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Broken Ribs, Burned Feet, and a Hell of a Lot More

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,011

Warnings: mentions of torture and sexual assault, language, canon divergence 

Summary: Set to 12x13 Family Feud - the reader proves that Sam underwent more than just “broken ribs and burned feet” during his torture with Toni. 

“…melting Rugaru brains.” Mary finished, tossing a bottle cap onto the table. It clattered loudly in the silence that followed.

“Uh, ‘melting Rugaru brains?’” Sam asked, confusion prominent in his voice. A partially unwrapped burger sat in front of him; he’d abandoned it seconds earlier.

There was an even longer silence this time. The three of you stared actress the war table at Mary, who anxiously shifted her weight and flexed her fingers. Her blonde hair curled around her face as she stared at the brightly lit table.

“There’s no easy way to say it, so I’m just gonna say it. I have sort of… been working with the British Men of Letters.” She declared. There was no shame in her voice, but she refused to look at either you or her sons.

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its-nanna-innit  asked:

Could I get Prompto on a date with his S/O and afterwards things start to get NSFW but his S/O has a flash back due to a not so nice ex that was abusive and has a panic attack? I'm not sure what format this would fall under. I love your writing btw! 💛


Prompto x Reader
Word Count: 1,789

Angst is too easy for me to write, apparently, lol. Trigger warnings for this one shot: mentions of domestic abuse, mentions of non-con/dub-con, cycles of abuse, and infidelity. Thankfully, Prompto makes everything better.

Tagging the always lovely @iinkpools because I feel like you need more Prompto fluff in your life and I love making your decisions even harder, lol.

You were happy.

For the first time in forever, you were happy. Genuinely, truly happy, and it was because of the boy that was holding your hand, looking at you like you were his entire world. Prompto Argentum had saved your life in so many ways—you’d met him when you were at rock bottom, working a dead-end job at a diner, trying to support yourself and also dealing with the aftermath of a bad breakup.

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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge 

I have an idea. I’m running with it. As if it were scissors. [this will not end well] Gonna do a gif thingie for this entire album. Because I feel like it. Might even make it one cohesive thing. If it is one monster thing, it will be a Sam x Reader and Dean x Reader. Because I can’t make up my mind and neither should you. 

Part 1: Brutal

Warnings: Language, angst, and kinda scary?

Listening to Helena (So Long & Goodnight) by My Chemical Romance

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Leonard McCoy x Reader

1,666 words

Beta: @trekken81

Triggers: None, but if you find something that should be tagged let me know

Soulmate AU: You thought you were one of the few people born without a soulmate until Jim’s meddling and the touch of a Doctor prove you wrong.

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Teach Me (Part 6/7)

Summary: Bucky seeks out your help for drawing lessons…even though he already knows how to.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1,960

A/N I gotta say, this one is by far my fave of this series, I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!


You woke up to an empty bed, the only indicator that Bucky had slept here last night was the crinkled sheets on his side. You felt a weight of disappointment sink into your chest that he hadn’t stayed until  the morning. You shook it off and went to brush your teeth and take a quick shower before grabbing your sketchbook and a few pencils before heading down to the kitchen.

When you  neared it you could hear Steve and Bucky talking.

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~ I'm not going anywhere // Jihoon/Woozi fluff ~

Request: “Could you do a lil fluff of Jihoon helping you when you’re having a panic attack?”

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, extensive description of a panic attack - please, please do not read if you may be triggered! 

Pairing: Jihoon/Reader

Word count: 1,099

(a/n): I know the person requesting asked for a ‘lil’ fluff but I accidentally started writing and couldn’t stop…oops? ALSO I just wanted to say I’ve only written regarding a panic attack once or twice before and have never personally experienced one, so I had to do a bit of research into the symptoms and stuff because I really didn’t want to give any false impressions of what they are like or offend anybody or anything like that. Please tell me if there are any problems with this, and I’ll fix them straight away. Sorry to ramble but with such an important issue I didn’t want to misrepresent anything, if that makes sense! I haven’t edited this much, but hopefully it’s all okay. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and here it is~


“Dinner!” The soft echo of Jihoon’s voice sounded out from below, a series of clashes signifying that he was plating up whatever he had been cooking. 

You wanted nothing more to reply, to but it was impossible; you were far too focused on attempting to calm your legs, which were far from cautious as they circled you around the room like a hurricane. As the deep blue of the curtain - which for a few moments now, had been the only focal point of the room, tucked  - blurred into a heap of unidentifiable colour, you were certain of what was coming. In midst of your realisation, you sorely clutched your pounding head and fumbled down to the bed below; the overwhelming nausea had intensified so much that you could barely stand. 

“Hey, I said, dinner’s ready!” He called up for the second time. 

Despite sounding slightly more agitated than before, his announcement was again to no avail. The familiar yet surprising coldness of tears trickling down your cheeks paired with your shaking breaths prevented you from making any noise at all in response, your lips beginning to numb as you pursed them tightly together. 

“If you don’t come down I’ll eat it all!“ He cried again, this time with a playful tone. 

How badly you wanted to run to him, but you simply couldn’t. How could you cry for help when it felt as though there were a fist clenched tightly around your throat, not even allowing the smallest breath to escape? How could you call his name when you knew that the words would tremble so much that he’d never be able to hear them? 

You forced your eyes shut, your chest swelling as you sucked in as much of the in the air around you as you could. With all the hope you had rising from the deepest pits of your stomach, you slowly exhaled, expecting release. It was no use - the panic had consumed you completely, and there was little escaping it now. 

“Are you even listening? You’re the one who asked me to cook!” His voice seemed to be getting closer, followed by the low rumble of footsteps. 

Your heart practically stopped, chills crawling through your veins. He couldn’t see you like this. 

 “I’m not gonna be happy if-“ Jihoon began, carefully grasping the door handle and shoving himself into the room. He almost continued to speak, but as his wide eyes settled on the figure before him, he froze entirely. 

“Are you…okay?” He whispered lifelessly, colour draining from his face more with each word. 

You raised a trembling hand up to your eyes and swept away the droplets that were beginning to form, subconsciously nodding your head in response to his question. Although you knew denying it was pointless, you were in no state to explain to him what was happening to you. 

“You’re not okay.” Jihoon gasped softly.

Without any hesitation, he stumbled toward the bed, gently settling himself beside you. You lifted up one of your hands once again, this time to shield your face - you couldn’t bare to look him in the eyes.

