 

“Ready?” You called out to him. You set the camera on flash. 

“Ready!” Michael assures. 


That was 4 years ago. 

4 years ago from the happiest time of your life. It was always hard to think about such memories. It was painful to think about the flaws that came up and loosened the threads between you and the rainbow-haired doofus that brightened up your life. 

Michael Gordon Clifford was the most genuine asshole you’ve ever met. You call him this because although he was a jerk, he was completely blunt about it. He acted as though he was okay with you and everything you did. Always saying how you can tell your friends that it was a pleasure meeting them, but in reality, Michael prayed never to see them again. He was also very into alcohol ever since you got with him. He always had a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand when you hung out with him. You knew of the broken relationship and contrast, but Michael was someone different. 

Michael was poor and you were rich, but he completely ignored that fact. He chased after you, but not for the reasons people expected. He didn’t want you for the money– he wanted you for you. Money didn’t mean anything if it wasn’t used to create memories, not purchase luxuries. He constantly teased you, calling you a snob when you always offered to buy him textbooks when the two of you were alone. 

Yes, you didn’t want to be known as that rich girl in school. College was all about reputation, and that was something you were oh so desperate to have. And you didn’t want your wealth to declare you the popular, pompous brat. Instead, you joined the bad crowd, the one Michael despised. They were robbers, cheaters, abusers. They were the worst kind of people and you deemed them as the best. 

But it was all for the adrenaline. 

Dressed up in night club attire, you decided to go to the bar of the Hilton hotel you stayed at. The school year was over, so you were off living your luxurious life without your rebellious friends knowing. The facade was tiring, and truthfully, you were finding them bland. They quickly became the old version of an exciting concept, especially when they didn’t do anything new. 

Descending down to the first floor, your expensive jewelry clink with every step you took in your high heels. Everyone turned their heads at you, with men giving you winks and asking for your digits with the ladies either in envy or smacking those men with their purses. Either way, it wasn’t your fault. Entering the bar with sass, you take a seat and fetch a bartender. 

“How might I help you, Miss?” The bartender asked with his gaze not fully on you. Finally turning to see you, his breath hitches and his face slightly pales up. “M-Mrs. Y/L/N, what a pleasure to have you here!” You giggled and blushed as he took your hand and placed a gentle kiss. You couldn’t help your fame from outside the school grounds. 

You were an heiress after all. 

“I’m sure,” you respond dully. He immediately snakes back his hands and smiles. 

“What would you like tonight, Miss?” 

“Give me a bottle of Rushkinoff please,” you asked, almost demanding, as you smirk. “The gold flakes, you know?” The bartender nodded vigorously before fleeing to the back in search of the expensive beverage. As you did, a man inconspicuously took a seat to your right. 

“That’s quite the vodka you chose, Miss,” the man beside you spoke, causing you to snap your head towards him. Your eyes studied him as you saw his bleached green hair. In search of his face, you noticed his fringe was in the way, making you disappointed. He refused to turn to you as well, making you even more frustrated. “Not cheap at all,” he continues. His accent was strong and… familiar. 

“Does my choice concern you?” You asked bitterly. Who had this man believed he was? Commenting on the drink of your choice. You knew it wasn’t cheap– that’s why you bought it. 

“Not really,” the man said with a chuckle. You saw the end of his smile through his strings of hair, making you a bit more curious about this man. Oddly, he gave off this vibe that seemed recognizable but your brain couldn’t tap at the source. “I just enjoy pointing things out.”

“It’s unnecessary,” you sigh, rolling your eyes as the bartender finally came back with your bottle. He offered you a cup, to which you grabbed and gave yourself a serving of the strong drink. The gold shards clinked at the cup when they were poured it. Floating in a circle, you watch the shiny shreds sparkle. “Thanks,” you tell the bartender before dismissing him away. He slightly scoffs before turning to the mysterious man sat beside you. 

“What would you like tonight, sir?”

“Get me a bottle of Jack Daniels,” the man asked, making you widen your eyes and your mouth slightly. Green-bleached hair with a fringe, cute Australian accent, and selection of an entire bottle of Jack Daniels. “Hold the–”

“Cup,” you finished his sentence, causing the man to turn to you and look at you with shock at that moment. Those forest green eyes looked at your so strongly that your mind began to flourish with memories. All the roads you two drove on, the quiet places to do the wrong, the pictures. Oh, all the pictures to have tangible memories. But even without them, they were crystal clear in your eyes. His lips were still so plump and red, reminding you of how amazing his kisses were. His face even brought back the calm, soothing vibe he always provided you whenever he was around. 

“Y/N…” Michael breathed, concentrating on your face. His eyes then wandered down and quickly went back up. It’s been 4 years, you thought. 4 years with no calls between you and the boy who was possibly the one. As much as you wanted to tell him off, saying how pretty you are and how you don’t need him, your mind was gone. And it wasn’t the alcohol this time. 

“Michael,” you say quietly, as more people entered the room to converse and drink. The bartender came with the bottle of Jack Daniels, having Michael smile before grabbing it with his hand. 

“How much for both of our bottles?” Michael asked, turning his attention to the bartender. He gives Michael the very high number, having Michael unfazed before he takes out his wallet and gives him a series of $100 bills. You were in shock, of course, as you were the one with the paper. But it seems the two of you were both on the same level. 

“Hey,” you spoke softly as Michael leaned towards you to speak. It made you nervous to find him so close, desiring to grab his hair jaw and kiss him hungrily. But you had an idea brewed and wanted to risk it. “Wanna get out of here?”

