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So something weird happened yesterday. I binge-read through this entire blog (but that's not the weird part, just something that contributed). Where I live, we don't have crows, but there was a small bird, one of those that is everywhere but no one knows what they are actually called. So, it was just kind of hopping around, right near me, and I thought, "Hey, why not, lets recite one of my trashy poems that I wrote for english and see what happens, right? It's not a crow, but close enough." 1/2

2/2 It flew away after, and I just went around my day as I normally do. Then, when I got home, I found this really weird rusty quarter just sitting in the driveway? No clue how it got there, but I’ve decided to keep it close. For reasons. Basically, do other birds appreciate poetry as much as crows?    

Nothing appreciates poetry as much as the crows. But small drab indescribable everywherebirds appreciate it a substantial amount, nonetheless.

My Guilty Pleasure

I read The Dresden Files. They aren’t literary masterpieces and they are steeped in patriarchy, but it’s urban fantasy was refreshing after reading a hundred Tolkien clones. Ok, cool, one question:
1. Why does he have a hat in the cover art but never wears one in the books? This is mind fucking me, I didn’t notice when I read through the series.

A work in progress sketch inspired by the headcanon/theories presented by @owlteria and Kya / fatsthechocobo which have been very interesting to read through~!  Some writing snippets with lovely art can be found here and here for those curious, too!

They’ve been piecing together theories related to Ardyn’s past, and part of the fun is reading up about everyone’s interpretations of what may have been.  I like their idea that the Astral known as Eos, Goddess of Dawn, is Ardyn’s mother, as well as their thoughts about who the “jealous king” really is.  For now, at least I can say that I got to practice drawing Ardyn some more, even if it’s a younger version, haha.

yet another way amazon is screwing me

Amazon’s ranking system drives me nuts, though - every single other book with mine in the top 10 is a Kindle Unlimited title. That means people can read it for free through a (very cheap) subscription service. I’m competing paid sales with people who are browsing a title for free and that drives me nuts. How can I compete with “It’s free to read”??? 

To list my book as Kindle Unlimited myself, I have to make it available for sale through a service which makes me agree I will not sell or distribute my book anywhere else other than Amazon. Ie: Amazon will be my ONLY income. Then I get paid like 0.05c per page read by people, which means a shit tonne less money for me as a writer, despite the fact it’s my only other income. Just another way Amazon screws independent writers. 

To get into the top 10, you basically need to be in KDP Select. I can’t believe I’m in the top 10 WITHOUT KDP Select - I won’t be for long. 


Bird Boy (Sam Wilson Imagine)

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: You and Sam don’t get along to well, even worse than him and Bucky. Constant bickering, hurtful jabs, sarcasm through the roof but as much grief as you give each other the sexual tension between you two does not go unnoticed. At least not by the rest of the team

Word Count: 1500+

Warning: Cussing (probably), Sassy Y/N, its late as im posting this and i only gave it one read over through so im sorry for any and all mistakes. <3


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“Watch it bird boy!” the team was out on a mission, save the world from power hungry asshole. But you were to busy having to dodge the assholes on your own team to focus on the main objective at the moment. “Maybe you should watch out! I fly on my own terms.” Sam Wilson, aka Falcon said back to you through the comms, you rolled your eyes as you got up brushing off the dirt you picked up while evading the man bird that you reluctantly called a team mate, “Keep yours terms out of my damn head space.” “Guys we don’t have time for this, focus!” Demanded Steve through the open comms line. you mumble out an okay and kept it moving, fighting  your way to your main objective, avenging.

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Please Please Please - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (1 of 2)

Oh hi all! I’ve honestly not read this through yet, so there may be some major errors. I’ll get to that eventually, but I’ll be a little busy over the next few days and wanted to release this into the world now. 

As most of you know, this is an AU of Finn and Rae in their mid-twenties. This probably won’t make a ton of sense unless you’ve read the first three Please Please Please fics. They’re on my fic page and I’ll think about linking it later. 

Lovelies: @towongfu2 @milllott @lau-vm @celestev31 @tinakegg @parisgirly93 @milymargot @jackiewalsh2013 @annemarieted @mmfdfanfic @mykuhkors @i-dream-of-emus @kneekeyta @kingbeeyonce @rhi3915 @fuck-sewing-machine @lovinglifeandlivinglove @irish-girl-84 @nutinanutshell @voodoomarie @rockinthebeastmode @mirandasmadeofstone  @protectfinnnelson

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i just wanted to tell you that i read through all of your penumbra fic in like two days (too quickly to leave comments, it was so good and i needed all of it, i swear i'll go back and comment) and i loved it and now i'm following you because fic and also you seem deeply cool so thanks for that (and not to be awkward but what's your policy on prompts? because i would die for a continuation of, well, anything, but especially the pushing daisies au) anyways a+ fic 11/10 would die of emotions again

Thank you!