“I’m really sorry…I-I didn’t mean to shout at you,” He stammered nervously, taking your hand into his own, “I can just put some on a plate if you don’t want it now. It’s just been a long day and-“ 

His words were slowly merging together, until all at once you couldn’t hear anything he was saying at all. You were even oblivious to the sound of your own gasping breaths and exasperated sobs, which in reality were far louder than Jihoon’s voice. You soon felt yourself beginning to cradle back and forth, the only thing keeping you from falling off the bed being Jihoon’s hands, which you noticed he had firmly grasped around your shivering shoulders as you rocked. 

“It’s okay, I’m here to help. Everything is going to be alright.” His calm eyes came back into view, the unexpected clarity of his voice suddenly bringing you back to your senses. 

“Try to breathe,” He spoke clearly, “In and out very slowly.” 

You followed his instructions. Feeling the tension drain from your lungs, you stuttered a quick breath inwards, releasing it steadily, like he had told you. 

“That’s it,” Jihoon encouraged, “here, I’ll do it with you.“ 

He maintained eye-contact with you as he intently began to breathe in time, his chest swelling and deflating in equal measure alongside yours, and slowly but surely, your breathing returned to a reasonable pace. However, no matter how you tried, you couldn’t still the immense amounts of worry that continued course around your mind and body.

“I’m scared.” You uttered.

“I know, but I’m not going anywhere,” He assured, “what can I do to help you?" 

"Keep talking, please.” You requested, your voice still wobbling slightly.


And he did. The minutes passed faster than expected as he released spells upon spells of mindless chatter - from a detailed re-telling of the time you both met, to a number of quick-fire anecdotes about your lives ever since. Jihoon quickly found himself rambling for hours, so determined to help you that his eyes didn’t stray from yours until he was sure you had calmed down completely. Perhaps it was his fear that you would descend into panic again that fuelled it, or merely the desperate need to stop your pain, but either way, he kept your hand clutched in his as if it were part of his own body, and kept his gaze on you as if he was never going to look away. With each elaborate story he told, his voice as steady as it was comforting, you felt yourself settle more and more. The waves of fear that once rushed over you like an inescapable storm had melted away into surges of warmth and adoration toward the boy sat beside you. For that, you would be eternally grateful.

"How are you feeling?” His voice was the most soothing sound in the world. 

It was the smooth melody to your favourite song and the gentle pelting of rain against your window as you slept. His hands, which he swept delicately through your hair all the way to its ends, were the warm summer breeze rustling the leaves in the trees up above, and you never wanted the season to end. You never wanted this to end.

"A bit better,” You began, blissfully curling into his shoulder, “but stay with me.”

"I told you, I’m not going anywhere. Do you need to talk about anything?" 

"No. Just stay, please." 

"I will.”


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Spice Things Up

Jay Park x Reader

Word Count: 1,362
Warnings: Sexual Content, Dom!Jay Park
A/N: I got a request for this and your English is fine Anon, hope you enjoy:)

So … If I said … I was dancing with Jay , after he insist you to teach him Latin dance. Jay was always respectful to you but that day his hands was passing for all your body , he tease you pulling your shirt up … And while your body was so close to his … You feel his breath through your check (sorry for my English it isn’t my first language)

The gif isn’t mine. Credit to the owner but hey, everyone loves body rolls.

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The Office Affair // Bucky x Reader // Lunch - 2

Part 1. 


 “Jesus Christ, (name), what’s with you today?” Mr. Stark laughed at your altogether professional mood. You just smiled and laughed back.

“I just want to impress,” you lied. Really you were trying to get Bucky out of your head from yesterday. You had it together right now, but you knew you would be in trouble if you ran into him again. 

“You already did, that’s why I hired you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, we need more peppy around here.” Tony assured you, and you nodded. “Also - coffee please?” 

“Alright. Usual?”


“Okay. Be back soon, Mr. Stark-” you stopped when he glared at you playfully. “Tony. Be back soon, Tony.”

“That’s better.”

You laughed and hurried away. Today you had gone with flats, heels were a lot of trouble when you were running around the place in them all day. You could easily jog up and down the halls on errands for Mr. Stark - Tony - in them. No Bucky, no Bucky, no Bucky… fuck me! Bucky… your thoughts came to a stop when you saw the hunk sitting down at the table in the office kitchen. He looked up when you came in the room.

He was in a suit, and God, he looked handsome. His hair had been cut, it was short again, but he had left the stubble, which was good. You liked it. But what were you thinking? It didn’t matter what you thought about his stubble. You weren’t his girlfriend. “Hey, doll,”

You felt your panties wet after he called you doll. Of course, Bucky called everyone doll, but at the same time. “Hi, Bucky,” you prayed that you weren’t blushing, but you knew you were.

“See something you like?” He teased, winking at you before returning - or pretending - to return to the newspaper that he was obviously not interested in. You could tell he was checking out your ass in the tight pencil skirt you had picked for today. You had gone with a nice gray and yellow color scheme, and you knew this was one of your new favorite outfits. 

(This is what you’re currently wearing, minus the sunglasses of course, since you’re inside, and turn the yellow heels into yellow flats, but other than that, you’re looking fabulous darling! :D)

“Buck - are you staring at me?” You finally mustered up the courage to ask.

“Maybe,” he admitted.

You blushed as you kept making Tony’s coffee. The Winter Soldier had just practically told you that he liked how your ass looked. Suddenly, arms slid around your waist and he came up from behind you.

“Uh… uh…” You wanted to fuck him right now, but of course you weren’t going to say that. So you just pretended to be uncomfortable in his embrace, although you felt so right.

“I was thinking, maybe during your lunch break today, you and I could go get lunch? How would that sound?”

“Uh - sure.”

“Awesome,” he pulled away and went back to sit down as if nothing had even happened.

That man.

Lunch break came, and you met up with Bucky in front of the office building. “Hi,” you said, blushing. “Uh - so - where are we going for lunch?”

“I don’t really know the area that much yet, I figured we’d kind of just walk around and see if we found something we liked. Honestly - I wasn’t expecting you to say yes,” he admitted, scratching the back of his neck in that awkward/adorable way. “I haven’t gotten a girl since the 40′s.”

“Well, I’m honored,” you teased, elbowing him lightly. He ruffled your hair and laughed. His laugh was the most beautiful sound in the world. You took his arm and began to walk around. 

