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Anon asked for gang reaction to Hiccstrid baby.

Set after HTTYD 2.

“Are you ready?” Hiccup reclined on the bed beside Astrid, one arm slung around her shoulders. For the first time that day to room was quiet and still. His mother and mother-in-law had taken their leave allowing the couple some time alone with their brand-new baby girl.

The young couple had sat for over an hour, staring at their little girl in awe and wonder, amazed that they could make something so tiny, so pink, so perfect.

Astrid’s fringe still clung to her forehead, sweaty from the exertion of the last twelve hours. Hiccup brushed the sticky strands of his wife’s face. “As?”

“Hmm?” Completely distracted by the small bundle in her arms, Astrid stroked a finger down the baby’s cheek. She smiled at the suckling motion as her finger neared the newborn’s mouth. “Yeah, babe, let them in.”

Slowly, Hiccup stood from the bed, reluctantly tearing his gaze from his wife and daughter. He wanted to stay and drink in the sight of them forever but he would only be gone a moment.

He walked to the door and opened it, sticking his head outside.

Fishlegs noticed him first, halting the route he’d been pacing around the room. The twins were sitting side by side with their backs to the door. They turned as one when they noticed Fishlegs had stopped.

Snotlout was the first to the door.

“Me first, I’m family.” He pushed past into the little room.

With an exaggerated eye-roll, Hiccup stood aside to let the others in.

“Wait, why’s he got so much hair.” Snotlout was already by the bed, brows knit together in utter confusion. “I thought babies were bald.”

“Nope, that was just you Snotlout.” Ruffnut came to stand beside him, her eyes all shiny, hands making grabby motion towards the baby. “I want one.” Snotlout took a hasty step away.

“Eh, I don’t see the appeal,” Tuffnut leant in close to scrutinise the tiny baby’s features. “Small, squishy human. Can’t ride a boar yet. What’s the point?” The small, squishy human scrunched her face up in a yawn, her little arms stretched out as the movement rocked her whole body.

“Ah, yep. Now I see it.” Tuffnut took a step back beside his sister, his own eyes going misty.

“This is Nora,” Astrid stroked through the soft downy fuzz of her daughter’s head, her eyes still glued to the tiny body.

“Ha, Nora? But that’s a girl’s name.” Snotlout’s confusion rocketed up a level.

“Crazy that.” Hiccup sat back down on the bed beside his wife. Carefully, Astrid passed her daughter over. Hiccup marvelled at the way he could hold her tiny body with her head in his palm and her feet just brushing the crook of his arm.

“A girl huh?” Ruffnut stared down at the child in Hiccup’s arms. “Thank the Gods she looks more like Astrid then.”

Hiccup glanced sharply up at her. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked.

“Nothing…” Ruffnut looked Hiccup up and down. “It just that nose. Those eyebrows…” She tipped her head sideways as she judged his appearance.

“She got his hair though,” Tuffnut piped up. “So much hair.”

“She’s beautiful guys,” Fishlegs came in with the save.

Nora began to mewl and squawk, her face going red and splotchy.

“Give her to me,” Astrid held out her arms and Hiccup reluctantly passed the little girl back. Screams filled the air as the Dragon Riders shifted awkwardly.

“Maybe we should give them some space,” Fishlegs suggested. One by one they shuffled out of the room.

Hiccup reclined back on the bed, elbow propped against the headboard, watching Astrid intently as she fussed over Nora. She shifted her tunic around and held the babe to her breast. The cries died down as the newborn latched on, replaced with the sounds of vigorous suckling.

“We did good babe,” Astrid’s voice was husky as she spoke. She glanced up at her husband, a tired smile flitting across her lips.

“You did all the work Milady,” Hiccup leant forward to kiss the top of her head. “But yeah, she’s perfect.”

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I don't know if you got this, but when Hook was jealous of Emma seducing his past self in the tavern for an analysis?

@thenevengers  thanks for the request!

I’m also combining this with a request from Anon.

           *****THIS ONE IS EXTRA LONG AS IT’S 2 SCENES IN 1*****

So here are two scenes from 3x21, 

The wench outfit & jealous Hook

“Come on, Swan. Let’s get a look.”

And he’s got the nervous tick going too. Emma’s nekkid, behind that tree stump, and he’s a gentleman…. but they’re also short on time and have to get moving.

He’s probably had to stand there, staring into the moss on the bark around him while various grunts, huffs and ruffles of clothing come from behind that tree.



