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The Cuban Missile Crisis

At this time in 1962, the U.S. was in the thick of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Here’s a brief recap of what exactly happened during those thirteen days.

It’s not hard to imagine a world where at any given moment, you and everyone you know could be wiped out without warning at the push of a button. This was the reality for millions of people during the 45-year period after World War II, now known as the Cold War. As the United States and Soviet Union faced off across the globe, each knew that the other had nuclear weapons capable of destroying it. And destruction never loomed closer than during the 13 days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

In 1961, the U.S. unsuccessfully tried to overthrow Cuba’s new communist government. That failed attempt was known as the Bay of Pigs, and it convinced Cuba to seek help from the U.S.S.R. Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev was happy to comply by secretly deploying nuclear missiles to Cuba, not only to protect the island, but to counteract the threat from U.S. missiles in Italy and Turkey. By the time U.S. intelligence discovered the plan, the materials to create the missiles were already in place. 

At an emergency meeting on October 16, 1962, military advisors urged an airstrike on missile sites and invasion of the island. But President John F. Kennedy chose a more careful approach. On October 22, he announced that the the U.S. Navy would intercept all shipments to Cuba, but a naval blockade was considered an act of war. Although the President called it a quarantine that did not block basic necessities, the Soviets didn’t appreciate the distinction.

Thus ensued the most intense six days of the Cold War. As the weapons continued to be armed, the U.S. prepared for a possible invasion. For the first time in history, the U.S. Military set itself to DEFCON 2, the defense readiness one step away from nuclear war. With hundreds of nuclear missiles ready to launch, the metaphorical Doomsday Clock stood at one minute to midnight. 

But diplomacy carried on. In Washington, D.C., Attorney General Robert Kennedy secretly met with Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin. After intense negotiation, they reached the following proposal. The U.S. would remove their missiles from Turkey and Italy and promise to never invade Cuba in exchange for the Soviet withdrawal from Cuba under U.N. inspection. The crisis was now over. 

While criticized at the time by their respective governments for bargaining with the enemy, contemporary historical analysis shows great admiration for Kennedy’s and Khrushchev’s ability to diplomatically solve the crisis. Overall, the Cuban Missile Crisis revealed just how fragile human politics are compared to the terrifying power they can unleash.

For a deeper dive into the circumstances of the Cuban Missile Crisis, be sure to watch The history of the Cuban Missile Crisis - Matthew A. Jordan

Animation by Patrick Smith

French Words (Tom Holland x Reader)

Requested: YES; where the reader is a French actress but does American movies, she meets Tom during the shooting of Homecoming, the reader teaches him to speak French and Tom improves the English of the reader, then one day, she accidentally says these feelings for Tom and he understands and the end has all fluff?

Word Count: 5.2k (I went a little bit too overboard this, I’m sorry)

Warnings: Just a few swear words, basically all fluff at the end.

A/N: I’m sorry I took so much to get this done, but I got a carried away and wanted to put a lot of things so it made sense, I hope you don’t get bored reading it.

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New ParaverseTale Print for sale!

Will be at Anime Expo coming up this weekend.

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Serif, Asterisk, and Gaster from ParaverseTale belongs to @spacejacket and @bluerose099

Anon asked for gang reaction to Hiccstrid baby.

Set after HTTYD 2.

“Are you ready?” Hiccup reclined on the bed beside Astrid, one arm slung around her shoulders. For the first time that day to room was quiet and still. His mother and mother-in-law had taken their leave allowing the couple some time alone with their brand-new baby girl.

The young couple had sat for over an hour, staring at their little girl in awe and wonder, amazed that they could make something so tiny, so pink, so perfect.

Astrid’s fringe still clung to her forehead, sweaty from the exertion of the last twelve hours. Hiccup brushed the sticky strands of his wife’s face. “As?”

“Hmm?” Completely distracted by the small bundle in her arms, Astrid stroked a finger down the baby’s cheek. She smiled at the suckling motion as her finger neared the newborn’s mouth. “Yeah, babe, let them in.”