You ended up settling down for lunch at a Panera Bread, where Buck fell in love with the idea and taste of soup in a sourdough bread bowl. You laughed at his amazed reaction. He had told you to order for him, since he had never been there before, so that’s what you had gotten him, and he loved it. “It’s bread - but a bowl - and soup!” He was freaking out with excitement. He took a bite and he closed his eyes and sighed. You fought to keep in a giggle. “I would date this soup.” He told you.

You almost let a look of disappointment cross your face. “But then again, I’d rather date you,” he winked at you and your face went red. 

After lunch, you had gotten a text from Mr. Stark, saying: Something unexpected came up, going to be gone till tomorrow. You can have the rest of the day off. Have fun! And don’t overwork yourself, or I swear.

Damn, for an egomaniac, the guy was hella nice. 

“Uh… apparently I have the rest of the day off,” you said to Bucky, who was walking next to you. He put his arm on your shoulder and pulled you closer, smiling.

“That’s great, doll! And… well… I don’t really have a job, but consider me on a day off, too,” he joked.

You laughed. “Why don’t we go to the park?” You suggested. Central Park wasn’t that far from where you were now, and it was a beautiful day, so Bucky agreed, and soon you reached the park. 

“Wanna hot-dog?” He asked you as you came up to one of the hot-dog vendors. 

“Bucky, the hell? We just had lunch,” you laughed at his confused expression.

“There is always room for a hot dog,” he said in a surprisingly serious tone. So he got his hot-dog and you sat down on a bench, across from some men your age. They were checking you out and one even went as far as to whistle. However, you just ignored him and looked up at Buck, who looked pretty fucking mad.

He was giving the boys a glare that could cut right through a person. “Uh… Bucky, something wrong?”

“Those boys keep eyeing you.” He stated.

“I know,”

He looked at you, surprised. “And you’re not bothered about it?” 

“Uh… no, not really. I mean, I don’t like the way they’re staring at my breasts, but if I ignore them, they’ll go away, right?”

He scowled, then sighed and let his face soften when he looked at you. “Doll, that isn’t okay. I’m the only one who gets to look at you like that, alright?” 

You looked at him, shocked. He winked at you playfully and then got up to walk over to the boys, who’s expressions got a bit scared when they saw him coming. They stayed there, however. You watched, making sure Bucky wasn’t about to snap their necks and throw them into the depths of hell, because he looked like he was.

He had been wearing a long sleeved tux and white gloves the entire time, and you watched as he pulled the one on the left arm off. You burst out into laughter as one of the boys screamed like a fucking girl and ran off, tripping over himself as he did so. The other guys ran off, leaving him behind.

You saw Bucky sigh contentedly before sliding on his glove again and coming over to you, smiling. 

“B - Bucky, what the f - fuck did you tell them?!” You asked, shaking with laughter. 

“I told them that I could kill a man with my bare hands, and they said they didn’t believe me, so I showed them my metal hand. I think that’s when they realized who I was and… voila!” 

You didn’t say anything as you grabbed his hand and started walking out of the park. “What the hell are you doing?”

You stopped and turned to him. You motioned for him to lean down so you could whisper in his ear. “We’re going to my apartment. I want to thank you for doing that,” you said.

He got the message, and you both hurried to your apartment, eager to start.

Truth comes first ~P.2

Originally posted by riverdalesource

► Summary:

Everything in Riverdale seems to be a big mess no one can descipher not just because of Jason Blossom’s mysterious murder, but other questions start to fill the air of the small town.

► Pair: Jughead Jones x Reader

►  Word Count: 1,864

► Warnings: none

► A/N: Thank you all for the welcome you did give to this series! I’m so happy to see that you like it. I have to say that maybe these first parts don’t seem that interesting but… Believe me when I say I’m just preparing everything for the surprises and the plot twist that’ll come ;) 

Tags are open!

► Tags:  @matchesarelit, @armafoxx


Half an hour later you were on your way back home.

Everything between you and Jughead had been settled; how you were going to work as a team, what each one of you were contributing with and of course the promise of being the most discreet you could.

A pair of familiar voices filled the air making your walking stop. You were standing in the sidewalk in front of Betty’s house. At the same door of the house you could see two persons; none other than Archie and Betty themselves, and they didn’t look happy.

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- Double Amputee!Reader
- Playing out in the rain!
- Purrrrrring readerrrr
- You get hurt while training
- Shiro proposesss
- Pregnant!Reader
- (Submission!! Not my writing!!) Shiro helps reader with her menstrual pains!

- [Hurt Meme] “You’re either with me or against me.”
- [Hurt Meme] “Just tell me something.. Was it worth it?”
- NSFW: Fluffy first time <3
- NSFW: Keith makes female reader feel good! (part 1) ;)
- NSFW: Keith realizes reader needs to be taught a lesson.. (part 2)
- NSFW: Keith teaches reader a lesson. (part 3, coming soon!)
- Slight-NSFW: Jealous Keith needs to show reader who she belongs to.

- [Hurt Meme] “My mind is a dark place. You don’t want to be there.”
- [Hurt Meme] “Just breathe… you’re okay I promise, just breathe.”
- NSFW: Lance filth with all the clothes.
- NSFW: He walks in on you in the shower ;)
- Purrrrring readerrrr

- Fluffy Pidge!

ALTL Part 47

gif is not mine

Title: ALTL Part 47

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,093

Warnings: angst I guess?

A/N: Let’s end Sweet Treat Saturday with a bang shall we? ;) I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

Ever since your argument with Sam and Dean, things had settled down.  You were back into the groove of hunting.  You respected Sam and Dean’s wishes, only going on hunts that were absolutely necessary.  It gave you time to work on harnessing your abilities.  You had to learn one way or another.

“Now focus on your fist [Y/N],” Lucifer coached.  “Make sure you hit the concrete cinder block Gabriel is holding, and not Gabriel.  Although, that would be hilarious.”  Lucifer held his arms out to the side as he caught Gabriel’s glare.  “I’m just saying, it would be.”

“I’m not going to hit Gabriel for funzies Lucifer,” you muttered.  “If I hit him, it would be for a reason.”  You grinned, getting a glare from Gabriel.  “I’m kidding, just hold it steady.”  You took a deep breath, focusing on the task at hand.  When you struck the cinder block with your fist, the concrete block turned to dust.

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This is honestly one of my shortest fics, and it’s probably one of the fastest I’ve ever written. Hope you guys like it, and i hope it all formatted the right way since i posted it on mobile! This is honestly one of my shortest fics, and it’s probably one of the fastest I’ve ever written. Hope you guys like it, and i hope it all formatted the right way since i posted it on mobile!