No but bless him. He loves Emma just the way she is and how she dresses. And he’s hardly been in Storybrooke that long. The world is all new to him.

And now here’s Emma. The woman he’s mad about, dressed in the clothes of his realm. The clothes he’s accustom to.

And it’s like a fantasy come to life for him.

It’s almost like that scene in every damn teen movie where the ‘unpopular’ girl walks in with a make over/prom dress on, and the boy has trouble picking his jaw up.

Killian is fuckstruck - part 1.

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have i ever mentioned how bad i am at telling the time? just glanced at the clock and was like wow better leave, gotta catch the tube at 10. got to the station, double-checked my phone, and saw it was actually 9. nice one carmella


The Princess’s Birthday *Neymar imagine* @xisabellaxo


~3 Weeks Ago 

As I pushed the cart through the aisle Neymar and the kids went wild throwing things in and playing with the items. Looking at the contents I chuckled, “You guys do realize that this party is for Amarie right?” I called out

The four boys stopped and turned towards me, “But Mae can’t we get this? Amarie likes it” Davi asked

I looked at him and chuckled, “I don’t think Amarie likes avengers baby” I said to him

Davi gave me a cheeky smile and placed it inside of the cart turning and running off with his other brothers. I shook my head, “Amarie what do you want?” I asked bending down to her height

She walked a little ways down before getting some of the pink little boas and bringing them back to me. And in her baby language she began talking, I chuckled placing a kiss on her cheek before putting them inside the cart along with the other things that the boys had wanted. 

After a while we finished inside of the party store with somethings that Davi, Julian, Miro , Amarie and Neymar wanted and then left. 


I looked around at the house and smiled, it literally only took 2 hours and everything was set and ready to go. The bounce houses were up, food and drinks set out, and the puppies put away. I sighed, everything was good and ready. 

“Y/N!” Neymar called out 

I turned around just as he came up to me, and I raised an eyebrow. “What happened?” I asked

Neymar sighed, “The boys won’t come out of the room” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean they won’t come out of the room?” I repeated

Neymar chuckled, “Babe it’s meant just like it’s said” He said

“Alright let me go see what’s up?” I said going to head over to the bedroom door that was closed. Knocking on the door, I heard some shuffling later followed by talking. “Mae and Pai only care for Amarie” Miro said

“Yeah!” Davi and Julian said in union

“We’re important too” Davi said

“Do mae and pai not love us?” Julian asked

No one said anything, and I sighed opening the door. As soon as I pushed the door opened the boys looked at me and then shifted their eyes to the floor. “Hey boys” I said softly 

They didn’t say anything, and I sighed taking a seat on Miro’s bed and pulling him onto my lap. In which he crossed his arms, causing me to chuckle. “Are you guys really mad with Mae?” I asked

The three of them nodded their heads,  “Yes”Julian said

I pouted, “Can you tell me why?”

Julian sighed, “You like Amarie better” He said huffing

I gave him a little smile moving his hair from his face, “That’s not true Julian” 

The three nodded their heads, and you know what if it weren’t for the different hair colors and heights you would think they’re triplets by the way they move. 

I nodded my head, “It is true, Mae and Pai love all four of you the same” I said

“But-but how come you only by Marie treats and toys and not us?” Miro asked looking at me

I brushed his hair, “Amarie’s still a little baby, so she needs a lot of things. While you three are boys and Amarie’s big brothers that’s why we tend to give her a lot of things.” I explained

“So you do love us?” Davi asked

I chuckle and nodded, “Of course Pai and I love you guys. You’re very important to us and we didn’t mean to make it seem like we don’t love you guys okay” I said 

The boys nodded their heads, and I smiled. “Now where’s my hugs and kisses?”I asked and instantly I was attacked by various hugs and kisses, I smiled. “We love you too Mae” They said in union

I chuckled, “Great now let’s go celebrate Amarie’s birthday and have fun right?” I asked

Julian, Miro, and Davi cheered as they all ran out of the room to find Amarie and begin the long and fun day. When I exited the room, I stood next to Neymar and we watched the kids while speaking to one of Neymar’s cousins. 