Also, holy crap on getting through them all in two days. There’s a whole lot to read, and not all of it is in coherent order. 

Here’s Part 1 of the Pushing Daisies AU, for those who don’t remember (or haven’t read it yet).

I’m always a bit wary of writing characters that we haven’t met yet in canon, especially when there’s such a heavy implication that we’re going to sometime in the future. But in this case, I’m glad I did. I like how this one turned out.

Thank you for the prompt~

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So I thought you would think this was funny. I'm in the theater at my school and my friends and i were reading through a script for the first time to get ready for auditions. There was an Italian character and their first line was 'ciao'. and so my friend being herself was like 'ci-ow? ci-a-oh?' and it does look like that to those of us whose first/only language is english but it's still pretty funny.

hahahahahahaha x’’D

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uh.. I was reading through lots of posts and what is happening with you and 2moms0fuck? I thought you guys were friends?? sorry I'm confused....

Sometimes you have different ideas on how to speak out, treat others opinions, have different morals and follow a different etiquette. And if that happens you need to choose if you can handle it or if it’s too far off of what you consider is still okay for you. And I considered for myself that it wasn’t anymore. So I explained myself to her and my decision to unfollow her via a private message and that’s basically it.

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In my great-grandmother's journal, I've read how her dad took her virginity when she was 9 and by the time she was 14 had gotten her pregnant with a boy (my grandpa). They had another son and daughter who both, along with my great-great-grandfather died during WWI. After the war my grandpa and his mother had 2 sons as well (my dad and uncle). While I got to know my grandfather, I only found out about this after he died, and reading through this journal always gets me horny and makes me envious


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Hi! I've been going around asking various people for study tips for school, would you mind sharing any?

I have some of the worst study habits out of all my friends so the advice might be horrible but here goes 

- buy a agenda or notebook i swear to god this is the key to success. I write out every due date for the term ON ONE PAGE so i can see them all and plan my time accordingly. the threat of having more stuff due and being too busy is a good motivator

- (in my opinion) it’s a waste of time to write down notes when studying. It just takes so long and I don’t get a good grasp of the big picture. I prefer to read my notes through once, even if I don’t understand everything, to get an idea of the framework, then go through with a fine tooth comb to fill in the details. Readings over the notes 2 times is usually sufficient for me personally. but overall: read through the notes, don’t do extra material unless you feel you need more depth in one area

- pay close attention to the prof/teacher’s style of testing. If you can anticipate the types of questions you can get away with less studying, or just focus in some key areas 

- it’s always a good idea to collaborate with friends you trust academically. They can probably explain concepts to you, and vice versa 

- tbh i personally (let me make this clear: personally) find it draining to constantly keep up with notes. Generally a good review right before the exam can still cover you, and it takes up way less time. 

&&. hello everyone !! i’m jessie, she/her, and i reside in the gmt timezone, which is why i’m queueing this as i’m probably sleeping rn !! pls don’t stop u from reading through this and messaging me for plotting which i’ll def respond to when i wake up ( most likely reply to my s*kype jessiel394 when i wake up & my IMs on here after school !! ) bc i’m excitable and so ready for this!!! anyways this is my hurricane of a character dorcas so i’m going to give a lil rundown mayb ?? u can check her unfinished about page and wanted connections page as well before i add some more stuff!!

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Our director for Hairspray is coming in tomorrow for the first time. We’ve had music rehearsals for about a month now, because this score is massive. I’m in the ensemble, which means I’m singing backup in almost every single song. It’s crazy and I love it.

But yeah, tomorrow is our first read through and I’m excited. This rehearsal process is gonna be fast and intense. It feels really good to be in a show again.

me: well I proofread this chapter pretty thoroughly so hopefully there won’t be any glaring mistakes when I read through

me: (notices I repeated a sentence) (gets a fucking tension headache)

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Alright, how many time have the guys snatched your phone to answer some of these for you really? 😂 I mean do these people even read through the questions you've answered before asking it again???🙄

Usually they won’t unless I give them permission but Ashton has had the most fun with it