the ready set 2

@holtworks is at it again….This time with an FDE M4E1 rifle featuring our new Gen 2 Enhanced M-LOK Handguard. ・・・
It’s ready… 🎯.
@aero_precision FDE receiver set and gen 2 enhanced M-LOK handguard
@ballisticadvantage 16" BA Hanson 223 Wylde barrel
@superlativearms adjustable gas block
@vg6precision Gamma 556 muzzle brake
@aimsurplus H4 BCG
@vortexoptics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 and cantilever mount
@inforce01 WMLx weapon light
@strikeindustries_si enhanced mag release, bolt catch and dust cover
@radianweapons 45/90 Talon ambi safety
@magpul FDE gen 1 UBR stock with enhanced but pad, K2 grip, trigger guard, rail covers
@rockriverarms 2 stage trigger

Also, shoutout of thanks to Aphrodite for lighting up my life and gracing us all with her very existence.

Pitch fam!

This is a thing we can do in addition to @alwayskels INCREDIBLE #KeepHerInTheGame campaign.

(Seriously, go read that post and act now!)

TVLine wants YOU, yes YOU, to tell them your 2017 TV Wishlist. You know what that means????? 

Start getting them fingers ready! Get Pitch OFF the bubble and into a DEFINITE renewal for season 2!

Ready, set, go!

Do it for Ginny Baker!

Graves/Credence playlist on Spotify that I made. 

Listen Here

tracklist: Off to the Races Lana Del Rey - Into You Ariana Grande - Hypnotic Zella Day - Coming Down Halsey - Gods & Monsters Lana Del Rey - Overtime Brika - No Good Ivy Levan - I’m Not Calling You A Liar Florence + The Machine - Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey - Killer The Ready Set - Like a Prayer Maya Solovey - Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1) AURORA - Soap Melanie Martinez - Drumming Song Florence + The Machine - Lovefool Postmodern Jukebox ft. Haley Reinhart - Hold Me Down Halsey - Unique In Its Madness of Verona - Magic Coldplay - Killing You Ivy Levan & Sting - Young God Halsey - Perfect Illusion Lady Gaga - Bedroom Hymns Florence + The Machine - I’m A Ruin Marina and the Diamonds - Daddy Issues The Neighbourhood - Out of My Head Digital Daggers - Never Forget You Conor Maynard - Various Storms & Saints Florence + The Machine - Monster Imagine Dragons - Ghost Halsey - Dark in My Imagination of Verona - Who Can You Trust Ivy Levan - Nothing’s Broken Digital Daggers - The Haunting (Acoustic) Set It Off - Which Witch Florence + The Machine - Immortal Marina and the Diamonds


Leaked screenshots from the game you’ve all been waiting for: Persona 4 Golden Platinum Sparkling Candy Crush Edition! Since Persona 5 was delayed until 2050, enjoy the new installment to the Persona 4 franchise. Soon to be showcased during the latest Persona livestream. 

Official description: In this exciting crossover, the shadows have take a new form, delicious candies! The investigation team must reunite again to stop the shadows from ruining the Inaba Candy Store business! Will the investigation team save the day this time? Or be overpowered by the puzzling sweets before them?!


  • Match candies while listening to your favorite characters and completing new, never seen before social lonks! 
  • Now with 200% more DLC! You asked for it, we delivered! Enjoy new exclusive outfits only available for mobile platforms. Have your yen ready!
  • 30 hours of story mode and gameplay, set 2 days after Persona Ultimax. See where the story left off!
  • CO-OP MODE: Featuring the options to send your real life friends approximately 200 game requests on Facebook! If they click, you’ll get bonuses! Make sure to send out requests every day to unlock even more side stories!

Who needs Persona 5 when you have the story of the Investigation team? Again and again and again!


Speaking of things that I’ve written, this is a self rec bc I have two SamBucky fics that are close to having 200 kudos. I would be elated if you read them, but no pressure (plus some of you already have read them).

1. Talk to Me

Something I threw together for sbweek2016. Sam gets hurt and Bucky throws a fit bc he was worried. They kiss.