Requests open!!

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word count: 1,722


“You’re kidding, right?”


“You don’t honestly expect me to go through with this, do you?”

“Of course I do, that’s why I asked you! If I wanted someone to bail on me I would have asked one of John’s girlfriends.”

You could feel him roll his eyes from the kitchen.

“Sherlock, this is suicide!” You insisted.

“Well it wouldn’t be if you listened to anything I just said about the inhalation and concentration of noxious gasses!”

“I have no idea how to control my lung intake-” you said, throwing charts in his face. “-or my ‘net gas exchange rate.’” You furrowed your brow. “And I sure as hell can’t control the concentration of gas entering my bloodstream!” You read off the journal he typed out for you and threw it at him. “I’d rather spend my Saturday alive, at the pub, thank you very much!”

He collected the papers and tossed them on the table.

“Of course you would. You’re boring, like everyone else!” He threw his hands on his hips and walked away.

“That wasn’t what you were saying last night,” you snickered, taking a seat on the couch.

He turned red and rolled his eyes. “Then find me a different case!” He yelled, changing the subject.

“I’m not your secretary! Find your own damn case! Have John find you a case!”

“Why is this so difficult for you?”

“Why is it so difficult for you?” You countered. “Everything we find is ‘too boring’ for the great Sherlock Holmes, so why don’t you find one yourself?!” You started to get annoyed.

“Because any sort of bias from the media will screw up the entire case. I need it raw, from simple minds like you and John.”

“Enough!” You yelled. “I mean it. We do all this work for you, John and I, and you never give us any recognition for it! Maybe if you did anything besides congratulating yourself on your own clever deductions, you would know how hard we work! We’re not dull animals for you to push around.”

“Those stupid little feelings of yours. That’s what got you tangled up with us in the first place, wasn’t it? And we see how well that worked out for everyone,” he said. “You think we need you here to help solve cases but we did it without you before. Right now, with all those pesky emotions running around in your head, you’re the broken link, the crack in the lens. We don’t need your help, we need to fix you,” he snarled.

“You have this obsession with “fixing” people, but you can’t fix me! I’m not broken!” You yelled. “This is me, don’t you understand? Every horrible, awful, emotional part. That is me and I can’t. Be. Fixed!” You spat, your face inches from his. “You, of all people, Sherlock Holmes, don’t get to call me broken.” You weren’t aware of the tears racing down your hot cheeks until after everything went silent.

He opened his mouth the speak again, but you stopped him.

I don’t want to hear it,” you hissed, extending your hand to keep him away.

You threw your purse over your shoulder and left, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t even put on your coat as you disappeared into the blinding whiteness of the snow covered night.

You flagged down a cab and got in, your voice breaking as you told the driver your address.

You rode to Sherlock’s flat nearly every single day. You knew every possible route to and from, and the amount of time it took using each. This trip took much longer. You checked the map on your phone, and noticed that you were nowhere near your flat. Anxiety rose up within you. You opened up your messages and clicked on Sherlock’s name, then changed your mind.

“Send help. Armed. GPS on. Don’t respond.” You sent the text to John instead, not yet ready for help from Sherlock.

You planted your phone under the seat for John to track. A second later, the man pulled off the road into a vacant parking lot. He turned to you, pulling his gun out and aiming it at you.

“Make one wrong move, and I’ll put a bullet in your brain.”

You gave a slight nod and waited for further instruction. He opened the door for you and pulled you out, pushing you in front of him and leading you into an abandoned building. Two armed guards stood in front of the doorway. The driver led you down a long hallway, taking a sudden sharp turn into a dim room. He flicked the lights on and threw you into the middle of the room, aiming the gun at your chest. You threw your hands up in surrender, your heart rate accelerating.

“What do you know about Sherlock Holmes?” He pressed.


“Don’t act dumb,” He cocked the weapon and thrust it towards you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I know he’s a detective, that’s it! I asked him for help on a-”

He didn’t buy it. “We’ve been studying him for months. Almost every day we’ve seen you enter the office and home address of Sherlock Holmes, 221B Baker Street. Explain yourself.”

In a panic, you smacked his wrists at all the wrong angles, snapping them and sending the gun tumbling from his grip. He was clearly surprised, and hesitated before making his next move. This split second of pause was what separated the boys from the women. His surprise met your fear and adrenaline: a battle he wouldn’t win. You jabbed at his face with your fists and fingertips. Blinded, he couldn’t guard from your next attack, which was a swift kick to the groin. It took him down, and you jumped on top of him, raining down a flurry of punches on his face. When he drew a pocketknife, you tumbled off, reaching for the gun that tumbled away moments before. Without thinking, you picked it up, firing two shots into his chest. As suddenly as it had started, it was over. The unknown driver lay cold and battered on the hard concrete floor. On unsteady legs, you stood, trembling. You held the gun in your shaking hand, breathing heavily. Blood speckled your outfit and covered your knuckles and fingers. Suddenly, two sets of heavy footfalls echoed through the long hallway. You aimed the gun at the doorway, uncertain if you’d even hit your mark if it advanced toward you.

Sherlock and John ran into the room, panting. They looked at you, then the body, then back at you.

Tears filled your eyes as you shook your head in disbelief. You slowly lowered the gun. Sherlock walked up to you cautiously, taking it from your hands and passing it back John.

Realization set in. “I don’t know, I didn’t mean for this, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen you have to believe me,” your voice faded into sobs. “You… have to, you have to, please.”

He pulled you in tightly, as if to block out everything that just happened. “Shh, it’s okay now, it’s all okay now.” He gently rocked you back and forth, resting his chin on your head.

“You were right,” You sniveled. “I am broken. I’m a mess. You were right. I just murdered someone.” You pulled away from him, crossing your arms and glancing back down at the driver. You put your hand over your mouth to keep yourself from crying.

Sherlock grabbed you by the shoulders and turned you to face him. You couldn’t match his gaze.

“You are not broken. What I said before, I was angry at myself. I was angry for no good reason and I took it out on you. I couldn’t admit to myself that I didn’t know what to do. I was wrong. About you, about everything. I put your life in danger because I was a moron. And I can’t go back and change it but believe me I will never make that mistake again.”

You looked up at him. “I just want this all to be over.” You wrapped your arms around him and put your head on his chest. He did the same, letting out a sigh of relief.

You were interrupted by the sound of hammering footsteps approaching the room. You shot him a scared glance, and he nudged you behind him, taking your hand. He stood tall, bracing himself, his heart pounding.