Slowly, Hiccup stood from the bed, reluctantly tearing his gaze from his wife and daughter. He wanted to stay and drink in the sight of them forever but he would only be gone a moment.

He walked to the door and opened it, sticking his head outside.

Fishlegs noticed him first, halting the route he’d been pacing around the room. The twins were sitting side by side with their backs to the door. They turned as one when they noticed Fishlegs had stopped.

Snotlout was the first to the door.

“Me first, I’m family.” He pushed past into the little room.

With an exaggerated eye-roll, Hiccup stood aside to let the others in.

“Wait, why’s he got so much hair.” Snotlout was already by the bed, brows knit together in utter confusion. “I thought babies were bald.”

“Nope, that was just you Snotlout.” Ruffnut came to stand beside him, her eyes all shiny, hands making grabby motion towards the baby. “I want one.” Snotlout took a hasty step away.

“Eh, I don’t see the appeal,” Tuffnut leant in close to scrutinise the tiny baby’s features. “Small, squishy human. Can’t ride a boar yet. What’s the point?” The small, squishy human scrunched her face up in a yawn, her little arms stretched out as the movement rocked her whole body.

“Ah, yep. Now I see it.” Tuffnut took a step back beside his sister, his own eyes going misty.

“This is Nora,” Astrid stroked through the soft downy fuzz of her daughter’s head, her eyes still glued to the tiny body.

“Ha, Nora? But that’s a girl’s name.” Snotlout’s confusion rocketed up a level.

“Crazy that.” Hiccup sat back down on the bed beside his wife. Carefully, Astrid passed her daughter over. Hiccup marvelled at the way he could hold her tiny body with her head in his palm and her feet just brushing the crook of his arm.

“A girl huh?” Ruffnut stared down at the child in Hiccup’s arms. “Thank the Gods she looks more like Astrid then.”

Hiccup glanced sharply up at her. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked.

“Nothing…” Ruffnut looked Hiccup up and down. “It just that nose. Those eyebrows…” She tipped her head sideways as she judged his appearance.

“She got his hair though,” Tuffnut piped up. “So much hair.”

“She’s beautiful guys,” Fishlegs came in with the save.

Nora began to mewl and squawk, her face going red and splotchy.

“Give her to me,” Astrid held out her arms and Hiccup reluctantly passed the little girl back. Screams filled the air as the Dragon Riders shifted awkwardly.

“Maybe we should give them some space,” Fishlegs suggested. One by one they shuffled out of the room.

Hiccup reclined back on the bed, elbow propped against the headboard, watching Astrid intently as she fussed over Nora. She shifted her tunic around and held the babe to her breast. The cries died down as the newborn latched on, replaced with the sounds of vigorous suckling.

“We did good babe,” Astrid’s voice was husky as she spoke. She glanced up at her husband, a tired smile flitting across her lips.

“You did all the work Milady,” Hiccup leant forward to kiss the top of her head. “But yeah, she’s perfect.”


My contribution to selfie Friday + MY MFKIN SOCKS CAME IN 📣📣

New ParaverseTale Print for sale!

Will be at Anime Expo coming up this weekend.

Here’s the prints and buttons I’ll be selling at my booth. 

Prints (Just the Underswap one)


Serif, Asterisk, and Gaster from ParaverseTale belongs to @spacejacket and @bluerose099

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Things school administrations care about:

1) money
2) test scores
3) you attendance (so they can get more money)
4) you graduating (so they can keep up their percentages to get more money)
5) themselves
6) paying teachers less so they can pay themselves more.

Things school administrations do not care about:

1) your mental health after you’re all ready set to graduate
2) why you miss so much class
3) why you vomit during tests
4) why you cry yourself to sleep at night
5) why you hate doing your homework

The Ploy

Chapter 2

Catch Up Here: Chapter one

Summary: The wait until your and Dean’s ‘date’ is agonizingly slow… Will Dean or the Reader finally confess their feelings for one another, 

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: @ready-set-run thank you again for helping me to write this <3 I know I haven’t posted another chapter of this in awhile.

Dean’s POV

The days leading up to the Lord’s day felt like years in contrast to what was actually only about twelve hours.