2. Ready, Set, Date

This was a fic for Samtember where Bucky goes speed dating and is absolutely floored by Sam (with a side of being intimidated by how awesome Rhodey is)


LS3 Rising Flames related

The 2 charr freaked out so much, I’m pretty sure they saw the Commander losing their control behind Rytlock XD

A big enormous angry Norn with the best Charr warrior?

Against 2 veterans?

I felt so bad for those 2 charr XD

But let’s be serious for one second here. If I have to kill the entire Black Citadel to bring back Rytlock, I will fucking do it…

Also, during the dialogues, I was ready to kill the 2 charr, Volcanus drew, DH traps set and all… I may have overreacted… A bit. Don’t take my Grumpy Uncle away from me :(

Things school administrations care about:

1) money
2) test scores
3) you attendance (so they can get more money)
4) you graduating (so they can keep up their percentages to get more money)
5) themselves
6) paying teachers less so they can pay themselves more.

Things school administrations do not care about:

1) your mental health after you’re all ready set to graduate
2) why you miss so much class
3) why you vomit during tests
4) why you cry yourself to sleep at night
5) why you hate doing your homework

Getting ready for today’s episode. Alarm is set for 2.30 am. 4 hours of sleep should be enough.

(Hopefully, I won’t fall asleep like I did during the premiere and missing the first 15 minutes.)

Fingers crossed for a Day Trip 2.0 in the most heartwrenching, bittersweet and amazing way. Tonight, (hand nuzzling) Bellarke will rise!

Sweet dreams and see you later! :)

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Okay I got out of the house so I’m a little less pissy. I’m happy I’m getting to spend all this time with my weirdo aunt. I’m about to smoke and drink a glass of wine and look at apartments in Seattle. I need a roommate but honestly I think I can make enough to live on my own and why not go for it since I hate people anyways and don’t really know anyone well enough to move in with them. I’m getting lonely but I’ve also been snowed in for the past 2 days. Probably going to spend my night with a nice buzz, browsing the internet and maybe picking up a good book. I can’t wait to do my yoga in the morning and start getting my camming set up ready. Should be back online in 2 weeks or so. 

The Sky’s Role

We yearn to feel. We yearn to
across Hollywood, through
the sky–black with guilt. Shredded by night.

“music” blaring
a lie, I guess
Isn’t ideal, I guess.

All set? Ready, 5, 4, 3, 2–

CG: How many times
have you set out to write some-
because no one gives a damn?


We dance in
We are mesmerized by
discomfort. Chase it. 
Trap it.
Scream, right here, this is your
scene–this is your p–


It is silent. 

Like day. You want to speak
without interrupting,
you want to say,
you like it like this.

CG: I like it like– 



That moment right before an orchestra
begins to play This Score
that glimpse, the conductor
doesn’t even breathe,
and for a second, time exists just
to exist, just to spell out a 200-
page story in 
half a second

Will language bury you with white flowers or
Do you care?

A narrative beyond the page is still music the way
you are still something beyond who you are
right now. A non-person? A non-you. 

But that moment–in replay–must be
how it feels to forget you. 


I’m poisoned
by the illusion of speaking 
‘my mind’

a mind doesn’t speak;
it sings,
yearning to counter,

killing its own dreams with
small breaths, with un-knowing, with
practicality thrust into
with reality skewed by
the gliding of your pen, the
eyelashes, with

pretending that you are feeling something 

and knowing you never will. 

And realizing THAT is
the sky’s definition. Or, if not its own definition,
its role. To defeat. 

To tell you, ‘I am bigger. You barely exist.’

& if that’s not a beautiful 
what is? 

I was tagged by @mymusicaloasis thank you!!

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1: Take you there - The Ready set, Kaptan
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5: Shut up and Dance With Me - Walk the Moon!
6: Asgore - Undertale(Toby Fox)
7: Tidal Wave - Owl City
8: Dreamers - Mighty Oaks
9: Oblivion - Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack
10: Message in a Bottle - The Police

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