To your relief, it was Lestrade, followed by Sally and a small team of officers. John called it in and stepped out to give the two of you time alone.

Sherlock dropped his guard, stepping aside to reveal your bloodied hands.

Lestrade gave a small nod, and Sally wrapped a shock blanket over your shoulders as she ushered you out of the building. You glanced back at Sherlock as you went, who stood next to Greg and explained the events of the night.

The rest of the night was a blur. You hadn’t eaten anything, and it took a fair amount of coaxing from Sherlock to put yourself into the shower to wash the blood from your skin.

When you got in, he collected your stained clothes to wash them. Mrs. Hudson intervened, insisting that she would take care of them as he had enough to worry about. He thanked her, and used his time instead to find you something comfortable to sleep in. He found an old pair of sweatpants and a faded band shirt, laying them outside the bathroom door.

After a while, you emerged, wet hair still wrapped in a towel. You walked into the bedroom, where Sherlock sat Skyping Lestrade. As soon as you walked in, he shut laptop and put it aside, sitting up.

“Do you want anything to eat? Do you need me to get anything for you?”

You simply shook your head and crawled under the covers, pulling the towel off your head and tossing it on the floor. He turned the bedside light off and laid back, cautiously placing his arm around you. You turned into him, burying your head close to his chest.

For the first time the entire night, you felt okay. You were okay with being broken, as long as you had him to help you put the pieces back together.

Fire Alarm

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Masterlist | Based off the first prompt from this

Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1,320

Warnings: Swearing, fluff (I tried my best?)

A/N: So because of school work right now, I haven’t really had the time to update ‘Flashes’. I’m really sorry!!! So instead, I decided to write this drabble that came requested from @chrystalcaper. Hope this is something like what you requested, love! Anyways, enjoy the one-shot!

Generally, like most people, you enjoyed sleeping.

And considering it was the weekend, damn right you deserved that sleep. You’d had a tough week at work, and now, sleep was the only thing on your mind. Not to mention that the summer warmth enveloped you in a cocoon of fatigue.

So one might say you were pretty damn pissed when at exactly 3.02 AM, the residential fire alarm echoed through your apartment, the hallways and other people’s rooms.

You almost fell out of your bed at the sudden burst of noise, your heart leaping in your chest and your eyes widening in a sudden rush of adrenaline. A small gasp escaped your lips as you tried to blink out your surroundings and calm your stuttering heartbeat.

What the fuck just woke you?

But as you adjusted into the real world (although rather shakily), you realised that the blaring noise went on. And on. And on. And—

Okay, maybe you’ve been woken by the fire alarm. Although, right now, you were so tired that you were seriously considering just ignoring the alarm and burning alive. Hey, at least you’d die sleeping, right?

… Then again, smoke inhalation (if there actually was a fire) wasn’t really a fun way to die, so…

Sighing, you timidly pulled the blanket off your form, slightly shivering at the cold air that initially hit your bare arms and legs. But then, the cold air turned into the warm summer air again, and you felt your nerves warm up. Then, you realised that if you kept stalling around like this, damn right you would get nowhere. So to pick up the pace a little (although reluctantly), you swung your legs out the bed and got to your feet, slipping on a pair of flip-flops for outside.

… Didn’t they tell you not to run in flip-flops?

“Fuck it,” you muttered grumpily, kicking the footwear off and going barefoot instead. You really didn’t have time for this contemplation of safety rules right now.

You walked out of your apartment and saw that other people, just like you, were evacuating (although some looked far more pissed off than you were). So, um, maybe you weren’t the only one who was hella groggy and now had a headache.

It did not, indeed, help that the alarm was still blaring and partially feeling like an echo on your ears.

Sighing, you kept walking, taking the emergency stairs like everyone else on your floor. That’s how you ended up squashed between a family of five and three douchebags who were yelling (Great, just add to the fucking noise) all the way to the ground floor. As soon as the exit was half a meter near your form, you (politely) shoved through, narrowly avoiding stepping on a five-year-old. Okay,  maybe you felt bad for that one, but hey — you could’ve actually stepped on the child, so in some way, it was a win.


… Right, your sleep-deprived brain was definitely rambling and making up bullshit on the spot now.

Walking out of the apartment building, you felt yourself shiver slightly at the colder air that hit you. Okay, maybe you should’ve taken some time pulling a sweater on or something. Your baggy shirt and shorts weren’t really doing anything to keep you warm.

Trying to find a free spot in the huge-ass crowd, you were relieved to find a spot somewhere near the back where people wouldn’t necessarily see your rather dandy outfit. So that was exactly how you ended up standing somewhere a good 80 feet away from the actual meeting spot. Yes, that was how big the crowd was. There were a lot of people in your complex.

Suddenly, you heard something — through the masses of people — that you didn’t even expect.

You heard a chuckle.

Well, first off, the chuckle sounded like heaven had come down just to bless your ears with that sound. It was absolutely beautiful, was deep enough to belong to a man, and—

Wait, what was heavenly-laugh-man laughing at?

Slowly turning around, you spotted a — holy fuck he’s built like a brick house — rather very handsome man in your sights, with a blond head of hair, striking blue eyes and a jawline chiselled by the gods. And damn — he was wearing nothing except for boxers.

Focus, (Y/N), you scolded yourself internally, trying not to let your eyes wander. Your mouth felt slightly dry, but then you managed to weakly ask, “What seems to be so funny?”

He seemed to focus on you then, and smiled a bit. “Well, it looks like you could fit two of yourselves in that shirt, ma’am.”

“Ma’am?” You asked, confused at the term he had used. “Why would you call me—”

And then, you mind finally seemed to connect the dots, figure out what one plus one was, let it click, something like that.

Because apparently, no one had bothered telling you that Captain America lived in your complex.

Holy fuck,” you breathed, so silently and under your breath that almost you yourself didn’t hear it. Well, that explained the unnaturally god-like looks and those pecs— “You’re—”

“Steve Rogers,” he finished off with a small yet warm smile, holding his hand out for you to shake. You nervously took it and smiled as the two of you shook hands. “I live in apartment 385.”

“385? That’s right next to my apartment!” You half-exclaimed, excited about the fact that Captain fucking America lived right next door to you. Well, now you were happy that one of your friends had convinced you to move to New York.

“Oh, that’s great then,” Steve smiled, a happy glint in his eyes. Then, said blue eyes trailed down to your shirt and he commented, “Seriously, are you even sure this is your shirt? It looks like even I could fit in there.”