“Wow I think this is the first time I’m meeting the kids and Amarie” He said

I chuckled, and right on que the four of them came over. I smiled, “Perfect timing I guess” I said 

Neymar chuckled, “Marco, this is Davi, Julian, Miro, and the Princess of the evening Amarie” He introduced

Marco smiled shaking the boys hands and smiling at Amarie, “Wow they all look so different, and they’re really well behaved” Marco said

I smiled, “Our kids are pretty great”

They say “treat others the way you want to be treated.”
From what I’ve learned,
That’s not how you gain mutual kindness.
That’s how you get crushed with what feels like a piano dropping down from the 20th floor;
It crushes every bone you have inside.
With you I’ve always thought that the fire I felt was a two way street,
But I’m starting to realize the fire I thought you had had never been lit.
It was merely a smoke screen to hide your stack of leaves and twigs you called a fire.
You touched me with a burning heat,
Only for me to see later it was an iron brand.
You stamped your logo onto my once soft skin,
Forever marked by your scorching touch.
Surely, I’ve been burned before,
But this time felt different.
In the moment I felt a blissful ravine of hot water,
Brushing every part of my body leaving no part of me untouched.
Once I woke up from my blissful paradise in your arms I realized it was nothing more than your branding,
Leaving me to feel like live stock.
Only used when you felt like you wanted a change.
You looked into my eyes and effortlessly told me lies.
Told me things I wanted to hear.
Leaving me to wonder maybe it is me.

Bourbon Caramel Apple Pie


This pastry is a fucking project, I’m not going to lie to you. When it’s good, it’s the best of all fucking possible worlds, and it loves you, and it graces your mouth with love and tenderness. When it’s bad, it’s cloying and floppy, much like Jill’s taste in movies. Worst case scenario, it’s a sweet ashball of burning sugar and the tears of children.



So pastry first. There’s no secret to this, there’s like 5 recipes for pie crust on earth.

2.5 cups flour. Put it in a bowl. Add a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar.

Cut two sticks of butter into little corn size cubes. Throw them in the bowl. Toss.


When you’ve more or less flattened your cubes, put it back in the bowl. Add water until it holds together in a doughball, mixing it together. Like a little bit at a time.

Once it’s a ball, put ~clingfilm~ around it and stick it in the fridge for an hour.

NOW LET’S WORK ON THE INNARDS. Peel and cut your apples pie style. Toss them with 2 teaspoons cinnamon, half a cup of sugar, two tablespoons flour, a dash or two of nutmeg, and a pinch of salt. Set aside.


HAVE READY: 2 tbsp butter, 1 cup heavy cream, a shot of bourbon, and a teaspoon of vanilla if you have it.

Sugar will burn if you look at it wrong, so keep your heat medium to medium low and pay attention. Put a cup of sugar and a quarter cup water in a saucepan, and heat it. STIR THIS PUPPY WITH A WOODEN SPOON, JW. Once it gets melty, you can just swirl it instead of mixing it, until it turns a rich amber color, like, you know, caramel. IT’LL GO FROM AMBER TO BURNED IN SECONDS. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

As soon as it’s amber, take it off the heat, and immediately add the butter and heavy cream. Stir with your wood spoon of a minute or two, then add your bourbon and vanilla. Add a few dashes salt (kosher if you have it)

Let the caramel cool to room temp


Heat the oven to 425

Bottom crust.

Drain any of the liquid on the apples and toss half of em in the crust. Put half the caramel on top.put in the rest of the apples. Put in the rest of the caramel.


Brush the crust with an egg so it’ll be golden.

Put it in the oven for 20 minutes, turn the oven down to 350 and cook for 30-40 min more until the apples are tender.

Let it cool for a couple hours.




Things school administrations care about:

1) money
2) test scores
3) you attendance (so they can get more money)
4) you graduating (so they can keep up their percentages to get more money)
5) themselves
6) paying teachers less so they can pay themselves more.

Things school administrations do not care about:

1) your mental health after you’re all ready set to graduate
2) why you miss so much class
3) why you vomit during tests
4) why you cry yourself to sleep at night
5) why you hate doing your homework

The Cuban Missile Crisis

At this time in 1962, the U.S. was in the thick of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Here’s a brief recap of what exactly happened during those thirteen days.

It’s not hard to imagine a world where at any given moment, you and everyone you know could be wiped out without warning at the push of a button. This was the reality for millions of people during the 45-year period after World War II, now known as the Cold War. As the United States and Soviet Union faced off across the globe, each knew that the other had nuclear weapons capable of destroying it. And destruction never loomed closer than during the 13 days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

In 1961, the U.S. unsuccessfully tried to overthrow Cuba’s new communist government. That failed attempt was known as the Bay of Pigs, and it convinced Cuba to seek help from the U.S.S.R. Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev was happy to comply by secretly deploying nuclear missiles to Cuba, not only to protect the island, but to counteract the threat from U.S. missiles in Italy and Turkey. By the time U.S. intelligence discovered the plan, the materials to create the missiles were already in place. 