The Lord’s day had finally arrived, and it was time for church- excitement built up in my chest as my family made our way to the chapel; the sun seeming to always blaze especially hot on his day. “So… Should we be expecting you back at the house after this?” My younger brother Sam hinted at something to which I shoved his shoulder in embarrassment.

“No. And I’m assuming that you overheard my conversation and that’s how you know this. Am I wrong?” I briefly glance at Sam to show him my slight umbrage at his eavesdropping. Sam’s face contorts with guilty and he looks to the ground as we approach the chapel; his hair covering his eyes as he begins to laugh.

“I just can’t help it- I mean, honestly Dean. We all know how the both of you feel for each other! Everyone knows except for apparently the both of you!” Sam chides as he grins and waves to a few of our neighbors as we enter the chapel. I quickly scan the crowd for Y/N, hoping to catch a glimpse of her before the sermon starts- to my dismay I don’t see her.

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my mood is FIXED and REALLY GOOD now solely because i now have not only permission but direct orders from one of my art teachers to SET SOMETHING ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have officially posted more Teen Wolf fanfics than Merlin ones and that sort of hurts my heart a little bit in a weird way

About this whole Han Solo thing

Really though, to be dead honest, this whole saga about Han Solo reflects terribly on Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s professionalism (or apparent lack thereof).

Say what you will about the mentality behind these kind of big budget franchise pictures, at the end of the day, Lord and Miller worked for Kennedy and Kasden. Lawrence Kasden wrote the screenplays for The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens, along with at least a dozen other screenplays, and the screenplay to Han Solo, and therefore his frustration at their apparent disregard of his work is justified. I know that I wrote a screenplay, for a character I knew very well, and the n had some guys come in, toss it out and start improvising entirely new stuff (stuff that apparently was changing the very fabric and tone of the film’s narrative), I’d get rightly pissed off to.

And then, when Lord and Miller were told to try and get at least 12 or 15 set ups ready for filming a day (which is very much standard on this sort of big budget movie), they only managed to get 2 or 3 set ups ready, and only shoot with one camera, when this kind of film usually requires at least four or more, in order to get the right amount of coverage. That’s insanely inefficient, and above all, expensive, since you’re basically paying the cast and crew to sit around, while Lord and Miller go noodling and twiddling around.

And lastly, you have to come to the acknowledgement that in the end, this isn’t the same kind of movie as 21 Jump Street or The Lego Movie. This isn’t something more or less entirely new, but rather something connected to a firmly established canon and tone, and so you can’t just go and play with it willy nilly, you have to, for better of or for worse, submit to what your boss is asking you to do, since you are for hire, Lord and Miller. You were picked for this, you didn’t pick it. You are an employee, and you gotta learn to submit, and compromise.

Also, you know stuff must have been bad when the entire crew apparently cheered when they announced Ron Howard was gonna replace Lord and Miller. Imagine, Lord and Miller got so bad that they cheered when you got replaced.



anonymous asked:

I don't know if you got this, but when Hook was jealous of Emma seducing his past self in the tavern for an analysis?

@thenevengers  thanks for the request!

I’m also combining this with a request from Anon.

           *****THIS ONE IS EXTRA LONG AS IT’S 2 SCENES IN 1*****

So here are two scenes from 3x21, 

The wench outfit & jealous Hook

“Come on, Swan. Let’s get a look.”

And he’s got the nervous tick going too. Emma’s nekkid, behind that tree stump, and he’s a gentleman…. but they’re also short on time and have to get moving.

He’s probably had to stand there, staring into the moss on the bark around him while various grunts, huffs and ruffles of clothing come from behind that tree.



No but bless him. He loves Emma just the way she is and how she dresses. And he’s hardly been in Storybrooke that long. The world is all new to him.

And now here’s Emma. The woman he’s mad about, dressed in the clothes of his realm. The clothes he’s accustom to.

And it’s like a fantasy come to life for him.

It’s almost like that scene in every damn teen movie where the ‘unpopular’ girl walks in with a make over/prom dress on, and the boy has trouble picking his jaw up.

Killian is fuckstruck - part 1.

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