You both laughed a bit at his silly comment, a warm air about. Then, he added, “Seriously, you’re just so tiny and cute—

Suddenly, he froze. You felt your eyes widen a bit at the fact that Captain America just called you cute— But then, you could see that his cheeks were flushed and he was avoiding looking at you.

Did Captain America just become shy?

Well, if that wasn’t the most adorable view ever, you mused to yourself, grinning at him. Then, you half-cooed, “Is Captain America blushing?”

He chuckled, the flush in his cheeks still visible. Then, he smiled down at you and said, “Well, this definitely isn’t going the way I want a first meeting to go.”

“Then how about we do a rematch?” You asked, mischief lacing your voice as you smiled up at him. He himself was clearly enjoying this moment, too.

“Sounds great,” Steve remarked carefully. You noticed only now that the two of you were mere inches away. You would kiss him (if you eventually mustered up the courage), but not now. So then, you went on your tip-toes and gave him a soft, chaste peck on the cheek. And even that soft peck made butterflies run wild in your stomach and your heart do a giddy dance.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at 7, my place,” you whispered, knowing he heard you. Then, you turned around to the people already filing back into the building — it had just been a practice session.

Well, if the practice session scored you a date with an incredibly handsome man, then you’ll let it slide that it was at 3AM.

Walking away from him, you heard him call, “By the way, I hope I’ll be an adorable view tomorrow!”

You felt your cheeks heat up like sparklers, but then you playfully scoffed and called over your shoulder, “We’ll see.”

And with that, you walked back into the building, definitely looking forward to what would be happening on Sunday at 7PM.

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Deja Vu | Jughead x Reader| Part 1|

Prompt: What to do when you have the best boy in the world, sarcastic, funny and caring, but then Riverdale’s bad boy takes an interest in you?

Theme: Angst

Fandom: Riverdale

Ship: Jug x reader, Jason x reader

A/N: In this series, I will try to write flash backs from moments y/n had with Jason and the future she will have with Jug. Also, Y/N and Veronica are platonic for now but that will change. Y/N is not Betty Cooper but I had something else in mind for Betty so she will be in the story later. This is pretty much my own spin on the tv show Riverdale. Hope you guys like!

If there was anything that I had learned in my relationship with Jug was that when he was mad at me it was better to shut my mouth and to just bring him two burgers with a ‘sorry’ card on one of them instead of saying it. Usually, I wasn’t the one messing up so having a big fight all because of me was…different. Jughead and I had been the power couple of Riverdale for years, starting when we were just little kids with big dreams.

But Jughead wasn’t the only boy I had dreams with. Jason Blossom, notoriously known for his good looks and popularity, had started to develop an interest in me when me and Jug first announced that we were dating. Jason wormed his way into my heart fast but I didn’t love him the way I loved Jug. He was more of a distraction. 

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You’ll Always Be Beautiful

The finale is here! Dean plans a whole night out for the reader and everything goes great which turns out to be a miracle in the works

Dean and Reader

Part 1 Part 2

              After that night, Dean and I were closer than ever. He kept an eye on me to make sure I wasn’t going back to old ways. Sam had volunteered to help me get healthy in a better way. I got back to my original weight but I was more fit and toned. After a tough morning, I walked into our shared bedroom and found a note with a dress bag and a shoe box.

           I looked over to see a dozen red roses with a note. I smelled the roses and opened the note.

My Love,

           I will show up at your door seven sharp! Be dressed and ready for an evening of romance and sweet talking. I love you so much and I can’t wait for the evening to begin!


           I was really giddy at the prospect of having a date night with the man I loved. It was two in the afternoon already so I decided to pamper myself today with a bubble bath and got myself ready for tonight. I put on my lingerie and looked in the bag to see a beautiful black sequined dress and the heels were black t-strap.

           I noticed I was running short on time so I quickly got dressed, I grabbed my leather jacket when I heard the knock. I was practically vibrating with excitement knowing who was waiting for me. I opened the door to see him in a pair of navy blue jeans and a black button up with the sleeves rolled.

           “Damn baby you look amazing!” I giggled and automatically my face blushed a deep shade of red. “You don’t look so bad yourself” He wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked out. He opened the passenger door for me to get in, he shut it quickly and walked over to the driver’s side.

           I tried to get a hint out of him but he just shook his head and continued to keep his secret. Before I knew we pulled up to a five-star hotel, I was absolutely floored to see he had pulled out all the stops.

           Before I knew it, he had opened the door and helped me out, and wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked into the resort. “Dean this is amazing!” “Only the best for my girl” I could smell the steakhouse as we got closer and my stomach rumbled.

           Dean had given the hostess his name, she led us through the restaurant to a lone table in front of a fireplace. After giving our orders, Dean ordered a couple beers for us and we sat having an easy conversation telling stories of better times.

           After we had finished the amazing meal, we took the elevator up to the top floor heading towards our room. He unlocked the door and led me into the room. The lights were off and there were candles burning all over the room, the next thing I saw were rose petals on the bed with Champaign and strawberries.

           “Dean this is so beautiful” I could feel the tears building in my eyes, I then felt his arms wrap around me, holding me to him. “You deserve it baby” He started kissing my neck and nuzzling into my hair. I moaned at the feel of his lips on my skin. We wanted to wait until I was back into fighting shape, and now was the best time. He walked us over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling me to straddle his lap.

           I could feel his erection through his pants, I started grinding and felt a growl in his chest before I heard it. I felt his hands go up my back and unzip my dress slowly, then pulling it off you to see you in a bralette and lace panty set. I was about to get my heels off when he quietly asked for me to keep them on.    

           We undressed quickly, loving the feel of his skin on mine. We never slept the whole night, it was just perfection. By the time we did fall asleep, we only got a couple hours before we had to check out. He already had some comfy clothes for me in the duffle bag ready to go.

           “This was an amazing night Dean” “You deserve it baby” “As much we were together I wouldn’t be surprised if I get pregnant from last night” He got a genuine smile on his face and kissed me sweetly. “Would that be so bad?” “Why Dean Winchester are you saying you want a family with me?” He reached over and squeezed my hand and that smile with a wink.

           He pulled me closer as we drove home, ready to love each other with everything we have. “You know sweetheart I’m a pretty good shot, so I wouldn’t be surprised that you were pregnant” “Oh good lord” I giggled and shook my head.