At an emergency meeting on October 16, 1962, military advisors urged an airstrike on missile sites and invasion of the island. But President John F. Kennedy chose a more careful approach. On October 22, he announced that the the U.S. Navy would intercept all shipments to Cuba, but a naval blockade was considered an act of war. Although the President called it a quarantine that did not block basic necessities, the Soviets didn’t appreciate the distinction.

Thus ensued the most intense six days of the Cold War. As the weapons continued to be armed, the U.S. prepared for a possible invasion. For the first time in history, the U.S. Military set itself to DEFCON 2, the defense readiness one step away from nuclear war. With hundreds of nuclear missiles ready to launch, the metaphorical Doomsday Clock stood at one minute to midnight. 

But diplomacy carried on. In Washington, D.C., Attorney General Robert Kennedy secretly met with Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin. After intense negotiation, they reached the following proposal. The U.S. would remove their missiles from Turkey and Italy and promise to never invade Cuba in exchange for the Soviet withdrawal from Cuba under U.N. inspection. The crisis was now over. 

While criticized at the time by their respective governments for bargaining with the enemy, contemporary historical analysis shows great admiration for Kennedy’s and Khrushchev’s ability to diplomatically solve the crisis. Overall, the Cuban Missile Crisis revealed just how fragile human politics are compared to the terrifying power they can unleash.

For a deeper dive into the circumstances of the Cuban Missile Crisis, be sure to watch The history of the Cuban Missile Crisis - Matthew A. Jordan

Animation by Patrick Smith

2.17 ‘Flash Back’ liveblog

@elrhiarhodan threw out the idea of doing a meta about Flash Back.  I accepted the challenge.

I let it happen again.  I trusted someone I shouldn’t have.  Jay Garrick.  Zoom.

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The Gym Meeting

They had been dating for a solid eight months. Eight months of Jackson’s constant: “Honey, Look at what I did. Tell me it’s good.” Or “Baby, I’m hungry, go buy food for me.”

She wouldn’t trade it for the world though, he was sweet, kind and always concerned about her. He was also awesome at texting. Though all his responses weren’t quick fire at times, he was good at making conversation.

Currently, he was about to do a radio show but he was texting her, while she was in class.

What did you learn today, baby?

Nothing yet, professor isn’t here.

The radio show is live, if I tell you the station do you want to watch me?

A radio and video thing? I can’t watch now, but tell me about it when I see you tonight.

Yea, are you gonna cook for me?

Yes. Are you bringing Mark?

So he can eat all my delicious food? No! Besides, I don’t want him to watch us kissing.

Lol, he will keep you from kissing on me too much

You don’t like my kisses?

…class is starting




She grinned, placing her phone in her purse as she took out her notebook, and began to take notes.

That night not only did he bring Mark, but Youngjae came along as well. She had a collection of video games, that he was excited about.

The four went head to head on Mortal Kombat X, as they ate the fried chicken that she made. She made some American sides as well like mashed potatoes, collard greens and corn. The guys ate heartily, drinking a few beers, laughing and joking around. It wasn’t that late into the evening when she looked up from washing dishes to find Youngjae and Mark asleep on her couch.

Jackson brought her one last glass, setting it in the soapy water as she fished a dish.

“Tired?” He asked her coming to stand behind her, putting his chin on her shoulder.

“No. Although, I’m sure Youngjae and Mark caught the Itis.” She emptied the water from the sink, drying her hands.

“The Itis? What’s that?” He stepped back, leaning against the counter.

“It’s how you fall asleep after a good meal. You caught the Itis.” She grabbed Jackson’s hand leading him back to her room.

Jackson smiled, whispering as they walked past the sleeping duo on the couch. “To your room?”

She put a finger in front of her lips, as they walked into her room she closed the door behind her. “They were sleeping don’t want to disturb them.”

“Or do we?” Jackson asked, he grabbed her waist making them both fall onto her bed.

Nuzzling her neck, he placed a few kisses there holding her body into his. His hands trailed under her shirt, up her stomach. Tip-toeing his fingers to the edge of her bra, Jackson pulled at it, giving a nip to her earlobe.

“Jackson.” She said softly turning around to face him.

She kissed his lips gingerly leaning her forehead on his.