“To your room or mine?” Michael immediately asked, making your heart warm from the reacquainted feeling. But you contemplated the bedroom idea and shook your head. You wanted something more… something that the two of you would find more memorable. This lifetime was about making the best of it anyways. 

“The rover is at the parking lot,” you whispered in his ear. Michael chuckles in agreement as you pour your vodka from the cup and back into the bottle. Michael pops open his drink and takes a swig. Getting off the seat first, he offers his large hand and you take it, feeling those callouses you’ve longed since the day he left for the city. 

“Shall we?” Michael spoke in your ear, having you feel goosebumps of excitement rise from your skin. 

“We shall,” you smirk, having him drag you out of the bar and into the parking lot. You ready yourself, fishing your car keys from your pocket as you and Michael found yourselves outside in the warm weather. Michael wandered around until you pointed to your fancy vehicle. Dragging you over to it, Michael opens the trunk to look down at a mattress you had in the back. It looked very old and quite used. 

“Stolen?” Michael asked, shaking his head at how silly you were. Even with all the money you had, you were still one to be mischievous. Michael grabs the bottles of alcohol and places it onto the passage seat of the car.

“You know I was never a good girl,” you whisper seductively. Michael bit his bottom lip harshly before grabbing you by the waist and placing you on the mattress. Michael swooped it and was on all fours above you, allowing the trunk door to close due to his abrupt actions. 

“Then how about be a good girl for me?” Michael asked in a whisper, having you whimper in desire before Michael begins to strip you. One piece at a time, Michael removed your garments to reveal your body in its raw. He kept the jewelry on you, to ensure that he’s with the real Y/N he knew. The Y/N he might’ve loved and left because he didn’t see her. 

“Anything for you,” you breathed as Michael quickly latched his lips on your neck. His touch was bringing back beautiful memories of pleasure he gave you. His tongue slithered on your coconut-scented skin, having him take a deep inhale through the nose to smell you. He moaned as he kissed down from your neck to your collarbone, then slowly to your delicate shoulder. 

“Nice ink,” Michael whispered. His other hand was doing work as it intruded your insides with 3 fingers. He pulled in and out, constantly curling his fingers when he entered your hot core. It was hard to speak with the overwhelming feeling, but he was expecting the acceptance of the compliment. 

“Th-thank you, it’s n-new,” you stuttered in delight. “P-please be delicate with it.” You began digging your fingers into the sheets and began to pull at it. They started to let go of the corners of the mattress, shriveling up as some of the mattress was exposed.  

“I won’t,” Michael smirked before nibbling on the sensitive skin. You moaned at the painful pleasure he gave you, with his hands still doing work at your flower. “As much as I want to linger this, I really want to be inside you.” Michael said as he took his hands from your body and began to zip down his skinny jeans. 

“Hurry,” you moaned, feeling your core throb and ache for the return of his touch. You watch as Michael prepares himself on top of you and gives you a reassuring smile. 

“Ready?” Michael asked softly as he looked adoringly into your eyes. 

“Ready,” you whispered before he ended the space between you two and become one. “Come closer, babe…” you asked as Michael latched his lips onto yours while thrusting slowly. “Closer, closer….” you dragged as he continued to kiss your sore lips and fuck you at his own pace. 


The next morning, you find yourself walking up with high discomfort on your back and soreness in your lower abdomen. Rubbing it gently, you flutter your eyes open and look up at the ceiling of the car. Sitting up, you rub your forehead in confusion and ponder. 

“What…” you softly spoke aloud, feeling oblivious until you took a whiff of the car. It smelled of booze and sex. You were then flooded from what happened last night from the return of Michael G. Clifford. Your hair allowed loose strands play on your shoulders from your pony tail that was now a mess. 

“Michael?” You asked quietly, finding yourself grow sad from your idiotic question. Of course he wasn’t here; you were in a small, cramped space that would make him evident if he were there. But he wasn’t, making you paranoid of the disgusting truth that happened last night. Pulling on your shirt, you decide to wrap your waist and below with the blanket. You crawl over to the front seats, hoping Michael was there or maybe left something. You notice your bottle of vodka was still there and full, with the Jack Daniels sat right beside it, empty and hot from the suns rays. 

“Fuck me…” you sighed, slapping your forehead with the palm of your hand. Finding yourself dehydrated, you take your bottle of vodka and take a swig of it. Putting it down with pure disgust from heartbreak and in general dislike of alcohol, you look over to the drivers seat and stare down to the small item that sat on it. Tears developed in your tired eyes as you brought your hand down to pick it up delicately. Holding it up to see it better, one tear escapes from your eyes and down the cheek. 

It was a Polaroid photo of you and Michael kissing right on top of the hood of his broken down car 4 years ago. 

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makes me wanna dance [listen]

1. higher - the ready set // 2. reflections - misterwives // 3. lean - banglade$h // 4. happy with me - holychild // 5. head first - the royal // 6. human contact - catey shaw // 7. leather jacket - arkells // 8. 4u - blackbear // 9. some you win - nina nesbitt // 10. all over - cruisr // 11. rule the world - walk off the earth // 12. 101 - walla // 13. no easy way out - kid astray // 14. too cool to dance - eden xo // 15. no better - lorde // 16. tear in my heart - twenty one pilots // 17. chrm ‘jls’ - frontside // 18. midnight kiss - propellers // 19. somebody told me - the killers // 20. sunset - avalanche city // 21. silhouettes - colony house // 22. wait up (boots of danger) (rac mix) - tokyo police club // 23. intoxicated - the cab // 24. the city - oceanics