Time Skip        

           Over the last few weeks the boys were busier than ever, I stayed back, just for the simple reason that I was way better at research than both boys combined. Dean and I hadn’t seen much of each other since that night and I had some nausea but nothing like morning sickness. It was past midnight so I decided to head for bed, I was exhausted and needed some sleep.

           I missed Dean terribly, but I also knew that these extreme cases needed the Winchesters. I fell asleep quickly and hoping I would see my love soon.

           As I started to wake up I felt a warm body pressed against my back. I slowly turned to see Dean asleep. I rotated slowly hoping to not wake him up, as soon I was fully turned I saw the most amazing sight. He had stripped down to his birthday suit. I decided to wake him up in a good way.

           He was already hard, so it didn’t take me long to wrap my lips around his head and started sucking. I felt him twitch as I took him deeper enjoying his taste, he started breathing heavily and I heard him swear and release into my mouth.

           He pulled me up to him and started kissing me passionately. “Can I get woken up like that more?” “Of course! A girl needs a good breakfast, right?” He kissed me roughly and pulled me on top of him. Let’s just say we didn’t get out of bed until two in the afternoon.

           We both got a shower and decided to get some lunch, when suddenly I felt very sick to my stomach. I made it just in time to purge the contents of my stomach, which wasn’t much. I leaned my head against the porcelain bowl trying to catch my breath.

           I heard Dean come in and sat next to me pulling me to him and handing me a bottle of water. “I think it’s time to see” He was completely right, so I reached under the sink to grab the multiple pregnancy tests I had bought. I did my business and set the timer on my phone. “I knew I was awesome but man those are fast swimmers.”

           I couldn’t help but smile at him and his dorkiness, that’s what I loved about him. The timer went off, we both stood and walked over to see pink plus signs. “Does that mean…?” “Yes, Dean I’m pregnant”. I looked over to see Dean with a look I had never seen on him before.  He was content, he was beyond ecstatic about expanding our family.

           He dropped to his knees and kissed my stomach, and putting his forehead there. “Dean?” He quickly stood and held me to him, I could feel the tears on my neck, and just held him to me. He kissed me sweetly and dragged me out of the bathroom to the library. “Sammy!”

            He looked up and noticed us standing there, “Hey! What’s going on?” I spoke up before Dean and just simply said “Hi Uncle Moose” It took him a minute to get it into his head and then he shot up and ran over hugging us both. “Really? Oh, my god guys congratulations” We started making arrangements and putting things together.

           I was about eight months when the boys got an urgent call from Garth about a case he was on. “I’m not staying here Dean and that’s final!” “Y/n think clearly will you? You can’t go with us, you’re a couple weeks from having the baby, you need to be safe” I threw my hands up in the air and just waddled out, I could feel the tears building up and I was not putting up with that jackass anymore.

           I went into the garage and saw my pickup and decided to go to the bakery in town to cool off. I knew the owner only because I was there all the time and had cravings for her treats. I sat down and she automatically knew my order. She sat across from me and I told her the situation, she knew about the hunting world because she was raised in the life and was even a friend of Bobby’s.

           “I’m just exhausted and I just don’t want to argue with him anymore. I absolutely do not want him to miss the birth of his first kid. So, why am I the bad guy?” “Put yourself in his shoes, how much has he lost? He just wants you safe” I nodded quickly feeling the tears run down my cheek. The bell on the door rang and I knew it had to be either Sam or Dean. “Y/n, honey, come on” I heard that gruff voice and just shook my head.

           As he sat down by me I felt a pain in my back, wondering if I could have pulled something or maybe they are Braxton hicks. I stood up to walk around and realized my water had broken. “Dean we gotta go now!” “Okay come on honey” He helped me out of the door and I saw Sam sitting in the back seat.

           Dean, of course drove like a mad man to get to the hospital, once we arrived I was quickly ushered back and before I knew it I was pushing. I gave every ounce of energy pushing this little on into the world.

           When I heard the crying, I looked to see the doctor place our daughter on my chest. “Oh my goodness! Hello baby girl” I looked at Dean to just look at us with awe and wonder. He kissed my forehead and just stared at our precious little girl. She was taken to get cleaned up, and he just kept kissing my hand and my forehead. They brought her back to us all wrapped up in a pink blanket and cap.

           Dean had gotten in next to me, holding her against his chest. I snuggled against him and just watched in awe of this miracle. “Welcome to the world Charlotte Grace Winchester”

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The Silent One - Part Twenty - Seven

You can  find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: You and Negan have a chat

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,094
Warnings: Curses, suggested smut
Category: angst


“Please.” Negan said imploringly, his intense gaze set on you. “We have to talk.” Negan continued in a serious voice. Probably the most serious tone that you’d heard him use. It was unnerving.

“Fine.” You said after a minute. “Then talk.” You continued, crossing your arms over the silken, plum coloured duvet and watching Negan.

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Imagine #3 - Bjorn x Reader Part Two

PART 1 :  !!!!! 

« I dont know » you mumble.
« I’ll give you time » he said.

Bjorn words was the only thing you were thinking of. The attraction grow harder, Bjorn wasn’t hidding his feelings for you, but you still feel like you didn’t have the right to be his wife because you’re just a slave, no matter what was your position before. And you are not free.
Still going with his lesson, it was you this time who cut the work: « I want to be your equal » He lean against his chair, touching his lips with his fingers, reflecting. « What do you mean by that? »
« I’m just a servant here and I want to prove I’m more,
I want to prove you deserved someone like me »
Interested, he cross his arms « What do you suggest ?»
« You, me, in a fight »
« What? No » Bjorn wave his head « No »
« Yes, and no restriction, you’ll do it like I’m one of yours » 
« What If I kill you » he asked trying to scared you. 
You didn’t cave, still challenging him with your eyes.
« I’ll leave you a month to prepare yourself » you rolled your eyes « AND IT’S NOT NEGOCIABLE »

The axe was always your favorite weapon, it was shorter than a sword, nice curve. You liked it.
But whiteout no one to help you ,this was a lost cause. It was the night, Ragnar was eating. You silently found your way to him.
« My king » you bowed in front of him, a little smile on his face. « What can I do? “ 
« I asked your son in a battle »the surprise on Ragnar’s face was priceless.
« Really…» « Yes, and I won’t be able to win if I have no one to help me »
« Do you ask me, to help you, win a battle, against my son? » he laughed
« Yes » you said, thinking about how stupid this request was.
“ How do you want to fight?” he asked, and you told him about the axe.
« This will be with pleasure love, but Floki is much better than me with an axe » he winked at you. 