Jackson sighed. “Go on a date with me tomorrow.”
It wasn’t a question, it was a statement, and one that he knew she was say yes to. He squeezed her breast, leaning his body over hers to place a kiss on her lips.

“Sure, where?” She kissed him back, leaning into his touch. She wasn’t so sure, if they were ready to advance to the next stage, but she did know it was everyday battle to resist him. Some days she lost.

“I’ll give you directions. It’s not far. Everything is set up and ready. Remember that box I gave you 2 days ago?” He licked along her jawline.

“Yes.” Her breaths were harder to come by now, and he leaned his head down, lifting her shirt.

“Put on what’s in it. I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow. For now.” He straddled her, hands coming to his pants waist, he reached down opening the button.

“For now what?” She knew what was coming, but she wanted to hear him say it.

“I miss your mouth.” He moved his hands into his boxers, pulling out his length in front of her.

“What does daddy want?” She leaned forward, warm breath on his tip.

Jackson leaned his head back, groaning softly. “Put your-”

A knock at her door made them both jerk to look at it. She sighed, laying back on the bed, as Jackson called out answering. “Yes?”

Youngjae didn’t open the door, but he talked with his mouth close to it. “Jackson, we are going home. JB hyung said to remember the interview in the morning, so don’t stay late.”

“You should go. I’ll see you tomorrow. Our date remember?” Jackson groaned, tucking himself back into his pants, grumbling.

“This was just getting good.” She laughed, sliding from under him, opening her door.

“Sorry Youngjae, I’ll let him go.” Youngjae smiled, shaking his head.

“Sorry. JB made me, I told him, you guys might be busy.” Walking into the living room, Mark was still trying to wake up.

“It’s fine.” She jogged to the kitchen, grabbing a brown bag full of plates she made for them at home, and for Yugyeom, Junior and JB.

“Take these with you. It’s food for later and for the other guys.” She gave the bag to Mark, who thanked her. Youngjae bowed.

“Have a good night guys, and thanks for coming.” She walked them to the door, Jackson turned around giving her a soft kiss on the lips.

“Can we finish tomorrow?” He whispered against her mouth?

Chuckling, she pushed him away. “Go home and sleep Romeo.”

She got his text the next day, he gave her the address to a place she hadn’t heard of but apparently it was to be reached by train, and then by taxi. She looked down at her open back, calf length pink dress that he had bought her. In the warm month of May, the dress was cool, and comfortable. She sighed waiting for the train to come, wondering what this big date was about.

The taxi let her out at a small cafe, she walked carefully up the sidewalk, opening the door. She was greeted by an older Korean woman who bowed at her and seemed to expect her. Exchanging pleasantries the woman led her to, the back of the cafe, opening the door.

“I got a feeling, got a feeling, got a feeling bout you.” Youngjae crooned. The guys were singing softly, serenading her as she made her way into the garden area.

She walked into the small patio space, that was covered with trees, greeted by a wooden gazebo with lanterns hanging around. A small table was set, with 2 chairs and wine glasses set. She gasped, seeing Jackson get up from his chair. He was wearing a pink shirt that matched her dress, opened slightly at the chest.

“This is all for me?” Jackson held out his hand, taking hers and helping her into a chair.

“Yes. The guys are gonna eat here and then leave, but they helped me do everything.” He sat across from her, smiling.

“This is so beautiful, Jackson, I love it.” The air had a heavy scent of romance, and Jackson’s dolce and gabbana cologne. The space was small and intimate and Jackson’s hand found it’s way across the table to grasp her own, rubbing his thumb over her fingers.

They ate Italian dishes, sharing a tira misu for dessert, Jackson had booked a hotel not too far away for them to share the night overlooking the city. As she sat naked in a plush, white robe; she looked down at the city wondering at the beauty of it. 

She was supposed to go home in July. She could stay another year in Korea, go to school another year but her family missed her. In truth, she missed them, she had made some great friends here, but home just seemed so right. Besides,s he’d have to get a job if she wanted to stay and have enough money. Could she find one here? She didn’t want to bring it up to Jackson but, she would have to. Sooner or later, just not tonight. 

Jackson came from the bathroom into the room. He dimmed the lights as he watched her look out over the city. It was beautiful at night, the hustle and bustle of the day gave forth into the thrill of the night. He wore nothing, the lights dim enough, that the white light of the moon shone brightly into the room, and he came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist. Tonight was the night. Tonight, he wouldn’t hold back and he would take her for the first time. She melted into his touch, and he peeled the robe from her skin, brushing her hair from her neck, kissing the exposed skin. His lips were cool on her heated flesh, he felt the goosebumps ripple out from his lips.

“I want you.” He whispered, turning her around, pressing her body so close to his. 

“In front of the window?” Truth be told he didn’t think of that but who could see them now? 

“Good idea.” He answered, backing her up onto the glass. She gasped from the cool sensation, hands splayed on the surface as she looked at him. 

“What are you doing?” Jackson dipped to his knees, lifting one of her legs, placing it over his shoulder. 

“Having more dessert.” He grinned at her, white colored hair disappearing between her thighs. 

The first lap had her blowing her breath out hard, she wished she could grab the glass, instead one hand found his hair while the other held her still. His tongue diving in and out of her, she gasped, pushing her hips closer to his face. He was good at this, and she never lasted long. His lips coming to a kiss on her inner thigh before delving back into the sanctuary that was her womanhood. She tasted divine, his tongue flicking over the pearl he found, testing it gently with his teeth. She said his name softly, hands gripping his head tight, and he knew she was close but he wasn’t going to let her  see nirvana so quickly. His mouth moved from her temple, tracing a path of wet kisses up her stomach, he claimed her mouth, lifting her, so that her legs wrapped around his waist. She felt his hard length pressing against her core, and unconsciously she moved herself against him, though her moans were audible. 

“More?” Jackson asked her as he sat down on the bed, leaning back so that she was on top. 

He watched her nod her head, and settled them, so they were comfortable. Jackson’s hands on her hips, he leaned up, taking a lick to one of her brown nipples. “Move, honey, let me watch you.” 

His hand came to her bud, moving in small circles he watched her mouth form an ‘O’ as she moved her body up and down on his member. She leaned forward, hair framing her face. Jackson pushed the curls out of his way, and touched her face, one hand moving towards her breast where he tweaked the nipple, making her buck harder. She was close. He could feel her body tightening on him, he could feel his need rising as well but this wouldn’t be how it ended. He laid his head back, counting by 2′s in Chinese to quell his release, while she found hers. 

Her breaths came in spasms and it was just when his fingers slid back over her pearl that she came hard. She slammed her body down on his length, feeling him fill her. The thickness of him, touching her walls, filling the space that she had dreams of him filling were now erupting with pleasure. A sheen of sweat covered her body, and as the fog cleared her mind she was keenly aware of him smiling at her. 

“Again.” He gave her no time to think as he flipped them over, his body on top of hers. She wrapped her legs around his waist, watching as he slid his length over her slit, before sliding back in. She gripped his shoulders, baby pink nails scraping the skin. Jackson hissed at the pain, but found pleasure in it. His hips moved like a piston as he moved himself in and out of her. His toes gripped the sheets, she moved her hand to grasp his own.

“Look at me, when you come.” She whispered, her own eyes, open as she felt her peak rising again.

His own brown eyes, staring into hers the two kept their eyes on each other, Jackson never looking away as his member shook and spilled his seed inside of her. He felt something, he felt their souls connect, or maybe the orgasm was just that good, but he kept staring at her right until he laid down next to her. He grabbed her leg and pulled it over his hip.

“I love you.” He said it loud enough so that she would hear him, he knew she did when he face softened, and her eyes watered. 

She turned away, wiping her tears as she spoke. “I love you too.” 

Leaning away, Jackson reached into the nightstand drawer, and pulled out a black velvet box. He turned so she could see, opening the box he pulled out a rose gold ring, with a pink diamond, her favorite color set in it. He didn’t wait for her to say anything, he simply slipped the ring onto her finger speaking. 

“I looked up what this kind of thing was. This is a promise ring. It’s my promise to you, that I’ll love only you, I’ll share my body with only you,  that I want only you. With my career and your school going on now, we can’t get married; but I promise you, I will. You’ll be my wife.” 

Tears flowed from her eyes, and she couldn’t look at him. She just thought about going home, how was she supposed to say anything now. Jackson merely thought, he laid on the romance too thickly and he rubbed her back, pulling her back towards him again. 

“I love you >>>, tell me you love me too, tell me you accept it.” She felt his body respond to hers again, and felt her own need rising. How was this happening like this? 

She wasn’t lying when she spoke. “I do love you, Jackson. I accept it.” She just didn’t know what to do with her life now. It seemed, she belonged to him. 

Chapter Seven