The next day, you went see this Floki man, he giggles when you told him the reason of your presence.
« You’re a strange little one » he said, turning his axe in his hand.
You never had so little sleep in all your life, or more bruises on your legs. Your arms was always sore, but it felt good, it felt right.
« Do you think I have a chance? » you asked Floki. He giggles again «Bjorn Ironside has fight more fierce warriors » you sight. « but never one he loved»  You didn’t say anything, a little bit worried about how this fight will end.

The day has come, you lay a little bit in your bed, your stomach tight; you took a deep breath, in a few hours your faith will be made. You grab your shield and your axe. It was a little bit foggy outside, it was early, the air was still fresh.
When you saw Bjorn, you could almost feel your body break down, you were scared, no need to denied it.
« It’s always time to go back » he said when he saw you coming. You grab your axe harder.  « Are you sure? » he ask again, « you’re livid »
« I’m alright, i’m fine » you try to say with your mouth dry.

He grab his sword, and you could imagine it in your all body. It was time to focus on your move, nothing else.
Bjorn face completely chance, he split in the grass. You two stare a little bit to each other, waiting for someone to attack first.
He start the first move. You could feel his muscle wasn’t here for nothing, and each time his sword hit your shield, you felt your body tremble. You didn’t try any moves in the first minute. You finally caught a good rhythm, and give him his moves back.
« Don’t restrain your moves » you yelled.
« I DON’T WANT TO KILL you » he yelled back.
While you blocked his attack, he kick you with his shield and you fall on the back, a little scream of pain in your mouth. You have the reflex to turn before his sword cut the grass where your head was before. You knock him in the knees, he falter a bit, and with your axe hit him on the rib, red fluid was seing through, and you watch it with a sad but exalting feeling.
You didn’t know if this give Bjorn more anger, but your shoulder was in a second bleeding, it feels like a million of knives was cutting your shoulder.
It was even more difficult to move, you shield not made with the best quality, was almost breaking.
With agility, he cut your forearm, and you drop your shield. Your survival instinct, help you block his next move with your axe, but it was near the end. One month of training for that.
You suddenly feel a terrible pain, Bjorn punched you in the chest, and you almost chocke. Blood was now in your mouth.
« Equality » he said and throw his shield away. You try to think about what Floki taught you, putting pressure on his sword he used to defend himself you knock him hard in the knees again, with your weight on him, you two fall on the back, you climb on him and knock him on the face, but he took control back, and was in an instant on top of you. 
He put his sword under your throat and you didn’t move a muscle, his eyes was swollen. « You lost »
« I could killed you in the first ten second » he add. 
You try to laugh but all the blood chocked you. He throw his sword away, and get up, giving you his hands. You get up, he hold you tight because your legs was shacking too hard, your all body hurt like hell.
« How I was » you asked 
« Terrible, I’ll have to say a few worlds to Floki » he smirk.
« I didn’t regret anything »  you confessed.
He suddenly left your body into his arms « I still found you attractive »
« Liar »

It took you a all week to leave your bed, which Bjorn never leave too.
« I always dreamed to have scars » you said in a sarcastic voice, finally up of the bed, touching your shoulder. He gives a little kiss on it, that make you shiver. « Anything my princess want » he said back.
“Are you going to ask me in an other fight, or are you fine to just be my wife?”
“I think, I had enough”
“It’s that a yes?”
“Yes Bjorn Ironside” 
He make you turn into the air and he gives you the kiss he wanted since the first time he saw you. 

Note : It was very hard to describe a fight scene since I really don’t know how do it in English but I tried. Hope this was long enough ! Thanks!!

Things I Think Newbie Tarot Readers Need To Know

1. You can store your decks in whatever way you choose. There’s no real right or wrong way, aside from tossing them in the trash. 

2. You don’t NEED a “sacred space” to read. You can read hanging upside down on the monkey bars if you’re up for a challenge.

3. You don’t need to be a witch to read tarot. I say again, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A WITCH TO READ TAROT.

4. Tarot cards hold as much power as you let them. Some view them as sacred items, others view them as just a fun card game. No one else can tell you how to view them, that’s just a personal thing.

5. There is no real *set* way to read. The majority of the reading is intuition-based, so trust your gut.

6. You don’t need thousands of decks. (Though, I mean, you may want them.) The amount of decks you have/don’t have doesn’t measure your abilities.

7. Don’t get put off by people who think your reading was irrelevant in their life. Sometimes, readings take time to actually manifest. You’re doing great. Don’t let this deter you.

8. The amount of times you cleanse your deck is ENTIRELY up to you. Some people do it after every reading. Some people do it..well, maybe never. The choice is yours.

9. There is no right or wrong way to shuffle your cards. At. All.

10. Sometimes reading for yourself can be hard. It’s okay to have someone else read for you. Seriously.

11. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve just started. We’ve all started from day one. 

12. You may run into some elitists, and while you shouldn’t punch them in the face, you should make sure what they say doesn’t make you uncomfortable in how you do things. This is all YOU, not THEM. 

Feel free to add on to this if y’all have a little something to put. 

November Rain (Part 1)

Originally posted by rocksaroundthesuns

Characters: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 3001

Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, Smut, Unprotected Sex, Angst, Violence Against the Reader, Swearing, Bigotry 

Summary:  After a hunt goes awry, Dean and the reader spend the night together, but was it all a mistake?

A/N:  This is my first A/B/O fic, written for @dr-dean‘s A/B/O Challenge (Happy Birthday!!).  I’ve always wanted to write one of these, so thank you so much for breaking me out of my shell.  And thank you @notnaturalanahi, for getting me out of my funk and inspired to write this, not to mention betaing it for me.  The prompt was November Rain by Guns n’Roses (one of my favorite songs, by my favorite band.)  Written using @kittenofdoomage‘s A/B/O Rules.  It got a little too long, so I’m splitting it up into two parts.  

The day you met Dean Winchester you knew he belonged to you.

It wasn’t the earth shattering electricity you’d heard True Bonds conveyed when mates touched.  It was in a smile, in a glance, in the warm, comforting knowledge that he was yours.  Just for you.

Since then, loving him had been as easy as breathing, but being with him was considerably harder.  If Dean had felt the call, he never showed it.  He worked beside you, treated you like family, but never made an advance.  And that was the true challenge of your situation, and the true burden of being an unmated Omega.

“I’ll have you know, I’m great company to most people,” Dean said, shaking you out of your thoughts.

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